Geometry I

Geometry I Author Marcel Berger
ISBN-10 3540116583
Release 1987
Pages 432
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The first part of a two-volume text providing a readable and lively presentation of large parts of geometry in the classical sense, this book appeals systematically to the reader's intuition and vision, and illustrates the mathematical text with many figures.


Geometry Author Michele Audin
ISBN-10 3540434984
Release 2003
Pages 357
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Geometry, an ancient field of mathematical study, remains unfamiliar to many students. Michèle Audin's book remedies this, starting from linear algebra, explores affine, Euclidean and projective geometry, conic sections and quadrics, curves and surfaces. It includes many nice theorems like the nine-point circle, Feuerbach's theorem, and more, proving each property and including illustrative examples and exercises. Precise hints for exercises are provided at the end of the book.

Geometry A Comprehensive Course

Geometry  A Comprehensive Course Author Dan Pedoe
ISBN-10 9780486131733
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 464
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Introduction to vector algebra in the plane; circles and coaxial systems; mappings of the Euclidean plane; similitudes, isometries, Moebius transformations, much more. Includes over 500 exercises.

Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology Volume 1

Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology  Volume 1 Author William P. Thurston
ISBN-10 9781400865321
Release 2014-10-31
Pages 328
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This book develops some of the extraordinary richness, beauty, and power of geometry in two and three dimensions, and the strong connection of geometry with topology. Hyperbolic geometry is the star. A strong effort has been made to convey not just denatured formal reasoning (definitions, theorems, and proofs), but a living feeling for the subject. There are many figures, examples, and exercises of varying difficulty. This book was the origin of a grand scheme developed by Thurston that is now coming to fruition. In the 1920s and 1930s the mathematics of two-dimensional spaces was formalized. It was Thurston's goal to do the same for three-dimensional spaces. To do this, he had to establish the strong connection of geometry to topology--the study of qualitative questions about geometrical structures. The author created a new set of concepts, and the expression "Thurston-type geometry" has become a commonplace. Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology had its origins in the form of notes for a graduate course the author taught at Princeton University between 1978 and 1980. Thurston shared his notes, duplicating and sending them to whoever requested them. Eventually, the mailing list grew to more than one thousand names. The book is the culmination of two decades of research and has become the most important and influential text in the field. Its content also provided the methods needed to solve one of mathematics' oldest unsolved problems--the Poincaré Conjecture. In 2005 Thurston won the first AMS Book Prize, for Three-dimensional Geometry and Topology. The prize recognizes an outstanding research book that makes a seminal contribution to the research literature. Thurston received the Fields Medal, the mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize, in 1982 for the depth and originality of his contributions to mathematics. In 1979 he was awarded the Alan T. Waterman Award, which recognizes an outstanding young researcher in any field of science or engineering supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Four Pillars of Geometry

The Four Pillars of Geometry Author John Stillwell
ISBN-10 9780387255309
Release 2005-08-09
Pages 228
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This book is unique in that it looks at geometry from 4 different viewpoints - Euclid-style axioms, linear algebra, projective geometry, and groups and their invariants Approach makes the subject accessible to readers of all mathematical tastes, from the visual to the algebraic Abundantly supplemented with figures and exercises

Elements of Geometry

Elements of Geometry Author Thomas Simpson
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063897451
Release 1760
Pages 276
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Elements of Geometry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Elements of Geometry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Elements of Geometry book for free.

Let s Review

Let s Review Author Lawrence S. Leff
ISBN-10 0764140698
Release 2008
Pages 431
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(back cover) An ideal companion to high school geometry textbooks, this volume covers all topics prescribed by the New York State Board of Regents for the new Geometry exam. For Students: Easy-to-read topic summaries Step-by-step demonstration examples Review of all required Geometry topics Hundreds of exercises with answers for practice and review Glossary of Geometry terms In-depth Regents exam preparation, including problems similar to those you'll find on the actual Regents exam For Teachers: A valuable lesson-planning aid A helpful source of practice and test questions

Euclidean Geometry in Mathematical Olympiads

Euclidean Geometry in Mathematical Olympiads Author Evan Chen
ISBN-10 9780883858394
Release 2016-05-02
Pages 311
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This is a challenging problem-solving book in Euclidean geometry, assuming nothing of the reader other than a good deal of courage. Topics covered included cyclic quadrilaterals, power of a point, homothety, triangle centers; along the way the reader will meet such classical gems as the nine-point circle, the Simson line, the symmedian and the mixtilinear incircle, as well as the theorems of Euler, Ceva, Menelaus, and Pascal. Another part is dedicated to the use of complex numbers and barycentric coordinates, granting the reader both a traditional and computational viewpoint of the material. The final part consists of some more advanced topics, such as inversion in the plane, the cross ratio and projective transformations, and the theory of the complete quadrilateral. The exposition is friendly and relaxed, and accompanied by over 300 beautifully drawn figures. The emphasis of this book is placed squarely on the problems. Each chapter contains carefully chosen worked examples, which explain not only the solutions to the problems but also describe in close detail how one would invent the solution to begin with. The text contains as selection of 300 practice problems of varying difficulty from contests around the world, with extensive hints and selected solutions. This book is especially suitable for students preparing for national or international mathematical olympiads, or for teachers looking for a text for an honor class.

Sheaves in Geometry and Logic

Sheaves in Geometry and Logic Author Saunders MacLane
ISBN-10 0387977104
Release 1992
Pages 627
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An introduction to the theory of toposes which begins with illustrative examples and goes on to explain the underlying ideas of topology and sheaf theory as well as the general theory of elementary toposes and geometric morphisms and their relation to logic.

Elementary Geometry

Elementary Geometry Author John Roe
ISBN-10 0198534566
Release 1993
Pages 307
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This text is a careful introduction to geometry. While developing geometry for its own sake, the book also emphasizes the links between geometry and other branches of pure and applied mathematics.

Barron s E Z Geometry

Barron s E Z Geometry Author Lawrence S. Leff
ISBN-10 0764139185
Release 2009
Pages 497
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Explains the principles of plane geometry and includes practice exercises and model problems.

Non Euclidean Geometry

Non Euclidean Geometry Author H. S. M. Coxeter
ISBN-10 0883855224
Release 1998-09-17
Pages 336
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A reissue of Professor Coxeter's classic text on non-Euclidean geometry. It surveys real projective geometry, and elliptic geometry. After this the Euclidean and hyperbolic geometries are built up axiomatically as special cases. This is essential reading for anybody with an interest in geometry.

Euclidean Geometry

Euclidean Geometry Author Mark Solomonovich
ISBN-10 9781440153488
Release 2010
Pages 408
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This textbook is a self-contained presentation of Euclidean Geometry, a subject that has been a core part of school curriculum for centuries. The discussion is rigorous, axiom-based, written in a traditional manner, true to the Euclidean spirit. Transformations in the Euclidean plane are included as part of the axiomatics and as a tool for solving construction problems. The textbook can be used for teaching a high school or an introductory level college course. It can be especially recommended for schools with enriched mathematical programs and for homeschoolers looking for a rigorous traditional discussion of geometry. The text is supplied with over 1200 questions and problems, ranging from simple to challenging. The solutions sections of the book contain about 200 answers and hints to solutions and over 100 detailed solutions involving proofs and constructions. More solutions and some supplements for teachers are available in the Instructor?s Manual, which is issued as a separate book. From the Reviews... ?In terms of presentation, this text is more rigorous than any existing high school textbook that I know of. It is based on a system of axioms that describe incidence, postulate a notion of congruence of line segments, and assume the existence of enough rigid motions ("free mobility")? My gut reaction to the book is, wouldn't it be wonderful if American high school students could be exposed to this serious mathematical treatment of elementary geometry, instead of all the junk that is presented to them in existing textbooks. This book makes no concession to the TV-generation of students who want (or is it the publishers who want it for them?) pretty pictures, side bars, puzzles, games, historical references, cartoons, and all those colored images that clutter the pages of a typical modern textbook, while the mathematical content is diluted more and more with each successive edition.? Professor Robin Hartshorne, University of California at Berkeley. ?The textbook ?Euclidean Geometry? by Mark Solomonovich fills a big gap in the plethora of mathematical textbooks ? it provides an exposition of classical geometry with emphasis on logic and rigorous proofs? I would be delighted to see this textbook used in Canadian schools in the framework of an improved geometry curriculum. Until this day comes, I highly recommend ?Euclidean Geometry? by Mark Solomonovich to be used in Mathematics Enrichment Programs across Canada and the USA.? Professor Yuly Billig, Carlton University.

Euclidean Geometry and Transformations

Euclidean Geometry and Transformations Author Clayton W. Dodge
ISBN-10 9780486138428
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 304
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This introduction to Euclidean geometry emphasizes transformations, particularly isometries and similarities. Suitable for undergraduate courses, it includes numerous examples, many with detailed answers. 1972 edition.

Riders in Geometry

Riders in Geometry Author
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Riders in Geometry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Riders in Geometry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Riders in Geometry book for free.


Geometry Author Harold R. Jacobs
ISBN-10 0716743612
Release 2003-03-14
Pages 780
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Harold Jacobs's Geometry created a revolution in the approach to teaching this subject, one that gave rise to many ideas now seen in the NCTM Standards. Since its publication nearly one million students have used this legendary text. Suitable for either classroom use or self-paced study, it uses innovative discussions, cartoons, anecdotes, examples, and exercises that unfailingly capture and hold student interest. This edition is the Jacobs for a new generation. It has all the features that have kept the text in class by itself for nearly 3 decades, all in a thoroughly revised, full-color presentation that shows today's students how fun geometry can be. The text remains proof-based although the presentation is in the less formal paragraph format. The approach focuses on guided discovery to help students develop geometric intuition.

Euclidean and Non Euclidean Geometry

Euclidean and Non Euclidean Geometry Author Patrick J. Ryan
ISBN-10 0521276357
Release 1986-06-27
Pages 215
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This book gives a rigorous treatment of the fundamentals of plane geometry: Euclidean, spherical, elliptical and hyperbolic. The primary purpose is to acquaint the reader with the classical results of plane Euclidean and nonEuclidean geometry, congruence theorems, concurrence theorems, classification of isometries, angle addition and trigonometrical formulae. However, the book not only provides students with facts about and an understanding of the structure of the classical geometries, but also with an arsenal of computational techniques for geometrical investigations. The aim is to link classical and modern geometry to prepare students for further study and research in group theory, Lie groups, differential geometry, topology, and mathematical physics. The book is intended primarily for undergraduate mathematics students who have acquired the ability to formulate mathematical propositions precisely and to construct and understand mathematical arguments. Some familiarity with linear algebra and basic mathematical functions is assumed, though all the necessary background material is included in the appendices.