Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery Author Joanna Chikwe
ISBN-10 9780199642830
Release 2013-01-31
Pages 845
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Cardiothoracic Surgery covers all areas of adult and paediatric, cardiac and thoracic surgery and intensive care. This new edition provides rapid on-the-spot access to practical management advice, and succinct overviews of common and less common operative procedures. Divided into topics presented across a double page spread to enable easy reference, each chapter includes advice based on current evidence and guidelines, with references where appropriate, and features purpose-drawn illustrations showing practical procedures.

Handbook of Patient Care in Cardiac Surgery

Handbook of Patient Care in Cardiac Surgery Author John H. Lemmer
ISBN-10 9781451149166
Release 2012-03-28
Pages 384
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The thoroughly updated Seventh Edition of this popular and widely used handbook presents the most current protocols and recommendations for care of patients undergoing cardiac surgery. This edition reflects current ACLS guidelines and the latest developments in cardiac surgery. The transplantation chapter has been entirely rewritten by a new author. Experts from leading hospitals offer detailed, practical guidelines on preoperative evaluation and preparation, intraoperative management, and postoperative care for all current cardiac surgical procedures. Perspectives valuable for cardiac surgeons, cardiac nurses, and anesthesiologists are included throughout. Coverage includes a chapter on infants and children. Appendices list drug dosages for adults and for infants and children.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery Author A.C. Cernaianu
ISBN-10 9781461519256
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 215
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The topics in this book represent the presentations given at the Seventh Annual Meeting entitled "Cardiac Surgery: Current Issues," held at the Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, November 9-12, 1994. This symposium was sponsored by the American College of Chest Physicians in conjunction with the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery of Cooper HospitallUniversity Medical Center, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Camden, New Jersey. Chapter authors were charged with the task of writing brief overviews of major issues related to the field of cardiac surgery. The book is specifically tailored to the needs of cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiovascular perfusionists, allied health professionals, and nurs ing personnel involved in all phases of caring for the cardiac surgical patient. Although intended as a reference source with emphasis on updated approaches applied in cardiac surgery, it is hoped that the discussion of these topics will compliment other texts and manuscripts. Obviously, a book of this length cannot cover the whole multidisciplinary and complex field of cardiac surgery. However, co-editors are certain that the annual appearance of this text will highlight comprehensive, new, and interesting approaches to the field of cardiac surgery. The co-editors are greatly thankful to the contributors for their efforts in providing comprehensive chapters. Without their expertise, this work may not have been possible. We would also like to thank Ms. Eileen Birmingham and the staff at Plenum Publishing Corporation for their tremendous help in completing this work.

Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing

Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing Author Sonya R. Hardin
ISBN-10 0763757624
Release 2010-10-25
Pages 462
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Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing is an evidence-based foundation for care of the patient during the vulnerable period immediately following cardiac surgery. A comprehensive resource, this text serves as a foundation for nurses beginning to care for cardiac surgery patients, as well as a source of advanced knowledge for nurses who have mastered the essential basic skills necessary to care for this patient population. It addresses significant changes in cardiac surgery and the nursing responsibilities to meet the needs of these acutely ill patients, as well as advances and strategies to optimize patient outcomes in this dynamic field. The perfect study aid for those readers preparing for the AACN's Cardiac Surgery Certification, this book features critical thinking questions, multiple choice self-assessment questions, web resources, clinical inquiry boxes, and case studies.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Author Constantine Mavroudis
ISBN-10 9781118320785
Release 2012-11-05
Pages 960
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Pediatric cardiac surgery is a dynamic, fast-moving field. Busy practitioners, like you, need clear and comprehensive guidance you can rely on to ensure optimal patient care. For over 25 years Pediatric Cardiac Surgery has been the gold-standard reference for pediatric and adult congenital heart surgeons, pediatric and congenital cardiologists, intensivists, anesthesiologists, residents and nurses. Now, in this thoroughly revised fourth edition, you again get trusted, complete coverage of the field with timely new features and expert reviews of critical topics including heart transplantation, emerging modalities for diagnosing congenital heart and tracheal defects, the surgical technique of Fontan conversion with arrhythmia surgery, the medical challenges of managing adult CHD patients, and more. This new edition includes: Contributions from over 65 world-renowned experts More beautiful illustrations, by renowned medical illustrator Rachid Idriss, which have brought acclaim to previous editions Reviews of the embryology, physical findings, diagnostic criteria, and therapeutic choices for each disease entity and describes the latest in surgical techniques in each chapter All-new chapters that guide readers through new treatment options and other key developments since the publication of the third edition highlighting recent advances in congenital heart surgery. All-new new chapters that review advances in right ventricular to pulmonary artery conduits, arrhythmia surgery, double outlet ventricles, and adult congenital heart disease, among other key topics.

Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery

Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery Author Narain Moorjani,
ISBN-10 9781908986535
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 520
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Winner of a HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD in the Surgical specialties category of the 2011 BMA Medical Book Competition. Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery will systematically cover all the main topics involved in the current practice of a cardiac surgeon. It will incorporate current guidelines for practice (such as from the American Heart Association and European Society of Cardiology) and up-to-date information based on current literature. The data and body of knowledge presented in this book are strictly evidence-based which makes it ideal as a revision aid for residents/registrars undertaking their Cardiothoracic Surgery Board examinations around the world. Although these examinations vary in format in different countries, this book is applicable to all cardiothoracic surgical trainees. Its concise, yet complete coverage of the important topics, make it the ideal guide to answer the key questions in cardiac surgery that are asked within the confines of an examination. Cardiologists, cardiothoracic intensive care unit specialists, nursing staff, physiotherapists and other professions allied to medicine, both surgical and cardiological, will also find the book useful in terms of the indications and surgical management of these patients, as they are integral to the cardiac surgical process.

Advanced Therapy in Cardiac Surgery

Advanced Therapy in Cardiac Surgery Author Kenneth L. Franco
ISBN-10 1550090615
Release 2003
Pages 642
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This second edition ofAdvanced Therapy in Cardiac Surgerypresents state-of-the-art techniques and an in-depth review of cardiac surgery from the leading authorities. Each of the 62 succinct chapters represents the personal treatment protocols of the experts. The Advanced Therapy concept is renowned for conveying therapeutic information in an efficient, quick-review format. This authoritative title provides access to expert consultations on the toughest challenges facing cardiac surgeons today.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery Author Siavosh Khonsari
ISBN-10 0781769507
Release 2008
Pages 383
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A practical, heavily illustrated guide to procedures in cardiac surgery, this updated edition covers acquired and congenital diseases and includes surgical anatomy, surgical exposures, and step-by-step procedural details. Also included are updates in minimally invasive surgery and vascular and endovascular surgery.

Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fourth Edition

Cardiac Surgery in the Adult  Fourth Edition Author
ISBN-10 9780071633123
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Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fourth Edition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fourth Edition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fourth Edition book for free.

Cardiac Surgery for Nurses Orientation Policy and Procedures

Cardiac Surgery for Nurses  Orientation  Policy  and Procedures Author Debi Stephens-Lesser
ISBN-10 9780763744892
Release 2007
Pages 406
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This policy and procedure book is a valuable resource for new or existing cardiac surgery programs. It provides support for each procedure in the cardiac surgery environment to include standards of practice, risk management, staffing competencies, and quality indicators to optimize care of the cardiovascular surgery patient. The policy manual is based upon AORN standards and meets JCAHO standards for the operating room environment.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Review

Cardiothoracic Surgery Review Author Kenneth L. Franco
ISBN-10 9781451154153
Release 2012-01-05
Pages 1770
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Cardiothoracic Surgery Review covers all of the core knowledge necessary to pass the cardiothoracic boards or the cardiothoracic recertification exam. Each topic presents core information in two-to-four pages and concludes with a brief list of the most important references. The topics cover all areas in cardiothoracic surgery, including cardiac surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, and thoracic surgery. Included with the book is a companion website featuring the fully searchable text and over 60 procedural videos. This topic-based review is ideal for anyone needing to rapidly reference an up-to-date knowledge base in cardiothoracic surgery, including cardiothoracic fellows, practitioners studying for recertification, and surgical nurses.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery Author Donald B. Doty
ISBN-10 9781416036531
Release 2012
Pages 630
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Cardiac Surgery: Operative Technique, by Drs. Donald B. Doty and John R. Doty, is your essential source on how to perform today's full range of cardiac surgical techniques. Over 1,000 crisp illustrations and expert, evidence-based discussions guide you step by step, equipping you to perform all of the latest procedures and get the best outcomes. Focus on the practical how-tos you need to perform each operation. Know what to do, what to avoid, and how to manage complications with the authors' discussions of their preferred methods. Benefit from the seasoned expertise of two master cardiac surgeons with decades of experience. Keep your skills current with state-of-the-art coverage of coronary artery surgeries, heart-lung transplantation, lung transplantation, and much more - including the latest evidence for each procedure. Know what to look for and how to proceed with over 1,000 remarkable illustrations and photographs - many new, many in full color - that capture exactly what you will see during surgery. Access the complete contents and illustrations online, fully searchable. Step-by-step surgical guidance for cardiac operations!

Atlas of Cardiac Surgical Techniques

Atlas of Cardiac Surgical Techniques Author Frank W. Sellke
ISBN-10 9781416040651
Release 2010
Pages 436
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Atlas of Cardiac Surgical Techniques, a title in the new Surgical Techniques Atlas series edited by Drs. Townsend and Evers, presents state-of-the-art updates on all main cardiac surgical techniques performed today. Drs. Sellke and Ruel, along with esteemed international contributors, offer you expert advice on a variety of techniques-open and interventional-to help you expand your surgical repertoire and hone your skills. Full-color illustrations and photographs enhance visual guidance and Expert Consult functionality gives you easy access to the full text online at Includes convenient access to the full-text online as well as procedural videos that show you how to proceed. Offers step-by-step guidance on a variety of cardiac surgical techniques, both open and interventional, giving you more options for the challenges you face. Discusses the hottest topics in cardiac surgery, including minimally invasive techniques, robotic surgery, aortic dissections, and more. Presents more than 400 full-color illustrations and step-by-step intraoperative photographs for expert visual guidance. Discusses pearls and pitfalls to help you avoid complications. Uses a consistent, easy-to-follow chapter format that includes clinical anatomy, pre-operative considerations, operative steps, post-operative care, and pearls and pitfalls to make reference easy. Your purchase entitles you to access the web site until the next edition is published, or until the current edition is no longer offered for sale by Elsevier, whichever occurs first. If the next edition is published less than one year after your purchase, you will be entitled to online access for one year from your date of purchase. Elsevier reserves the right to offer a suitable replacement product (such as a downloadable or CD-ROM-based electronic version) should online access to the web site be discontinued.

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery Author James A. DiNardo
ISBN-10 9780470765920
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 472
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This comprehensive, state of the art overview of pediatric and adult cardiac anesthesia brings together all the latest developments in this rapidly developing field. This text is intended both as a reference and for daily use by practicing and prospective anesthesiologists. Thoroughly updated for its third edition, Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery fills the gap between encyclopaedic references and brief outlines, presenting just the right amount of information to guide trainees and practitioners who care for cardiac surgical patients. This edition features: The introduction of Dr Zvara as co-editor A new chapter on Special Considerations Practical clinical information coupled with comprehensive descriptions of physiology Key facts and tables summarized for convenient access This essential resource will prove invaluable for residents, fellows, and practicing anesthesiologists.

Reoperations in Cardiac Surgery

Reoperations in Cardiac Surgery Author Jaroslav Stark
ISBN-10 3540195521
Release 1989
Pages 390
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Nearly a century has passed since Rehn performed the first successful cardiac operation by closing a right ventricular stab wound in a gravely ill patient. Moreover, it has been more than fifty years since Gross successfully corrected the first congenital cardiac malformation in 1938 by suture ligation of a patent ductus arteriosus. The introduction of the Blalock operation for tetralogy of Fallot by Blalock in 1944 greatly advanced the management and prognosis of a critically ill group of cardiac patients, and the success of this procedure further stimulated the development of concepts and techniques for the surgical management of other severe congenital cardiac defects. Until the successful use of extracorporeal circulation by Gibbon in 1953, it was often necessary to perform cardiac operations which were palliative rather than curative procedures. With the advent of additional new and improved techniques, correction of many hitherto incurable cardiac disorders became possible and reoperation under these circumstances became frequent. Cardiac surgery is very fortunate in having two master surgeons, whose distinctive contributions and clinical proficiency are recognized worldwide, to edit this extraordinary and unique text. They have placed emphasis on a number of specific complications of primary cardiac procedures which lead to the necessity for reoperation. Problems associated with postoperative infections, thrombotic dis­ orders, stenoses of suture lines, deterioration of prosthetic materials and mechanical valves, rejection of transplanted organs and tissues, and a host of additional complications are described together with their appropriate surgical management.

Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery

Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery Author Robert M. Bojar
ISBN-10 9781444348248
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 832
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The fifth edition of Bojar's Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery remains the gold standard for management of adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery. The easily referenced outline format allows health practitioners of all levels to understand and apply basic concepts to patient care--perfect for cardiothoracic and general surgery residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, cardiologists, medical students, and critical care nurses involved in the care of both routine and complex cardiac surgery patients. This comprehensive guide features: Detailed presentation addressing all aspects of perioperative care for adult cardiac surgery patients Outline format allowing quick access to information Chronological approach to patient care starting with diagnostic tests then covering preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care issues Additional chapters discuss bleeding, the respiratory, cardiac, and renal subsystems as well as aspects of care specific to recovery on the postoperative floor Updated references, information on new drug indications and new evidence to support various treatment/management options. Practical and accessible, this new edition of Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery is the essential reference guide to cardiac surgical patient care.

Adult cardiac surgery

Adult cardiac surgery Author Helen L. Inwood
ISBN-10 1861562411
Release 2002
Pages 250
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This book will answer the questions frequently asked by newly qualified nurses or nurses entering the specialty of cardiac surgery. It identifies the needs of the adult patient recovering from cardiac surgery, and focuses on the more common procedures of coronary artery bypass graft and valve surgery. The information provided will enable evidence based nursing care to support interventions in the meeting of those needs. This text will allow nurses in this specialist area to concentrate on a high basic standard of nursing care, ensuring that the needs of the patient are not neglected in the pursuit of technological advancement. It discusses the main complications that may occur and how these can be dealt with.