Death in Sicily

Death in Sicily Author Andrea Camilleri
ISBN-10 9781101664834
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 704
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Collected in one volume—the first three books in the bestselling Inspector Montalbano mystery series American readers were first introduced to Sicily’s inimitable Inspector Salvo Montalbano more than ten years ago. Since then, the detective—and his characteristic mix of humor, cynicism, compassion, and love of good food—has won the affection of crime fiction aficionados and Italophiles alike. With Andrea Camilleri’s last two mysteries appearing on the New York Times bestseller list, it’s clear that interest in the series is at an all time high. Now, Death in Sicily features the Inspector’s first three adventures in one handy volume, offering new readers just the enticement they need to get started.

Rebels Mafiosi

Rebels   Mafiosi Author James Fentress
ISBN-10 0801435390
Release 2000
Pages 297
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Describes the historical emergence and evolution of the Mafia, from the early- to mid-19th century Sicilian alliances between "men of honor" and intellectuals in the struggle for independence from the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples to the longstanding covert relationships that are protecting today's mafiosi.

Excellent Cadavers

Excellent Cadavers Author Alexander Stille
ISBN-10 9781446418963
Release 2011-01-11
Pages 480
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Excellent Cadavers (a term used in Sicily to distinguish the assassination of prominent government officials from the hundreds of common criminals killed in the course of routine mafia business) tells of the remarkable investigation spearheaded by Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, the two Sicilian prosecutors who in the 1980s took the war against the Mafia further than anyone had ever dared. In 1992, aware that the two magistrates were without the complete support of the Italian government, the Mafia assassinated them. In death they were hailed as national heroes; the massive public outcry demanded their investigations be completed. The outcome: the toppling of crucial alliances that had forged political rule in Italy since WWII and the criminal indictment of Italy's most prominent leaders.

Midnight In Sicily

Midnight In Sicily Author Peter Robb
ISBN-10 9781466861299
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 480
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A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year A New York Public Library Best Book of the Year From the author of M and A Death in Brazil comes Midnight in Sicily. South of mainland Italy lies the island of Sicily, home to an ancient culture that--with its stark landscapes, glorious coastlines, and extraordinary treasure troves of art and archeology--has seduced travelers for centuries. But at the heart of the island's rare beauty is a network of violence and corruption that reaches into every corner of Sicilian life: Cosa Nostra, the Mafia. Peter Robb lived in southern Italy for over fourteen years and recounts its sensuous pleasures, its literature, politics, art, and crimes.

The Bioarchaeology of Classical Kamarina

The Bioarchaeology of Classical Kamarina Author Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver
ISBN-10 0813061121
Release 2015-09-22
Pages 364
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Weaver explores the mortuary practices, health and disease, and even the magical beliefs of classical Kamarina using a comparative approach to analyze grave goods and burial positions.

Sicily to New Orleans and Beyond

Sicily to New Orleans and Beyond Author Frank Joseph Palisi
ISBN-10 9781432744533
Release 2009
Pages 691
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The incidents described in this book include the 1890 assassination of the New Orleans Chief of Police David Hennessey, the resulting Italian lynchings, and the 1906 murder of the seven-year-old child Walter Lamana. The first two incidents were the impetus for the 1999 HBO movie "Vendetta" and the book The Crescent City Lynchings by Tom Smith. The third incident had the most impact on many of the families documented in this book. The Walter Lamana child-killing story has not resurfaced for over a hundred years, until now.The high profile crimes of the late 1800s and early 1900s typically do not mention the places of origin of the families involved. The majority of those involved came from a small town in Sicily named Chiusa Sclafani, which is near Corleone, situated in the province of Palermo. Chiusa Sclafani is not mentioned in the movie Vendetta, nor the books covering the incidents and families involved.Fifteen years and roughly 60,000 hours of research are included in this book. This is one of most uniquely written books seen in centuries, and embodies a far-reaching and massive amount of documentation.For the most part this book is a reference material. Included are details of ancestor voyages, accounts of major incidents, the impacts those incidents had on these families, and more. There are steamer ship voyages documented for 27 families and for 795 individuals. There are 32 family trees presented. The Index includes 731 unique surnames and 2948 individuals documented in the family trees presented.The early chapters of this book describe the experience of the voyage and American citizenship process for our Sicilian immigrant ancestors, the "incidents" which occurred in New Orleans which caused the massive family dispersions, as well as a short description of Chiusa Sclafani and New Orleans.The middle chapters contain the steamer ship voyages for many of those who left the island of Sicily and entered America. This is the main artery of this book, which connects the present to the past and vice-versa. This chapter will help many people in their research by "jumping the ocean", a peculiar and meaningful genealogy term.The latter chapters of this book include the family descendant trees, which span from the earliest ancestors researched in Sicily, to the present. The first page (sometimes more than one page) of most of the family chapters includes a short dialogue explaining the family's entrance to America, detailing who migrated from Sicily to America, migrations from New Orleans to other places, many surname spelling changes, and more.Because the original research focused on the author's own family, the Palisi family documentation includes 400 years and 12 complete generations. Further, the Palisi chapter contains a heraldry entry found in a document dated from the 1500s, placenames around the globe where the name Palisi is used, and genetic DNA testing results of the Palisi line. Frank Palisi chose to include his own family's genetic DNA testing and results in this book since he was inspired by National Geographic's (and their partner IBM) efforts to genetically test the DNA of a sampling of the world's population to determine how the earth was repopulated after the last Ice Age.As a result of this book, first, second, and third cousins can now find out who and where their relatives are, after being separated over a hundred years ago.This book has attracted and will continue to attract historians, genealogists, mafia enthusiasts, university professors & students, and more!

The Black Death

The Black Death Author Rosemay Horrox
ISBN-10 0719034981
Release 1994-10-15
Pages 364
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From 1348 to 1350 Europe was devastated by an epidemic that left between a third and one half of the population dead. This source book traces, through contemporary writings, the calamitous impact of the Black Death in Europe, with a particular emphasis on its spread across England from 1348 to 1349. Rosemary Horrox surveys contemporary attempts to explain the plague, which was universally regarded as an expression of divine vengeance for the sins of humankind. Moralists all had their particular targets for criticism. However, this emphasis on divine chastisement did not preclude attempts to explain the plague in medical or scientific terms. Also, there was a widespread belief that human agencies had been involved, and such scapegoats as foreigners, the poor and Jews were all accused of poisoning wells. The final section of the book charts the social and psychological impact of the plague, and its effect on the late-medieval economy.

The Kingdom of Sicily 1100 1250

The Kingdom of Sicily  1100 1250 Author Karla Mallette
ISBN-10 9780812204797
Release 2011-06-06
Pages 224
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When Muslim invaders conquered Sicily in the ninth century, they took control of a weakened Greek state in cultural decadence. When, two centuries later, the Normans seized control of the island, they found a Muslim state just entering its cultural prime. Rather than replace the practices and idioms of the vanquished people with their own, the Normans in Sicily adopted and adapted the Greco-Arabic culture that had developed on the island. Yet less than a hundred years later, the cultural and linguistic mix had been reduced, a Romance tradition had come to dominate, and Sicilian poets composed the first body of love lyrics in an Italianate vernacular. Karla Mallette has written the first literary history of the Kingdom of Sicily in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Where other scholars have separated out the island's literature along linguistic grounds, Mallette surveys the literary production in Arabic, Latin, Greek, and Romance dialects, in addition to the architectural remains, numismatic inscriptions, and diplomatic records, to argue for a multilingual, multicultural, and coherent literary tradition. Drawing on postcolonial theory to consider institutional and intellectual power, the exchange of knowledge across cultural boundaries, and the containment and celebration of the other that accompanies cultural transition, the book includes an extensive selection of poems and documents translated from the Arabic, Latin, Old French, and Italian. The Kingdom of Sicily, 1100-1250 opens up new venues for understanding the complexity of a place and culture at the crossroads of East and West, Islam and Christianity, tradition and innovation.

Sicily Phoenician Greek and Roman

Sicily  Phoenician  Greek and Roman Author Edward Augustus Freeman
ISBN-10 BNC:1001934424
Release 1892
Pages 378
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Sicily Phoenician Greek and Roman has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sicily Phoenician Greek and Roman also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sicily Phoenician Greek and Roman book for free.

Communities and Crisis

Communities and Crisis Author Shona Kelly Wray
ISBN-10 9789004176348
Release 2009
Pages 300
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Bologna is well known for its powerful university and notariate of the thirteenth century, but the fourteenth-century city is less studied. This work redresses the imbalance in scholarship by examining social and economic life at mid-fourteenth century, particularly during the epidemic of plague, the Black Death of 1348. Arguing against medieval chroniclers' accounts of massive social, political, and religious breakdown, this examination of the immediate experience of the epidemic, based on notarial records--including over a thousand testaments--demonstrates resilience during the crisis. The notarial record reveals the activities and decisions of large numbers of individuals and families in the city and provides a reconstruction of the behavior of clergy, medical practitioners, government and neighborhood officials, and notaries during the epidemic.


Spartans Author Nigel M. Kennell
ISBN-10 9781444360530
Release 2011-09-19
Pages 232
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Spartans: A New History chronicles the complete history of ancient Sparta from its origins to the end of antiquity. Helps bridge the gap between the common conceptions of Sparta and what specialists believe and dispute about Spartan history Applies new techniques, perspectives, and archaeological evidence to the question of what it was to be a Spartan Takes into account new specialist scholarship and research published in Greek, which is not readily available elsewhere Places Spartan society into its wider Greek context

Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy

Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy Author Eduard Zeller
ISBN-10 9781317830474
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 340
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Sicilian Odyssey

Sicilian Odyssey Author Francine Prose
ISBN-10 9781426209086
Release 2011-06-15
Pages 192
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A blending of art and cultural criticism, travel writing, and personal narrative, Sicilian Odyssey is Francine Prose's imaginative consideration of the diverse cultural legacies found juxtaposed and entangled on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. She writes of the intensity of Sicily, the "commitment to the extreme," where the history is more colorful, the sun hotter, the cooking earthier, the violence more horrific, the carnival more raucous, the politics more Byzantine than other places on Earth, and how much the island can teach us about the triumph of beauty over violence and life over death. Prose examines architectural sites and objects and looks at the ways in which myth and actuality converge. Exploring the intact and beautiful Greek amphitheaters at Siracusa and Taormina, the cathedral at Monreale, the Roman mosaics at Piazza Armerina, and some of the masterpieces of the Baroque scattered throughout the island, Prose focuses her keen insight to imagine them in their own time, to examine the evolution and decline of the cultures that produced them, and to deconstruct powerful responses each evokes in her. Illuminated by the author's own photographs, Sicilian Odyssey brings exotic and enigmatic Sicily to life through the prism of its past. From the Hardcover edition.


Sicily Author Peter Smmartino
ISBN-10 0845348779
Release 2001-01
Pages 144
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"This work covers the extensive and varied history of the island of Sicily from the pre-historic period to the present. Sicily is a microcosm of the whole of Western and Mediterranean history, a place where more than five thousand years of history can be seen in a concentrated and accessible area. There are vivid descriptions of the island's varied historic sites, such as the prehistoric remains of the Neolithic age; the dramatic ruins of the Greek temples and theaters; the Roman villas and ampitheaters; and more. Finally, the dramatic periods of the Napoleonic Wars and the Risorgimento - the birth of the modern Italian nation - are described here in relation to the island's history, as are the events that led to Sicily's emergence into the modern industrial world. The book includes two appendices comprising a timeline of the long and varied course of Sicilian history; and a travel itinerary covering the full extent of the island and noting the many historic cities and sites described in each chapter."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Medieval European Coinage Volume 14 South Italy Sicily Sardinia

Medieval European Coinage  Volume 14  South Italy  Sicily  Sardinia Author Philip Grierson
ISBN-10 0521582318
Release 1998-11-12
Pages 816
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The coinage of south Italy, Sicily and Sardinia between the 10th century and the reign of Ferdinand the Catholic.

The Sicilian Nobleman s Daughter

The Sicilian Nobleman s Daughter Author Florene Calderone Blake
ISBN-10 9781632324733
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 160
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In this Powerful Memoir, Florence Calderone Blake relives her childhood of abuse, starvation, and even attempted murder at her mother's hands. The Sicilian Nobleman's Daughter is the story of Giovanni Calderone's family. As a young artilleryman in World War I, Giovanni distinguishes himself for valor and receives from King Victor Emanuel III the noble title of Cavalier. As a member of the richest family in Casteltermini, Italy, Giovanni stands to inherit major holdings in a sulfur mine, gristmill, palaces, and real estate. He weds a beautiful, penniless orphan, Maria, who despises him and his obnoxious kin, but who has no say in the arrangement as one dares not turn down Don Angelo Calderone's son. As Fascism gains power, Mussolini poises to seize Don Calderone's possessions. Giovanni's choice is to join the Fascists or to join their adversaries the Mafia. He chooses neither, but takes his family to America, thereby relinquishing all his financial interests. In America, without English, he can only do menial factory labor. His family goes from riches to rags. His youngest daughter, Florence, strongly resembles her father and thus becomes the target of her mother's contempt. The girl survives several attempts on her life, rebels against her mother's tyranny, and finally finds and embraces Christ. Maria contracts a terminal illness. In his perfect timing, God sends a volunteer to invite her to a Billy Graham Crusade in nearby New York City. After Maria's death, Giovanni reveals astonishing secrets Florence has long suspected. FLORENCE CALDERONE BLAKE, Giovanni's youngest daughter, teaches writing courses part-time in Southern Oregon's Rogue Community College. A part-time reporter for Oregon's upper Rogue Independent, she's also had over 750 articles in national publications including Guideposts Books, Boston Globe, and Mature Living.

The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge

The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge Author
ISBN-10 UCM:5319406808
Release 1841
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The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge book for free.