100 Fun Easy Learning Games for Kids

100 Fun   Easy Learning Games for Kids Author Amanda Boyarshinov
ISBN-10 9781624141973
Release 2016-05-24
Pages 208
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Learn While You Play With These Fun, Creative Activities & Games From two experienced educators and moms, 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids prepares your children to thrive in school and life the fun way by using guided play at home to teach important learning topics—reading, writing, math, science, art, music and global studies. Turn off the TV and beat boredom blues with these clever activities that are quick and easy to set up with common household materials. The huge variety of activities means you can choose from high-energy group games full of laughter and delight, or quiet activities that kids can complete on their own. All activities highlight the skill they teach, and some are marked with a symbol whether they are good for on-the-go learning or if they incorporate movement for kids to get their wiggles out. In Zip-Line Letters, children learn letter sounds as the letters zoom across the room. In Parachute Subtraction, place foam balls in a parachute, then kids shake the parachute and practice subtraction as they count how many balls fall off. Kids will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re gaining important skills! The activities are easy to adapt for all ages and skill levels. 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids is the solution for parents—as well as teachers, caregivers or relatives—to help kids realize how fun learning can be and develop what they’ll need to do well wherever life takes them.

100 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Reading

100 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Reading Author Kathleen Duey
ISBN-10 1929945655
Release 2006
Pages 127
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Presents more than one hundred tips to help parents encourage their children to read and help them develop a lifetime love of books.

Ready Set Read

Ready  Set  Read Author M. A. Clark
ISBN-10 9781608446698
Release 2010-09
Pages 294
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Give your child an advantage that lasts a lifetime! Ready, Set, Read is a complete, proven, fun and affordable phonics-based program that anyone can use to teach a child to read. Developed by reading specialist Vera Clark - based on her 25 years of experience teaching children and adults to read English - Ready, Set, Read takes a child from learning the alphabet to reading fluently at a 6th grade level in just 100 simple lessons. Parents: You Can Teach Your Child to Read! Ready, Set, Read makes it easy for you to unlock a world of opportunities for your child. Put your child on the path to success with this easy-to-use program that you and your child will both love. Get everything you need in one book - Lessons and instructions are all in one volume, so there's just one thing to grab when you and your child are ready to enjoy the day's lesson. Experience the joy of teaching your child to read - Ready, Set, Read is designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Watch your child gain confidence - Your quality time together will produce dramatic results. Educators: Your Students Can Be Reading Fluently Ready, Set, Read enhances your ability to teach every student in your class to read. Research shows that systematic phonics instruction combined with reading is the most effective way to develop good reading skills. This easily adabtable program: Compliments your existing standards-based curriculum Requires minimal lesson preparation time Includes a Student Success Chart so you can track the progress of each student Why choose Ready, Set, Read? All-in-one phonics-based reading program 100 simple lessons-only 15 minutes per day Starts at the beginning, from non-reader to total fluency Students learn at their own pace Coming Soon in the Winter of 2010: Ready, Set, Read on DVD - Vera Clark teaches each lesson Children's Booklets- colorful, illustrated lessons make the learning process more enjoyable Leveled Storybook Readers - students practice reading with fun stories that use a controlled vocabulary based upon the lessons the student has completed. About the Author Author Vera Clark developed Ready, Set, Read based on her extensive experience teaching children and adults to read English. Having taught in both public and private schools, Vera currently teaches reading to Special Education students in Southern California. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and a Master's in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. Ms. Clark loved home schooling her own children-and taught each of her four children to read when they were just toddlers. She is passionate about early reading, and is pleased that this book is helping parents and teachers introduce another generation of children to the joys of reading well."

Bu Benim

Bu Benim Author Jeff Kinney
ISBN-10 994482111X
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 220
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Greg records his sixth grade experiences in a middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive, but when Rowley grows more popular, Greg must take drastic measures to save their friendship.

Fun Easy Word Building Activities

Fun   Easy Word Building Activities Author Mary Rosenberg
ISBN-10 0439395011
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 96
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Build reading and spelling skills with instant and easy games and activities!

The Scholastic Big Book of Word Walls

The Scholastic Big Book of Word Walls Author Mary Beth Spann
ISBN-10 0439165199
Release 2001
Pages 112
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In this comprehensive resource, you'll find dozens of Word Wall models, themed Word Walls, games and activities, management strategies, and teaching tips. This essential guide includes tried-and-true Word Walls that teach word families, ABC's, 100th Day of School, and more -- as well as original Word Walls developed by teachers across the country. You'll also find tons of practical display ideas, easy cut-and-make patterns, and more! Book jacket.

100 Fun Ideas for Teaching PE Games

100  Fun Ideas for Teaching PE Games Author Adela de Castro Mangas
ISBN-10 9781905780846
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 114
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100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching PE Games is a wonderful collection of tried-and-tested games that require little or no preparation. The fun, easy-to-implement games use readily available PE equipment and can be easily modified or adapted to suit the needs of your class. The games have been specially chosen to encourage pupils to collaborate with each other and share amicably in a fun and cooperative way. These imaginative activities will improve children's agility, coordination, aerobic fitness, speed, strength and relaxation skills.

Attention Games

Attention Games Author Barbara Sher
ISBN-10 1118040511
Release 2010-12-17
Pages 200
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If you want to focus children's attention, you first have to capture their interest. Attention Games is filled with interesting and child-tested activities that can help children of all ages become better at focusing and paying attention. By sharing the upbeat, joyful activities in Attention Games, you can enhance your child's intelligence, boost his confidence, increase his ability to concentrate on one thing for long periods, and show that you care. Developed by Barbara Sher—parent, teacher, play therapy specialist and pediatric occupational therapist—these activities are specially designed to encourage kids to expand their powers of attention in ways that will help them throughout their lives.

100 Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes

100  Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes Author Christine Green
ISBN-10 9780857472595
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 101
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Provides useful ways of keeping students occupied when the weather means it is impossible to go out at recess/playtime. The activities have an educational element, and range from pen and paper games to work games, talking games and even group games. The games can be easily adapted to suit children of all ages.

100 Years Ago

100 Years Ago Author Donna Marriott
ISBN-10 1574713396
Release 1998-03-01
Pages 16
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Compares how people all around the world lived one hundred years ago to how people live today.

A t rt l

A   t  rt  l Author Eric Carle
ISBN-10 9757549215
Release 2010
Pages 28
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Rupsje Nooitgenoeg. - Prentenboek over een rupsje dat zich vol eet tot het een vlinder wordt.

365 Manners Kids Should Know

365 Manners Kids Should Know Author Sheryl Eberly
ISBN-10 9780307952462
Release 2011-11-08
Pages 352
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If you’ve ever cringed at the sight of your ten-year-old waltzing through the neighbor’s front door without an invitation, or struggled to teach your teenager proper “netiquette” for navigating the complicated world of social networks, you know the importance of teaching kids that manners matter. Sheryl Eberly’s bestselling 365 Manners Kids Should Know gives clever and insightful advice for the myriad situations where consideration counts, but is sometimes forgotten. This new edition incorporates tips for every aspect of digital communication into her straight-forward format. Using a smart one-manner-a-day organization, parents, grandparents, and teachers alike can find practical ways to teach essential manners like: - When and where it’s appropriate to text - How to write a thank-you note - The proper way to handle an online bully - How to behave at events like birthday parties, weddings,and religious services Full of role-playing exercises, games, and other activities that adults can do with children, 365 Manners Kids Should Know explains not only what manners to teach, but also how—and at what ages—to present them. From the Trade Paperback edition.

25 Super Fun Spelling Games

25 Super Fun Spelling Games Author Nancy Jolson Leber
ISBN-10 0590522116
Release 1999-10-01
Pages 64
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Easy-to-learn games help children score higher on spelling tests. Illustrations throughout.

Fun and Games

Fun and Games Author Anthony Dowson
ISBN-10 0736054383
Release 2005
Pages 185
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With more than 20 years of coaching and teaching experience, authors Anthony Dowson and Keith Morris have developed and adapted an array of activities and games from their own everyday use when teaching children. Inside you will find a range of warm-up ideas, games, skill practices and sport-specific activities to motivate children and encourage active participation. Anyone who has the responsibility of organising activities for young people will find these ideas invaluable. Useful in both planning and providing physical education lessons and recreational experiences, this book will make it easy for you to create a varied and exciting physical activity program.

100 Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes That Are Easy to Prepare and That Children Will Love

100  Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes That Are Easy to Prepare and That Children Will Love Author Christine Green
ISBN-10 190578032X
Release 2009
Pages 106
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100+ Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes provides useful ways to keep primary pupils occupied when bad weather prevents children from playing outside at break times. Activities have an educational element and range from pen and paper games and word games to talking games and even group games. They can be easily adapted to suit all primary children.

Plus It

Plus It Author Esther Jantzen
ISBN-10 9781600375668
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 99
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Designed to show parents how to turn any activity or idea into lighthearted moments of learning.

Raising Confident Readers

Raising Confident Readers Author J. Richard Gentry
ISBN-10 9780738213972
Release 2010-07-13
Pages 256
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From a nationally acclaimed expert on literacy comes practical advice to help parents foster their young child's love of reading