Concise Major 21st Century Writers

Concise Major 21st Century Writers Author Tracey L. Matthews
ISBN-10 078767544X
Release 2006
Pages 5
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A comprehensive, five-volume set, Concise Major 21st-Century Writers profiles today's most outstanding and widely known writers. Clearly written in an easy-to-use format, it collects detailed biographical and bibliographical information on approximately 700 authors who are most often studied in college and high school.

American reference books annual Vol 38 2007

American reference books annual  Vol  38  2007 Author Shannon Graff Hysell
ISBN-10 1591585252
Release 2007
Pages 704
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For the past three decades, ARBA has kept librarians up to date on the latest reference materials by providing high-quality, critical reviews. The 2007 edition of ARBA continues this great tradition by providing users with access to 1,600-plus reviews of both print and online resources, written by more than 400 academic, public, and school librarians who are experts in their field. With coverage of nearly 500 subject disciplines, ranging from the social sciences and humanities to science and technology, users are guaranteed to find information on the latest resources available in the areas they are most trying to expand their collection. With ARBA in hand, collection development librarians can manage their library's high standards of quality, and make the best use of their budget.

Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media

Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media Author Bryant, Kendra N.
ISBN-10 9781522505631
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 306
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Basic composition courses have become a fundamental requirement for the major of university degrees available today. These classes allow students to enhance their critical thinking, writing, and reading skills; however, frequent use of technology and online activity can be detrimental to students’ comprehension. Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the integration of social media platforms into academic writing classes, focusing on how such technology encourages writing and enables students to grasp basic composition skills in classroom settings. Highlighting emerging theoretical foundations and pedagogical practices, this book is ideally designed for educators, upper-level students, researchers, and academic professionals.

The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature

The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature Author Dinah Birch
ISBN-10 9780191036743
Release 2013-05-30
Pages 832
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Based on the bestselling Oxford Companion to English Literature, this is an indispensable, compact guide to all aspects of English literature. Over 5,500 new and revised A to Z entries give unrivalled coverage of writers, works, historical context, literary theory, allusions, characters, and plot summaries. Discursive feature entries supply a wealth of information about important genres in literature. For this fourth edition, the dictionary has been fully revised and updated to include expanded coverage of postcolonial, African, black British, and children's literature, as well as improved representation in the areas of science fiction, biography, travel literature, women's writing, gay and lesbian writing, and American literature. The appendices listing literary prize winners, including the Nobel, Man Booker, and Pulitzer prizes, have all been updated and there is also a timeline, chronicling the development of English literature from c. 1000 to the present day. Many entries feature recommended web links, which are listed and regularly updated on a dedicated companion website. Written originally by a team of more than 140 distinguished authors and extensively updated for this new edition, this book provides an essential point of reference for English students, teachers, and all other readers of literature in English.

eGuide How to Adjust Your Business Writing to the 21st Century

eGuide  How to Adjust Your Business Writing to the 21st Century Author H. E. Colby
ISBN-10 9781498973281
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 29
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Don’t miss the critical skills and knowledge inside this guide in order to fuel powerful business communications with more than a billion people worldwide who speak English! This e-Guide is an abridged version adapted from the original audio e-Clinic of the same name designed to enhance your business writing. Invest in yourself to meet the challenges of 21st century business. After completing this e-Guide, you will be able to write better business documents and gain a competitive advantage over colleagues and clients alike. Produce clear and inclusive English content for a global audience. Effectively express your ideas to audiences who do not share your cultural background. Use natural-sounding 21st Century English to engage your clients and persuade them to use your product or service. Get the guide and create culturally-sensitive English documents today!

Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World

Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World Author Abdelhamid Ahmed
ISBN-10 9781137467263
Release 2016-08-20
Pages 261
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Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World addresses a range of issues related to researching and teaching EFL writing in different countries in the Arab World including Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen. Both theoretically and practically grounded, chapters within discuss the different contexts in which EFL writing is taught, from primary school to university. The book sheds light on how EFL writing is learned and taught at each educational stage, exposing the different challenges encountered in the teaching and learning. The focus on EFL writing in the Arab World makes this a unique and long overdue contribution to the field of research around EFL writing and will be an invaluable resource for researchers, curriculum designers and students.

From Research to I Search Creating Lifelong Learners for the 21st Century

From Research to I Search  Creating Lifelong Learners for the 21st Century Author Lynn Bruno
ISBN-10 9781560902652
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 133
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The I-Search process differs from traditional research in that it focuses as much on the process as the product of research. I-Search requires the researcher to identify what he or she already knows about the topic, what questions he or she would like answered, what knowledge others hold on the topic, and how that new knowledge has enriched and changed his or her understanding of the topic. • Relates to all content areas • Helps students practice 21st century skills and lifelong learning • Reinforces Common Core State Standards • Allows struggling students to practice research skills • Helps students develop critical literacy tools • Perfect for teams to collaborate on the research process

Engaging the Adolescent Learner

Engaging the Adolescent Learner Author Douglas Fisher
ISBN-10 9780872073586
Release 2015-01-28
Pages 118
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Based on their long-running ILA E-ssentials series, Engaging the Adolescent Learner, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey have personally selected nine previously published articles that help you set the stage for 21st-century learning. In their Introduction, Fisher and Frey reinforce the need for creating learning spaces that help students acquire the skills needed to function in face-to-face and digital environments. Along with new, exclusive content on graphic organizers and independent learning, you'll find articles relating to essential quality instruction, aspects of adolescent literacy, and what it means to go digital. This digital compilation of concrete, classroom-tested ideas is sure to be a go-to resource on your PDF-friendly device.

IIMA The Persuasive Manager

IIMA   The Persuasive Manager Author M M Monippally
ISBN-10 9788184001693
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 280
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The Persuasive Manager argues compellingly that strategic communication lies at the core of leadership, and helps organizations run smoothly and effectively. It explains persuasion and how managers should balance their ability to persuade and exercise authority without being authoritarian. With its wealth of real-world illustrations, scenarios and tips, The Persuasive Manager is the perfect communications roadmap for all managers.

Renovating Your Writing

Renovating Your Writing Author Richard Kallan
ISBN-10 9781351737609
Release 2017-07-06
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Renovating Your Writing outlines the principles of effective composition by focusing on the essential skill set and mindset every successful writer must possess. Now in its second edition, this novel text provides readers with unique strategies for crafting and revising their writing, whether for school, work, or play. The new edition emphasizes, in particular, the importance of the writer embracing a rhetorical perspective, distinguishing between formal and social media compositional styles, and appreciating the effort needed to produce clear, concise, and compelling messages.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Author Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
ISBN-10 9781593394929
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 2114
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Britannica Concise Encyclopedia is the perfect resource for information on the people, places, and events of yesterday and today. Students, teachers, and librarians can find fast facts combined with the quality and accuracy that have made Britannica the brand to trust. A tool for both the classroom and the library, no other desk reference can compare.

Speed Writing the 21st Century Alternative to Shorthand Easy 4 Me 2 Learn International English

Speed Writing  the 21st Century Alternative to Shorthand  Easy 4 Me 2 Learn  International English Author Heather Baker
ISBN-10 9781849370127
Release 2009-11
Pages 82
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This covers an innovative technique for speedwriting. It is laid out as a series of 6 hour long lessons, all with exercises to help build your speed writing skills. Answers are given to the exercises and end of chapter dictations are available. Heather is an experienced PA who has trained people to use her faster writing techniques for many years.

NAPA Bulletin Careers in 21st Century Applied Anthropology

NAPA Bulletin  Careers in 21st Century Applied Anthropology Author
ISBN-10 9781444306927
Release 2009-04-22
Pages 160
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The NAPA Bulletin series is dedicated to the practical problem-solving and policy applications of anthropological knowledge and methods. NAPA Bulletins are peer reviewed, and are distributed free of charge as a benefit of NAPA membership. The NAPA Bulletin seeks to: facilitate the sharing of information among practitioners, academics, and students be a useful document for practitioners contribute to the professional development of anthropologists seeking practitioner positions support the general interests of practitioners both within and outside the academy

Research for Writers

Research for Writers Author Ann Hoffmann ~autofilled~
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Research for Writers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Research for Writers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Research for Writers book for free.

The Basics of Media Writing

The Basics of Media Writing Author Scott A. Kuehn
ISBN-10 9781506308098
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 568
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The Basics of Media Writing: A Strategic Approach helps readers develop the essential writing skills and professional habits needed to succeed in 21st-century media careers. This research-driven, strategy-based media writing textbook digs deeply into how media professionals think and write in journalism, public relations, advertising, and other forms of strategic communication. Authors Scott A. Kuehn and Andrew Lingwall have created two comprehensive writing models to help students overcome their problems in finding and developing story topics by giving them “starting points” to begin writing. The Professional Strategy Triangle model shows students how to think critically about the audience, the situation, and the message before starting a news story or persuasive piece and the FAJA four-point model asks students a series of questions about their story type (Fact, Analysis, Judgment, or Action) to guide them to the right angle or organizational structure for their message. Rooted in classical rhetorical methods, this step-by-step technique enables readers to strategically approach each writing task, no matter the format.

A Concise Companion to Twentieth Century American Poetry

A Concise Companion to Twentieth Century American Poetry Author Stephen Fredman
ISBN-10 9781405141444
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 288
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This Concise Companion gives readers a rich sense of how the poetry produced in the United States during the twentieth century is connected to the country’s intellectual life more broadly. Helps readers to fully appreciate the poetry of the period by tracing its historical and cultural contexts. Written by prominent specialists in the field. Places the poetry of the period within contexts such as: war; feminism and the female poet; poetries of immigration and migration; communism and anti-communism; philosophy and theory. Each chapter ranges across the entire century, comparing poets from one part of the century to those of another. New syntheses make the volume of interest to scholars as well as students and general readers.

21st Century Hollywood

21st Century Hollywood Author Wheeler Winston Dixon
ISBN-10 9780813551982
Release 2011-08-31
Pages 232
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They are shot on high-definition digital cameras—with computer-generated effects added in postproduction—and transmitted to theaters, websites, and video-on-demand networks worldwide. They are viewed on laptop, iPod, and cell phone screens. They are movies in the 21st century—the product of digital technologies that have revolutionized media production, content distribution, and the experience of moviegoing itself. 21st-Century Hollywood introduces readers to these global transformations and describes the decisive roles that Hollywood is playing in determining the digital future for world cinema. It offers clear, concise explanations of a major paradigm shift that continues to reshape our relationship to the moving image. Filled with numerous detailed examples, the book will both educate and entertain film students and movie fans alike.