Grand Central Terminal und Pampabahnhof

Grand Central Terminal und Pampabahnhof Author Richard Deiss
ISBN-10 9783848238859
Release 2013-02-06
Pages 144
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Kleine Gesichten, amüsante Anekdoten und interessante Fakten zu 200 Bahnhöfen in Kanada, den USA, Mexiko, Kuba, Brasilien, Argentinien und anderen Ländern Amerikas. Die interessantesten Bahnhöfe Amerikas von Alaska bis Feuerland, von Neuengland bis Kalifornien sind hier auf 152 Taschenbuchseiten vereint.

Grand Central

Grand Central Author John Belle
ISBN-10 0393047652
Release 2000
Pages 230
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Provides a history of Grand Central Terminal and its successful renovation

Grand Central

Grand Central Author Sam Roberts
ISBN-10 9781455525959
Release 2013-01-22
Pages 288
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A rich, illustrated - and entertaining -- history of the iconic Grand Central Terminal, from one of New York City's favorite writers, just in time to celebrate the train station's 100th fabulous anniversary. In the winter of 1913, Grand Central Station was officially opened and immediately became one of the most beautiful and recognizable Manhattan landmarks. In this celebration of the one hundred year old terminal, Sam Roberts of The New York Times looks back at Grand Central's conception, amazing history, and the far-reaching cultural effects of the station that continues to amaze tourists and shuttle busy commuters. Along the way, Roberts will explore how the Manhattan transit hub truly foreshadowed the evolution of suburban expansion in the country, and fostered the nation's westward expansion and growth via the railroad. Featuring quirky anecdotes and behind-the-scenes information, this book will allow readers to peek into the secret and unseen areas of Grand Central -- from the tunnels, to the command center, to the hidden passageways. With stories about everything from the famous movies that have used Grand Central as a location to the celestial ceiling in the main lobby (including its stunning mistake) to the homeless denizens who reside in the building's catacombs, this is a fascinating and, exciting look at a true American institution.

Grand Central Winter

Grand Central Winter Author Lee Stringer
ISBN-10 9781609802257
Release 2011-01-04
Pages 137
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Whether Lee Stringer is describing "God's corner" as he calls 42nd Street, or his friend Suzy, a hooker and "past due tourist" whose infant child he sometimes babysits, whether he is recounting his experiences at Street News, where he began hawking the newspaper for a living wage, then wrote articles, and served for a time as muckraking senior editor, whether it is his adventures in New York's infamous Tombs jail, or performing community service, or sleeping in the tunnels below Grand Central Station by night and collecting cans by day, this is a book rich with small acts of kindness, humor and even heroism alongside the expected violence and desperation of life on the street. There is always room, Stringer writes, "amid the costume" jewel glitter...for one more diamond in the rough." Two events rise over Grand Central Winter like sentinels: Stringer's discovery of crack cocaine and his catching the writing bug. Between these two very different yet oddly similar activities, Lee's life unwound itself, during the 1980s, and took the shape of an odyssey, an epic struggle to find meaning and happiness in arid times. He eventually beat the first addiction with help from a treatment program. The second addiction, writing, has hold of him still. Among the many accomplishments of this book is that Stringer is able to convey something of the vitality and complexity of a down—and—out life. The reader walks away from it humming its melody, one that is more wise than despairing, less about the shame we feel when confronted with a picture of those less fortunate, and more about the joy we feel when we experience our shared humanity.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal Author Kenneth Powell
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P005300624
Release 1996
Pages 60
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Grand Central Terminal stands at the heart of Manhattan. Built at theeginning of the century, it exemplifies the ideals and aspirations of areat American city emerging as a world metropolis in the decade before Worldar I. It still embodies a practical and progressive vision of urban life,hich has new relevance in the aftermath of the Modern Movement. This bookresents the building in detail, using drawings, and archival and recenthotography. The partnership of architects Warren and Wetmore was formed inew York City in 1898, and are well known for the New York Yacht Club (1899)s well as other major railroad projects.

Grand Central Air Terminal

Grand Central Air Terminal Author John Underwood
ISBN-10 0738546828
Release 2006
Pages 127
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From 1923, when it was known as the Glendale Airport, to the World War II era, when the military took it over, Grand Central Air Terminal was the main commercial airport serving Southern California and the ancestral home of what became Convair (General Dynamics) and Hughes Aircraft. The first scheduled transcontinental passenger service was flown out of Grand Central by Charles Lindbergh, with Amelia Earhart among the passengers. Grand Central had the first paved runway west of the Rocky Mountains, and was a terminal for Pickwick, TWA, American, and Pan Am's Mexican subsidiary. After Pearl Harbor, commercial operations ceased and the Army Air Corps turned Grand Central into a training center and a key element in the air defenses for Los Angeles when a Japanese invasion seemed imminent.

Grand Central

Grand Central Author David Marshall
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031809976
Release 1946
Pages 280
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Grand Central has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Grand Central also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Grand Central book for free.

Meeting at Grand Central

Meeting at Grand Central Author Lee Cronk
ISBN-10 9780691154954
Release 2013
Pages 246
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"Meeting at Grand Central brings together insights from evolutionary biology, political science, economics, anthropology, and other fields to explain how the interactions between our evolved selves and the institutional structures we have created make cooperation possible. The book begins with a look at the ideas of Mancur Olson and George Williams, who shifted the question of why cooperation happens from an emphasis on group benefits to individual costs. It then explores how these ideas have influenced our thinking about cooperation, coordination, and collective action. The book persuasively argues that cooperation and its failures are best explained by evolutionary and social theories working together. Selection sometimes favors cooperative tendencies, while institutions, norms, and incentives encourage and make possible actual cooperation."--Publisher's website.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal Author Anthony W. Robins
ISBN-10 9781613123874
Release 2016-12-13
Pages 224
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Opened in February 1913, Grand Central Terminal—one of the country’s great architectural monuments—helped create Midtown Manhattan. Over the next century, it evolved into an unofficial town square for New York. Today, it sits astride Park Avenue at 42nd Street in all its original splendor, attracting visitors by the thousands. This new book celebrates Grand Central’s Centennial by tracing the Terminal’s history and design, and showcasing 200 photographs of its wonders—from the well-trodden Main Concourse to its massive power station hidden 10 stories below. The stunning photographs, some archival and some taken by Frank English, official photographer of Metro-North Railroad for more than 25 years, capture every corner of this astonishing complex. Praise for Grand Central Terminal: “The book is thoroughly researched and reads like a library of design, lifestyles, art and trivia that even New Yorkers don’t know.” —NY Arts Magazine

In the Middle of Grand Central Station

In the Middle of Grand Central Station Author Nancy Gilsenan
ISBN-10 0871296047
Release 1990
Pages 56
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In the Middle of Grand Central Station has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In the Middle of Grand Central Station also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In the Middle of Grand Central Station book for free.

Next Stop Grand Central

Next Stop Grand Central Author Maira Kalman
ISBN-10 9781101655474
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 40
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At Grand Central Station, Chief of Police George Coppola finds lost people, and Mr. Chidchester, head of the Lost and Found, finds lost dogs. Marino Marino makes oyster stew, while thinking up interesting math problems. A man in a porkpie hat buys cherry pies. Maira Kalman's stylized artwork, along with entertaining text, brilliantly captures the excitement of Grand Central Station, "the busiest, fastest, biggest place there is."

Grand Central s Engineer

Grand Central s Engineer Author Kurt C. Schlichting
ISBN-10 1421403021
Release 2012-03-14
Pages 276
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Few people have had as profound an impact on the history of New York City as William J. Wilgus. As chief engineer of the New York Central Railroad, Wilgus conceived the Grand Central Terminal, the city’s magnificent monument to America’s Railway Age. Kurt C. Schlichting here examines the remarkable career of this innovator, revealing how his tireless work moving people and goods over and under Manhattan Island’s surrounding waterways forever changed New York’s bustling transportation system. After his herculean efforts on behalf of Grand Central, the most complicated construction project in New York’s history, Wilgus turned to solving the city’s transportation quandary: Manhattan—the financial, commercial, and cultural hub of the United States in the twentieth century—was separated from the mainland by two major rivers to the west and east, a deep-water estuary to the south, and the Harlem River to the north. Wilgus believed that railroads and mass transportation provided the answer to New York City’s complicated geography. His ingenious ideas included a freight subway linking rail facilities in New Jersey with manufacturers and shippers in Manhattan, a freight and passenger tunnel connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn, and a belt railway interconnecting sixteen private railroads serving the metropolitan area. Schlichting’s deep passion for Wilgus and his engineering achievements are evident in the pages of this fascinating work. Wilgus was a true pioneer, and Schlichting ensures that his brilliant contributions to New York City’s transportation system will not be forgotten.

Grand Central

Grand Central Author Karen White
ISBN-10 9780698141513
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 368
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Ten bestselling authors inspired by New York City's iconic Grand Central Terminal have created their own stories, set on the same day, just after the end of World War II, in a time of hope, uncertainty, change, and renewal…. A war bride awaits the arrival of her GI husband at the platform…A Holocaust survivor works at the Oyster Bar, where a customer reminds him of his late mother…A Hollywood hopeful anticipates her first screen test and a chance at stardom in the Kissing Room… On any particular day, thousands upon thousands of people pass through Grand Central, through the whispering gallery, beneath the ceiling of stars, and past the information booth and its beckoning four-faced clock, to whatever destination is calling them. It is a place where people come to say hello and good-bye. And each person has a story to tell. Featuring stories from Melanie Benjamin, Jenna Blum, Amanda Hodgkinson, Pam Jenoff, Sarah Jio, Sarah McCoy, Kristina McMorris, Alyson Richman, Erika Robuck, and Karen White With an Introduction by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah

Zwischen New York und Norderstedt Diner und Grand Central Terminal

Zwischen New York und Norderstedt   Diner und Grand Central Terminal Author Grit Kirschbaum
ISBN-10 9783743128309
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 18
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Die elfjährige Franziska Neumeier lebt seit eineinhalb Jahren allein mit ihrer Mutter im schleswig-holsteinischen Norderstedt; der Vater ist nach New York City gezogen. Endlich, in den Frühjahrsferien, darf Franzi ihn besuchen. Sie fliegt als allein reisendes Kind nach Amerika - in ein Land, das sie aus Kinofilmen, Comics und von den Karl-May-Spielen kennt - und fühlt sich dort schnell wie zu Hause. Denn New York ist genauso schön wie Hamburg und Norderstedt, und die Kinder sind genauso fröhlich wie die in der Ulzburger Straße ... Aber vielleicht ist Tylor, der zwölfjährige Nachbarsjunge, sogar noch etwas netter und sein Bruder, der "Dreikäsehoch" Jason, noch etwas lustiger und Manhattan noch etwas bunter ... Das vorliegende E-Book ist ein Textauszug aus dem Roman "Zwischen New York und Norderstedt".

Grand Central the World s Greatest Railway Terminal

Grand Central  the World s Greatest Railway Terminal Author William D. Middleton
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D00244016I
Release 1977
Pages 160
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An account of the origin, construction, uses, and fame of the great New York City terminal, from the horse-drawn trains of the 1830s to the current architectural landmark controversy

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal Author Kurt C. Schlichting
ISBN-10 0801865107
Release 2001-03-12
Pages 264
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Grand Central Terminal, one of New York City's preeminent buildings, stands as a magnificent Beaux-Arts monument to America's Railway Age, and it remains a vital part of city life today. Completed in 1913 after ten years of construction, the terminal became the city's most important transportation hub, linking long-distance and commuter trains to New York's network of subways, elevated trains, and streetcars. Its soaring Grand Concourse still offers passengers a majestic gateway to the wonders beyond 42nd Street. In Grand Central Terminal, Kurt C. Schlichting traces the history of this spectacular building, detailing the colorful personalities, bitter conflicts, and Herculean feats of engineering that lie behind its construction. Schlichting begins with Cornelius Vanderbilt—"The Commodore"—whose railroad empire demanded an appropriately palatial passenger terminal in the heart of New York City. Completed in 1871, the first Grand Central was the largest rail facility in the world and yet—cramped and overburdened—soon proved thoroughly inadequate for the needs of this rapidly expanding city. William Wilgus, chief engineer of the New York Central Railroad, conceived of a new Grand Central Terminal, one that would fully meet the needs of the New York Central line. Grand Central became a monument to the creativity and daring of a remarkable age. The terminal's construction proved to be a massive undertaking. Before construction could begin, more than 3 million cubic yards of rock and earth had to be removed and some 200 buildings demolished. Manhattan's exorbitant real estate prices necessitated a vast, two-story underground train yard, which in turn required a new, smoke-free electrified rail system. The project consumed nearly 30,000 tons of steel, three times more than that in the Eiffel Tower, and two power plants were built. The terminal building alone cost $43 million in 1913, the equivalent of nearly $750 million today. Some of these costs were offset by an ambitious redevelopment project on property above the New York Central's underground tracks. Schlichting writes about the economic and cultural impact of the terminal on midtown Manhattan, from building of the Biltmore and Waldorf-Astoria Hotels to the transformation of Park Avenue. Schlichting concludes with an account of the New York Central's decline; the public outcry that prevented Grand Central's new owner, Penn Central, from following through with its 1969 plan to demolish or drastically alter the terminal; the rise of Metro-North Railroad; and the meticulous 1990s restoration project that returned Grand Central Terminal to its original splendor. More than a history of a train station, this book is the story of a city and an age as reflected in a building aptly described as a secular cathedral.

Grand Central Question

Grand Central Question Author Abdu H. Murray
ISBN-10 9780830896219
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 264
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All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in the world and how do we deal with it? But not every worldview places equal emphasis on each issue. The main worldviews each tend to stress a different central question. Secular humanism focuses on: What is the inherent value of human beings? Pantheism emphasizes: How do we escape suffering? Islam s main concern is: How is God great? Abdu Murray digs deeply into these three representatives of major worldviews of our day: secular humanism, pantheism and theism (specifically in the form of Islam). This lawyer and former Muslim brings compassion, understanding and clarity to his analysis, comparing the answers of each view to the central message of Christianity.