Healing and restoring

Healing and restoring Author Lawrence Eugene Sullivan
ISBN-10 UVA:X001927146
Release 1989
Pages 468
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Healing and restoring has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Healing and restoring also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Healing and restoring book for free.

Art Journals and Creative Healing

Art Journals and Creative Healing Author Sharon Soneff
ISBN-10 9781616735135
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 128
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DIVA beautiful, artistic offering that offers projects on challenging, but universal subjects. In follow up to Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling, author Sharon Soneff will continue to show that there is a richer, deeper reward to artistic, creative journals beyond the beauty they supply. In this new volume, Art Journals & Creative Healing, she demonstrates with real excerpts from beautiful and unusual artistic journals that the process of journaling can be a tool in navigating through some of lifeÆs more challenging seasons, as well as a tool to support personal growth and achievement. Challenging and complex experiences are treated with dignity and sensitivity, and will inspire readers dealing with their own issues, by placing the greater emphasis on the positive outcome that was yielded for the artist who is willing to be vulnerable in the process. Hope, growth, and healing are at the center of each work, and help deliver the message of the book. Additionally, the ideas, artistic approaches, and resources provided by the author and numerous contributing artists will help the reader with creative ideas for working through various situations through their reflective and artistic journal keeping. Through a marriage of beautiful imagery, uplifting and literary quotations, and other rich sources, Art Journals & Creative Healing offers its audience a full-bodied experience pertaining to creative journals, along with journaling worksheets and journal prompts to help readers get started with their own journals. Specific topics to be addressed would include using mediums as metaphors, journaling for cathartic expression, gaining wisdom through introspection and reflection, finding strength in the midst of suffering, and finding beauty in pain. Art Journals & Creative Healing is a supportive and encouraging text offered as a creative companion of sorts for those traversing over the obstacles and overcoming the challenges of life. /div

The Broken Image

The Broken Image Author Leanne Payne
ISBN-10 9781441201195
Release 1995-09-01
Pages 176
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Presents documented case studies of homosexuals and lesbians who have been reoriented to heterosexuality through applied healing prayer.

Restoring the Soul of a Church

Restoring the Soul of a Church Author Nils Friberg
ISBN-10 0814623336
Release 1995
Pages 255
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Restoring The Soul Of A Church

Healing the Hurt Restoring the Hope

Healing the Hurt  Restoring the Hope Author Suzy Yehl Marta
ISBN-10 PSU:000050477227
Release 2003-04-19
Pages 340
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Rainbows offers our children healing and hope. Even if children or teenagers you love appear to be doing "just fine" after a loss, the truth is, they may be suffering in silence. They may not even know they need your help. Now with the trusted guidance of founder and president Suzy Yehl Marta, you will discover the most effective advice, stories, and techniques from Rainbows' worldwide grief programs. Suzy's simple, straightforward, refreshing style makes helping a child both easy and effective. Her approach works to keep misperceptions, isolation, and sadness from permanently affecting the important children in your life. Divorce Death National Tragedy Community Crisis The Rainbows Approach can help. This intimate and powerful book offers groundbreaking techniques and concrete strategies to help children of any age, such as: Games, activities, and play-based exercises that help children and teens process their emotions when they don't have the words to describe what they are feeling Inspiring stories from two decades of Rainbows groups will comfort and encourage adults trying to cope and guide children and teens during difficult times The four fundamental stepping stones to help children heal Rituals that allow youth to commemorate their loss and reconcile their grief Conversations--what to say, and what not to say--including age-appropriate advice for when you're looking for the right words to explain and provide comfort How to recognize the 10 stages of children's grief--and the specific activities you can use with children during each stage of the grieving process Healing the Hurt, Restoring the Hope offers techniques to help children and teens resolve their grief and once again live a life filled with joy and hope.

Restoring Resilience Discovering Your Clients Capacity for Healing

Restoring Resilience  Discovering Your Clients  Capacity for Healing Author Eileen Russell
ISBN-10 9780393706901
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 384
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Cultivating what is right, rather than focusing on what is wrong, for therapy that works. People enter therapy not just because they are stuck and struggling, but also because they are ready for change and have some hope of experiencing it. That readiness is a manifestation of each person’s innate resilience, their capacity to work on their own behalf to heal. Many of the common modes of clinical work focus on pathology, the effects of habits or conditions that can be healed through clinical work. Eileen Russell, without discounting the importance of pathology, offers us the idea that the best way to help with what’s going wrong in people’s lives is to build from the foundation of what’s going right. In this book, therapists will learn how to identify the potential for resilience in clients and help them cultivate and deepen it for lasting change. Drawing on interpersonal neurobiology and affect regulation research, as well as a number of theoretical orientations including Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Focusing, attachment theory, and EMDR, Russell provides the essential tools and background for any therapist interested in engaging in resilience-oriented therapy. She includes a wealth of thoughtfully annotated examples from her own clinical work, shares inspiring, illuminating stories of patients who have become more resilient through therapy, and offers many practical tips for clinicians along the way.

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit Author Gabriel Mojay
ISBN-10 1856752321
Release 2005
Pages 191
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An authoritative and unique approach to a popular subject, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit concentrates on the profound psychological benefits of essential oils. Building on the well-established link between fragrance and mood, this beautifully illustrated and practical guide helps you to alleviate tension, anxiety and depression, within yourself and others.

Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma Author Peter A. Levine
ISBN-10 9781604077285
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 104
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Researchers have shown that survivors of accidents, disaster, and childhood trauma often en endure lifelong symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, illness, and harmful "acting out" behaviors. Today, professionals and clients in both the bodywork and the psychotherapeutic fields nationwide are turning to Peter A. Levine's breakthrough Somatic Experiencing® methods to actively overcome these challenges. In Healing Trauma, Dr. Levine gives you the personal how-to guide for using the theory he first introduced in his highly acclaimed work Waking the Tiger. Join him to discover: how to develop body awareness to "renegotiate" and heal traumas by "revisiting" them rather than reliving them; emergency "first-aid" measures for times of distress; and nature's lessons for uncovering the physiological roots of your emotions." Trauma is a fact of life," teaches Peter Levine, "but it doesn't have to be a life sentence." Now, with one fully integrated self-healing tool, he shares his essential methods to address unexplained symptoms of trauma at their source—the body—to return us to the natural state in which we are meant to live in. Contents Introduction: A Tiger Shows the Way Chapter One: What is Trauma? Chapter Two: The Causes and Symptoms of Trauma Chapter Three: How Trauma Affects the Body Chapter Four: Twelve-Phase Healing Trauma Program: A Guide to the Audio Exercises Chapter Five: Sexual Trauma: Sexual Trauma: Healing the Sacred Wound Chapter Six: Spirituality and Trauma: Pathway to Awakening Helpful Tips and Techniques for Preventing Trauma Additional Resources About the Author About Sounds True Excerpt Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. When I use the word trauma, I am talking here about the often debilitating symptoms that many people suffer from in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences. Recently, trauma has been used as a buzzword to replace everyday stress, as in, “I had a traumatic day at work.” However, this use is completely misleading. While it is true that all traumatic events are stressful, all stressful events are not traumatic. Unique to Each Individual When it comes to trauma, no two people are exactly alike. What proves harmful over the long term to one person may be exhilarating to another. There are many factors involved in the wide range of response to threat. These responses depend upon genetic make-up, an individual’s history of trauma, even his or her family dynamics. It is vital that we appreciate these differences. Simply knowing that certain kinds of early childhood experiences can severely diminish our ability to cope and be present in the world may elicit compassion and support rather than harsh judgment, both for ourselves and for others. Perhaps the most important thing I have learned about trauma is that people, especially children, can be overwhelmed by what we usually think of as common everyday events. Until recently, our understanding of trauma was limited to “shell-shocked” soldiers who have been devastated by war, victims of severe abuse or violence, and those who have suffered catastrophic accidents and injuries. This narrow view could not be further from the truth. The fact is that, over time, a series of seemingly minor mishaps can have a damaging effect on a person. Trauma does not have to stem from a major catastrophe. Some common triggering events include: • Automobile accidents (even fender benders) • Routine invasive medical procedures • Loss of loved ones • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes Even falling off a bicycle can be overwhelming to a child under certain circumstances. We will discuss those circumstances later. For now, I will simply say that almost all of us have experienced some form of trauma, either directly or indirectly.

Restore Me

Restore Me Author Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ngcobo
ISBN-10 9781450216319
Release 2010-04
Pages 256
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Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Is your life in need of the healing power of the Lord? Soothe your soul with these amazing and encouraging sermons from one of God's devoted followers, Rev. Dr. Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ngcobo. Containing forty inspiring sermons, Restore Me delivers a message of hope, love, and faith. From her humble beginnings in South Africa to her flight to America and a new, frightening life, Mahlangu-Ngcobo draws upon her own struggles as well as current events to bring insight and wisdom to her writings. Covering all areas of our spiritual, emotional, social, economic, and political lives, her sermons will bring restoration to your spirit. In clear, concise language, Mahlangu-Ngcobo offers wisdom and insight to help you navigate your daily journey. She explores the doubts, fears, and perplexities we all experience and shows you how to find new understanding and guidance. Each sermon contains the scriptures pertinent to the discussion, allowing you to absorb the Word of the Lord and use it each and every day. Short enough to be read on your lunch hour or coffee break, these sermons are, as one reader called it, "vitamin for the soul." Get your daily dose of grace and love with Restore Me today!

Restoring the Balance

Restoring the Balance Author Ien Courtens
ISBN-10 9789004253902
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 264
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The study offers an ethnographically rich journey through the variety of healing methods in current Ayfat society: indigenous (obtained during female and male initiation rites), biomedical (the missionary hospital), and Christian (created by ritual healers since the coming of the missionaries). Likewise, the causes ascribed to illness range from sorcery, witchcraft, violation of ancestral or biblical rules, to biomedical conditions, a multiplicity of ways of understanding illness and healing that emerged in the context of religious change. Making choices among the variety of healing performances, and the creation of new performances, are shown to be dynamic processes. At the core are the innovative contributions of local healers, particularly women, who chose to create new performances in the face of religious change. Restoring the Balance looks at indigenous and Christian religious practices, and how people in northwest Ayfat have found a way to integrate the two and bring both sides into balance.

Restoring the Years

Restoring the Years Author Gwyneth Pierce
ISBN-10 9780985481735
Release 2016-05-27
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Addiction to pornography and sex have become pervasive in our society and have entrenched themselves in the most unlikely of homes. Healing and hope come from dragging these culprits out into the open rather than sweeping them under the carpet. This important study has been designed to provide prayer and scriptural support, as well as scientific data, professional input from noted researchers, and personal interviews, to women who find themselves caught in the web of their husband’s addiction to sexual impurity. Whether readers approach this study as a group or in the privacy of their own space, this workbook will leave them with vital understanding, equipping them to move forward with confidence and hope.

Healing Grace for Hurting People

Healing Grace for Hurting People Author H. Norman Wright
ISBN-10 0830743987
Release 2007-09-04
Pages 256
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Many Christians live in the misery of bitterness, unforgiveness and trauma caused by spouses, parents, grandparents or others who have sinned against them. Although the pain can seem unending, there is hope for those who seek healing grace to cover the sins of those who wronged them. Dr. H. Norman Wright and marriage and family therapist Larry Renetzky give readers specific practical steps to release God’s grace to forgive and to lay the foundation for building bridges of reconciliation. Some who read Healing Grace for Hurting People will relate to the stories of those needing healing grace, such as overachieving Mark who could not give his family love and intimacy, which he never received while growing up. Find out what happened to Mark and his family when Mark learned about the secret of the universe. God’s grace saves us and sustains us. And He expects us to pass it on in our relationships. Learn how God’s reconciling grace and power can resolve conflicts, revitalize marriages heading for divorce and restore broken relationships in families, extended families and other relationships.

Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy Healing Author Csongor Daniel
ISBN-10 9781634508612
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 248
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Widely recognized as one of the most powerful healing methods that have ever been developed, bioenergy healing is relatively easy to learn. Csongor’s unique writing—as if you were listening to him live at one of his seminars—makes this comprehensive book on energy healing a light, yet very informative read. If you are a fast reader, you may learn to heal in only one day. By the end of the book, you will become a healer for a lifetime. Csongor Daniel was one of the first officially recognized bioenergy healers in the former Yugoslavia, trained by the legendary Zdenko Domancic. While his teacher has healed more than a million people, Csongor has no such ambitions. Instead, he would like to teach more than a million of you how to become healers yourselves. Bioenergy Healing will teach you how to feel and see the energy fields of the body and how to manipulate the energy in order to induce healing. QR codes throughout the book enable readers to see the techniques demonstrated in brief videos. Who needs Bioenergy Healing? Anyone who has ever dabbled in healing, but is still looking for the right method; people who read most books on energy healing, but are still puzzled by complicated approaches and explanations; individuals who want to learn energy healing, but are too busy to take months or years of courses; health professionals who want to add a new effective modality to their practices; parents and children who want to help their friends and family members reduce or eliminate pain and heal without drugs. In other words: everyone wanting to help others to heal.


Ecopsychology Author Theodore Roszak
ISBN-10 UOM:39015051505546
Release 1995-10
Pages 338
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This pathfinding collection--by premier psychotherapists, thinkers, and eco-activists in the field--shows how the health of the planet is inextricably linked to the psychological health of humanity, individually and collectively. It is sure to become a definitive work for the ecopsychology movement. Forewords by Lester O. Brown and James Hillman.

Healing Natures Repairing Relationships

Healing Natures  Repairing Relationships Author Robert Lawrence France
ISBN-10 IND:30000116714431
Release 2008
Pages 257
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Presenting emerging perspectives on environmental restoration, this collection of essays by a leading group of environmental scholars combines theoretical discussion with practical approaches. Describing the variety of ways that humans can and should interact with nature, this multi-disciplinary work shares hands-on exercises for engaging urban communities to develop supportive relationships with their surrounding environment. These writings define the paradigm of “restoration design” and the ways that its disciplines and actions can provide humans with a new direction for interrelating with the world in the 21st century.

The Heart of Happiness

The Heart of Happiness Author Julienne Rose
ISBN-10 9781452510996
Release 2013-10-28
Pages 104
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This guide focuses on the idea of heart happiness, a natural state of being that can exist regardless of what is happening in our lives. The Heart of Happiness offers a multi-dimensional perspective exploring seven major issues of life—self, relationships, health and well-being, career or calling, abundance, connecting with others, love and healing. Using these simple change processes can transform any area of your life. Julienne’s latest exploration led her along a fascinating path of selfdiscovery. Through her own personal challenges and observation of the struggles of others, she gradually came to the realisation that there must be an easier, more direct way to work through life’s challenges. She started exploring a channelling process of connecting to her Higher Self. One day, in the very early hours of the morning, Julienne received a spiritual download of information that was to become the basis for The Heart of Happiness. In discovering this way of connecting with her Higher Self, she was both excited and in awe of this new level of insight and awareness. This knowledge has continued to come through, to help Julienne with her own life and to share with others, as an easier way of being in this world. The Heart of Happiness provides insight into a new level of personal awareness and fulfi ls the author’s desire to share this knowledge.

Healing Our Autistic Children

Healing Our Autistic Children Author Julie A. Buckley
ISBN-10 0230102247
Release 2010-01-05
Pages 256
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Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a disease on the autism spectrum--including ADD, learning disabilities, Asperger's, Autism, and PDD--making it today's most common childhood disability. While the medical establishment treats autism as a psychiatric condition and prescribes behaviorally based therapies, Dr. Julie A. Buckley argues that it is a physiological disease that must be medically treated. Part personal story of her battle to heal her autistic daughter, part guide for parents, Healing Our Autistic Children explains simply and accessibly the new treatments and diets that have already proven effective for many families. Told through the case studies of her patients, the book is divided into four typical visits to Dr. Buckley's pediatric practice so that parents can see the progression of initial treatment. Written in a warmly engaging voice, parents new to the diagnosis will: - learn about clinical treatments that work - understand how different foods affect the body and how to begin implementing diets - learn to navigate the medical system and advocate for their child - bridge the communication gap with their pediatrician - discover that recovery is possible