Book Review Index 1989 Cumulation

Book Review Index 1989 Cumulation Author Neil E. Walker
ISBN-10 081030581X
Release 1990-03-01
Pages 1350
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The Index provides a broad coverage and access to book reviews in the general social sciences, humanities, sciences, and fine arts, as well as general interest magazines and includes journals from Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and Australia. In addition, it indexes several journals that, while published in the US, concentrate on reviewing foreign published or foreign language books. These include Hispania, French Review, German Quarterly and World Literature Today.

Book Review Index

Book Review Index Author Beverly Baer
ISBN-10 0787622656
Release 1998
Pages 1089
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Every 3d issue is a quarterly cumulation.

Social Casework

Social Casework Author
ISBN-10 155938526X
Release 1992-01
Pages 673
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This index contains an historical overview of the journal Social Casework (formerly The Family), together with four separate types of index: subject; author; title; and book review. It allows easy reference to the material included in the journal over the past 70 years.

1979 1990

1979 1990 Author Henryk Sawoniak
ISBN-10 9783110975062
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 1278
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1979 1990 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 1979 1990 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 1979 1990 book for free.

Children s Literature

Children s Literature Author Margaret W. Denman-West
ISBN-10 1563084481
Release 1998
Pages 187
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Lists works of fiction, juvenile series, poetry, and drama suitable for children's libraries

Mathematical Book Review Index 1800 1940

Mathematical Book Review Index  1800 1940 Author Louise S. Grinstein
ISBN-10 0824041143
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 448
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Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual for Health and Self-Change, 2nd ed offers a step-by step guide to using hypnosis to better well-being and stronger self-control. For over two decades renowned therapist and author Brian Alman showed thousands of individuals how to use self-inductive techniques for relief from pain, stress, and discomfort. Self-hypnosis assists in meditation and fosters positive self-regard. The exercises in Self-Hypnosis are clear, concise and easily attainable. As an effective therapy in alleviating the pain of childbirth, medical and dental surgery, burns, and accidental injuries, hypnosis is practiced widely. Hypnosis in pain relief is a noninvasive and natural healing process. Self-Hypnosis makes this healing technique available to the lay reader.

The Cumulative Book Index

The Cumulative Book Index Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433069139131
Release 1914
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The Cumulative Book Index has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Cumulative Book Index also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Cumulative Book Index book for free.

Werner Hegemann 1881 1936

Werner Hegemann  1881 1936 Author Caroline Flick
ISBN-10 9783110951356
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 1284
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This title is the first comprehensive biography of the town planner and architecture critic, Werner Hegemann. Since his work on the large Berlin building sites from 1910, he has been acknowledged in the trade as a specialist for modern town planning. He organized international exhibitions of urban development in Germany and in the USA. He went in exile to America in 1933 via Geneva and Paris. This book provides access to the life and work of Hegemann, whose works are still greatly valued both in Europe and in the USA.

Women s Periodicals in the United States

Women s Periodicals in the United States Author Kathleen L. Endres
ISBN-10 0313286329
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 529
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Women's periodicals have a long history of treating social, political, and economic issues. Through alphabetically arranged entries on individual publications, this reference traces the rich diversity of approaches that these periodicals have taken. Included are entries on more than 70 different periodicals published in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some are radical, some are reactionary, but most fall somewhere in between. Each entry provides a critical narrative history of the periodical, circulation figures, related publication information, and a selected bibliography. The volume closes with a chronology and a bibliography.

Basic Library Skills 5th ed

Basic Library Skills  5th ed Author Carolyn Wolf
ISBN-10 9780786451616
Release 2006-02-10
Pages 216
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"Provided is a self-contained, short course in essential library skills for patrons of college, high school and public libraries. New material about online catalogs reflects the widespread use of the Internet, and a new section on career information has been added"--Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Reference Sources and Services for Small and Medium Sized Libraries

Handbook of Reference Sources and Services for Small and Medium Sized Libraries Author Margaret Irby Nichols
ISBN-10 0788131435
Release 1994
Pages 199
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Lists over 750 sources focusing on the reference needs of adults. The primary objective was to select quality reference tools which cover many different topics. Topics include general works, biography, philosophy, religion, language, literature, visual arts, applied sciences, sports and recreation, home life, social customs and education.

Reference Sources in History

Reference Sources in History Author Ronald H. Fritze
ISBN-10 9780874368833
Release 2004
Pages 334
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Fully annotated and completely updated—the most comprehensive guide to reference books in the field of history. * This guide includes 900+ complete entries for reference works and provides complete bibliographic information for over 400 other works * Descriptive annotations provide guidance to quality reference materials and offer a useful and time-saving alternative to research using the Internet * Topical chapters and detailed index help readers locate the materials they need for research and allow for effective searches of more obscure topics * The guide includes materials of interest for undergraduates, graduate students, academic researchers, and educated general readers

The Craft of Research Third Edition

The Craft of Research  Third Edition Author Wayne C. Booth
ISBN-10 9780226062648
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 336
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With more than 400,000 copies now in print, The Craft of Research is the unrivaled resource for researchers at every level, from first-year undergraduates to research reporters at corporations and government offices. Seasoned researchers and educators Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams present an updated third edition of their classic handbook, whose first and second editions were written in collaboration with the late Wayne C. Booth. The Craft of Research explains how to build an argument that motivates readers to accept a claim; how to anticipate the reservations of readers and to respond to them appropriately; and how to create introductions and conclusions that answer that most demanding question, “So what?” The third edition includes an expanded discussion of the essential early stages of a research task: planning and drafting a paper. The authors have revised and fully updated their section on electronic research, emphasizing the need to distinguish between trustworthy sources (such as those found in libraries) and less reliable sources found with a quick Web search. A chapter on warrants has also been thoroughly reviewed to make this difficult subject easier for researchers Throughout, the authors have preserved the amiable tone, the reliable voice, and the sense of directness that have made this book indispensable for anyone undertaking a research project.

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers Theses and Dissertations Seventh Edition

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers  Theses  and Dissertations  Seventh Edition Author Kate L. Turabian
ISBN-10 0226823385
Release 2009-08-14
Pages 436
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Dewey. Bellow. Strauss. Friedman. The University of Chicago has been the home of some of the most important thinkers of the modern age. But perhaps no name has been spoken with more respect than Turabian. The dissertation secretary at Chicago for decades, Kate Turabian literally wrote the book on the successful completion and submission of the student paper. Her Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, created from her years of experience with research projects across all fields, has sold more than seven million copies since it was first published in 1937. Now, with this seventh edition, Turabian’s Manual has undergone its most extensive revision, ensuring that it will remain the most valuable handbook for writers at every level—from first-year undergraduates, to dissertation writers apprehensively submitting final manuscripts, to senior scholars who may be old hands at research and writing but less familiar with new media citation styles. Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, and the late Wayne C. Booth—the gifted team behind The Craft of Research—and the University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff combined their wide-ranging expertise to remake this classic resource. They preserve Turabian’s clear and practical advice while fully embracing the new modes of research, writing, and source citation brought about by the age of the Internet. Booth, Colomb, and Williams significantly expand the scope of previous editions by creating a guide, generous in length and tone, to the art of research and writing. Growing out of the authors’ best-selling Craft of Research, this new section provides students with an overview of every step of the research and writing process, from formulating the right questions to reading critically to building arguments and revising drafts. This leads naturally to the second part of the Manual for Writers, which offers an authoritative overview of citation practices in scholarly writing, as well as detailed information on the two main citation styles (“notes-bibliography” and “author-date”). This section has been fully revised to reflect the recommendations of the fifteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style and to present an expanded array of source types and updated examples, including guidance on citing electronic sources. The final section of the book treats issues of style—the details that go into making a strong paper. Here writers will find advice on a wide range of topics, including punctuation, table formatting, and use of quotations. The appendix draws together everything writers need to know about formatting research papers, theses, and dissertations and preparing them for submission. This material has been thoroughly vetted by dissertation officials at colleges and universities across the country. This seventh edition of Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations is a classic reference revised for a new age. It is tailored to a new generation of writers using tools its original author could not have imagined—while retaining the clarity and authority that generations of scholars have come to associate with the name Turabian.

Subject Guide to U S Government Reference Sources

Subject Guide to U S  Government Reference Sources Author Gayle J. Hardy
ISBN-10 156308189X
Release 1996
Pages 358
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Revised and updated, this compendium helps readers identify and understand the scope of key government reference sources-traditional books (including publications catalogs and telephone directories); information clearinghouses; and materials in new formats, such as CD-ROMs, datafiles, and Internet sites. The authors focus on free information and depository materials-both readily available through toll-free phone numbers, mail or e-mail requests to agencies, or federal depository library collections. Materials are fully described in annotations that differentiate between similar materials, identify typical citation formats, and note common abbreviations

Business Research Handbook

Business Research Handbook Author Kathy E. Shimpock
ISBN-10 9780735552678
Release 2004-11-23
Pages 1090
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Business Research Handbook is the best strategic approach to research. It gives you ready-to-adapt strategies that streamline and focus your information search, complete with: Procedures that progressively sift and regroup your research decision points that allow you to evaluate which steps remain The most cost-effective ways to take advantage of today's electronic media resources Efficient ways to retrieve the information your search has located. Easy-to-adapt sample research strategies are found throughout the book to help you confidently and quickly conduct your research in unfamiliar areas. You will find that the Business Research Handbook is designed in a graphic, user-friendly format with easy-to-recognize icons as reference pointers, and extensive lists of sources and material to help you obtain the information you need to: Compile biographical information on key players or parties Investigate potential business partners or competitors Engage in marketing research Compile a company profile Locate expert witnesses and verify credentials And much more.

Italian Literature Before 1900 in English Translation

Italian Literature Before 1900 in English Translation Author Robin Healey
ISBN-10 9781442642690
Release 2011
Pages 1150
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"Italian Literature before 1900 in English Translation provides the most complete record possible of texts from the early periods that have been translated into English, and published between 1929 and 2008. It lists works from all genres and subjects, and includes translations wherever they have appeared across the globe. In this annotated bibliography, Robin Healey covers over 5,200 distinct editions of pre-1900 Italian writings. Most entries are accompanied by useful notes providing information on authors, works, translators, and how the translations were received. Among the works by over 1,500 authors represented in this volume are hundreds of editions by Italy's most translated authors - Dante Alighieri, [Niccoláo] Machiavelli, and [Giovanni] Boccaccio - and other hundreds which represent the author's only English translation. A significant number of entries describe works originally published in Latin. Together with Healey's Twentieth-Century Italian Literature in English Translation, this volume makes comprehensive information on translations accessible for schools, libraries, and those interested in comparative literature."--Pub. desc.