Dionysus and the Land of Beasts

Dionysus and the Land of Beasts Author Tracey West
ISBN-10 9781481488365
Release 2017-12-05
Pages 112
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Zeus and his friends discover another Olympian who might be able to help in their quest to defeat King Cronus in this Heroes in Training adventure. With a clue from their trusty oracle, Pythia, Zeus and his Olympian friends are off to the “Land of Grapes,” where they discover a festival. The headline act is Dion and the Goat Guys, and Zeus has a funny feeling this Dion guy might be one of them. Athena points out that this Dion guy is the right age, and he’s definitely not acting like a regular kid. Finally, Dion and the Goat Guys take a break, and Zeus and the other Olympians approach him. Zeus informs him that he and the others are Olympians, and they think Dion might be one too. Dion (short for Dionysus, he tells them) starts to brag that he wouldn’t be surprised, because he has awesome talents and magic powers. Before the Olympians can ask him about his powers, some of the crowd members start to throng the Olympians. Are they really Olympians? Are they really going to defeat King Cronus? Dion looks kind of peeved about this, and the next thing the Olympians know, they are in a field somewhere, puzzled and not sure what happened. What kind of magical powers does this Dion kid actually have? And will he be more of a help—or a pain—in their ultimate quest to defeat King Cronus once and for all?

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Author William Golding
ISBN-10 0399506438
Release 1983
Pages 291
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Critical essays and notes on the novel and its author accompany the story of a group of British schoolboys marooned on a desert island

Ancient Ethnography

Ancient Ethnography Author Eran Almagor
ISBN-10 9781472537607
Release 2013-10-24
Pages 240
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Ethnographic writing has become all but ubiquitous in recent years. Although now considered a thoroughly modern and increasingly indispensable field of study, Ethnography's roots go all the way back to antiquity. This volume brings together eleven original essays exploring the wider intellectual and cultural milieux from which ancient ethnography arose, its transformation and development in antiquity, and the way in which 19th century receptions of ethnographic traditions helped shape the modern study of the ancient world. Finally, it addresses the extent to which all these themes remain inextricably intertwined with shifting and often highly contested notions of culture, power and identity. Its chapters deal with the origins of the term 'barbarian', the role of ethnography in Tacitus' Germania, Plutarch's Lives, Xenophon's Anabasis, and Athenaeus' Deipnosophistae, Herodotean storytelling, Henry and George Rawlinson, and Megasthenes' treatise on India. At a time when modern ethnographies are becoming increasingly prevalent, wide-ranging, and experimental in their approach to describing cultural difference, this book encourages us to think about ancient ethnography in new and interesting ways, highlighting the wealth of material available for study and the complexities underpinning ancient and modern notions of what it meant to be Greek, Roman or 'barbarian'.


Dionysus Author Walter Friedrich Otto
ISBN-10 0253208912
Release 1965
Pages 243
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ÒThis study of Dionysus . . . is also a new theogony of Early Greece.Ó ÑPublishers Weekly ÒAn original analysis . . . of the spiritual significance of the Greek myth and cult of Dionysus.Ó ÑTheology Digest ÒWho is Dionysus? The god of ecstasy and terror, of wildness and of the most blessed deliveranceÑthe mad god whose appearance sends mankind into madness. . . .Ó In this classic study of the myth and cult of Dionysus, Walter F. Otto recreates the theological world of ancient Greek religion. Otto's provocative starting point is to accept the immanent reality of the gods. To understand the cult of Dionysus, it is necessary to reimagine the original vision of the god. Otto challenges us to understand the power of this vision not as a bloodless abstraction but as a force animating belief, to see the myth and art of Dionysus as a passionate search to regain the power of the lost god.


Bacchai Author Colin Teevan
ISBN-10 9781849436144
Release 2012-05-28
Pages 96
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Dionysos, the God of wine and theatre has returned to his native land to take revenge on the puritanical Pentheus who refuses to recognise him of his rites. Remorselessly, savagely and with black humour, the God drives Pentheus and all the city to their shocking fate. Limelight after decades of anonymity. This version was specially commissioned by the National Theatre for a production in May 2002, directed by Sir Peter Hall and scored by Sir Harrison Birtwhistle.

Hermes and the Horse with Wings

Hermes and the Horse with Wings Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 9781481488334
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 112
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Zeus and the Olympians are tasked with finding a magical horse in this Heroes in Training adventure. When Zeus meets a young boy named Hermes, he claims to have their next quest from Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi. But he wants something for the information: Zeus must hand over the winged sandals he took from Perseus after their last battle. What he doesn’t know is that Perseus had stolen those sandals from someone…Hermes! Could those sandals be another magical object? When Hermes starts to fly, Zeus knows they have found another Olympian for their group—and Hermes lets Zeus know their next adventure will be to “find the force that sings.” Since Pythia never tells them exactly the right words (her glasses tend to get a little foggy), they figure out that they are supposed to find “the horse with wings.” With the help of a reluctant Hermes and another new boy named Ron, the Olympians are off in search of a winged horse­—with a few surprises along the way!

Walter Pater Imaginary Portraits

Walter Pater   Imaginary Portraits Author Lene Østermark-Johansen
ISBN-10 9781907322556
Release 2014-04-28
Pages 336
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Walter Pater is best known for his Studies in the History of the Renaissance (1873) and for his first novel Marius the Epicurean (1885). His short fiction deserves a much wider audience. This edition includes the four intricate and influential narratives he published as Imaginary Portraits in 1887 together with five of his other portraits, published only in periodical form. Fully annotated and supplemented by valuable contextual materials, this collection, the first critical edition of Pater's shorter fiction, makes accessible these extraordinary and impressive stories.

Classical Commentaries

Classical Commentaries Author Christina S. Kraus
ISBN-10 9780199688982
Release 2016-01-02
Pages 592
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This rich collection of essays by an international group of scholars explores commentaries in many different languages on ancient Latin and Greek texts. The commentaries discussed range from the ancient world to the twentieth century. The volume pays particular attention to individual commentaries, national traditions of commentary, the part played by commentaries in the reception of classical texts, and the role of printing and publishing.

The Shadow of Dionysus

The Shadow of Dionysus Author Michel Maffesoli
ISBN-10 0791412407
Release 1993
Pages 167
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Maffesoli presents a powerful argument for understanding everyday life by examining the passional logic that animates the social body. He asserts that the “circulation of sexuality,” as much as the circulation of goods and services or language, is a structural component of sociality. By examining the dionysian adventure (passion, bonds of shared emotion, communal feeling), he redefines the problems of sociality and the strong hedonistic ethics present in contemporary daily life.

Mythology Myths Legends and Fantasies

Mythology  Myths  Legends and Fantasies Author Struik Publishers
ISBN-10 1770074538
Release 2007-11-02
Pages 528
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Mythology Myths Legends and Fantasies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mythology Myths Legends and Fantasies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mythology Myths Legends and Fantasies book for free.

Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa

Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa Author Joan Holub
ISBN-10 9781481435178
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 128
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Perseus and the Olympians face off against the Monstrous Medusa in this Heroes in Training adventure.

Silence in the Land of Logos

Silence in the Land of Logos Author Silvia Montiglio
ISBN-10 9781400823765
Release 2010-05-17
Pages 360
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In ancient Greece, the spoken word connoted power, whether in the free speech accorded to citizens or in the voice of the poet, whose song was thought to know no earthly bounds. But how did silence fit into the mental framework of a society that valued speech so highly? Here Silvia Montiglio provides the first comprehensive investigation into silence as a distinctive and meaningful phenomenon in archaic and classical Greece. Arguing that the notion of silence is not a universal given but is rather situated in a complex network of associations and values, Montiglio seeks to establish general principles for understanding silence through analyses of cultural practices, including religion, literature, and law. Unlike the silence of a Christian before an ineffable God, which signifies the uselessness of words, silence in Greek religion paradoxically expresses the power of logos--for example, during prayer and sacrifice, it serves as a shield against words that could offend the gods. Montiglio goes on to explore silence in the world of the epic hero, where words are equated with action and their absence signals paralysis or tension in power relationships. Her other examples include oratory, a practice in which citizens must balance their words with silence in very complex ways in order to show that they do not abuse their right to speak. Inquiries into lyric poetry, drama, medical writings, and historiography round out this unprecedented study, revealing silence as a force in its own right.


Dionysus Author Russell Roberts
ISBN-10 9781612284132
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 48
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Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, was a figure of many different personalities. Was he the mellow, smiling youth who gaily spread his gift of wine all over the world . . . or was he the fierce warrior who subjugated entire nations to his unbending will? Even his gift of wine reflected his dual nature. Wine could make people feel happy and good about themselves. Yet it could also turn them into mindless beasts who acted without thought or reason. The only god with a mortal mother, hated by Hera and driven mad by her, Dionysus figures in some of the most well-known tales of all time, such as the story of King Midas. His influence is vast and his importance to modern cultures remains strong, even while some of the other Olympians have faded into the pages of history. Dionysus has survived for thousands of years. He will likely survive for thousands of years to come.

The Land of the Elephant Kings

The Land of the Elephant Kings Author Paul J. Kosmin
ISBN-10 9780674728820
Release 2014-04-21
Pages 423
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Taking in the bulk of Alexander the Great's Asian conquests, the Seleucid Empire encompassed remarkable ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity; yet it did not include Macedonia, the dynasty's ancestral homeland. Paul Kosmin shows how rulers over lands to which they had no historic claim transformed the territory into a coherent space.

Art Through The Ages in Afghanistan

Art Through The Ages in Afghanistan Author Hamid Naweed
ISBN-10 9781481742757
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 294
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Art through the Ages in Afghanistan, written in two volumes is a major work. It is the product of many years of research, including frequents visits to Kabul Museum and important archeological sites in Afghanistan, as well as visits to major museums in Europe and America housing important artifacts from Afghanistan. In completing his work Hamid Naweed has also made use of numerous interviews with Afghan and international scholars, local artist and local people living in the vicinity of historical sites. The second volume covering the art of Afghanistan from the advent of Islam through present time is expected to be published shortly after the publication of the first volume.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Author Michael Taussig
ISBN-10 9780226789859
Release 2012-07-30
Pages 172
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Beauty and the Beast begins with the question: Is beauty destined to end in tragedy? Drawing on extensive fieldwork in Colombia, Michael Taussig scrutinizes the anxious, audacious, and sometimes destructive attempts people make to transform their bodies through cosmetic surgery and liposuction. He balances an examination of surgeries meant to enhance an individual’s beauty with an often overlooked counterpart, surgeries performed—often on high profile criminals—to disguise one’s identity. Situating this globally shared phenomenon within the economic, cultural, and political history of Colombia, Taussig links the country’s long civil war and its bodily mutilation and torture to the beauty industry at large, sketching Colombia as a country whose high aesthetic stakes make it a stage where some of the most important and problematic ideas about the body are played out. Central to Taussig’s examination is George Bataille’s notion of depense, or “wasting.” While depense is often used as a critique, Taussig also looks at the exuberance such squandering creates and its position as a driving economic force. Depense, he argues, is precisely what these procedures are all about, and the beast on the other side of beauty should not be dismissed as simple recompense. At once theoretical and colloquial, public and intimate, Beauty and the Beast is a true-to-place ethnography—written in Taussig’s trademark voice—that tells a thickly layered but always accessible story about the lengths to which people will go to be physically remade.


Bacchae Author Euripides
ISBN-10 9780486157412
Release 2012-07-13
Pages 64
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Classic Greek tragedy concerns the catastrophe that ensues when the King of Thebes imprisons Dionysus and attempts to suppress his cult. Striking scenes, frenzied emotion, and choral songs of power and beauty.