Harmony s Way

Harmony s Way Author Lora Leigh
ISBN-10 1440622175
Release 2006-12-05
Pages 320
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Rule Breaker, sink your fangs into Lora Leigh’s series about genetically-altered humans with feline DNA. When the Breeds desire the passions of the flesh, they can’t help but get frisky... Harmony Lancaster is of the Lion breed, created to be a huntress with a thirst to kill. But the way she seeks justice outside of the law makes her a liability to her own kind. Yet she also possesses information that they need on the existence of the First Leo—who holds the precious secrets of desire. To save her life, Harmony is paired with Sheriff Lance Jacobs, who tries to tame the killer within her, while protecting the gentle woman he longs to possess. But a dangerous cult leader, bent on destroying the Breeds, could change the way Lance looks at Harmony forever… From the Paperback edition.

Breeds 08 Harmony s Way

Breeds 08   Harmony s Way Author Lora Leigh
Release 2010-05-09
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Harmony and Lance - Lion Breed - Sheriff Lance Jacobs, Megan Marks cousin finds himself enmeshed in a manipulation and a desire he can’t resist when the director of Breed Affairs assigns his own sister to the sheriff’s office, in an attempt to save her from Breed law. Assassin, Harmony Lancaster has been alone, wild and free for too many years and filled with too much rage. Council members are dying unsanctioned and those deaths are being laid at her feet. But when Breed opponents in Lance’s county begin showing up dead as well, Lance knows Harmony has to be innocent. There’s no other choice, because she’s stolen his soul, and he can’t allow anyone or anything to harm what is his. Complicating this, is the information Harmony holds, that her enemies want. Information that get them both killed.


Harmony Author Charles HRH The Prince of Wales
ISBN-10 9780061989889
Release 2010-11-02
Pages 336
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For the first time, His Royal Highness Charles, the Prince of Wales, shares his views on how mankind’s most pressing modern challenges are rooted in our disharmony with nature. In the vein of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Van Jones’ Green Collar Economy, Prince Charles presents the compelling case that solutions to our most dire crises—from climate change to poverty—lie in regaining a balance with the world around us.

In Harmony s Way

In Harmony s Way Author Seth Hammons
ISBN-10 0985984139
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 419
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Turmoil continues to plague the island of Kithar. From the eastern port of Anat, the newly sparked Breckish rebellion threatens to unravel the tenuous hold of the Iori Empire before spreading. At the helm of the rebellion are Yoav Abaner, Arco's former mentor and friend, and Cavaler Nayme, the leader of the fledgling rebellion's most powerful and dangerous faction. Will Arco find himself caught up in the heat of the rebellion? In Zeph, western port of Kithar, the Iori Empire remains shaken but strong. While continuing her mission to secure music for the war in the Greatlands, the Silencer Arian Deisfang discovers an old friend. Nereis, the former demar, finds herself a new Acolyte, and Maletalio seeks answers from the Church of Artre. Despite their vast differences, they find themselves brought together by a betrayal that might very well plunge Zeph into anarchy. Realizing he can't defend Rachel from the world, Chastin goes on the offensive and confronts the most dangerous enemy ever. Despite his intentions, the final decision will be Rachel's to make. Will she turn her back on her peaceful ways when Chastin is pushed to the edge?

A Thousand Names For Joy

A Thousand Names For Joy Author Byron Katie
ISBN-10 9781407026329
Release 2008-12-26
Pages 304
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Inspired by the Tao Te Ching, this is Byron Katie's inspiring and pragmatic approach to achieving an awakened mind and living more simply and profoundly. Using the template of the 81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching she talks about her own experience of living in harmony with the way things are, and the difference between what hurts and what doesn't. Katie has written two books that teach how suffering can be relieved by questioning the thoughts that create it, the thoughts that argue with reality. This questioning takes courage and, in this her third book, she gives readers profound encouragement by showing them the freedom and love that live on the other side of self-inquiry. Many people believe that although enlightenment was attainable thousands of years ago by a few great saints or ascetics, such a state is out of reach of anyone living in the modern world, let alone themselves. This richly detailed account has the ability to change that belief. Katie's comments on life, and how to live it, are profound, vibrant, funny and crystal clear and all rooted in the familiar circumstances of everyday life.

Harmony s Passing

Harmony s Passing Author Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick
ISBN-10 9780557359851
Release 2010-04-03
Pages 284
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The appearance of a wandering black hole sends physicists scrambling to determine what effect it will have. But first, they have to figure out exactly where it is...and where it is going.

The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project Author Kate Farmer
ISBN-10 9781412017718
Release 2003-12-01
Pages 140
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The Harmony Project is a unique concept to give horse lovers a deeper insighet into the equine mind. The project follows the training and development of a filly foal called "Harmony", from 6 months and separation from the mare, up to 3 and a half years and carrying her first rider. Harmony's behaviour and training are explainedin terms of her view of the world, and show how we can present ourselves to our horses in a way that is more meaningful to them, and therefore more effective. Harmony is being trained primarily under the principles of natural horsemanship taught by the top American trainer, Richard Thompson, who is the mentor of Harmony's owner and trainer, Kate Farmer. Date comes from a classical British riding background, and aims to show in the Harmony Project that the principles of natural horsemanship are equally relevant to all equestrian desciplines, and not, as many suppose, mostly of help to western riders. Part 1 of The Harmony Project follows harmony from 6 monts to 18 months, and presents the first stages of her training in a clear, easy to follow way. Each chapter focusses on one or two specific aspects of equine psychology, and the ex ercises that relate to them. It offers an excellent introduction ot natural horsemanship for newcomers to these methods, and a very useful companion for those who have already started working on NH principles.

Good Governance in China A Way Towards Social Harmony

Good Governance in China   A Way Towards Social Harmony Author Wang Mengkui
ISBN-10 9781134042036
Release 2008-12-03
Pages 432
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Good governance is necessary for effective public administration and delivery of public goods and services. This is an important issue for all countries, but in particular for rapidly developing countries such as China where reform of governance and public administration is a key element of the public policy agenda. This book explores the key issues in governance and public administration facing China’s policy-makers today. Edited by Wang Mengkui, the former President of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation - one of China’s leading think-tanks - it contains 36 papers selected from nearly 300 case studies presented by participants in the China’s Leaders in Development Executive Program. The authors are outstanding and experienced officials, and together represent the voice of China's new rising generation of leaders, policy-makers and officials. The cases are based on first-hand information and experiences either from the officials’ personal involvement, or their own in-depth investigations. The chapters cover a wide range of issue areas, such as institutional reform, urban construction, social governance, crisis management, resource and ecological environmental management, education and public health, and economic reform and development. Taken together, it provides an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand China’s own thinking on its governance and public administration.


Harmony Author Carolyn Parkhurst
ISBN-10 9780399562624
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 288
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"[A] provocative page-turner." —People “In Parkhurst’s deft treatment, Harmony becomes a story of our time. . . Parkhurst cements herself as a writer capable of astonishing humanity and exquisite prose.” —Washington Post “Gorgeously written and patently original.” —Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Leaving Time From the New York Times bestselling author of The Dogs of Babel, a taut, emotionally wrenching story of how a seemingly "normal" family could become desperate enough to leave everything behind and move to a "family camp" in New Hampshire--a life-changing experience that alters them forever. How far will a mother go to save her family? The Hammond family is living in DC, where everything seems to be going just fine, until it becomes clear that the oldest daughter, Tilly, is developing abnormally--a mix of off-the-charts genius and social incompetence. Once Tilly--whose condition is deemed undiagnosable--is kicked out of the last school in the area, her mother Alexandra is out of ideas. The family turns to Camp Harmony and the wisdom of child behavior guru Scott Bean for a solution. But what they discover in the woods of New Hampshire will push them to the very limit. Told from the alternating perspectives of both Alexandra and her younger daughter Iris (the book's Nick Carraway), this is a unputdownable story about the strength of love, the bonds of family, and how you survive the unthinkable. From the Hardcover edition.

Handbook of Harmony Gospel Jazz R B Soul

Handbook of Harmony   Gospel   Jazz   R B   Soul Author
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Handbook of Harmony Gospel Jazz R B Soul has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Handbook of Harmony Gospel Jazz R B Soul also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Handbook of Harmony Gospel Jazz R B Soul book for free.

Love Beauty and Harmony in Sufism

Love  Beauty  and Harmony in Sufism Author Nasrollah S. Fatemi
ISBN-10 0845322486
Release 1998-03
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Love Beauty and Harmony in Sufism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Love Beauty and Harmony in Sufism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Love Beauty and Harmony in Sufism book for free.

Holistic Way to Health Happiness and Harmony

Holistic Way to Health  Happiness and Harmony Author V. K. Subramanian
ISBN-10 9788170173236
Release 1996-12-01
Pages 168
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The Holistic Way To Health, Happiness And Harmony Contains One Hundred And Eight Prescriptions, Being The Distilled Essence Of Ancient Hindu Wisdom, Ranging From Astropalmic Analysis, Practice Of The EightLimbs Of Yoga To Maintain A Perfect Body, Mind-Vacuuming Or Meditation To Ensure A Stress-Free Life, Breath Regulation, Twenty-Two Varied Ways Of Relaxing The Mind And The Body, Eleven Diet Axioms And Eleven Wonderfoods To Be Taken Daily, Practical Suggestions For Choosing Life-Partners And Making Marriages Joyous, Meaningful And Long Lasting, Ideas For Creating A Beautiful Environment At Home By Using The Lucky Colours To The More Esoteric Awakening Of Kundalini Or Creative Power. This Book Is An Invaluable Guide And Companion To All Those Who Aspire For Strong And Healthy Bodies, Happy Relationships And A Harmonious World.

The Way to Peace

The Way to Peace Author James Allen
ISBN-10 9781105474842
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 64
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The Way of Peace is a New Thought book written by James Allen. Although Allen is more widely known for his As a Man Thinketh, it is the lesser known The Way of Peace (1907) which reflects more accurately his New Thought Movement affiliations, referencing as it does Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. The book is essentially a treatise on the importance of meditation as a 'pathway to divinity'. Whatever we meditate upon, Allen explains, we become. If you meditate upon ' that which is selfish and debasing, you will ultimately become selfish and debased'. Whereas if you meditate upon ' that which is pure and unselfish you will surely become pure and unselfish'. The book consists of 7 chapters: The Power Of Meditation; The Two Masters, Self And Truth; The Acquirement of Spiritual Power; The Realisation of Selfless Love; Entering into the Infinite; Saints, Sages, And Saviors, The Law Of Service; and The Realisation of Perfect Peace. The first chapter also contains a poem, Star of Wisdom, which captures the essence of the book.

Harmony Singing

Harmony Singing Author Susan Mazer
ISBN-10 0739028111
Release 2002
Pages 96
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If you've ever wondered how to create a vocal harmony part, this book is the perfect place to start. Susan Mazer teaches the basics of theory, how to listen to other parts as you sing, the easy way to make your own arrangements and more. You can try out what you learn with songs in traditional, folk, sacred, and popular styles, and explore the key composers, singers and groups who shaped the history of harmony singing. The included CD lets you hear the various types of harmony and sing along with examples in the book.

No River Too Wide

No River Too Wide Author Emilie Richards
ISBN-10 9781460330159
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 400
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Some betrayals are like rivers, so deep, so wide, they can't be crossed. But—for those with enough courage—forgiveness, redemption and love may be found on the other side. On the night her home is consumed by fire, Janine Stoddard finally resolves to leave her abusive husband. While she is reluctant to involve her estranged daughter, she can't resist a chance to see Harmony and baby Lottie in Asheville, North Carolina, before she disappears forever. Harmony's friend Taylor Martin realizes how much the reunited mother and daughter yearn to stay together, and she sees in Jan a chance to continue her own mother's legacy of helping women in need of a fresh start. She opens her home, even as she's opening her heart to another newcomer, Adam Pryor. But enigmatic Adam has a secret that could destroy Taylor's trust…and cost Jan her hard-won freedom.

Health Over Harmony

Health Over Harmony Author
ISBN-10 9781439259504
Release 2009-11-20
Pages 212
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An American's intriguing international odyssey in clinics, temples, and dojos searching for the secret of wholistic health and happiness in a world full of distractions, deceit and illusion.

Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine Author Jamie Sams
ISBN-10 9780062510631
Release 1994-10-07
Pages 400
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The true spirit of Native American ways of knowing shines through in these heartfelt meditations, poems, and stories. In 364 daily offerings organised according to the cycles of the moon, Jamie Sams offers stirring and poetic insights into the spirituality of the earth, connecting with our communities, and our own soul journeys. Based on Native American creeds and legends, these meditations cut to the heart with their honesty, beauty, and authenticity. Sams teaches such grounded lessons as how to face an unknown future with confidence and conviction, how to rediscover the joy of curiosity, and how to develop a true intimacy with nature.