Firegirl Author Tony Abbott
ISBN-10 9780316050197
Release 2008-11-15
Pages 160
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This poignant novel about a boy's friendship with a burn victim is perfect for fans of R. J. Palacio's Wonder From the moment Jessica arrives, life is never quite the same for Tom and his seventh-grade classmates. They learn that Jessica has been in a fire and was badly burned, and will be attending St. Catherine's will receiving medical treatments. Despite her appearance and the fear she evokes in him and most of the class, Tom slowly develops a tentative friendship with Jessica that changes his life.

Fire Girl Gef hrliche Suche

Fire Girl   Gef  hrliche Suche Author Matt Ralphs
ISBN-10 9783845818054
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 320
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Hazel Hooper hat die ersten zwölf Jahre ihres Lebens auf einer Waldlichtung verbracht, die von ihrer Mutter Hecate durch einen Zauberbannkreis von der Außenwelt abgeriegelt wurde. Hazel sehnt sich danach, die Welt draußen kennenzulernen. Aber am allermeisten wünscht sie sich, endlich selbst magische Fähigkeiten zu entwickeln. Als ihre Mutter von einem gefährlichen Dämon entführt wird, erwachen Hazels Zauberkräfte - dennoch gelingt es ihr nicht, ihre Mutter zu retten. Nun ist sie ganz auf sich allein gestellt – vielleicht nicht ganz allein, denn Hazel hat irrtümlich eine kleine Haselmaus verzaubert, die ihr nun als verlässlich missgelaunter Gefährte zur Seite steht. Gemeinsam machen sich das Mädchen und die Maus auf, um den Dämon zu verfolgen und Hecate zu befreien. Doch schnell muss Hazel feststellen, dass das Leben außerhalb der Lichtung weitaus gefährlicher ist, als sie angenommen hatte. Gnadenlose Hexenjäger bevölkern die Landstriche – und die wenigen verbliebenen Hexen schrecken nicht davor zurück, sich die Macht der gefährlichen Dämonen zunutze zu machen, um sich zu verteidigen. Als Hazel den jungen David trifft, den Gehilfen des genialen - doch unglücklicherweise meist betrunkenen - Dämonenjägers Titus schöpft sie Hoffnung; doch sie ahnt noch nicht, dass der Junge und sein Meister auch berühmt dafür sind, Hexen aufzuspüren ...

Fire Girl

Fire Girl Author Matt Ralphs
ISBN-10 9781447283621
Release 2015-08-13
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Twelve-year-old Hazel Hooper has spent her whole life trapped in a magical Glade created by her mother, Hecate. She's desperate to meet new people and find out about the world. And, more than anything, she wants to be a witch. But when her mother is kidnapped by a demon - everything changes . . . Suddenly Hazel is alone in the world. Well . . . not quite alone. For it turns out that Hazel does have magic - she's just not very good at controlling it. And she may have accidentally created a grumpy familiar in the form of a dormouse called Bramley. Determined to rescue her mother, the young witch and her mouse set out to track down the demon and find Hecate. However, it turns out that life outside the Glade is far more dangerous than Hazel ever could have imagined. Witch Hunters are everywhere - and the witches are using demons to fight back! Luckily for Hazel she manages to enlist the help of a handsome boy called David and his drunken master, Titus White, who are expert demon hunters. And witch finders . . . Fire Girl is a fantastic new magical adventure from Matt Ralphs - perfect for young readers with a taste for the extraordinary!

Fire Witch

Fire Witch Author Matt Ralphs
ISBN-10 9781447283614
Release 2016-08-25
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Hazel Hooper is no ordinary girl. She is a Fire Witch, and she is furious. Ever since her mother, Hecate, sacrificed herself to the demon world in order to stop a demonic invasion, Hazel has been determined to get her back, regardless of the cost. Hazel's only chance to find Hecate is to seek advice from Nicolas Murrell, the Order of Witch Hunters most-prized prisoner, and the very same man responsible for Hecate's loss. With only Bramley, her grumpy dormouse familiar for company, Hazel must disguise herself as a boy and infiltrate the black heart of the Order of Witch Hunters to gain an audience with Murrell. But can he be trusted? Or will Murrell reveal to his captors that their newest apprentice is actually . . . a witch? Fire Witch is the fantastic sequel to Fire Girl by Matt Ralphs - perfect for young readers with a taste for the extraordinary!

Fire Girl

Fire Girl Author Sayantani Dasgupta
ISBN-10 0692721258
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 260
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In Fire Girl, her debut collection of essays, Sayantani Dasgupta examines her personal story against the history, religion, popular culture and mythology of South Asia and her current home in the American West. Praise for Fire Girl These are exquisite essays, filled with savory language spiced just right. Sayantani Dasgupta's generous intelligence and lively curiosity bring alive whole worlds-those of ancient stories and those of daily living, artfully considered. Cultures, languages, religions, landscapes, legacies-this is a writer who contains multitudes. -Peggy Shumaker, Author of Just Breathe Normally Sayantani Dasgupta writes with such keen intelligence and vivid clarity that we can't help be taken in. Lyrical, compassionate, and compelling, these beautiful essays transport us to another world. In Dasgupta's able hands, it is a world we come to recognize as our own. -Kim Barnes, Author of In the Kingdom of Men Sayantani Dasgupta brings together past and present as she considers childhood, violence, safety, family, monsters, goddesses, and the concept of home. These beautiful essays move between India and America, between selves and versions of selves, as Sayantani considers what is real and what is story or indeed, how the two are ever different. The range of landscapes and subjects is as breathtaking as the writing, showing us a powerful mind at work.-Bich Minh Nguyen, Author of Stealing Buddha's Dinner The oscillations in the essays are sometimes gentle vibrations, other times beating drums, encompassing the tension between the home and the world, the past and the present, the brain and the heart. The stories constantly go away and come back and we undulate with them, rippling between delight, sorrow, rage, wonder. -Aurvi Sharma, Winner of the 2015 Gulf Coast Prize in Nonfiction:

Longarm 391

Longarm  391 Author Tabor Evans
ISBN-10 9781101515242
Release 2011-05-31
Pages 192
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Longarm teams up with a marshal’s daughter to avenge her father… Grief-stricken Arlis Pine blames Longarm for the death of her father. Marshal Alvin Pine ended up in a pine box after the Sager gang strung him up for arresting their leader Del Sager—and Longarm wasn’t around to stop them. Following his jailbreak, Del Sager is raising hell with his boys somewhere up in the Bear Lodge Mountains. Longarm is determined to make amends to the beautiful bereaved brunette and finish the job this time. But Arlis isn’t about to let him track down her father’s killers alone. Together the two are in for a hell of a ride…

Pemrose Lorry Camp Fire Girl

Pemrose Lorry  Camp Fire Girl Author Isabel Hornibrook
ISBN-10 1500545627
Release 2014-07-19
Pages 92
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“And will the Thunder Bird really lay its egg upon the moon? Such a hard egg, too! Will it–really–drop a pound weight of steel upon the head of the Man in the Moon?... Oh! de-ar Mammy Moon–what a shock she'll get.”The girl, the fifteen-year-old Camp Fire Girl–all but sixteen now–to whom Mammy Moon had been the fairy foster-mother of her childhood, ever since she lay, wakeful, in her little cot, looking up at that silvery face of a burnt-out satellite, picturing it the gate of Heaven and her mother's spirit as bathed in the soft, lunar radiance behind it, caught her breath with a wild little gasp whose triumph was a sob upon the still laboratory air.

Blue Fire Girl

Blue Fire Girl Author Tessa Powlin
ISBN-10 1494949830
Release 2014-01-08
Pages 32
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Amara certainly doesn't feel special, just different. Some kids in school want to make sure she feels differently from them and they don't stop with just names. How can Amara, the blue fire girl, cope with the bullying from her classmates and still shine brightly? Blue fire girl is an accurate portrayal of bullying; the names, the teasing, the rock throwing. Written with genuine emotion and an authentic viewpoint by pre-teen Tessa Powlin.

Forged in Fire Girl on Fire

Forged in Fire   Girl on Fire Author Ph. D. Elaine Brady
ISBN-10 161170166X
Release 2015-02-19
Pages 244
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Sammie--a kickass kid fights for freedom.

Cooking is Fun for the Camp Fire Girl

Cooking is Fun for the Camp Fire Girl Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435050510908
Release 1953
Pages 54
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Cooking is Fun for the Camp Fire Girl has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cooking is Fun for the Camp Fire Girl also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cooking is Fun for the Camp Fire Girl book for free.

Lizzie and the Prairie Fire

Lizzie and the Prairie Fire Author Gail Wood
ISBN-10 157249381X
Release 2005-12-30
Pages 115
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In 1892, Lizzie Lipinski comes to appreciate her quiet life in a midwestern sod house when the excitement she has yearned for appears as a wall of raging flames sweeping the prairie.


Firegirl Author Gibson Rich
ISBN-10 0912670061
Release 1972-01-01
Pages 48
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An eight-year-old girl proves to her family, firemen, and herself that girls can be firemen, too.


Firegirl Author Kathryn M. Peterson
ISBN-10 OCLC:36037679
Release 1996
Pages 178
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Firegirl has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Firegirl also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Firegirl book for free.

From a Boy to a Man

From a Boy to a Man Author Kelvin Curry Aka Big Daddy
ISBN-10 9781450000918
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 55
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From a Boy to a Man has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From a Boy to a Man also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From a Boy to a Man book for free.

Fire Witch Dunkle Bedrohung

Fire Witch   Dunkle Bedrohung Author Matt Ralphs
ISBN-10 9783845821917
Release 2017-04-20
Pages 320
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Die Feuerhexe Hazel Hooper steht vor einer großen Herausforderung. Ihre Mutter Hecate opferte sich dem Dämon Baal, um eine Invasion böser Mächte zu verhindern, und nun ist Hazel fest entschlossen, ihre Mutter in die ihrige Welt zurückzuholen. Koste es, was es wolle! Doch nur der unberechenbare Nicolas Murrell, der schuld an Hecates Schicksal ist, kann ihr dabei helfen. Er wurde von den blutdurstigen Hexenjägern in das sicherste Gefängnis Londons gesperrt, das sich auf Cromwell Island befindet. Als Junge verkleidet, schleicht sich Hazel unbemerkt in die Reihen der Hexenjäger ein, um Murell persönlich zu befragen. Aber kann sie ihm trauen? Oder werden die Hexenjäger auch ohne seine Hilfe ihre wahre Identität herausfinden? Hazel spielt ein brandgefährliches Spiel. Wird sie Hecate von ihrem Schicksal erlösen können?

Raising Consumers

Raising Consumers Author Lisa Jacobson
ISBN-10 9780231509244
Release 2005-01-05
Pages 320
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-- Miriam Forman-Brunell, University of Missouri-Kansas City

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Author Aimee Bender
ISBN-10 9781448136032
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 192
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In The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Aimee Bender has created a world where nothing is quite as it seems. From a man suffering from reverse evolution to a lonely wife who waits for her husband to return from war; to a small town where one girl has a hand made of fire and another has one made of ice. These stories of men and women whose lives are shaped and sometimes twisted by the power of extraordinary desires take us to a place far beyond the imagination.