Good Night Like This

Good Night Like This Author Mary Murphy
ISBN-10 1406365882
Release 2016-09
Pages 32
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The perfect bedtime read, snuggle down with this adorable new book from Mary Murphy, creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This, as she invites you into lots of different little snorey, twitchy, cuddly animals' homes as they get ready to go to sleep. With a beautiful sleepy action on every split-page, a lulling, rhythmical text and a cast of cute animal families, this book is sure to emit lots of oooh, aaaahs and ...zzzzzz.

Charles Goodnight

Charles Goodnight Author J. Evetts Haley
ISBN-10 9780806185170
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 504
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An exciting story of a Texas Ranger, adventurer, and immigration officer who became a symbol of his age while gambling with death in the wild frontier regions of Texas, Arizona, and Old and New Mexico. Charles Goodnight knew the West of Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Dick Wooton, St. Vrain, and Lucien Maxwell. He ranged a country as vast as Bridger ranged. He rode with the boldness of Fremont, guided by the craft of Carson. His vigorous zest for life enabled him to live intensely and amply, and in this book by J. Evetts Haley, himself no stranger to the West, provides a fully readable and important western biography, vividly told, thrilling, witty, and completely authentic.

The Sundown Chaser

The Sundown Chaser Author Dusty Richards
ISBN-10 1101032499
Release 2009-04-07
Pages 288
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From the winner of the 2007 Spur Award for Best Paperback Original for The Horse Creek Incident, comes a story of a man who stood up for the law--and the criminal that made him the man he is… As the new sheriff of Yellowstone County, Montana, ex-rancher Herschel Baker cleaned up the badlands with the weight of the law behind him—and the weight of a six-gun at his side. Now, he’s trying to solve a deadly puzzle that involves one lead-laden corpse, a large sum of missing cash, and a loose end that points to cattle rustling. But his trouble hasn't even arrived yet. There's a hard-as-nails, border-hopping horse-thief riding up from Mexico. He's bringing a woman on the run, a body count of criminals he's killed for bounty, and a gun hand as hard and quick as Herschel's. Because this man is no simple robber, shootist, or brigand for hire. His name is Thurman Baker. But Herschel calls him father…

Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweetheart Author Charlotte Bingham
ISBN-10 9781409057215
Release 2010-12-15
Pages 432
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As Walter Berrisford paints beautiful Katherine Garland, she asks him to put a ladybird on her finger without his knowing why. He is appalled when he discovers that Katherine is a Nazi. The outbreak of war means that her sister Caro and her friend Robyn join the FANYs, while former maids, Betty and Trixie, work in a factory. War brings frantic romance to all, including their flatmate Edwina O'Brien, but it is Betty, transferred to decode at the Park that alone discovers the truth about the Ladybird.

Say Goodnight to Insomnia

Say Goodnight to Insomnia Author Gregg D. Jacobs
ISBN-10 9781905744824
Release 2011-02-04
Pages 256
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In a user-friendly, practical, organised fashion, Dr Jacobs guides you through a six-week programme for overcoming insomnia. His programme is proven to improve sleep in 100 per cent of insomniacs, allow 90 per cent to reduce or eliminate their use of sleeping pills and help 75 per cent become normal sleepers. The programme provides techniques for: * establishing sleep-promoting habits and lifestyle practices * changing negative, stressful thoughts about sleep * implementing relaxation and stress-reduction techniques The book features scientifically proven methods for achieving greater mind–body control to improve not only sleep but also overall health and wellbeing. This is more than just a book about sleep; it is a book about improving yourself and your life.

Kiss Me Goodnight

Kiss Me Goodnight Author Michele Zurlo
ISBN-10 9781623421007
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 195
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I'm Lacey Hallem, and I have a few secrets. These aren't them: I wash my hands a lot and lie when I'm stressed. Also, I have horrible taste in men. That's how I knew Dylan was trouble the first time I saw him... Life can be challenging for Lacey, especially when things don't come in sets of six, but she's smart and funny and able to keep her demons at bay--most of the time. She might have sensed trouble when she set eyes on Dylan, a delectable musician in a vintage T-shirt, but that doesn't stop her from thinking about him, or spending more and more time in his company. Enter Thomas. Wealthy, handsome, and completely adoring of Lacey (flaws and all), he's everything a man should be. So why can't she convince her heart to fall in love? Prepare to be swept up in Michele Zurlo's emotional and compelling story of learning to trust yourself, facing the past, and finding strength you never knew you had.

The True Joy of Positive Living

The True Joy of Positive Living Author Norman Vincent Peale
ISBN-10 9781504023320
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 290
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The inspiring autobiography of the world-renowned minister and revered self-help giant whose positive thinking techniques have bettered the lives of millions of people In his 95 years, Norman Vincent Peale made a profound difference. The son of a minister in Lynchburg, Ohio, he went on to preach the Lord’s word at Manhattan’s now-famous Marble Collegiate Church, where he served as pastor for 52 years and oversaw the church’s growth from 600 members to more than 5,000. He had a popular radio program for more than half a century, and appeared regularly on television. But perhaps his most lasting and powerful contribution was as author of the mega-bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking, the groundbreaking book that provided new guidance and hope and changed countless lives for generations throughout the world. The True Joy of Positive Living is the inspiring true story of a humble man who started out poor in a small Midwestern town and rose to become one of the most famous and influential American figures of the 20th century—a man of God who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor, by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Together with this wife Ruth, Dr. Peale founded the Peale Center for Christian Living and Guideposts magazine to ensure that his messages of self-confidence and the power of faith would continue to guide millions around the world even after his death. In his own uplifting words, Dr. Peale shares the story of a remarkable life lived with dignity and purpose. This stirring chronicle of an extraordinary soul—his unwavering service to the Lord and his remarkable development of the principles of positivity that had a life-altering effect on so many—will be an inspiration to all who read it.

Goodnight Red

Goodnight Red Author Lorry Ford
ISBN-10 9781434304773
Release 2007-07
Pages 20
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Here is a story about a little girl, who like most kids, has her own item of security to keep her strong and courageous. Lexi never goes to bed without her red-headed doll until one day when the doll turns out missing. She is so upset and afraid at first, until she realizes that she does not need the doll to be courageous in the dark. You will just have to read the book to find out if the doll is ever found and where did it go? This book has humor and a story most elementary school children have experienced before. A lesson in "courage" is incorporated as your child enjoys reading. Also, a little poem to start you off in the beginning of the book is a special treat given by the author, Lorry Ford.

I Love You Good Night

I Love You  Good Night Author Jon Buller
ISBN-10 9781442485396
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 28
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At bedtime, a mother and child tell how much they love each other.

Trouble Me

Trouble Me Author Laura Moore
ISBN-10 9780345532107
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 432
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TROUBLE ISN’T THE ONLY THING ON HER MIND. The youngest and wildest of the Radcliffe sisters, Jade is the last to return home to her family’s sprawling Virginia horse farm and its unsettling memories. She never planned on a night of passion with a stranger before starting her new life as a teacher and riding instructor—or the shock of recognizing the man who gave her so much pleasure standing right there in her classroom. Officer Rob Cooper is stunned. Not only is the woman who rocked his world his daughter’s second grade teacher, but she’s the troubled teen whom he blames for his wife’s death years ago. Worse, now that he sees her in the light of day, he wants her more than ever. Time has softened Jade’s hard, rebellious edge—she’s spirited, honest, and sexy to distraction. But will the feelings ignited in the heat of desire be enough to heal a past that needs forgiving? From the Paperback edition.

Charles Goodnight

Charles Goodnight Author William T. Hagan
ISBN-10 9780806183954
Release 2012-10-19
Pages 168
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Charles Goodnight was a pioneer of the early range cattle industry—an opinionated and profane but energetic and well-liked rancher. Goodnight’s story is now re-examined by William T. Hagan in this brief, authoritative account that considers the role of ranching in general—and Goodnight in particular—in the development of the Texas Panhandle. The first major reassessment of his life in seventy years, Charles Goodnight: Father of the Texas Panhandle traces its subject’s life from hardscrabble farmer to cattle baron, giving close attention to lesser-known aspects of his last thirty years. Goodnight came up in the days when much of Texas was free range and open to occupancy by any cattleman brave enough to stake a claim. Hagan shows how Goodnight learned the cattle business and became one of the most famous ranchers of the Southwest. Hagan also presents a clearer picture than ever before of Goodnight’s business arrangements and investments, including the financial setbacks of his later life. As entertaining as it is informative, Hagan’s account takes readers back to the Palo Duro Canyon and the Staked Plains to share insights into the cattleman’s life—riding the range, fighting grass fires, driving cattle to the nearest railhead—the very stuff of cowboy legend and lore. This fascinating biography enriches our understanding of a Texas icon.

On a Night Like This

On a Night Like This Author Ellen Sussman
ISBN-10 9780446506007
Release 2007-07-31
Pages 304
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In an astonishing debut novel, Sussman writes a heartbreaking tale filled with emotional intensity in the tradition of Anita Shreve's "Sea Glass" and Elizabeth Berg's "Open House."

Set Down Here

Set Down Here Author Lolette Kuby
ISBN-10 9781883911492
Release 2002
Pages 108
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A collection of poems by Canadian poet, Lolette Kuby.

A Bubble out of time

A Bubble out of time Author ANDREA CALO'
ISBN-10 9781507155141
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 145
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If it was true we all live more than one life? If we grew up remembering one of our past lives? Mystery and passion blended in a page turner novel! Katherine, called Kate by everybody, is an Italian American young woman who lives in New York. Many people are sure she has mental issues, her family included. But that’s not true: her distinctive trait is to clearly remember details of her past life, a life she lived in a place far from her birthplace. At thirty five she decides to go back to Joseph, in Wallowa county, Oregon, where she’s sure she had lived. She’s looking for her past, for her soul closed in the body of a past time woman. When she’s forced to stop in Portland because of a snow storm, she meets John and she feels an unexplainable connection with him. He will offer to help her look for traces of the past that doesn’t stop to haunt her. A painting, a kiss, a house and a journal written by herself in the second half of 1800, everything leads to a breath taking revelation saved for an end that has the ability to make this novel unforgettable.

Roland Cashel

Roland Cashel Author Charles James Lever
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924064985512
Release 1858
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Roland Cashel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Roland Cashel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Roland Cashel book for free.

Good Night Chet

 Good Night  Chet Author Lyle Johnston
ISBN-10 0786415029
Release 2003-03-24
Pages 260
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"If a judgment were ever rendered on all the multi-million words I have spoken into microphones, I hope something like this could be said: 'He [Huntley] had a great respect, almost an awe, of the medium in which he worked. He regarded it as a privilege, not a license.... Perhaps the best I might hope is that by some accident of voice tone or arrangement of words I did, on a few occasions, excite, exhort, annoy or provoke a few of my fellow human beings to think with their heads, not the viscera'"--Chet Huntley. This biography of NBC newsman Chet Huntley, who, along with David Brinkley, anchored NBC's "Huntley-Brinkley Report," covers his youth on a farm in Montana, his education and his graduation from the University of Washington, his development as a radio personality and news reporter for stations in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and his work for CBS, ABC and NBC radio and television in Los Angeles from 1939 to 1955. It also details his move to New York and his work on the "Huntley-Brinkley Report" from 1956 to 1970, his retirement from the news business, his supervision of the development of the Big Sky Ski resort in Montana, and his death from cancer in 1974 at the age of 62.


ISBN-10 9781499002195
Release 2014-06-04
Pages 242
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This is a love story of Devotion, Endurance, Temptation and the love of three women for one man that will transport you through the fields of human emotion. How one man found the love of his life lost her and the remarkable circumstances that allowed him to find love again. Two women fulfilled that love, one was denied. Haunted by Clare’s love, he carries on through life until the years of love and devotion for Elizabeth end in tragedy. Enter Ann to pick up the baton.