Essential Oils for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Author Althea Press ISBN-10 1623152399 ISBN-13 9781623152390 Year 2013-09-26 Pages 238 Language English Publisher Althea Press Download Link Click Here NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Essential oils are a natural and safe way to improve your health cure ailments and soothe your body and mind These versatile oils come from natural sources and have been used for centuries for medicinal and cosmetic purposes Essential Oils for Beginners is the comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of these ancient remedies Recent scientific research has proven that essential oils can truly prevent and heal disease and they are far more affordable and safer than modern medical treatments Essential Oils for Beginners will show you how to create your own recipes to cure all of your ailments and improve your overall well being This book will show you how to expertly blend essential oils to create your own aromatherapy mixes to relieve stress bolster energy and more Essential Oils for Beginners will teach you to use essential oils for any purpose with Over 85 easy to follow recipes for curing ailments enhancing beauty and sprucing up the home10 helpful tips for blending essential oils correctly and safelyAdvice for where to buy the best essential…

Examples & Explanations: International Law

Author Valerie Epps ISBN-10 1454833947 ISBN-13 9781454833949 Year 2014-08-22 Pages 480 Language English Publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Download Link Click Here A favorite among successful students and often recommended by professors the unique Examples Explanations series gives you extremely clear introductions to concepts followed by realistic examples that mirror those presented in the classroom throughout the semester Use at the beginning and midway through the semester to deepen your understanding through clear explanations corresponding hypothetical fact patterns and analysis Then use to study for finals by reviewing the hypotheticals as well as the structure and reasoning behind the accompanying analysis Designed to complement your casebook the trusted Examples Explanations titles get right to the point in a conversational often humorous style that helps you learn the material each step of the way and prepare for the exam at the end of the course The unique time tested Examples Explanations series is invaluable to teach yourself the subject from the first day of class until your last review before the final Each guide helps you learn new material by working through chapters that explain each topic in simple languagechallenges your understanding with hypotheticals similar to those presented in classprovides…

Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2e

Author Daniel N. DeMaio BS RT(R)(CT) ISBN-10 0323065902 ISBN-13 9780323065900 Year 2010-05-03 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Mosby Download Link Click Here This study tool has everything you need to prepare for the ARRT CT exam Written in outline format Mosby s Exam Review for Computed Tomography 2nd Edition serves as both a study guide and an in depth review It covers the three content areas on the CT advanced certification examination patient care imaging procedures and physics instrumentation Developed by Daniel N DeMaio BS RT R CT the book simulates the Registry exam with three 165 question mock exams A companion Evolve website includes a test bank of 635 questions that can be randomly sampled to create unlimited variations so you never take the same test twice Review questions with answers help you prepare for the ARRT exam and identify areas that need additional study Rationales for correct and incorrect answers provide you with the information you need to make the most out of the Q A sections A thorough outline format review covers the three content areas on the computed tomography advanced certification exam patient care imaging procedures and physics instrumentation Mock exams in the book and on…

Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT, 3rd Edition: Extra Practice to Help Achieve an Excellent SAT Verbal Score (College Test Preparation)

Author Princeton Review ISBN-10 1101920505 ISBN-13 9781101920503 Year 2016-12-06 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Princeton Review Download Link Click Here EXTRA PRACTICE FOR AN EXCELLENT SCORE Get the extra prep you need for the SAT verbal score you want with this guidebook full of content review and strategies for tackling the SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing tests plus 240 practice questions with complete explanations TechniquesThat Actually Work Tried and true tactics to help you focus on the important information in each passage Tips for tackling tricky questions with elimination techniques Essential strategies to help you maximize your efficiencyEverything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score Expert review and drills for the grammar needed on the SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing testsComprehensive coverage of the various reading subjects and how to best tackle them including dual passages and history social studies literature and science topics Up to date information on the SATPractice Your Way to Excellence Quick quizzes throughout each chapter to help assess understandingStep by step walk throughs that demonstrate tips for each type of question from Main Ideas to ArgumentsDetailed answer explanations that showcase each skill and strategy

CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017

Author Joseph S. Esherick ISBN-10 125986071X ISBN-13 9781259860713 Year 2017-01-11 Pages 608 Language English Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Medical Download Link Click Here Todays Best Practices in Your Pocket Guidelines for the most common outpatient conditions in a NEW user friendly outline format CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 has been reformatted into an easy to use outline to provide you with quick access to screening prevention and treatment guidelines for the common outpatient conditions Content is drawn from a wide array of recommendations from government agencies expert panels medical specialty organizations and other professional and scientific organizations Each topic is carefully selected for relevance to the office practice of ambulatory medicine and the text overflows with clinical pearls easy to apply take home points and guideline based algorithms designed to simplify clinical decision making Every topic updated NEW user friendly outline format speeds you to most current screening prevention and management guidelines The perfect balance between brevity and clinical necessity exactly the amount of information you need no more less Authoritative content drawn from government agencies medical and scientific organizations and expert panels Carefully selected for relevance to the office practice of ambulatory medicine Easy to apply take…


Author Luke F Harris ISBN-10 0473371847 ISBN-13 9780473371845 Year 2016-09-30 Pages 266 Language English Publisher Gwendoline Press Download Link Click Here To the outside world Tom is everything a young man should be handsome successful athletic popular With a beautiful girl on his arm a promising career and a place in the first fifteen he is the envy of all his friends Yet when Tom meets Sam one sunny December afternoon a train of events is set in motion that will change both of their lives for ever A tale of love betrayal heartache and hope A testament to how one chance encounter can change everything


Author Stephen King ISBN-10 1501143727 ISBN-13 9781501143724 Year 2016-05-31 Pages 912 Language English Publisher Pocket Books Download Link Click Here A 1 national bestsellerA yarn so packed with suspense romance literary reference fascinating miscellaneous knowledge and heart that only Stephen King could have written it Marvelousthat is full of marvels Booklist Sleep that undiscriminating friend humankinds best and most reliable nurse since the dawn of time had abandoned him again Ralph Roberts never expected to live out his remaining golden years mourning the death of his beloved wife He also never expected to begin suffering from chronic insomnia for the first time in his life Each night he wakes up a little bit earlier until hes barely sleeping at all During his overnight walks hes now observing some strange things going on here in Derry Maineand theyre more than sleep deprived hallucinations Theres definitely a mean streak thats always been running through this small New England city underneath its ordinary surface awesome and terrifying forces are at work The dying has been going on in Derry for a long long time and Ralph Roberts will soon find that lack of sleep is the least of his worries

Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4)

Author Brian Jacques ISBN-10 0142302392 ISBN-13 9780142302392 Year 2003-03-31 Pages 400 Language English Publisher Firebird Download Link Click Here When the rat pirate Gabool the Wild attacks the mouse ship carrying Joseph the Bellmaker he plunders its magnificent bell in a fit of greed and then pitilessly casts Joseph and his daughter Mariel into the raging sea After she is rescued and brought to Redwall Abbey Mariel sets out with three fearless Mossflower companions and her trusty rope weapon the Gullwhacker to track down Gabool and avenge her father and thus begins an unforgettable battle

Food Forensics: The Hidden Toxins Lurking in Your Food and How You Can Avoid Them for Lifelong Health

Author Mike Adams ISBN-10 1940363284 ISBN-13 9781940363288 Year 2016-07-26 Pages 392 Language English Publisher BenBella Books Download Link Click Here Whats really in your food Award winning investigative journalist and clean food activist Mike Adams the Health Ranger is founder and editor of NaturalNews com one of the top health news websites in the world reaching millions of readers each month Now in Food Forensics Adams meticulously tests groceries fast foods dietary supplements spices and protein powders for heavy metals and toxic elements that could be jeopardizing your health To conduct this extensive research Adams built a state of the art laboratory with cutting edge scientific instruments Publishing results of metal concentrations for more than 800 different foods Food Forensics is doing the job the FDA refuses to do testing off the shelf foods and sharing the findings so the public can make informed decisions about what they consume or avoid In Food Forensics youll discover little known truths about other toxic food ingredients such as polysorbate 80 MSG sodium nitrite pesticides and weed killers such as glyphosate Adams reveals stunning never before reported details of heavy metals found in recycled human waste used on crops and in parks and…

Knock Knock Seriously? Sticky Notes

Author Knock Knock ISBN-10 1601064306 ISBN-13 9781601064301 Year 2012-05-01 Pages 100 Language English Publisher Knock Knock Download Link Click Here No matter your notation needs ensure that even the smallest stuff gets noticed with Knock Knock s Keep It Simple Stickiesjust as colorful and witty as all your brilliant or mundane thoughts Because everything that actually matters can fit onto a sticky note 3 x 3 inches 100 sheets