Discovering You

Discovering You Author Brenda Novak
ISBN-10 9781459294158
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 400
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Can she ever trust another "bad boy"? India Sommers once had the perfect family—until an ex-boyfriend broke in and shot her husband. Not only did that cost her the man she loved, a respected heart surgeon and the father of her child, but she also feels responsible. Charlie died because of the people she hung out with before she had the strength to change her life. Just after moving to Whiskey Creek with her little girl, Cassia, to start over, she's learned that her ex-boyfriend's trial ended in a hung jury. He's getting out of jail; he could try to find her again. And that's not all that scares her. She's extremely attracted to her next-door neighbor, but Rod Amos is the handsome "bad boy" type that's given her so much trouble in the past. If she got involved with him, her in-laws would sue for custody of Cassia. India has to keep her distance from Rod—but the more she gets to know him, the more difficult that becomes.

Discovering You

   Discovering You   Author Michelle Daniels
ISBN-10 9781468931761
Release 2013-05-28
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Are You On The Verge Of Giving Up? Feeling Overwhelmed By Life And Defeated Within? Did You Know That Your Life Has A Major Purpose Despite Your Past? Discovering You (3 Part System To Discovering Your True Identity ) Was Created By Public Speaker And Entrepreneur Michelle Daniels For Those Seeking A New Beginning By Finding Their True Purpose In Life. After All.. Life Was Not Given To Conceal.. But To Discover.

One Big Thing

One Big Thing Author Phil Howard Cooke
ISBN-10 9781595554857
Release 2012-07-16
Pages 224
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Named by Washington Post as one of the top five business books for 2012. One Big Thing is about finding out what you were born to do with your life and how to use it to revolutionize your business or ministry—and change the world. In a complex, multi-layered world, it’s more difficult than ever to get your voice heard and to accomplish your dreams. To stand out today, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means to focus on the one thing in your life that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. For everyone who’s been pulled in different directions, born with multiple abilities, or just wondered what to do with their lives, this is the answer. Phil Cooke helps you not only discover that one big thing, but also teaches you the secrets of making an unforgettable impact with your life. Named by Washingon Post as one of the top five business books for 2012. Stop being average at so many things, and become extraordinary at One Big Thing. What were you born to accomplish with your life? One Big Thing will help you discover what you were born to do and allow it to revolutionize your business, your ministry, and your life. In today’s distracted, digital culture, it’s harder than ever to identify your calling, get your voice heard, and achieve your dreams. To stand out and communicate your ideas and message, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means focusing on the one thing that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. If you’ve ever felt pulled in different directions or wondered what to do with your varied talents and interests, Phil Cooke will teach you the secrets of living a life-on-purpose that rises above the noise and leaves a lasting mark on the world.

Discovering You

Discovering You Author Rebecca Haskett
ISBN-10 9781512753899
Release 2016-08-26
Pages 96
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Max De Pree, international bestselling author and Christian statesman, describes Discovering You as a very good book that “teaches critical lessons for becoming the person you intend to be.” This book provides a tested method for personal mission development and awareness essential for a healthy emotional intelligence. Those completing the book write again and again of its impact on their lives and those around them. Dana Byers, Pastor, captures the sentiment of many when she writes, “I taught from the Discovering You workbook for more than two years. The material gets me excited about my own personal mission every time I share the workbook with others. Becky and David’s work is truly changing lives.” Join hundreds who are finding Discovering You an inspiring tool for personal growth and life purpose.

Once Upon Discovering You

Once Upon Discovering You Author
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Once Upon Discovering You has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Once Upon Discovering You also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Once Upon Discovering You book for free.

The Call

The Call Author Oriah
ISBN-10 0061739898
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 224
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The Call exhorts us to heed the voice inside us, calling us to discover and to live fully our true selves and our heart's desires - finding our own unique calling, not in the expectations of others and in the outside world, but deep within ourselves. I have heard it all my life A voice calling a name I recognized as myown. Sometimes it comes as a soft-belliedwhisper. Sometimes it holds an edge of urgency. But always it says: Wake up my love. Youare walking asleep. There's no safety in that! The Call, like Oriah's previous books, starts with an evocative, richly textured prose poem. In it, Oriah challenges readers to discard what they know of themselves as seen through other people and the world around them, and to delve deep into their own selves to find who they truly are. She persuades the reader that there is nothing as essential as what you believe yourself to be, and that it's not necessary to search for meaning in other people and the world's agendas; just be confident of your own distinct gifts, challenges and dreams.

Discovering the Jabez in You

Discovering the Jabez in You Author Rose, Denrick O.
ISBN-10 9781426946110
Release 2010-07-15
Pages 116
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Devoted, spiritual, prayer man of God, Denrick Rose has written a powerful motivational book on the prayer of Jabez. This book is definitely on the top of the must read list. The writer focuses his attention not only on the prayer of Jabez, but he also turns his attention to the many different aspects of the life of Jabez and how the struggles that he must have encountered could be used as instruments; showing others how they too could rise above obstacles and become more successful in life. Denrick's new book, Discovering the Jabez in You, demonstrates to the readers that even though a person may find his or herself in a very sorrowful and unproductive lifestyle, there is still no reason to lose hope. The choices you make today will yield its results tomorrow. Denrick also tries to express to his readers that the first step towards attaining a life-changing event is to first discover that there is a need for change. Praying to the God of Israel would be the next step, just as Jabez did in his time of need, then stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. The book also features many different personal prayers, which are solely intended to aid the readers to develop a closer relationship with God.

Discovering the Leader in You

Discovering the Leader in You Author Sara N. King
ISBN-10 9780470902301
Release 2011-01-13
Pages 208
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From the Center for Creative Leadership's most popular and best known leadership program Leadership Development Program comes a book for anyone who wants to have a competitive edge in today's complex marketplace. Discovering the Leader in You shows what it looks like to fit in a leadership role and provides a system of self-discovery that allows for exploration into the roles within an organization. The book includes illustrative cases examples and puts the spotlight on the transition from "the decision to lead" to "how to implement the decision to lead."

The Art of Work

The Art of Work Author Jeff Goins
ISBN-10 9780718022082
Release 2015-03-24
Pages 240
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Jeff Goins, a brilliant new voice counting Seth Godin and Jon Acuff among his fans, explains how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with true passion and purpose. The path to your life’s work is difficult and risky, even scary, which is why few finish the journey. This is a book about discovering your life’s work, that treasure of immeasurable worth we all long for. It’s about the task you were born to do. As Jeff Goins explains, the search begins with passion but does not end there. Only when our interests connect with the needs of the world do we begin living for a larger purpose. Those who experience this intersection experience something exceptional and enviable. Though it is rare, such a life is attainable by anyone brave enough to try. Through personal experience, compelling case studies, and current research on the mysteries of motivation and talent, Jeff shows readers how to find their vocation and what to expect along the way.

A Life at Work

A Life at Work Author Thomas Moore
ISBN-10 9780767928489
Release 2008-02-26
Pages 288
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A job is never just a job. It is always connected to a deep and invisible process of finding meaning in life through work. In Thomas Moore’s groundbreaking book Care of the Soul, he wrote of “the great malady of the twentieth century…the loss of soul.” That bestselling work taught readers ways to cultivate depth, genuineness, and soulfulness in their everyday lives, and became a beloved classic. Now, in A Life’s Work, Moore turns to an aspect of our lives that looms large in our self-regard, an aspect by which we may even define ourselves—our work. The workplace, Moore knows, is a laboratory where matters of soul are worked out. A Life’s Work is about finding the right job, yes, and it is also about uncovering and becoming the person you were meant to be. Moore reveals the quest to find a life’s work in all its depth and mystery. All jobs, large and small, long-term and temporary, he writes, contribute to your life’s work. A particular job may be important because of the emotional rewards it offers or for the money. But beneath the surface, your labors are shaping your destiny for better or worse. If you ignore the deeper issues, you may not know the nature of your calling, and if you don’t do work that connects with your deep soul, you may always be dissatisfied, not only in your choice of work but in all other areas of life. Moore explores the often difficult process—the obstacles, blocks, and hardships of our own making—that we go through on our way to discovering our purpose, and reveals the joy that is our reward. He teaches us patience, models the necessary powers of reflection, and gives us the courage to keep going. A Life’s Work is a beautiful rumination, realistic and poignant, and a comforting and exhilarating guide to one of life’s biggest dilemmas and one of its greatest opportunities.

Discovering You

Discovering You Author Nicky Yarborough
ISBN-10 0984577947
Release 2011-06
Pages 44
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Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What's My Purpose? These are questions we've all asked at some time or another. In most cases... The hustle and bustle of everyday Life...causes us to lose focus of our true existence. However, the real reason why we were put on this earth never goes away. In fact, the more time passes, the more urgent it becomes for us to find out who we are...and who we were really created to be. Discovering You is about beginning the process of Living The Life that was intended for you. You have a unique assignment on this earth...and Life is your classroom to complete it. Now Is Your Time!

Before You Were Mine

Before You Were Mine Author Susan TeBos
ISBN-10 9780310416494
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 192
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Written by an adoptive mother and an adoptee daughter, Before You Were Mine offers a unique Christian perspective on creating a Lifebook that commemorates your child’s birth story. Complete with worksheets and advice from adoptive families, you’ll find that remembering and celebrating your child’s history can be fun, rewarding, and even redemptive.You’ll discover how to ucover and organize details of their birth story, make the story both truthful and positive, and use the Lifebook to trace God’s faithfulness.This powerful concept takes the guesswork out of how and when you’ll talk about your adopted child’s beginnings—and offers him or her a lasting memento that helps them overcome uncertainty and fear to rest in Christ’s unconditional love.How will you embrace your child’s birth story as part of God’s plan?Before You Were Mine will help you relax and rejoice in the beautiful story God is writing for your child.

40 Days to Discovering the Real You

40 Days to Discovering the Real You Author Cindy Trimm
ISBN-10 9780768488487
Release 2011-10-20
Pages 121
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Get ready to experience the best 40 days of your life! 40 Days to Discovering the Real You: Learning to Live Authentically is an eight-week study of the life of the soul, the practice of fasting, and the process of living more authentically. It is a transformational expedition that will lead you on an inward journey to greater health, happiness, and success as you learn to live from the inside out—as we are told by Jesus in the book of Matthew: “Ignite the kingdom life within you, a fire within you . . . changing you from the inside out . . . make a clean sweep of your lives” (Matthew 3:11). When all is well with the souls of humanity, all will be well in the world. When you have peace in your soul, you will bring that peace to bear on the world around you—you will become the change you are hoping to see. Churches, organizations, small groups, and families are encouraged to travel together on this 40-day journey to greater mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If everyone who picks up this book takes it upon him or herself to encourage others to participate, we would create an unstoppable movement! You may think that one healed soul cannot heal the world, but it can.Join the Soul Fast Movement by going to There you will find soul-empowering resources and tools to not only transform your life, but the world! 40 Days to Discovering the Real You promises to bring the best out of you so that you can impact your world for good. Have the courage to follow your heart! Step out and engage with your authentic self—it will be the best 40 days of your life!

Understanding Your Potential

Understanding Your Potential Author Myles Munroe
ISBN-10 9780768498585
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 187
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Understanding Your Potential is a motivating, provocative look at the awesome potential trapped within you, waiting to be realized. This book will cause you to be uncomfortable with your present state of accomplishment and dissatisfied with resting on your past success. It will turn your failure into motivation and mediocrity into excellence.

What Dog Are You

What Dog Are You Author Lori Lebda
ISBN-10 1595941746
Release 2007-07-01
Pages 88
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Do you have the face of a Golden Retriever, with the determination of a Bloodhound, the heart of a Husky and the voice of a Chihuahua? Take these three easy quizzes to learn what dog, out of a 100, best shares your physical features, choices in life, and personality. Each score will account for one component of your "puppy genetic makeup." Will you end up being a purebred, mixed or mutt? Do you want to be the same breed as your family and friends? Manipulate your answers and score to end up as your favorite dog.

Who Are You Discovering Your Cosmic Origins

Who Are You    Discovering Your Cosmic Origins Author The Abbotts
ISBN-10 9781447633150
Release 2012-01-29
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What planet are you from This startling and amazingly accurate new book is based on the concept that we are all beings who have had previous existances on other planets in our known Universe and that our character traits, ideas and behaviour are deeply and uniquely influenced by these Off Planet lives. Adding to the intriguing channelled knowledge of the major Off Planets,The Abbotts have combined this data with your Earth personality to provide a special and personal description of your character, life gifts, ideal work and relationship abilities. An incredible read that everyone can enjoy! Readers have praised this book, "A ground - breaking look at why we are all so different from each other. The information is truly fascinating and extremely accurate. I identified with every word! Now I'm going to identify my friends!" What planet are you from

Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You

Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You Author Norm Wright
ISBN-10 9781628620511
Release 2014-10-30
Pages 112
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Who am I? In this easy-to-understand book, expert Dr. Norm Wright gives advice on how to find our identity in Christ (rather than in what others think). His down-to-earth, practical advice backed by over four decades of Christian counseling experience will help you avoid the confusion and pain that comes from a misplaced identity and will help you answer the tough life question: Who am I? When we know who we are in God's eyes, our confidence won't allow the ups and downs of life to destroy our self–worth. Once we realize that having the right job, the right possessions, or even having the right connections are not who we are, we can establish our identity on the one foundation that is unchangeable—God's love for us. Deepen your understanding of who God is and discover how he sees you with this easy-to-understand book. Enjoy getting practical advice on— • Finding our identity in Christ rather than in what others think • Dealing with negative messages from the past • 6 practical ways to believe and walk in the truth of who God says that you are • Dealing with identity and mid-life crisis (for both men and women) • Six ways to positively change your relationship with others 4 Key Features of Dr. Norm Wright's Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You • Expert Advice Explained in an Easy-to-Understand Way Weaving his experience as a counselor with the Word of God, Dr. Norm Wright uses illustrative examples, simple summaries, and clear explanations as he answers key questions: • What is identity? How do we form our identity? • Why do people have mid-life crisis or an identity crisis? • How can I know if my identity is based too much on others' opinions? • How can I find my identity in Christ?