EMR Complete

EMR Complete Author Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P
ISBN-10 9780133565188
Release 2014-01-30
Pages 888
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. EMR Complete, Second Edition, is a combination text/workbook that enables students to instantly apply knowledge learned throughout a chapter by reading short segments followed by immediate review in which they can write and then check their answers. The Teaching and Learning package includes online access to instructor and student resources. Teaching and Learning Experience Meets the National EMS Education Standards. Enables students to apply knowledge and skills learned throughout a chapter from the perspective of an emergency medical responder. Supported with online access to resources for teaching and learning success.

Emr Complete Worktext and Coursecompass Student Access Card Pkg

Emr Complete  Worktext and Coursecompass Student Access Card Pkg Author Daniel Limmer
ISBN-10 0132555867
Release 2010-02-01
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Emr Complete Worktext and Coursecompass Student Access Card Pkg has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Emr Complete Worktext and Coursecompass Student Access Card Pkg also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Emr Complete Worktext and Coursecompass Student Access Card Pkg book for free.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology Author George Y. Wu
ISBN-10 1597450448
Release 2011-01-15
Pages 383
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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology: An Illustrated Guide is a comprehensive volume describing procedures for the gastrointestinal tract in a simple way. Artistic illustrations are provided to educate the physician about procedures, and to provide not only clear descriptions of the changes in the anatomy and physiology, but also to provide advice on medical management of the post-procedure patient. Clear, detailed, artist-rendered illustrations of the anatomy are included as well as appropriate, radiological images. Chapters describe in detail the indications, contraindications, anatomical alterations, and physiological alterations that result from various operations and procedures. Comparisons between alternative operations, complications, medical management issues, and costs are also discussed. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology: An Illustrated Guide is a unique volume, written primarily for primary care physicians and general internists. It is also suitable for medical students, residents, nurses and nurse practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians and various subspecialists, who take care of patients with gastrointestinal disorders.

LaFleur Brooks Health Unit Coordinating

LaFleur Brooks  Health Unit Coordinating Author Elaine A. Gillingham
ISBN-10 9781455707201
Release 2013-01-24
Pages 572
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Get the most comprehensive, in-depth coverage on health unit coordinating from the industry's most popular text! Expert authors Elaine Gillingham and Monica Wadsworth Seibel offer in-depth discussion of key theories and concepts surrounding the profession and guide you through the common responsibilities of a health unit coordinator in both traditional and electronic medical record environments. From greeting new patients and dealing with visitors to transcribing physicians' orders, maintaining statistical reports, and preparing patient charts, this text will prepare you for success across all areas of health unit coordination. Certification Review Guide with mock certification exam is included on the Evolve site with every purchase of the book. Step-by-step instructions on how to perform important procedures include in-depth explanations of key tasks and possible modifications that would meet special requirements. High Priority boxes throughout the text offer useful information such as lists of addresses, organizations, laboratory studies, hospital specialties, health unit coordinator career ladders, helpful hints, and more, related to chapter discussions. Example boxes in the Communication chapters present real-life scenarios that outline the responsibilities of the health unit coordinator in each situation and offer tips on how you can conduct yourself in a professional and helpful manner. Bad handwriting examples give you experience deciphering hard-to-read handwriting that you will encounter in practice.Student-friendly features such as outlines, chapter objectives, vocabulary, and abbreviations are included at the beginning of each chapter to set the stage for the important information to be covered later in the chapter. References within the text to the companion skills practice manual and online tools direct you to hands-on exercises that stress the practical applications of skills and procedures in a simulated health care environment. NEW! Expanded coverage of the EMR/CPOE explains how the implementation of the electronic medical record/CPOE is changing the role of the Health Unit Coordinator. UPDATED! Coverage of medications, diagnostic procedures, therapies, surgical procedures, and new health care trends keep you up to date on how to perform your role effectively in today's medical environment. NEW! Hot topics in health unit coordinating keep you abreast of issues currently affecting the health unit coordinator such as, the electronic health record/CPOE, physician order entries, preceptorships, and interviewing/background checks, are addressed. NEW! Additional student activities are included in each chapter to help reinforce material, expand your critical thinking and application skills, and prepare you for exams. NEW! Flashcards on Evolve help you review important terminology and abbreviations that you will use on the job.

The Paperless Medical Office for Billers and Coders Using Harris CareTracker

The Paperless Medical Office for Billers and Coders  Using Harris CareTracker Author Virginia Ferrari
ISBN-10 9781305687615
Release 2014-09-17
Pages 256
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The Billers and Coders workbook is designed to help students retain key content related to financial activities within the EHR. Expanded activities will provide students with additional practice in these challenging areas. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Paperless Medical Office Workbook Using Harris CareTracker

The Paperless Medical Office Workbook  Using Harris CareTracker Author Virginia Ferrari
ISBN-10 9781133279037
Release 2014-07-11
Pages 256
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The student workbook is design to help you retain key chapter content. The workbook is a stripped down version of the comprehensive textbook, and includes only the step-by-step student activities. These activities allow students to focus on how to use Harris CareTracker and provide ample opportunity to practice using administrative, practice management, clinical, billing and coding functions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Emergency Medical Responder Exam Review

Emergency Medical Responder Exam Review Author Kirsten M. Elling
ISBN-10 9781111802394
Release 2009-04-08
Pages 224
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Containing over 500 multiple choice practice questions, The Emergency Medical Responder Examination Review is a valuable tool to help the First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder review and prepare for their State and National examinations for certification and recertification. The chapters consist of multiple-choice questions covering all topicsand cognitive objectives in the current First Responder D.O.T. National Standard Curriculum, as well as correlations to the new Educational Standards Instructional Guidelines for Emergency Medical Responder. The book also focuses on special topics with questions pertaining to current concerns in emergency response, such as terrorism response and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and special operations. Practical advice on preparing for the day of the exam is included, as well as National Registry Testing Skill Sheets and two full-length practice exams on the back-of-book CD to ensure that individuals are fully prepared for the day of their exam. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Academic Medicine Handbook

The Academic Medicine Handbook Author Laura Weiss Roberts
ISBN-10 9781461456933
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 486
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Attaining professional success and finding personal happiness in academic medicine is not an easy path, yet both are critical if the future is to be brighter through better science, better clinical care, better training, better responsiveness to communities, and better stewardship and leadership in the health professions. This concise, easy to read title consists of “mini” chapters intended as a resource to assist early- and middle-career physicians, clinicians, and scientists in understanding the unique mission of academic medicine and building creative, effective, and inspiring careers in academic health organizations. Organized in eight sections, the Guide covers such areas as finding your path in academic medicine, getting established at an institution, approaching work with colleagues, writing and reviewing manuscripts, conducting empirical research, developing administrative skills, advancing your academic career, and balancing your professional and personal life. Each chapter includes pointers and valuable career and “best practices” strategies in relation to the topic area. An exciting addition to the professional development literature, Achievement and Fulfillment in Academic Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to achieve a fulfilling career in academic medicine.

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual Author Popular Mechanics
ISBN-10 1588167232
Release 2008-04-01
Pages 346
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Vehicle maintenance.

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual Author Leonello Calvetti
ISBN-10 158816439X
Release 2005
Pages 346
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One of Popular Mechanics' most successful books gets a complete tune-up, with 64 extra pages and more than 90 projects, all clearly marked by level. So now owners will be able to hush those squeaks, replace the U-joints, and change their own oil and filter. For more than 100 years, the editors of Popular Mechanics have been providing car enthusiasts with the skills and confidence they need to keep their vehicles running right and looking great. And this update to the magazine's popular car care manual gives owners more essential information than ever. It's absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to know the automobile's basic components, from the engine to the electronic systems, and to understand how they work, what can go wrong, and how to make repairs. Find out how to maintain and replace windshield washers, fix steering wander and faulty cruise control, and purge bad smells from the interior. Get smart advice on how to pass emission inspection and find service data online. And because car owners want their ride to look as good as it works, there are even instructions for removing bumper stickers, tinting windows, and adding pinstripes.

Barrett s Esophagus An issue of Gastroenterology Clinics of North America

Barrett s Esophagus  An issue of Gastroenterology Clinics of North America Author Prasad G. Iyer
ISBN-10 9780323388894
Release 2015-06-25
Pages 321
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A thorough update is presented by the Guest Editors on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Barrett’s Esophagus. Not only do they address the most pertinent clinical issues like screening, biomarkers, surveillance, therapeutics, and predictors of disease progression but they present state of the art material on therapeutic/treatment modalities like EMR, ESD, and ablative therapy. Further, articles are presented on epidemiology, molecular pathogensis, and cost-analysis studies so that the reader will come away with a comprehensive update on Barrett’s Esophagus.

Health Informatics Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals Fifth Edition

Health Informatics  Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals  Fifth Edition Author Robert E Hoyt
ISBN-10 9781105437557
Release 2012
Pages 467
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Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) to the field of medicine to improve individual and population healthcare delivery, education and research. This extensively updated fifth edition reflects the current knowledge in Health Informatics and provides learning objectives, key points, case studies and references. Topics include: HI Overview; Healthcare Data, Information, and Knowledge; Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems; Health Information Exchange; Data Standards; Architectures of Information Systems;Health Information Privacy and Security; HI Ethics; Consumer HI; Mobile Technology; Online Medical Resources; Search Engines; Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines; Disease Management and Registries; Quality Improvement Strategies; Patient Safety; Electronic Prescribing; Telemedicine; Picture Archiving and Communication Systems; Bioinformatics; Public HI; E-Research. Available as a printed copy and E-book.

Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support

Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support Author M. Jorge Cardoso
ISBN-10 9783319675589
Release 2017-09-07
Pages 385
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This book constitutes the refereed joint proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis, DLMIA 2017, and the 6th International Workshop on Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support, ML-CDS 2017, held in conjunction with the 20th International Conference on Medical Imaging and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2017, in Québec City, QC, Canada, in September 2017. The 38 full papers presented at DLMIA 2017 and the 5 full papers presented at ML-CDS 2017 were carefully reviewed and selected. The DLMIA papers focus on the design and use of deep learning methods in medical imaging. The ML-CDS papers discuss new techniques of multimodal mining/retrieval and their use in clinical decision support.

The Complete Guide to Project Management for New Managers and Management Assistants

The Complete Guide to Project Management for New Managers and Management Assistants Author Elle Bereaux
ISBN-10 9781601380104
Release 2008
Pages 288
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A sobering new statistic indicates that less than half of all projects assigned to management are completed, done correctly, finished on time, and under budget. Project management is the discipline of organising and managing resources so that projects meet their defined scope, time, and cost constraints. As a manager or assistant manager, you will be responsible for many projects, and you will be evaluated on their planning, co-ordination, and control from inception to completion, including meeting their quality requirements on time and within cost. Projects are critical to the success of any business or organisation. They are the activities that result in new or changed products and services. They increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, improve the work environment, and result in countless other benefits. As a manager or assistant manager, you will be evaluated on the success of your project management skills. In this easy-to-read and comprehensive book, you will learn planning strategies for each phase of project management and for everything from the start-up meeting, to the project's execution and closure, including its scope and information gathering requirements. You will learn how to create a project plan, assess its risk, manage multiple projects, manage organisation-wide initiatives, implement project management concepts, and schedule, control, and manage contracts. The information in this new book will help you make the most of your time by efficiently handling your workflow. Managing time effectively within your company will serve to deliver projects on time and increase profits and will make you stand out to your supervisors. You can succeed in real-world project management. The Internet, software, and technology have dramatically changed the way traditional projects have been managed. Online project management software helps your organisation share, store, and manage key project information through a central, online location accessible to everyone. There is a complete review of this new technology in this book. In addition, we spent thousands of hours interviewing, e-mailing, and communicating with hundreds of today's most successful project management experts. This book contains their secrets and proven successful ideas, including actual case studies. If you are interested in learning hints, strategies, and secrets for implementing highly effective project management skills, then this book is for you.

Electricity Market Reform

Electricity Market Reform Author Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Energy and Climate Change Committee
ISBN-10 0215559525
Release 2011-05-16
Pages 313
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Over one hundred billion pounds of investment is needed by 2020 to replace the UK's aging power stations, cut carbon emissions and maintain energy security. Government proposals for Electricity Market Reform (EMR) are supposed to encourage power companies to deliver clean affordable energy. But the Energy and Climate Change Committee is concerned that the current proposals are over-complex and could fail to attract the £110 billion investment needed in electricity generation alone by 2020. It is calling on the Government to simplify its package of reforms to provide a more certain framework for investors. The starting point for EMR should be a clearly defined objective to reduce the carbon intensity of electricity generation in the UK to 50g of CO2 per kilowatt hour (KWh) by 2030. The wholesale market should be fundamentally reformed to break up the dominance of the Big Six energy companies, in order to allow new entrants to invest in the UK and improve the liquidity of the market. The long term contracts designed to encourage low carbon energy sources - known as Feed-in-Tariffs with Contracts for Difference - will work for nuclear, but different types of contract are needed for renewables and other clean technologies. The Carbon Price Support is a necessary short term solution to weaknesses in the EU Emission Trading System, but will increase costs for consumers and could provide a windfall for nuclear and renewables generators. The MPs also call on the Government to be clear about the effect that reforms will have on energy bills.

Gastric Cancer Research Trends

Gastric Cancer Research Trends Author Marilyn B. Tompkins
ISBN-10 1600217257
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 326
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Stomach cancer (also called gastric cancer) is the growth of cancer cells in the lining and wall of the stomach. Stomach cancer represents roughly 2 percent (25,500) cases of all new cancer cases yearly in the United States, but it is much more common in Japan, Great Britain, South America, and Iceland. It is associated with high salt in the diet, smoking, and low intake of fruits and vegetables.Infection with H. pylori is the main risk factor in about 80 percent or more of gastric cancers. It is more common in men. A very small percentage of diffuse-type gastric cancers are thought to be genetic. Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC) has only recently been identified and research is ongoing, but genetic testing and treatment options are available for families at risk. Metastasis occurs in 80-90 percent of individuals with stomach cancer, with a five year survival rate of 75 percent in those diagnosed in early stages and less than 30 percent of those diagnosed in late stages. This book presents new and important research from around the world.

Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery

Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery Author Mark K Ferguson
ISBN-10 1849964920
Release 2011-01-05
Pages 504
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The second edition of Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery: An Evidence- Based Approach addresses the growing complexity of decision making in thoracic surgery. More than half of the clinical questions posed in this book are new, and of the questions that remain as holdovers from the previous edition, virtually all have been revised and updated. As new technology is introduced, physicians from nonsurgical specialties offer alternative and competing therapies for what was once the exclusive province of the thoracic surgeon. In addition, there is increasing knowledge regarding the efficacy of traditional thoracic surgical therapies. How to select among these varied and complex approaches is becoming increasingly difficult. Concise chapters are devoted to one or two specific questions, or decisions, in general thoracic surgery that are difficult or controversial. The authors identify relevant publications in their selected topics, grade the quality of the evidence offered by those reports, apply that knowledge to objective management recommendations in an idealized world, and then comment on how they personally use the information in their own clinical practices. The book is a valuable reference source for practicing surgeons, surgeons in training, and educators.