Case Management in Health Care

Case Management in Health Care Author Peggy Rossi
ISBN-10 0721695582
Release 2003
Pages 805
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Case Management in Health Care is a comprehensive reference designed to educate nurses and other health care professionals on the processes involved in case management. This reference discusses interventions and collaboration efforts that are necessary to move the patient through the continuum of care. It explores the changes in case management and it explains the financial, legal, and service aspects of this field. It is appropriate for nursing students (undergraduate and graduate) as well as for practicing case managers. Focuses on the most current topics that are based on the changes and trends in case management and health care. Addresses health care policies, laws and regulations as they apply to a case manager's day-to-day responsibilities. Presents the basics on health insurance and the alternate funding programs equipping case managers to become active advocates for their patients. Explores the pitfalls and barriers frequently encountered when locating appropriate patient resources, and explains how to overcome them. Discusses various levels of care and treatment settings outside the acute care setting (ex. skilled nursing facility and home health care). Explains the increasing number of case management models that are being used in various clinical settings. Compares the roles and responsibilities of a utilization manager and a case manager, emphasizing the need for their collective efforts in providing quality patient care. Case Management and Technology, focuses on systems support, technology tools and resources, meaningful reporting, using the Internet, and video conferencing in relation to effectively serving patients. Quality Management for Case Managers, covers guidelines for quality management, organization standards and practices, accountability, increasing customer satisfaction, and measuring utilization and costs. Audits, identifies auditing entities and discusses development of successful competency programs to meet regulatory standards specific to case management. The Importance of Credentialing, discusses the significance of credentialing as the start of the quality process of an organization. Discusses new modalities for case management such as demand management, care management, drug state management, and disability management. Addresses the complexity of the moral and ethical issues facing today's case managers. Includes content on worker's compensation, on-site vs. telephonic case management, and tools to improve the case management practice. Tips and training tools for care givers are updated to include agencies, literature, and various web sites dedicated to care giving. Expanded content on legal and legislative issues such as the Balanced Budget Act (BBA), Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Provides current coverage of funding and insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Children's health coverage, Veteran's benefits, and TRICARE. Content in Complex Care and Post Acute Care units have been expanded to include the latest advances in emergency care, hospice, and managing geriatric, transplant, mentally ill patients. Each chapter begins with Objectives that list key points and focus the reader on essential content to better prepare them for learning. Suggested Websites and Resources listed at the end of chapter provide reader with opportunity for further study and research. End of Chapter Exercises (1-5 questions) promote active learning and application of pertinent content. An AJN Book of the Year Award winner!

Case Studies in Nursing Case Management

Case Studies in Nursing Case Management Author Suzanne Smith Blancett
ISBN-10 0834207893
Release 1996
Pages 450
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The Outcomes Mandate

The Outcomes Mandate Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015046890474
Release 1999
Pages 455
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The Outcomes Mandate: Case Management in Health Care Today describes many different methods and solutions to managing outcomes in a multitude of health care settings. Roughly 100 national and international experts discover the method that best describes the success (or lack of it) in the programs they designed, implemented, and evaluated. This diversity provides valuable insights that you can learn from and apply to your own health care setting to ensure successful outcomes.

Handbook of Nursing Case Management

Handbook of Nursing Case Management Author Dominick L. Flarey
ISBN-10 0834207907
Release 1996
Pages 488
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Case Management for Healthcare Professionals

Case Management for Healthcare Professionals Author Rufus S. Howe
ISBN-10 0944496377
Release 1994-01
Pages 211
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Case Management for Healthcare Professionals is a dramatic departure from existing case management literature. Here is a highly detailed, logically organized presentation of case management in the context of state-of-the-art quality improvement techniques. Experts from across the country have contributed to this innovative work. Each is a nationally known authority on case management.

Case Management

Case Management Author Suzanne K. Powell
ISBN-10 078171883X
Release 2000
Pages 522
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The Second Edition of this comprehensive "how to" text has been completely revised and updated. This text outlines the basics of case management and illustrates some of the pitfalls encountered in the field of case management. The book provides information on the new Case Management Standards, supplies standard definitions and guidelines of case management for the practicing case manager, and presents information on caring for clients in a wide variety of health care settings. New to this edition--chapters focusing on Quality Reviews and Risk Management with a strong emphasis on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), ethical and legal issues, and various case studies.

Case Management Handbook for Clinicians

Case Management Handbook for Clinicians Author Rand L Kannenberg
ISBN-10 0972214747
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 166
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The text has a variety of user friendly lists, tables, charts, summaries, articles, practice tests, clinical documentation sample forms, resources and contact information about case management in healthcare and human services. There are more than 100 pages of material in addition to the handouts made available in the seminar. The contents of this case management handbook include the following: the differences between case management and social work; case management history; governmental responses in the past; other titles used for case managers; admission summaries; case management service and treatment plans; multi-cultural recommendations for case managers; case management confidentiality; continuity of care; philosophy of case management; case manager status; supervision of case managers; preventing unnecessary prescription problems; depression screenings; case manager attitudes with the chronically mentally ill; counseling and case management professional ethics; establishing rapport with providers; customer service and case management; avoiding case management burnout; hepatitis A/B/C screenings; HIV/AIDS screening; TB screening; release of information; screening for substance use disorders; progress notes; discharge summaries; social history/assessment; psychological history/assessment; medical/dental history/assessment; educational/vocational history/assessment; legal history/assessment; top work settings; top job titles; HMO models; insurance; legal/medical/insurance terms; and case management organizations.

Health Care and Disability

Health Care and Disability Author Fong Chan
ISBN-10 096640260X
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 715
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Health Care and Disability has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Health Care and Disability also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Health Care and Disability book for free.

Nurse Case Management in the 21st Century

Nurse Case Management in the 21st Century Author Elaine Liebman Cohen
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034526239
Release 1996
Pages 274
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This text presents advice on nursing case management, focusing on the conceptual and practical applications across the health-care continuum. Written from the context of current and anticipated changes in health-care restructuring, the book explains the components of nursing case management, including development, planning, implementation, cost-effectiveness and outcome evaluation. It also includes detailed examples, with case studies of successful management programmes, sample forms, worksheets and other tools that can be adapted and applied to the individual principles of case management.

Nursing Case Management Adapting to the Challenges of Today s Healthcare Environment

Nursing Case Management  Adapting to the Challenges of Today s Healthcare Environment Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:227796878
Release 1993
Pages 69
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The nursing case management model of patient care delivery is examined throughout this paper. A historical perspective and key forces that led to its emergence on the healthcare scene are included. Two distinct models of nursing case management, including components and distinguishing features of each program are discussed as well as recommendations for their implementation. A study of both models of nursing case management shows unique strengths in each and the potential for broad applications. The relevance of nursing theory to the nursing case management concept is also explored.

A Guide for Nurse Case Managers

A Guide for Nurse Case Managers Author Charlotte Cox
ISBN-10 9781450238564
Release 2010-08-12
Pages 92
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The position of nurse case managers can be a rewarding but challenging career, as these managers play a vital role in a patient’s care. In A Guide for Nurse Case Managers, author Charlotte Cox provides an insightful guide to this evolving field of medicine. Geared for those working in hospital settings, clinics, and health plan offices, this helpful reference text provides guidelines, tips, and tools for becoming a successful nurse case manager. With more than thirty years of health care experience, Cox provides a detailed overview of this important nursing position that works to usher a patient through the health care system. A Guide for Nurse Case Managers • defines the case manager role; • provides an understanding of the basics of utilization and case management; • gives an overview of Medicare and Medicaid procedures; • discusses the care planning process; • shows how to structure a community resource base. Whether you are a new case manager, a student, or a seasoned nurse needing a refresher about job basics, A Guide for Nurse Case Managers will help to shape your practice, provide valuable tips and reference tools, and help you with proven organizational ideas to succeed in the career.

Nursing Case Management

Nursing Case Management Author Elaine Liebman Cohen
ISBN-10 0323027652
Release 2005
Pages 620
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Review: "This practical resource, written by foremost experts in the field of case management, features complete coverage of every aspect of nursing case management, from its evolution and history to the latest case management models." "The new, fourth edition has been completely updated and is designed to help you prepare, implement, and evaluate a case management program within the framework of today's health care environment."--BOOK JACKET

The Case Management Workbook

The Case Management Workbook Author Cherilyn G. Murer
ISBN-10 9781439827789
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 138
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Case management has become one of the most effective means by which a continuum of care functions effectively and efficiently. A complete examination of the application of continuum of care, The Case Management Workbook: Defining the Role of Physicians, Nurses, and Case Managers defines the roles of the case management team and provides an overview of key post acute venues of care. It supplies an overview of the process, its structure, and the responsibility of each member of the team. The book discusses how managing the care of the patient in today’s healthcare environment will take a concerted effort from the entire case management team—not just a handful of case managers. The authors demonstrate that the case management team includes many more individuals than simply those with the title of case manager. The team must consist of key clinical personnel including the nurse, the physician and the case manager, each of whom have specific roles in case management. The book also highlights the role administration plays in assuring each member of the team is on board with the hospital’s or health system’s goal in assuring the patient is at the right place at the right time in their episode of care. In the words of the authors, case managers are ... the unsung heroes of effective healthcare delivery. They push and they prod, they inform and they educate, they provide valuable information to physicians and families with a common goal—to assure the patient is provided care in the most appropriate venue correlative to the medical resources needed and provided. In their book they explore a key byproduct of an effective case management system— the realization of an effective integrated health system whereby physicians and hospitals are aligned as caretakers of future health resources.

The Case Manager s Handbook

The Case Manager s Handbook Author Catherine M. Mullahy
ISBN-10 9781449666002
Release 2010-10-25
Pages 875
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Written by renowned author, Catherine Mullahy, The Case Manager’s Handbook, Fourth Edition, is the ultimate how-to guide for case managers. This practical resource helps case managers build fundamentals, study for the CCM exam, and most importantly, advance their careers after the exam. Using real-life examples and an easy-to-read, conversant style, this reference defines “Best in Class” case management, examines the case management process, and presents practical procedural information. It is an excellent daily reference and training resource for new case managers and seasoned professionals in various setting facing the day-to-day challenges of case management. Certain to become the “go to resource” resource that previous editions have, this Fourth Edition features updated and enhanced chapters, and brand new chapters covering such timely topics as: * Obesity – The New Epidemic * Our Nation’s Multiculturalism and Challenges to Case Managers * Health Literacy and Adherence Issues * Pharmaceuticals – The Ever-Evolving World * Our Aging Population, Medical Advancements and New Case Management Considerations * Direct to Consumer Community-Based Case Management * Continuum Concepts

2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management

2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management Author Toni Cesta
ISBN-10 1936186764
Release 2011-05
Pages 40
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2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management book for free.

A Case Manager s Study Guide

A Case Manager s Study Guide Author Denise Fattorusso
ISBN-10 9781449667443
Release 2013
Pages 422
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Review Guides/Certification Prep/Pocket Guides

The Case Managers Survival Guide

The Case Managers Survival Guide Author Toni G. Cesta
ISBN-10 1605952885
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 522
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Revised, updated, expanded edition of essential book for case managers in nursing, healthcare and other professional disciplines New information on the ACA, value-based purchasing, accountable care organizations, emerging reimbursement methods, transitions of care, changing accreditation standards and much more A proven textbook for university courses, CCM exam prep, and continuing education Hundreds of case studies, finance formulas, practical pointers and sample problems The third edition of this important book adds over 10 years of new data, facts and experience needed by professional case managers, administrators and students of case management. This new edition incorporates the impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, value-based purchasing methods, care coordination strategies, transition planning, and case management software. Like the previous editions, the book is written to assist the professional and student, especially in the field of nursing, with practical guidance for understanding and mastering the techniques of managing cases in multiple healthcare settings: pre-acute, acute, and post-acute. At once practical and comprehensive, the new and expanded edition provides recent financial, legal and medical information required by case managers to succeed in the evolving environment of healthcare delivery. The result is an essential resource for individuals and interdisciplinary teams from many professional backgrounds, who can use the know-how in this volume for coordinating care, containing costs, and improving quality and the patient experience. The Case Manager's Survival Guide is also a proven textbook, used by hundreds of instructors and students in university and continuing education courses, as well by those preparing for the CCM exam.