Anime Doodle Girls

Anime Doodle Girls Author Jenny Luan
ISBN-10 1523277661
Release 2016-01-16
Pages 68
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The Anime Doodle Girls coloring book offers 29 hand-drawn fantasy anime characters by Jenny Luan. Each page is single sided featuring anime characters with tangle doodle hair pattern designs. This coloring book is suitable for all ages. please click author Jenny Luan to see the interior of the book in video.

Weirdlings and Wildlings

Weirdlings and Wildlings Author Shelah Dow
ISBN-10 151946536X
Release 2016-06-04
Pages 84
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Take a journey into a unique fantasy world filled with a variety of fairies, elves, and other curious creatures all illustrated by watercolorist, Shelah Dow. These odd beings are all splendidly detailed with one thing in common; they're all whimsical and fun. You'll find fairies that dance among flowers with dragonflies; fae queens who are aloof and strong female figures; elves with attitude; and fairy companions in the form of mice, cats, and other unusual beings. The designs in this book would appeal those who love dark, goth, Victorian, and steampunk fantasy creatures. You can find it all with this weird, wild fairies and friends. There are 32 hand-drawn images in a varying degree of difficulty. Take on a challenge with some designs and then a break with the few more simple fairies within. All images are individual with no repetition. Book is single-sided on 60lb medium white paper. You can color with crayons, pencils, gel pens and markers in this book. Blotter pages are included to place beneath your work. Alcohol markers and watercolor pencils may bleed, as with most coloring books. While children can enjoy many of the designs in this book, the artwork difficulty and design elements are mostly suited for teens and adults.


Him Author Vincent E. Magnani
ISBN-10 1524615153
Release 2016-06-17
Pages 40
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Do you ever dream of that one person who takes your breath away? Even when you're not in the right state of mind, you can still focus on them. You'll travel through traumatic experiences that I, the author, has experienced with the one I love. It's only if you dare to open.

Doodle Invasion

Doodle Invasion Author Zifflin
ISBN-10 1492977055
Release 2013-10-17
Pages 106
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The ultimate doodle coloring book. This big sized coloring book is a challenge for all ages. If you are a fanatic doodler and obsessed with filling in and coloring doodles then this is definitely for you. Or you can just admire the detailed art. The book is filled with 50 unique and extremely detailed work of art by the master of doodles Kerby Rosanes.

My Daughter I Love You and I Believe in You

My Daughter  I Love You and I Believe in You Author Suzy Toronto
ISBN-10 1598428330
Release 2014-09-01
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You've loved your daughter since before she was born. She is your heart, your soul, and your greatest joy. You couldn't be more proud of her, and you want her to see and believe, as you do, what an extraordinary person she is. Best-selling author/artist Suzy Toronto has created this inspiring keepsake book filled with words of hope, wisdom, and support to remind your daughter how special she is. Suzy's wonderful and wacky illustrations add to the charm of this heart-tingling collection that every parent will want to give to their daughter to let her know that no matter how old she gets, she'll always be your little girl and you love her forever, for always, and no matter what.

Doodle Chaos

Doodle Chaos Author Zifflin
ISBN-10 1523834773
Release 2016-02-03
Pages 106
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Introducing Doodle Chaos, the 3rd book in the Zifflin Doodle Series, featuring designs from Philippines based artist Irvin Ranada. Inspired by the bustle of cities and dreams of faraway places, Chaos packs a punch in every page. New characters lie in wait to burst into life as you color; dynamic scenarios unfold before your eyes. Escape the stress and pressure of the real world and immerse yourself in this vibrant adult coloring book. Embrace the chaos!

They Said What

They Said What  Author Jeff Necessary
ISBN-10 9781503582996
Release 2015-07-28
Pages 166
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“This is such a great read! It helps society understand the minds of our young people and appreciate the humor they bring into the classroom.” —Bambi Condrey, The Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology, English department “Page turning, pants wetting, jaw dropping look into the eyes of our future. You won’t put this book down for a moment.” —Lucas B. Ingersoll, North Myrtle Beach High School, business department “Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a high school classroom? Well, this read is your chance. Read it cover to cover. Couldn’t stop laughing.” —Jennifer Mundy, North Myrtle Beach High teacher “Every page makes you laugh. It’s funny to see what some of these students came up with! Hilarious!” —Lydia Webb, student

Typical Dutch

Typical Dutch Author Global Doodle Gems
ISBN-10 8793385803
Release 2016-10-07
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The first typical Dutch in the Global Doodle Gems line, in this book our Dutch artists are represented. The book brings together the Dutchie team. We take you on a journey through our country The Netherlands, from Kinderdijk to Amsterdam, via Hindeloopen to Delft. Of course our typical Dutch delicacies may not be missing, the herring bite, drop and foam blocks, pea soup with rye bread and of course our bitterballen. We are a land of mills and windmills, water and vistas and fixed habits like our Sinterklaas party. On the bike through the tulip fields is a typical Dutch occupation. We wish you lots of fun with your tour through our little country !

You Don t Know Me

You Don t Know Me Author Georgia Le Carre
ISBN-10 1910575429
Release 2016-08-11
Pages 354
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Tasha - I knew Noah Abramovich was trouble the first time our eyes locked. I was sixteen that summer. Sitting by the pool eating an ice-cream I can still remember how it melted over my fingers and dripped onto my thighs as I stared back at him. It wasn't just his Greek god looks, the animalistic Alpha attitude, or his tall, powerful muscled body - it was the aura around him that screamed, Don't fuck with me. At sixteen I wanted him with the passion of a woman, but mine was a world of unwritten rules. Rules that are worth more than a man's life. I didn't need anyone to tell me that he was everything I could not have. He never looked at me again, but I watched him from afar. I could tell there were deep secrets that kept his smile hidden. Dark and mysterious he seemed to fear no one, not even my father. A man he should have. One I feared greatly. As the years passed, the afternoon when time stilled became as unreal as a dream. I am twenty-two now and in six months I will be married to a man my father chose. I will do my duty and bring respectability to my father's dynasty, but before I give myself to that man, I must have a taste of the forbidden. Just one night with the man of my darkest fantasies, so I don't lie on my deathbed, and regret that I never reached out and took the one thing I wanted most in life. But will it heal or destroy me? Noah. - In the Mafia world, your past is never far behind. If you are careless, it seeps into your future and gets you killed. Just when I had fooled myself into believing I'd stepped away from it all, it suddenly appeared in my office. Tasha Evanoff: She is what original sin must have looked like. Blonde, beautiful, voluptuous, and with secretive sapphire eyes that see right into my tainted soul. She comes offering one bite of the red apple. If I had any sense I'd shut the door on her, and send her back to her father, a psychopath of the highest degree. But that's not who I am. If the pretty princess has the courage to walk into the lion's den, I'm sure as fuck not going to pass on a challenge. I'll take one bite of her apple. Why the fuck wouldn't I? I've been lusting after it for years. Right here, right now, she is in my world, and she'll damn well play by my rules. She thinks everything will go back to what it was before, but I know what she doesn't. You can never have just one night of raw passion. The body will always crave more. Will she submit to her body's desires or to her father's?

Doodle Fusion

Doodle Fusion Author Zifflin
ISBN-10 1517376912
Release 2015-10-02
Pages 106
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Introducing Zifflin's latest adult coloring book in the Doodle series, Doodle Fusion. Featuring the dynamic and innovative illustrations of Lei Melendres. His work is inspired by digital culture, intricate patterns and the supernatural. Lei has crafted 50 intensely detailed pages for you to immerse yourself in. This anti stress coloring book allows you to unwind by combining challenging coloring with a sense of intrepid and creative adventure. Get out of your work headspace and into the world of Doodle Fusion.

Night Magic Gothic and Halloween Coloring Book

Night Magic   Gothic and Halloween Coloring Book Author Selina Fenech
ISBN-10 0994585233
Release 2016-08-24
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Explore your dark side with this Halloween inspired adult coloring book by Selina Fenech. This coloring book features 25 sweet, sexy, and magical designs of witches, vampires, dark angels, goblins, masquerades, gothic ladies, dark fantasy creatures, and Halloween spirit ready to be brought to life with color! This book includes TWO full sets of the 25 artworks, for a total of 50 pages to color in. Page size is 8.5 x 11 inches, letter size, approx. 22 x 28 cm. Images on one side only for easy removal and display. Images are framed within the page, not full bleed. These intricate designs are suitable for adults and experienced colorists. Parental discretion advised for younger artists as some artworks contain artistic/concealed nudity and sensual gothic imagery.

Chibi Girls

Chibi Girls Author Jade Summer
ISBN-10 1539988562
Release 2016-11-08
Pages 110
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2017 AMAZON BEST SELLER This incredible adult coloring book by best-selling artist Jade Summer is the perfect way to relieve stress and aid relaxation while enjoying beautiful and highly detailed images. Each coloring page will transport you into a world of your own while your responsibilities will seem to fade away... Use Any of Your Favorite Tools Including colored pencils, pens, and fine-tipped markers. One Image Per Page Each image is printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through. Display Your Artwork You can display your artwork with a standard 8.5" x 11" frame. Two Copies of Every Image Enjoy coloring your favorite images a second time, color with a friend, or have an extra copy in case you make a mistake. Includes FREE Digital Version As a special bonus, you can download a PDF and print your favorite images to as many times as you want. Now on Sale Regular Price: $9.99 - SAVE $3.00, 30% OFF - Limited time only. Makes the Perfect Gift Surprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Buy two copies and enjoy coloring together. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax... Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button.