Father Unknown

Father Unknown Author Lesley Pearse
ISBN-10 9780141924601
Release 2006-07-06
Pages 416
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Father Unknown is the latest from bestselling author Lesley Pearse. Losing her adopted mother threatens all she's ever had . . . Daisy was adopted. But when her mother dies, she finds her secure existence thrown into turmoil by the discovery of a scrapbook. Inside it is information about her real mother. However, when Daisy drops everything to go in search of her roots, she uncovers a harrowing story of greed, misery and corruption. She also risks hurting her adored Dad, the only true family she has left. Can she cope with the truth about her real parents? And more importantly, who is the real Daisy? Lesley Pearse, author of the UK and international best-sellers Hope and Charlie, tells a moving story of family, adoption and identity in her compelling novel Father Unknown. Susan Lewis fans will swiftly become Lesley Pearse fans too. Praise for Lesley Pearse: 'With characters it is impossible not to care about ... this is storytelling at its very best' Daily Mail 'Lose yourself in this epic saga' Bella 'An emotional and moving epic you won't forget in a hurry' Woman's Weekly

Father Unknown

Father  Unknown Author Tara Taylor Quinn
ISBN-10 9781459263727
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 304
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9 MONTHS LATER Her name is Anna. And she's pregnant. That's all she knows, all the doctors can tell her. Anna was in an accident, and when she regains consciousness, she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. She has no idea who the father of her baby might be. Jason Whitaker sees the broadcast appeal and comes forward to identify her. This is Anna Hayden. The woman he still loves. The woman who rejected him three months ago. The woman who can't remember him—and is now pregnant. Two months pregnant. "Tara Taylor Quinn writes with wonderful assurance… Her handling of male viewpoint is exceptional; she manages to make her heroes both intriguing and human, which isn't always easy. She seems to genuinely like and understand men, an attitude as refreshing as it is unusual." —Jennifer Blake, author of Kane

Father Unknown

Father Unknown Author Fay Sampson
ISBN-10 9781780101545
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 208
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A Suzie Fewings genealogical mystery - Suzie Fewings is working on her family tree when she meets American Prudence Clayson. Prudence has come to England to find her Puritan ancestors, but is shocked to discover that one of her ancestors was born to an unmarried mother. Suzie helps Prudence come to terms with this and assists her with her research, but she soon has problems in the present day - when she starts to suspect that Millie, her teenage daughter, might be pregnant. The truth, however, may be darker than she fears . . .


Father Author Andrea Edwards
ISBN-10 0373097700
Release 1992-09-01
Pages 252
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Father has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Father also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Father book for free.

Father Unknown

Father  Unknown Author Tara Taylor Quinn
ISBN-10 0373707843
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 296
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Father Unknown has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Father Unknown also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Father Unknown book for free.

Annual Report on the Registration of Births and Deaths Marriages and Divorces in Michigan

Annual Report     on the Registration of Births and Deaths  Marriages and Divorces in Michigan    Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015007308409
Release 1868
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Annual Report on the Registration of Births and Deaths Marriages and Divorces in Michigan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Annual Report on the Registration of Births and Deaths Marriages and Divorces in Michigan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Annual Report on the Registration of Births and Deaths Marriages and Divorces in Michigan book for free.

Three Unknown Documents Concerning the Pilgrim Fathers in Holland

Three Unknown Documents Concerning the Pilgrim Fathers in Holland Author A. Eekhof
ISBN-10 9789401195812
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 41
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Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia

Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia Author Brian Starr
ISBN-10 9781312220249
Release 2014-05-24
Pages 166
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Daily Devotional for Saints found in someone's ancestry or if no saint celebrated that day then Christian trivia is offered for the devotion.

The Autobiography of an Unknown South African

The Autobiography of an Unknown South African Author Naboth Mokgatle
ISBN-10 0520029038
Release 1971-01-01
Pages 349
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The Autobiography of an Unknown South African has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Autobiography of an Unknown South African also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Autobiography of an Unknown South African book for free.

Odyssey of an Unknown Father

Odyssey of an Unknown Father Author David Archuletta
ISBN-10 1604941618
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 239
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"Plenty of books guide prospective parents in how to adopt, but Odyssey of an Unknown Father will teach you how NOT to adopt. David Archuletta recounts his personal struggle to make contact with his biological son, who was adopted by another family without his knowledge or consent. He battles with unscrupulous adoption agencies and unconcerned state agencies in this telling volume. This book will teach you what to look for to spot fraud or unethical maneuvers in the adoption process, and to avoid this terrible scenario when you welcome a child into your home"--p. 4 of cover.


ISBN-10 9781496925640
Release 2014-08-28
Pages 494
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Marcus Harper is a FBI agent who is assinged a case that gives him a glimps into a world most know nothing about. The case almost kills him. Due to his actions during the case he is reassigned to the Unknown Division. There he is partnered with a sarcastic agent named Jack Priest. Marcus learns in this division they deal with vampires,werewolves,jinn,shapshifters,angels and demons. He also learns of an old race known as the nephilim. They are half man half angel, and they have a mission. Its on Marcus Harper, Jack Priest, and the Unknown Division to stop the nephilim.

Journey to Unknown

Journey to Unknown Author A. Ziba
ISBN-10 9781615465873
Release 2009-09
Pages 290
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A. Ziba was born in January 1975 in the big city of Tehran, capital of Iran. His charismatic attitude and appetite to find a better description for freedom encouraged his dramatic life change and an amazing migration from his birthplace to another part of the world in Canada at a very young age. During this lonely life journey, he fled illegally cross the Iranian border to Turkey, then waves of life directed him toward other countries. Always focusing on his real target to find freedom and independency, he never gave up on his attempt despite the many rare challenges that appeared in his way. His exigent ordeal and the entire devastating encounter in that young age is unique to any lifestyle, which required an extraordinarily strong will, patience and complete self-control over fearlessness of change. His attempt and determination to find his right to freedom and independency walked him through many valued lessons of life, manifesting the heartfelt reflection from the mirror of existence, and most of all taught him how to reconcile infinite power of choice within by following the heart's desire.

Unknown Man

Unknown Man Author Judy Risley
ISBN-10 9780595295296
Release 2003-12-01
Pages 412
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He never imagined his adoptive Indian Chief father would return him to the world of the White Man after raising him from infancy, but that's just the terrifying test imposed upon White Man's Cub by his father and the 1870s society he finds himself thrown into. Can he survive the wilds of the Snake River Valley alone, naked, starving and desperate? Uncovering the worst and best of himself and mankind as he discovers the world outside the cocoon woven about him by the Nez Perce Indian Tribe, Cub resorts to that which he has despised in others. A hunter, rich with recent kill, proves easy prey. Angered by the attack, the hunter eventually captures Cub and lures him with a tale of Cub's White family into accompanying him to Portland. Even if the hunter is lying, it's the only thread of hope Cub finds to cling to after his near death at the hands of a former blood brother. As the pieces of Cub's ancestry are forced together by dogged persistence, Cub is startled to find a world in which he could survive if the fingers of the Indian Nation don't reach out and consume him once more.

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology Author Henry E. Adams
ISBN-10 9780306473777
Release 2007-05-08
Pages 970
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The purpose of this handbook, originally published in 1984, was to provide a compreh- sive review of current clinical descriptions, research , and theories of psychopathology. Descriptive psychopathology is a ?eld that forms the foundation of clinical practice and research in clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric social work, psychiatric nursing, and allied professions in mental health. Since the 1st edition, the editors have devised and updated a handbook to cover both general and speci?c topics in psychopathology that would be useful to researchers, practitioners, and graduate or other advanced students in the mental health and behavioral medicine professions. To implement this plan, we have very carefully chosen colleagues whom we respect for their expertise in particular ?elds. These authors include both clinicians and researchers who have outstanding national reputations, as well as more junior behavioral scientists and clinicians who, in our opinion, will achieve similar recognition in the future. The excellent chapters in this book lead us to believe that we have chosen wisely. We would like to express our appreciation to these authors for their outstanding contributions and cooperation.

Naming the Father

Naming the Father Author Eva Paulino Bueno
ISBN-10 0739100920
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 337
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Naming the Father is a collection of essays on the subject of fatherhood: its enduring power, its secret ruses, its unsettling provocations. Despite the considerable critical attention devoted to motherhood in literature-and despite the late-twentieth-century focus on patriarchy-there is surprisingly no comparable collection on fatherhood. This volume was born of the conclusion that critics of modern and contemporary literature may comprehend the father too little for presuming to have comprehended patriarchy so much. Naming the Father begins with a series of nonfiction essays that attempts to locate the missing father in the individual experiences of three scholars at various stages of their careers. The following thematically grouped sections recover and discuss fatherhood in fields ranging from Caribbean fiction to African American drama and in the work of authors as diverse as Rebecca West, Anzia Yezierska, William Burroughs, and Stephen Wright, as well as Henry James and James Joyce. A variety of critical approaches, from biographical to deconstructive, activate and engage with the cultural, national, and global implications of fatherhood for the family and for the future of literary studies. Scholars and students of contemporary literature, cultural studies, and gender studies will find this book a fascinating and invaluable collection.

Thee Unknown Apostle

Thee Unknown Apostle Author Larry Vondrell
ISBN-10 9781490809236
Release 2013-09-27
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How the Jewish high priests could not have arrested Jesus, let alone bring him to trial. Who may have likely written the first gospel, with firsthand experiences. Who really washed their hands of Jesus’ fate? How could Judas betray Jesus when he had no idea where Jesus would be that night?

The Unknown Night

The Unknown Night Author Glyn Vincent
ISBN-10 1555847706
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 384
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On February 22, 1916, Ralph Albert Blakelock's haunting landscape, Brook by Moonlight, was sold at auction for $20,000, a record price for a painting by a living American artist. The sale made him famous, newspapers called him America's greatest artist, and thousands flocked to exhibits of his work. Yet at the time of his triumph Blakelock had spent 15 years confined in a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York and his wife and children were living in poverty. Released from the asylum by a young philanthropist, Blakelock was about to become the victim of one of the most heartless con games of the century. This remarkable biography chronicles the life, times and madness of one of America’s most celebrated and exploited painters whose brooding, hallucinogenic landscapes anticipated Abstract Expressionism by more than half a century. Like the best biographies, The Unknown Night brings to life a vanished world, as well. In this case, it’s late 19th and early 20th century New York—a city of artists’ studios and spiritualists’ salons, shantytowns and millionaires’ mansions. Blakelock was a mystic who as a young man wandered among the Indians out West, and on his return frequented the spiritualist circles in New York City. Though he was regarded as a loner, he worked among the great painters of his time, artists like William Merritt Chase and George Inness. Blakelock initially painted in the Romantic style of the Hudson River School, but by the 1880s, his brooding, hallucinogenic landscapes were considered among the most controversial, radical paintings of the era. In the 1890s he fell on hard times and sometimes played the piano on the vaudeville circuit to earn extra cash. He suffered his first mental break down in 1891. After a period of remission he became violent and was institutionalized in 1899 just as his reputation was beginning to soar. Interest in his work peaked in 1916 when a wave of Blakelock hysteria swept America. Crowds lined up to see Blakelock exhibitions in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Wealthy collectors bid record prices for his haunting paintings. Blakelock was released from the asylum and seemed destined for a glorious and comfortable end. Instead, fed upon by opportunistic dealers and forgers, Blakelock became entangled in a web of deceit spun by the very woman who was supposed to be his savior. Vincent begins his story in the spring of 1916 when Blakelock's canvas, The Brook by Moonlight, was auctioned at the Plaza Hotel in New York for $20,000 - a record price at that time for the work of a living American painter. It was Blakelock's second record in three years. Newspaper reporters converged on the painter and art pundits tripped over each other in doling out praise for his mysterious nocturnal landscapes. "Few American artists deserve a higher niche in the Temple of Fame," drooled the pioneering art dealer, William Macbeth. Some were calling Blakelock the greatest American landscape painter ever. At the time, Blakelock was penniless, a resident of an asylum in Middletown, New York. His wife, Cora Bailey Blakelock was living in poverty with their youngest children in a small house in the Catskills. Blakelock may well have remained locked away if it had not been for the efforts of Mrs. Van Rensselaer Adams, a 32-year-old vamp with a shady past. Adams passed herself off as a philanthropist, "rescued" Blakelock from the asylum, and brought him to New York City to generate public sympathy for the artist and his family. She had arranged a large show of his paintings at the Reinhardt Gallery on Fifth Avenue. It was a huge success attracting all the major critics and large crowds throughout its run over seven months. A committee of venerable art personages was formed to collect the proceeds from Blakelock’s work to be passed on to his wife and children. Blakelock, all dressed up for the Gallery opening, cut a dashing figure. His wife, though, was nowhere to be seen. Adams had, as she would do again at crucial junctures, cut her out. The resulting newspaper feeding frenzy - an early instance of celebrity journalism and scandal mongering -- climaxed several months later with banner headlines about a hazy plot to assassinate the painter. In order to better accommodate Romantic accounts, Blakelock's early career has long been misconstrued as a fruitless endeavor. His experimental work, many claimed, met only with scorn, derision and neglect. How Blakelock came to be considered one of the top three painters in the country by 1900 was never explained. In fact, the author discovered that Blakelock had attracted favorable attention in the press as early as 1879. While it was true that Blakelock and Albert Pinkham Ryder, with whom he was constantly associated, were subjected to ridicule by some critics, the controversy that surrounded them, also enshrined them. Many progressive critics championed Blakelock and Ryder's expressive, quasi-abstract landscapes, which were redefininnnnnng the boundaries of American art. By 1886, Blakelock's moonlight paintings were attracting rave reviews. Blakelock was an eccentric, often subject to violent mood swings and later extended bouts of paranoia. He was eventually diagnosed with dementia praecox - now called schizophrenia. The line between manic depression, bipolar disorders and various subtypes of schizophrenia, however, is blurry and lately has become the subject of debate. Most likely, Blakelock was suffering from what is called late-onset schizophrenia. He was 43 when he had his first psychotic episode, slashing his paintings, burning large amounts of money and threatening his family. He soon recovered and went back to his studio painting many of his most significant and mysterious paintings. Recently found letters indicate that he was lucid until the death of his father in 1897. Thereafter, his mental state disintegrated. The family was desperately poor. Blakelock, his long hair beaded like an Indian, a dagger in his waistband, took to the streets to sell his paintings. He became increasingly deluded, believing his paintings were worth millions and that he was related to royalty. It was two years later that Blakelock was once again sent away, this time remaining in an asylum until 1916. Blakelock has been described as a Romantic, a visionary, an outsider and an eccentric Hudson River School artist. His work, which contains both classic and modern elements, defies definition. Yet he is universally acknowledged to be one of the most original, innovative American artists of the nineteenth century - way ahead of his time. Reviewing a Blakelock exhibition in 1942, the influential critic Edward Alden Jewell called Blakelock "one of the greatest artists America has produced." Five years later, on the occasion of Blakelock's retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Robert Coates, critic for the New Yorker, described Blakelock as one of the "strongest individualists" in American art putting him on a level with Homer, Eakins and Ryder. This was at a time when Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline were looking to Blakelock and Ryder for inspiration. Today Blakelock's paintings continue to hang in virtually every major American museum. In May of 2000, Blakelock's early masterpiece, Indian Encampment on The Snake River eclipsed every other American painter in a Sotheby's auction, fetching $3.5 million. Blakelock, it appears, refuses to be forgotten.