The Quiet American (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Author Graham Greene ISBN-10 0143039024 ISBN-13 9780143039020 Year 2004-08-31 Pages 180 Language English Publisher Penguin Classics Download Link Click Here Graham Greene s classic exploration of love innocence and morality in Vietnam I never knew a man who had better motives for all the trouble he caused Graham Greene s narrator Fowler remarks of Alden Pyle the eponymous Quiet American of what is perhaps the most controversial novel of his career Pyle is the brash young idealist sent out by Washington on a mysterious mission to Saigon where the French Army struggles against the Vietminh guerrillas As young Pyle s well intentioned policies blunder into bloodshed Fowler a seasoned and cynical British reporter finds it impossible to stand safely aside as an observer But Fowler s motives for intervening are suspect both to the police and himself for Pyle has stolen Fowler s beautiful Vietnamese mistress Originally published in 1956 and twice adapted to film The Quiet American remains a terrifiying and prescient portrait of innocence at large This Graham Greene Centennial Edition includes a new introductory essay by Robert Stone For more than seventy years Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world…

The Everything Kids’ Football Book: All-time Greats, Legendary Teams, and Today’s Favorite Players–with Tips on Playing Like a Pro

Author Greg Jacobs ISBN-10 1440596425 ISBN-13 9781440596421 Year 2016-08-03 Pages 144 Language English Publisher Everything Download Link Click Here All time greats teams today s favorite players and playing tips Do you know What a draw play is Who holds the all time touchdown record What teams play in the Big Ten Conference You ll go from rookie to Pro Bowler in no time with this football lover s guide to the gridiron Whether you re new to the game or a longtime fan this book has everything you need to know about the exciting game of football Filled with the latest stats tackle worthy trivia and more than 25 fun puzzles this revised and updated guide gives you all the ins and outs of the game including The history of football and the NFLFootball stats and record holdersHow to predict which teams will make it to the Super BowlHow to develop offensive and defensive skillsFantasy football leaguesPacked with the latest draft scoring and league information this end zone worthy book helps you discover fun facts about football heroes and legends and coaches you on the tactics of the game so you can make that first down like a pro

Endymion (Hyperion)

Author Dan Simmons ISBN-10 0553572946 ISBN-13 9780553572940 Year 1996-11-01 Pages 576 Language English Publisher Spectra Download Link Click Here The multiple award winning science fiction master returns to the universe that is his greatest triumph the world of Hyperion and The Fall ofHyperion with a novel even more magnificent than its predecessors Dan Simmons s Hyperion was an immediate sensation on its first publication in 1989 This staggering multifaceted tale of the far future heralded the conquest of the science fiction field by a man who had already won the World Fantasy Award for his first novel Song of Kali and had also published one of the most well received horror novels in the field Carrion Comfort Hyperion went on to win the Hugo Award as Best Novel and it and its companion volume The Fall of Hyperion took their rightful places in the science fiction pantheon of new classics Now six years later Simmons returns to this richly imagined world of technological achievement excitement wonder and fear Endymion is a story about love and memory triumph and terror an instant candidate for the field s highest honors

The Final Day: A Novel (A John Matherson Novel)

Author William R. Forstchen ISBN-10 076537675X ISBN-13 9780765376756 Year 2017-10-31 Pages 480 Language English Publisher Forge Books Download Link Click Here A major release in the New York Times bestselling One Second After series set in an alternate America rebuilding after an electromagnetic pulse this is William R Forstchen s The Final Day Since the detonation of nuclear weapons above the United States more than two years ago the small town of Black Mountain North Carolina has suffered famine civil war and countless deaths Now after defeating a new tyrannical federal government John Matherson and his community intend to restore their world to what it was before the EMP apocalypse For the most part they are succeeding This period of relative stability doesnt last long A new aggressive government announces that its taking over and ceding large portions of the country to China and Mexico The Constitution is no longer in effect and whats left of the U S Army has been deployed to suppress rebellion in the remaining states John fears he and his town will be targets General Bob Scales Johns old commanding officer and closest friend from prewar days is sent to bring John into line Will…

The Devil’s Triangle (A Brit in the FBI)

Author Catherine Coulter ISBN-10 1501150340 ISBN-13 9781501150340 Year 2017-08-29 Pages 560 Language English Publisher Pocket Books Download Link Click Here From New York Times bestselling authors Catherine Coulter and J T Ellison comes the highly anticipated thriller in their Brit in the FBI series featuring special agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine in their new roles as heads of the Covert Eyes teambut will their first case be their last when the Fox the enigmatic and dangerous thief reappears He who controls the weather will control the world He who controls time will never be around Thomas Frey FBI Special Agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine are the governments Covert Eyesleading a top notch handpicked team of agents to tackle crimes and criminals both international and deadly But their first case threatens their fledgling team when the Fox calls from Venice asking for help Kitsune has stolen an incredible artifact from the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul and now the client wants her dead She has a warning for Nick and Mike shes overheard talk that a devastating Gobi desert sandstorm thats killed thousands in Beijing isnt a natural phenomenon rather is produced by man The Covert Eyes team heads to…

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us

Author Adele Ahlberg Calhoun ISBN-10 0830846050 ISBN-13 9780830846054 Year 2015-12-19 Pages 352 Language English Publisher IVP Books Download Link Click Here Maybe you long for a more intimate prayer life or deeper insight from God s Word but just don t know how to get there Or maybe you want to learn about new spiritual disciplines like visio divina unplugging or attentiveness In Spiritual Disciplines Handbook Adele Calhoun gives us directions for our continuing journey toward intimacy with Christ While the word discipline may make us want to run and hide the author shows how desires and discipline work together to lead us to the transformation we re longing forthe transformation only Christ can bring Instead of just giving information about spiritual disciplines this handbook is full of practical accessible guidance that helps you actually practice them With over 80 000 copies in print this well loved catalog of seventy five disciplines has been revised throughout and expanded to include thirteen new disciplines along with a new preface by the author Mothers fathers plumbers nurses studentswe re all on a journey And spiritual disciplines are for all of us who desire to know Christ deeply and be like him Here…

Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes

Author Michael Boyle ISBN-10 1931046018 ISBN-13 9781931046015 Year 2010-01-11 Pages 315 Language English Publisher On Target Publications Download Link Click Here In the seven years since the publication of his first book Functional Training for Sports new understanding of functional anatomy created a shift in strength coaching With this new material Coach Boyle presents the continued evolution of functional training as seen by a leader in the strength and conditioning field

Fishing for Dummies

Author Peter Kaminsky ISBN-10 0470930683 ISBN-13 9780470930687 Year 2011-05-10 Pages 392 Language English Publisher For Dummies Download Link Click Here Make fishing easier and more rewarding every time you pick up your rod and reelNo one can promise that you will catch fish all the time For as long as we ve been catching fish fish have been outsmarting us But there are tips and pointers that even the most seasoned anglers can pick up Fishing For Dummies helps you prepare for what awaits beyond the shore From trout to carp and bass to bonefish you ll get coverage of the latest and greatest techniques to fish like a pro The latest in fishing line and equipment technology including new electronics and gadgetsAn expanded section on casting methods for spinning tackle and bait casting8 pages of full color fish illustrationsIf you re one of the millions of people who enjoy fishing whether for fun or sport this hands on friendly guide gives you everything you need to keep The Big One from getting away From the Book Common Fish Rainbow Trout Rainbow TroutThe beautifully marked rainbow trout one of the worlds most popular gamefish prefers water cooler than 70 degrees…

A Work in Progress: A Memoir

Author Connor Franta ISBN-10 1476791619 ISBN-13 9781476791616 Year 2015-04-21 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Atria/Keywords Press Download Link Click Here NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNER FOR BEST MEMOIR AUTOBIOGRAPHY FORBES TOP 5 BREAKTHROUGH BOOK OF 2015 In this intimate memoir of life beyond the camera Connor Franta shares the lessons he has learned on his journey from small town boy to Internet sensationso far Here Connor offers a look at his Midwestern upbringing as one of four children in the home and one of five in the classroom his struggles with identity body image and sexuality in his teen years and his decision to finally pursue his creative and artistic passions in his early twenties setting up his thrilling career as a YouTube personality philanthropist entrepreneur and tastemaker Exploring his past with insight and humor his present with humility and his future with hope Connor reveals his private struggles while providing heartfelt words of wisdom for young adults His words will resonate with anyone coming of age in the digital era but at the core is a timeless message for people of all ages dont be afraid to be yourself and to go after what you truly…

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Book 1)

Author Laurell K. Hamilton ISBN-10 051513449X ISBN-13 9780515134490 Year 2002-09-24 Pages 272 Language English Publisher Berkley Download Link Click Here When St Louis s most powerful vampire comes to Anita Blake for help she is faced with her greatest fear a man capable of arousing in her a hunger strong enough to match his own