Aroma Kitchen

Aroma Kitchen Author Sabine Hönig
ISBN-10 0764347934
Release 2015-03-28
Pages 156
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The human tongue and palate know only five tastes; our nose complements this rather limited sense. Much of what we think we taste is actually derived from our sense of smell! Because the nose and mouth are connected, taste and smell work hand-in-hand to complete our eating experiences; incorporating scent, in the form of essential oils, is a logical way to optimize our meals without adding additional chemicals and fillers to our food. The recipes in this book focus on using fresh, local (if possible) ingredients and scented essential oils to nourish your loved ones in a healthy and varied way. Included are the basics of essential oils, including recipes for creating your own spiced oils, vinegars, butters, salts, syrups, honey, and sugars. Easy-to-follow recipes for warm and cold appetizers, soups, main and side dishes, desserts, and drinks and cocktails will have you cooking with essential oils in no time! A tips and tricks section helps to eliminate any guesswork on the part of the home cook, and the authors include menu examples by occasion. Eliane Zimmermann, leading lecturer for aromatherapy practice and graduate of the renowned Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy, provides the introduction.

MICHELIN Guide New York City 2013

MICHELIN Guide New York City 2013 Author Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
ISBN-10 9782067187238
Release 2012-10-10
Pages 648
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MICHELIN Guide New York City 2013 helps both locals and travelers find great places to eat and stay, with obsessively-researched recommendations to more than 800 restaurants and 60+ hotels. This guide, updated annually, appeals to all tastes and budgets. Local, anonymous, professional inspectors carefully select restaurants, using the celebrated Michelin food star-rating system. The MICHELIN Guide is not a directory—only the best make the cut, so readers can feel confident in their choices.

MICHELIN Guide New York City 2014

MICHELIN Guide New York City 2014 Author Michelin
ISBN-10 9782067191921
Release 2013-10-02
Pages 648
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Locals and travelers looking for great places to have a meal reach for the MICHELIN Guide New York City 2014 where they’ll find meticulously researched, objective recommendations to approximately 950 delicious restaurants in the Big Apple, a city where cuisine reigns supreme. The MICHELIN Guide, updated annually, pleases all palates and pocketbooks. Recession-proof dining options can be found among the Under $25 restaurants and those with the Bib Gourmand designation—a distinction that highlights inspectors' favorites for good food at reasonable prices. Local, anonymous, professional inspectors use the renowned Michelin food star rating system to create the restaurant selection, with its famed Michelin stars indicating culinary excellence. Readers will find a wealth of helpful information on their restaurant choices: time-tested Michelin symbols describe such features as cash-only, wheelchair-accessible and valet parking establishments. Newer symbols include restaurants specializing in dim sum and offering notable beer, wine, sake and cocktail lists. The guide's organization makes fast work of deciding where and what to eat: grouping by neighborhood facilitates spur-of-the-moment decision-making while multiple, user-friendly indexes inspire more specific dining choices. Readers can consult an alphabetical list of restaurants, as well as lists of starred, Bib Gourmand and Under $25 restaurants. Lists also include cuisine by category, cuisine by neighborhood, brunch and late-night dining. As a final step, 24 colorful city and neighborhood maps quickly locate restaurants so diners can find their way. Since only the best make the cut, and all establishments are recommended, readers can feel confident in their choices.


Aroma Author Constance Classen
ISBN-10 9781134822393
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 256
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Smell is a social phenomenon, given particular meanings and values by different cultures. Odours form the building blocks of cosmologies, class hierarchies, and political odours. They can enforce social structures or transgress them, unite people or divide them, empower or disempower. The authors argue that the sociology of smell is repressed in the modern West, and its social history ignored. This book breaks the "olfactory silence" of modernity. It offers the first comprehensive exploration of the cultural role of odours in Western history - from antiquity to the present. It also covers a wide variey of non-Western societies. Its topics range from the medieval concept of the "odour of sanctity", to the aromatherapies of South America, and from olfactory stereotypes of gender and ethnicity in the modern West to the role of smell in postmodernity. Its subject matter will fascinate anyone who likes to nose around in the inner workings of culture.

The Elements of Cooking

The Elements of Cooking Author Michael Ruhlman
ISBN-10 9780743299787
Release 2007-11-06
Pages 245
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A succinct resource to the basics of good cooking, presented in an A-to-Z format, contains eight brief essays on such topics as making stock, using the right tools, and understanding heat, in a culinary guide that features a single recipe for veal stock. 75,000 first printing.

Passion of a Foodie An International Kitchen Companion

Passion of a Foodie   An International Kitchen Companion Author Heidemarie Vos
ISBN-10 9781934925638
Release 2010-03
Pages 600
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With the influx of cookbooks, cooking shows, and chefs in today's world, it's difficult to find something out of the ordinary that defines cooking in a whole new way. Passion of a Foodie is that something. Best-selling author Heidemarie Vos recounts a fascinating story and her journey of putting together the world's first cross-referenced book regarding food-using more than five languages. This cookbook will become an invaluable resource for your kitchen, cooking school, culinary vacations, professional chef training institute/academy or restaurant as its contents provide endless information about ingredients-what they are and where to find them-cooking terms, and what they mean, as well as exotic recipes from all over the globe. It also helps the food import/export industry with language. From the new bride/novice cook to the professional chef, Passion of a Foodie is a must have, must read guidebook that provides a detailed classification of foods and their ingredients. As a cook/chef, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.Heidemarie Vos is a writer with a best selling cookbook to her credit, Chili South Africa, as well as commissioned recipe books for the South African Company Fruit and Veg City. Mrs. Vos has traveled to over 40 countries and has lived on three continents. She is currently writing a nonfiction book about her recently deceased South African husband, and although she herself is an American citizen, she lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa at this time. Publisher's website:

Yoga Kitchen

Yoga Kitchen Author Iris Lange-Fricke
ISBN-10 9783830481294
Release 2015-06-17
Pages 176
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Achtsam üben, achtsam essen, achtsam sein Die Yoga-Praxis ist ein wunderbarer Weg, um Körper und Geist in Einklang zu bringen. Doch erst gemeinsam mit einer bewusst abgestimmten Ernährung und einer gezielten Auswahl von Lebensmitteln entfaltet sie ihre ganzen Wirkkräfte. Spüren und genießen Sie den Benefit dieses Zusammenspiels: mehr Gelassenheit, Energie und Lebensfreude. YOGAKITCHEN hält ein perfekt abgestimmtes Duo bereit. 5 gezielte Übungsflows und 67 köstliche Rezepte - passgenau für Ihre Bedürfnisse: DETOX entgiften und den Stoffwechsel anschalten ENERGIE (&) POWER aufladen und vitalisieren ENTSPANNUNG ankommen und loslassen IMMUNSYSTEM aufbauen und stärken STRESS ADE gelassen und konzentriert sein Über sich selbst sagt Iris Lange-Fricke: "Ich bin froh, sagen zu können, dass ich mein Hobby zum Beruf gemacht habe. Bereits als Kind verbrachte ich mehr Zeit in der Küche als auf dem Spielplatz. Und so wurde mir irgendwann klar, dass ich Köchin werden wollte." Das praktische Können dank ihrer Ausbildung zur Köchin schon in der Tasche, wollte sie aber auch alles über Inhaltstoffe und deren Wirkungen im Körperwissen und entschied sich, Ernährungswissenschaften zu studieren. Heute ist Iris Lange-Fricke Ernährungsberaterin und kreiert leckere Rezepte, die der Seele schmeicheln und rundum guttun. Bei TRIAS hat sie bereits die "Basische Genießer-Küche" und "Tofu küsst Steak" veröffentlicht. In ihre erste Yogastunde geriet Nicole Reese während ihres Studiums eher zufällig - auf der Suche nach mehr Ruhe im Kopf. Fasziniert von der Gelassenheit, Kraft und Energie, die sich durch Yoga einstellten, begann sie 2008 die Kundalini Lehrerausbildung, um sich intensiver mit Yoga zu beschäftigen. Ihre Begeisterung für Vinyasa Yoga führte sie einige Jahre später zum Teacher Training im Vinyasa Stil bei Lance Schuler in Australien. "Ich liebe die Sonnengrüße, zu spüren, wie der Körper mit jeder neuen Runde wärmer und beweglicher wird und sich Atmung und Bewegung miteinander verbinden - großartig." Nicole Reese arbeitet als freie Autorin und Yogalehrerin in Hamburg.

Voices in the Kitchen

Voices in the Kitchen Author Meredith E. Abarca
ISBN-10 9781603445634
Release 2006
Pages 259
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Through the ages and across cultures, cooking has allowed women to express themselves and create a world of shared meanings with one another. Through a series of "charlas culinarias" (culinary chats), the women interviewed in "Voices in the Kitchen" share their lives as they share their savory, symbolic, and theoretical meanings of food.

Kitchen Creativity

Kitchen Creativity Author Karen Page
ISBN-10 9780316267786
Release 2017-10-31
Pages 448
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"This splendid book is the perfect roadmap for a young chef to attain culinary stardom." -- Jacques Pepin Unlock your creative potential with the world's most imaginative chefs. In this groundbreaking exploration of culinary genius, the authors of The Flavor Bible reveal the surprising strategies great chefs use to do what they do best. Beyond a cookbook, Kitchen Creativity is a paradigm-shifting guide to inventive cooking (without recipes!) that will inspire you to think, improvise, and cook like the world's best chefs. Great cooking is as much about intuition and imagination as it is about flavor and technique. Kitchen Creativity distills brilliant insights into these creative processes from more than 100 top restaurant kitchens, including the Bazaar, Blue Hill,Daniel, Dirt Candy, Eleven Madison Park and the NoMad, Gramercy Tavern, the Inn at Little Washington, Le Bernardin, Oleana, Rustic Canyon, Saison, Single Thread, and Topolobampo. Based on four years of extensive research and dozens of in-depth interviews, Kitchen Creativity illuminates the method (and occasional madness) of culinary invention. Part I reveals how to learn foundational skills, including how to appreciate, taste, and season classic dishes (Stage 1: Mastery), before reinventing the classics from a new perspective (Stage 2: Alchemy). Einstein's secret of genius-combinatory play-pushes chefs to develop unique creations and heighten their outer and inner senses (Stage 3: Creativity). Part II's A-to-Z entries are an invaluable culinary idea generator, with exercises to prompt new imaginings. You'll also discover: experts' criteria for creating new dishes, desserts, and drinks; comprehensive seasonality charts to spark inspiration all year long; how to season food like a pro, and how to create complex yet balanced layers of flavor; the amazing true stories of historic dishes, like how desperate maitre d' "Nacho" Anaya invented nachos; and proven tips to jump-start your creative process. The ultimate reference for culinary brainstorming, Kitchen Creativity will spur your creativity to new heights, both in the kitchen and beyond.

Kitchen Pro Series Guide to Produce Identification Fabrication and Utilization

Kitchen Pro Series  Guide to Produce Identification  Fabrication and Utilization Author Brad Matthews
ISBN-10 9781435401211
Release 2010-02-09
Pages 384
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Kitchen Pro Series: Guide to Produce Identification, Fabrication, and Utilization is the definitive guide to selection, purchasing and fabricating produce for professional chefs, foodservice personnel, culinarians, and food enthusiasts. Part of CIA’s new Kitchen Pro Series focusing on kitchen preparation skills, this user-friendly, full-color resource provides practical and detailed information on product identification, seasonality, availability, storage, maturity and ripeness, taste and utilization tactics. If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide to produce, then this publication is for you. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Chemistry in Your Kitchen

Chemistry in Your Kitchen Author Matthew Hartings
ISBN-10 9781782623137
Release 2016-12-29
Pages 330
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Introducing basic chemistry through everyday foods and meal preparations, this book is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the science behind cooking.

The Kitchen as Laboratory

The Kitchen as Laboratory Author Cesar Vega
ISBN-10 9780231153447
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 320
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Eating is a multi-sensory experience, yet chefs and scientists have only recently begun to anatomize food's components, introducing a new science called molecular gastronomy. In this global collaboration of essays, chefs, scientists, and cooks put the innovations of molecular gastronomy into practice.

Andrea Robinson s 2007 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone

Andrea Robinson s 2007 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone Author Andrea Robinson
ISBN-10 9780307481511
Release 2009-03-04
Pages 240
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Completely updated with information on more than 800 of the country's top-selling wines (100 more than were included in the 2006 edition), Andrea Robinson's buying guide is dedicated to the best-quality, most popular, and most readily available wines found in stores and restaurants. In addition to giving the lowdown on taste and value, this compact resource is packed with unique features such as: ·Candid "from the trenches" comments from consumers and wine pros alike ·Results of "kitchen survivor test," revealing how each wine fares as a leftover ·Robinson's Best Bets or solving every buying dilemma, from hip wines to impress a date to blue-chip choices for a client ·Listing of the years' top-performing wines at every price level, from steal to splurge From the Trade Paperback edition.

Asian Kitchen

Asian Kitchen Author
ISBN-10 9783833863448
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 128
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• 60 Klassiker der asiatischen Küche im modernen und frischen Layout • Mit Extra: Kurze Porträts der wichtigsten Länderküchen • Dazu gibt’s ausgewählte Adressen von reiseautoren für die Genusserlebnisse vor Ort.

The Malaysian Kitchen

The Malaysian Kitchen Author Christina Arokiasamy
ISBN-10 9780544810020
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 352
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Irresistible Malaysian recipes for the American home cook, including curries, noodle bowls, stir-fries, street foods, and more A delicious and informal mashup of Southeast Asian and European influences, Malaysian cooking is full of flavor and easy to love. Chef and author Christina Arokiasamy brings it into the American home kitchen. This cuisine borrows from the traditions of Thailand, India, China, and Portugal for dishes as varied as Chili Prawns, Salmon Tandoori, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Grilled Lamb with Rosemary Pesto. Christina gives recipes for authentic Malaysian favorites like Beef Rendang and Char Kway Teow Noodles, while also sharing her own modern iterations, such as Wok-Fried Spaghetti with Kale. An assortment of sambals and chili sauces—simply thrown together in a blender—get you started on your way to these dishes but are so tasty and versatile you’ll find yourself using them in the rest of your everyday cooking. Vivid on-location photography takes the reader into the spice markets, coffee houses, fishing villages, and kitchen gardens that inspired each recipe.

The 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

The 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary Author Kevin McCann
ISBN-10 140272134X
Release 2009
Pages 814
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Finally, a crossword dictionary with all the words solvers need--and none of the ones they don’t! When it comes to puzzle dictionaries, it’s the quality of what’s inside that counts. Who needs a plethora of synonyms that never appear in an actual crossword? So, authors Kevin McCann and Mark Diehl analyzed thousands of crosswords to amass an up-to-date list of words that regularly turn up in today’s top puzzles. To make the dictionary even easier to use, the most popular answers stand out in easy-to-see red, while charts highlight frequently sought-after information such as Oscar winners and Popes’ names. Crossword fans will keep this right next to their favorite puzzles!

My Indian Kitchen

My Indian Kitchen Author Hari Nayak
ISBN-10 9781462906376
Release 2012-04-16
Pages 160
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"A delectable straightforward guide to regional Indian cooking." —Padma Lakshmi, host of Top Chef USA In My Indian Kitchen, chef Hari Nayak shares the secrets of his family's style of Indian cooking that he learned from his mother and aunts, neighbors, local street vendors and countless friends. With the recipes in this Indian cookbook, consistently delicious Indian food at home becomes a reality. From a perfect Mint Chutney with Samosa to a melt-in-the-mouth Chicken Tikka Masala, to Pork Vindaloo, Tandoori Chicken and Sweet Mango Yogurt Lassi, traditional Indian meals without hours and hours of work can be achieved. Authentic Indian recipes include: Cucumber and Yogurt Raita Spicy Paneer Cheese Kebabs Red Kidney Bean Curry Street-Style Grilled Corn on the Cob Fish Tikka Chicken Tikka Masala Spicy and Fragrant Lamb Curry Baked Garlic Naan Creamy Rice Pudding And many more… Having lived in the West for many years, Chef Hari understands the time for meal preparation is limited. To accommodate our busy lifestyle, the recipes in this book have been simplified, without sacrificing any of their authenticity. With Hari's guidance and time saving tips, the ability to create Indian meals appealing to the individual tastes of the home cook can, finally, be achieved.