Apollo and the Battle of the Birds

Apollo and the Battle of the Birds Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 9781442488458
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 128
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Seeking a special shield called an aegis, the Olympians trek through a forest that holds many unpleasant surprises, including a flock of vicious birds.

Heroes in Training 4 books in 1

Heroes in Training  4 books in 1 Author
ISBN-10 1481475959
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Heroes in Training 4 books in 1 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heroes in Training 4 books in 1 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heroes in Training 4 books in 1 book for free.

Heroes in Training Olympian Collection Books 1 12

Heroes in Training Olympian Collection Books 1 12 Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 1481496980
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 1472
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Come along for legendary action with the first twelve books in the Heroes in Training series, now available in a collectible boxed set! The terrible Titans are merciless giants who rule the earth and are led by Cronus, the biggest, baddest Titan of them all. Cronus and his cronies have put the world into chaos—but the Titans’ rule is about to be challenged by a group of young Olympians, led by ten-year-old Zeus, as they discover their powers and try to claim their rightful place as rulers in various realms of the universe. This boxed set includes Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom, Poseidon and the Sea of Fury, Hades and the Helm of Darkness, Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire, Typhon and the Winds of Destruction, Apollo and the Battle of the Birds, Ares and the Spear of Fear, Cronus and the Threads of Dread, Crius and the Night of Fright, Hephaestus and the Island of Terror, Uranus and the Bubbles of Trouble, and Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa.

Cronus and the Threads of Dread

Cronus and the Threads of Dread Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 9781442488533
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 128
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Zeus and the Olympians must deal with monstrous spiders and dangerous webs in this Heroes in Training adventure. A giant spiderweb in the sky with the words “Surrender Olympians” shows Zeus and his friends that they are in for another battle. Dodging the silky and sticky webs, the Olympians find themselves scattering in all directions to avoid getting caught. But those dangerous webs actually contain a hidden gem—Athena’s magical object. And the Olympians soon discover that the Threads of Dread might not be as dreadful as they appear…

The Wishing Stone

The Wishing Stone Author Christopher Pike
ISBN-10 9781481410854
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 128
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Be very, very careful what you wish for in this ninth book in the Spooksville series New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike. While hiking in the woods near Spooksville, Adam and his friends find a cube-shaped stone. It is clear, like a crystal, and seems to shine with colored light. To their surprise, they discover that if they hold it and make a wish for something, the wish will come true! They call it the Wishing Stone. And they love it. Until they discover that there is a price to be paid for each wish…and that the price can be deadly.

Camping Chaos

Camping Chaos Author Franklin W. Dixon
ISBN-10 9781442490505
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 96
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Frank and Joe do their best to avoid a camping catastrophe in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files adventure. Frank and Joe are excited to go camping with their friends in Bayport State Park for the annual “Fun With Camping” event. They are ready for hiking, bonfires, and s’mores—and especially for the tent decorating competition, which the boys are determined to win. But just a few nights into the trip, decorations start to go missing. First Frank and Joe hear strange noises outside their tent. Then they see a set of unique footprints at the campsite. It seems like someone—or something—is out to sabotage the decorating contest. Can Joe and Frank figure out who the campsite culprit could be?

Crius and the Night of Fright

Crius and the Night of Fright Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 9781481435086
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 96
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Zeus and the Olympians head to the Peloponnese to save Apollo’s twin sister, who’s under a sleep spell, in this Heroes in Training adventure. Zeus and the Olympians are off to find Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis, who was captured by the Cronies and separated from her brother. But Titan Crius, who rules the area, has Artemis under a special spell that is making her sleep, which doesn’t make a rescue easy! Can the Olympians manage to sneak away from Crius and his pesky Pandi—warriors with ears that can hear for miles—and save a sleepy Artemis, or are they in for a tough awakening?

Winged Words

Winged Words Author Piero Boitani
ISBN-10 9781459605640
Release 2010-10-19
Pages 500
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Flight has always fascinated human minds, but until a century ago it remained a dream - the exclusive domain of birds, gods, and mythological heroes. From the myths of the ancients to the poetry of Pindar and Yeats, Winged Words traces the imprint of the human impulse to fly from premodern times to the age of terrorism in both literature and history. Piero Boitani begins his analysis with an account of the way the myths of Pegasus and Icarus have persisted from classical to twentieth-century politics and literature. He then takes up the figure of Hermes; the roles of halcyons and eagles in classical, biblical, and later literatures; and literary response to Pieter Brueghel's The Fall of Icarus. Honing in on modern figures and concerns, Boitani also offers a fascinating discussion of author-pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupry and concludes with a meditation on the flight of the hijacked airliners on 9/11. Throughout, Winged Word brings a remarkable range of men of action, politicians, theologians, writers, and artists into dialogue with each other; Shakespeare with T. S. Eliot, Horace with Ovid, Leonardo with Milton, Leopardi with Mallarm, Saint-Exupry with Faulkner and Rilke, and the Ulysses of Homer with the Ulysses of Dante. Ultimately, by showing how writers and fliers have looked to the ancients for inspiration, Boitani testifies to the modern relevance of poetry and the classics.

Magnus Chase 1 Das Schwert des Sommers

Magnus Chase 1  Das Schwert des Sommers Author Rick Riordan
ISBN-10 9783646928532
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 560
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Magnus schlägt sich nach dem Tod seiner Mutter allein auf der Straße durch, denn seinen Vater hat er nie gekannt. Bis er eines Tages etwas Unglaubliches erfährt: Er stammt von einem der nordischen Götter Asgards ab! Leider rüsten diese Götter gerade zum Krieg; auch Trolle, Riesen und andere Monster machen sich bereit. Ausgerechnet Magnus soll den Weltuntergang Ragnarök verhindern. Dafür muss er ein magisches Schwert finden, das seit 1000 Jahren verschollen ist. Noch hat er keine Ahnung, was für Abenteuer auf ihn warten!


Crow Author Boria Sax
ISBN-10 9781861894878
Release 2004-04-04
Pages 184
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Though people generally do not think of them in such terms, crows are remarkably graceful: from the tip of a crow’s beak to the end of its tail is a single curve, which changes rhythmically as the crow turns its head or bends toward the ground. Foraging on their long, powerful legs, crows appear to glide over the earth; they take flight almost without effort, flapping their wings easily, ascending into the air like spirits. Nevertheless, the whiskers around their beaks and an apparent smile make crows, in a scruffy sort of way, endearingly "human". In a vast range of cultures from the Chinese to the Hopi Indians, crows are bearers of prophecy. Because of their courtship dances and monogamous unions, the Greeks invoked crows at weddings as symbols of conjugal love. Crows are among the most ubiquitous of birds, yet, without being in the least exotic, they remain mysterious. This book is a survey of crows, ravens, magpies and their relatives in myth, literature and life. It ranges from the raven sent out by Noah to the corvid deities of the Eskimo, to Taoist legends, Victorian novels and contemporary films. It will be of interest to all people who have ever been intrigued, puzzled, annoyed or charmed by these wonderfully intelligent birds.

Aristoteles und Dante entdecken die Geheimnisse des Universums

Aristoteles und Dante entdecken die Geheimnisse des Universums Author Benjamin Alire Sáenz
ISBN-10 9783522621137
Release 2014-07-16
Pages 384
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Dante kann schwimmen. Ari nicht. Dante kann sich ausdrücken und ist selbstsicher. Ari fallen Worte schwer und er leidet an Selbstzweifeln. Dante geht auf in Poesie und Kunst. Ari verliert sich in Gedanken über seinen älteren Bruder, der im Gefängnis sitzt. Mit seiner offenen und einzigartigen Lebensansicht schafft es Dante, die Mauern einzureißen, die Ari um sich herum gebaut hat. Ari und Dante werden Freunde. Sie teilen Bücher, Gedanken, Träume und lachen gemeinsam. Sie beginnen die Welt des jeweils anderen neu zu definieren. Und entdecken, dass das Universum ein großer und komplizierter Ort ist, an dem manchmal auch erhebliche Hindernisse überwunden werden müssen, um glücklich zu werden! In atemberaubender Prosa erzählt Sáenz die Geschichte zweier Jungen, die Loyalität, Freundschaft, Vertrauen, Liebe – und andere kleine und große Geheimnisse des Universums entdecken.

Where the Birds Don t Sing

Where the Birds Don t Sing Author Dennis Siluk
ISBN-10 9780595281800
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 124
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Within a forty-two month period, the author concludes his trilogy, starting with Romancing San Francisco, to A Romance in Augsburg, to this last book, Where the Birds don't Sing, which includes sketches of the Vietnam War and Australia in 1971. All three novels are transformed into historical fiction, where in each sentence resides truth and in each paragraph wonders freely the genius of the author's ability to express what is on his mind. One might conclude this is a suitable ending to a decade of challenges and changes that plagued the world over. Perhaps many, who read this, will see Vietnam in a different view from the infamous infantry perspective. One that allows the other side of a soldiers life to emerge, the everyday life of a support unit; yet there still remains the drugs issues, the soldiers fighting comrades, and the never-ending threat of bombardment by the enemy.

Helden des Olymp 5 Das Blut des Olymp

Helden des Olymp 5  Das Blut des Olymp Author Rick Riordan
ISBN-10 9783646922851
Release 2015-10-02
Pages 528
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Die Erdgöttin Gaia ist stark wie nie – ihre Armee aus Riesen ist auferstanden und sie selbst steht kurz davor! Sie braucht nur noch das Blut zweier Halbgötter, um vollends zu erwachen und die Herrschaft über die Welt an sich zu reißen. Und dieses Blut wollen ihr Percy und seine Freunde auf keinen Fall geben! Doch wie sollen sie gegen Gaias Monsterarmee bestehen? Und wie können sie gleichzeitig den bevorstehenden Krieg zwischen römischen und griechischen Halbgöttern im Camp Half-Blood verhindern? Jetzt geht es um alles ...

The birds

The birds Author Aristophanes
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106001531497
Release 1961
Pages 127
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The birds has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The birds also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The birds book for free.

I Swear by Apollo

I Swear by Apollo Author William Edmund Aughinbaugh
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B403800
Release 1938
Pages 420
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I Swear by Apollo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from I Swear by Apollo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full I Swear by Apollo book for free.

The Birds and Other Plays

The Birds and Other Plays Author Aristophanes
ISBN-10 9780141913223
Release 2003-09-25
Pages 336
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The plays in this volume all contain Aristophanes' trademark bawdy comedy and dazzling verbal agility. In THE BIRDS, two frustrated Athenians join the birds to build the utopian city of 'Much Cuckoo in the Clouds'. THE KNIGHTS is a venomous satire on Cleon, a prominent Athenian demagogue, while THE ASSEMBLY WOMEN deals with the battle of the sexes as the women of Athens infiltrate the all-male Assembly in disguise. The lengthy conflict with Sparta is the subject of PEACE, inspired by the hope of a settlement in 421 BC, and WEALTH reflects on the economic catastrophe that hit Athens after the war.

Percy Jackson erz hlt Griechische G ttersagen

Percy Jackson erz  hlt  Griechische G  ttersagen Author Rick Riordan
ISBN-10 9783646928549
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 496
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Wer könnte die griechischen Göttersagen besser nacherzählen als der Sohn des Poseidon höchstpersönlich? Percy Jackson haucht den alten Klassikern turbulentes Leben ein und gibt ganz neue Einblicke in den Alltag auf dem Olymp. Mit einem Augenzwinkern berichtet er unter anderem davon, wie Athene ein Taschentuch adoptiert, Persephone ihren Stalker heiratet und Zeus sie alle umbringt. Ein urkomisches Leseerlebnis für jeden, der Spaß an griechischer Mythologie hat – und für alle anderen garantiert auch!