Glasgow Central Station Through Time

Glasgow Central Station Through Time Author Michael Meighan
ISBN-10 9781445623467
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 96
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Originally opened in August 1879, Central Station became a Glasgow landmark and one of Scotland's great buildings following a rebuild between 1901 and 1905 supervised by Caledonian Railway chief engineer Donald Matheson.

Glasgow Route Through Time

Glasgow Route Through Time Author Chris Hogg
ISBN-10 9781445621142
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 96
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The Glasgow, Cowal & Bute Route follows the development of the railways on the southern shores of the River Clyde, describing their influence on life in the towns and resorts of the river and Firth. The book also examines shipping, steamboats, ferries and tramways during a journey westwards from Glasgow via Paisley, Bishopton, Langbank, Port Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock and Inverkip to Wemyss Bay, the Cowal Peninsula and the Isle of Bute. The Clyde, once famous for its heavy industry and shipbuilding, was also the playground for thousands of Glaswegians who left the noise and grime of the city behind to venture 'doon the watter'. Meanwhile, the wealthy moved out to the large houses in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Firth. The river played a significant role in the Second World War, with troopships of GIs training on its shores.

Glasgow Airport Through Time

Glasgow Airport Through Time Author Rob Bowater
ISBN-10 9781445622996
Release 2015-02-15
Pages 96
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The history of Glasgow Airport goes back to 1932, when the present site at Abbotsinch was opened and then occupied by 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron in early 1933. In 1940 Abbotsinch hosted a joint RAF/RN torpedo training unit and in 1943 the site became a Royal Navy base, HMS Sanderling. In 1963, the Royal Navy left Abbotsinch and Glasgow Corporation took over the site, having decided that a new airport for the city was needed. On 2 May 1966, the first flight arrived at Glasgow Airport. However, as the Government had committed to re-building Prestwick Airport, the new Glasgow Airport was only allowed to handle domestic and European flights, the rest going through Prestwick. In the late 1980s BAA sold Prestwick and the restrictions on Glasgow were lifted; in 1989 it became Glasgow International Airport and was massively redeveloped. Although further development is restricted, Glasgow is now the UK's fourth largest airport.

Edinburgh Waverley Station Through Time

Edinburgh Waverley Station Through Time Author Michael Meighan
ISBN-10 9781445622323
Release 2014-07-30
Pages 96
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Waverley is Scotland's largest railway station and covering an area of 25 acres it is the second largest mainline station in the UK after Waterloo. Unusually for such an important destination it is both a terminus and a through station. In the 1840s, three railway companies built stations at the east end of what had been the Nor Loch North Bridge, General and Canal Street and these became known collectively as Waverley from around 1854. By 1865, the North British Railway company had acquired all three, and between 1892 and 1900 it was completely rebuilt to form the present Victorian structure. Under the LNER s reign Waverley became the symbolic destination for the East Coast Main Line trains with a series of high-profile expresses departing daily from King's Cross, London. Edinburgh resident and expert Michael Meighan explores this great station, showing how it has changed over the years

Central Glasgow Through Time

Central Glasgow Through Time Author Etta Dunn
ISBN-10 9781445638874
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 96
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Central Glasgow Through Time has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Central Glasgow Through Time also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Central Glasgow Through Time book for free.

The Forth Bridges Through Time

The Forth Bridges Through Time Author Michael Meighan
ISBN-10 9781445640105
Release 2014-08-30
Pages 96
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The River Forth is one of Scotland's great waterways. It has a majestic history and heritage, part of which is the Forth bridges. Of these, the most iconic is the Forth Rail Bridge, which opened in 1890. But there is also the Kincardine Bridge, opened in 1936 and once the longest swing bridge in Europe, the Forth Road Bridge, opened in 1964, and the new Queensferry Crossing, due to be completed in 2016. In this book, Michael Meighan looks at all these bridges as well as the Clackmannanshire Bridge and the fords, ferries and smaller bridges which preceded these great crossings. The Forth crossings have a special place in the history and culture of Scotland, and in the hearts of all Scots, and Michael Meighan pays tribute to them in a wonderful mix of both old and new images.

Liverpool City Centre Through Time

Liverpool City Centre Through Time Author Ian Collard
ISBN-10 9781445623665
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 96
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Although Liverpool has existed as a port since the thirteenth century, it wasn t until the seventeenth century that it truly began to grow on the profits of trade with America, importing sugar from the West Indies and Virginia tobacco and exporting textiles from Lancashire.

Belles and Whistles

Belles and Whistles Author Andrew Martin
ISBN-10 9781782830252
Release 2014-09-04
Pages 331
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In the heroic days of rail travel, you could dine on kippers and champagne aboard the Brighton Belle; smoke a post-prandial cigar as the Golden Arrow closed in on Paris, or be shaved by the Flying Scotsman's on-board barber. Everyone from schoolboys to socialites knew of these glamorous 'named trains' and aspired to ride aboard them. In Belles and Whistles, Andrew Martin recreates these famous train journeys by travelling aboard their nearest modern day equivalents. Sometimes their names have survived, even if only as a footnote on a timetable leaflet, but what has usually - if not always - disappeared is the extravagance and luxury. As Martin explains how we got from there to here, evocations of the Golden Age contrast with the starker modern reality: from monogrammed cutlery to stirring sticks, from silence on trains to tannoy announcements, from compartments to airline seating. For those who wonder whatever happened to porters, dining cars, mellow lighting, timetables, luggage in advance, trunk murders, the answers are all here. Martin's five journeys add up to an idiosyncratic history of Britain's railways, combining humour, historical anecdote and reportage from the present and romantic evocations of the past.

Newton Mearns Through Time

Newton Mearns Through Time Author Graeme Smith
ISBN-10 9781445636559
Release 2014-09-28
Pages 96
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With one foot in the countryside and the other connected to the metropolis, Newton Mearns is the southernmost suburb of Glasgow. The parish of Mearns bounds southwards over undulating landscape and moors to Ayrshire, with the slopes of Clarkston and Busby within its northern edge, marked by the River Earn. From Rouken Glen to Fenwick Moor, from castles and mansions to farmlands, fermtouns, and cotton mills, its 800-year history records a fertile area and an ever-increasing population. In the twelfth century, King David I granted lands to Walter Fitzalan, and subsequent landowners built Mearns Castle and Pollock Castle. In the 1700s, they were joined by elegant mansions and estates from Greenbank to Balgray, owned by wealthy Glasgow merchants. Railway travel in the nineteenth century brought more villas, and cars and buses from the 1920s enabled new housing and commercial developments. Today, schools and golf courses abound, the countryside is attractive and the climate is fresh.

New Scientist

New Scientist Author
Release 1974-08-29
Pages 72
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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Easy Grace

Easy Grace Author Phil Moncur
ISBN-10 1467887714
Release 2009-05-19
Pages 424
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What if President Kennedy had ordered the invasion of Cuba in 1962? ...What if the Soviet Union had retaliated not with an all out nuclear attack, but with a series of regional wars on the NATO fringes?...What if, with Norway under Soviet occupation, the UK faced a second Battle of Britain? Easy Grace tells the story through the eyes of Tom Wharton, a young hastily trained fighter pilot who finds himself flying obsolescent Hawker Hunters on a front line squadron. As he prepares to do battle with his own fears and the might of the Soviet Air Force, Tom meets Nurse Helen Bain and, as they journey together from adolescence into adulthood under the shadow of armageddon, neither the course of the war in the air nor the path to true love run smoothly.

Glasgow Travel Guide 2017

Glasgow Travel Guide 2017 Author T Turner
Release 2015-08-13
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The Glasgow Travel Guide 2017 is the most up-to-date, reliable and complete guide to this wonderful city. Travelers will find everything they need for an unforgettable visit presented in a convenient and easy-to-use format. Includes quick information on planning a visit, navigating the city, experiencing Scottish culture and exploring the beauty of Glasgow. Useful online or off!

Hood Rat

Hood Rat Author Gavin Knight
ISBN-10 9781447204008
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 256
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BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2012 SHORTLISTED FOR THE CRIME WRITERS ASSOCIATION NON-FICTION DAGGER AWARD ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT CRIME STORY OF THE DECADE’ Scottish Mail Manchester. London. Glasgow. In the summer of 2011 violence erupted in our inner cities and many blamed gang culture. But is the truth so simple? Hood Rat tells the human stories that the media miss: of young men who have fallen through the system, and of one young woman with a vision for change. ‘Unflinching. It penetrates environments that most of us only ever glimpse’ Observer ‘Impressive. Knight uncovers the sort of stories that never make the news’ Scotsman ‘This British sensation is a must. Disturbingly compelling’ Marie Claire ‘A gripping novelistic immersion in the lives of young criminals’ Louis Theroux ‘The British Wire’ BBC Radio 5 Live

Ayrshire Traction

Ayrshire Traction Author Colin J. Howat
ISBN-10 9781445650845
Release 2015-08-15
Pages 96
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Colin J. Howat explores the fascinating history of Ayrshire traction.

Britain by Britrail 2012 13

Britain by Britrail 2012 13 Author Laverne Ferguson-Kosinski
ISBN-10 9780762776177
Release 2012-01-10
Pages 296
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Britain by BritRail––the best-selling and most respected rail guide to the British train system––is back with this revised and updated new edition. This time-tested book provides all the information you need on fares, schedules, and pass options. It is also packed with travel tips, including information on keeping costs down, traveling light, conquering jet lag, and exchanging currency. Learn how to use London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Cardiff as base cities for more than forty rail trips and day excursions to outlying areas and points of interest in England, Scotland, and Wales, from the medieval city of York to Dover and its famous cliffs.


Glasgow Author Elizabeth Williamson
ISBN-10 0140710698
Release 1990
Pages 701
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A gazetteer, guiding the reader to the notable developments and buildings of every kind throughout the city centre and all of Glasgow's suburbs. Introductory essays shed a broader light on the city's development and its architecture.

Faithful Through and Through

Faithful Through and Through Author Richard Purden
ISBN-10 9780755365258
Release 2013-09-12
Pages 336
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Following on from We Are Celtic Supporters, Richard Purden tackles a variety of subjects in his second book Faithful Through and Through. Here he takes a fresh look at the people who have added to the wider culture, reputation and traditions on and off the park which have strengthened Celtic's position as a much valued institution. Purden talks to a selection of supporters, ex-players, managers and public figures, while travelling to a number of historical locations. While visiting the club's ancestral home in Ireland he discusses Celtic in the context of faith, politics and identity. The author channels the voices of secret millionaires, Irish troubadours, Scottish politicians and the club's most popular icons who take you on a Celtic odyssey in a continuing story that underlines why this team from Glasgow's East End personify a way of life that represents unwavering hope and positive life-affirming values around the world.