Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Hannah Gurman
ISBN-10 9781595588258
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 304
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The first book of its kind, Hearts and Minds is a scathing response to the grand narrative of U.S. counterinsurgency, in which warfare is defined not by military might alone but by winning the "hearts and minds" of civilians. Dormant as a tactic since the days of the Vietnam War, in 2006 the U.S. Army drafted a new field manual heralding the resurrection of counterinsurgency as a primary military engagement strategy; counterinsurgency campaigns followed in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the fact that counterinsurgency had utterly failed to account for the actual lived experiences of the people whose hearts and minds America had sought to win. Drawing on leading thinkers in the field and using key examples from Malaya, the Philippines, Vietnam, El Salvador, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Hearts and Minds brings a long-overdue focus on the many civilians caught up in these conflicts. Both urgent and timely, this important book challenges the idea of a neat divide between insurgents and the populations from which they emerge—and should be required reading for anyone engaged in the most important contemporary debates over U.S. military policy.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Julian McAllister Groves
ISBN-10 1566394767
Release 1997
Pages 230
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Media coverage of angry protestors and acts of sabotage claim so much public attention that few of us question the stereotypes that have developed around the animal research controversy. Those who support animal testing are routinely dismissed as mad scientists, emotionless logicians, or sadists with little regard for nonhuman creatures, while animal protection activists are dismissed as hysterics, antisocial radicals, or simple folk who prize rabbits and rats over human beings. Julian McAllister Groves takes a fresh look at the arguments and talks to people on both sides to discover what really motivates them. He probes into their ideas and emotions to understand how people get involved and why the arguments become so polarized. Living in a university town that is an important center of biomedical research, Groves could not ignore the intense opposition to research using animals. As he began to analyze the formation and activities of local protest groups, he started to attend meetings and talk to activists about their beliefs. To his surprise, many activists emphasized rational and scientific justifications for their commitment to the movement. Conversely, scientists who spoke with him frequently discussed their use of lab animals in the context of their feelings about pets or a particular animal that they had become attached to.Hearts and Mindslooks past the placards and sound bites to get to the intellectual and psychological reasons that people use to explain their positions. It discards worn generalizations and offers a nuanced portrait of people who are seriously engaged in reconciling their ethics and their behavior. Author note:Julian McAllister Grovesis a lecturer at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the Division of Social Science.

Educating Hearts and Minds

Educating Hearts and Minds Author Catherine C. Lewis
ISBN-10 0521458323
Release 1995-01-27
Pages 249
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The question of how children become eager, motivated learners and caring, responsible citizens has perplexed educators around the world. Educating Hearts and Minds, a portrait of Japanese preschool and early elementary education, offers a fresh perspective on these questions. Its thesis--which will surprise many Americans--is that Japanese schools are successful because they meet children's needs for friendship, belonging, and contribution. This book brings to life what actually happens inside Japanese classrooms. In a sharp departure from most previous accounts, this book suggests that Japanese education succeeds because all children--not just the brightest or best-behaved--somehow come to feel like valued members of the school community. Ironically, Japanese teachers credit John Dewey and other progressive Western educators for many of the techniques that make Japanese schools both caring and challenging, but that never caught on in this country. This book brings to Americans the voices of Japanese classroom teachers--voices that are at once deeply consonant with American aspirations and deeply provocative.

Hearts And Minds

Hearts And Minds Author Amanda Craig
ISBN-10 9780748124831
Release 2010-11-04
Pages 432
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Rich or poor, five people, seemingly very different, find their lives in the capital connected in undreamed-of ways. There is Job, the illegal mini-cab driver whose wife in Zimbabwe no longer answers his letters; Ian, the idealistic supply teacher in exile from South Africa; Katie from New York, jilted and miserable as a dogsbody at a political magazine, and fifteen-year-old Anna, trafficked into sexual slavery. Polly Noble, an overworked human rights lawyer, knows better than most how easy it is to fall through the cracks into the abyss. Yet when her au pair, Iryna, disappears, Polly's own needs and beliefs drag her family into a world of danger, deceit and terror. Riveting, humane, engaging, HEARTS AND MINDS is a novel that is both entertaining and prepared to ask the most serious questions about the way we live.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Dayton Ward
ISBN-10 9781501150142
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 400
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An electrifying thriller from the New York Times bestselling author in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. 2031: United States Air Force fighter jets shoot down an unidentified spacecraft and take its crew into custody. Soon, it’s learned that the ship is one of several dispatched across space by an alien species, the Eizand, to search for a new home before their own world becomes uninhabitable. Fearing extraterrestrial invasion, government and military agencies which for more than eighty years have operated in secret swing into action, charged with protecting humanity no matter the cost... 2386: Continuing their exploration of the Odyssean Pass, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise discover what they at first believe is a previously uncharted world, with a civilization still recovering from the effects of global nuclear war. An astonishing priority message from Starfleet Command warns that there’s more to this planet than meets the eye, and Picard soon realizes that the mysteries of this world may well weave through centuries of undisclosed human history... ™, ®, & © 2016 CBS Studios, Inc. Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Campaigning for Hearts and Minds

Campaigning for Hearts and Minds Author Ted Brader
ISBN-10 0226069885
Release 2006
Pages 280
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Useful for those wishing to understand how American politics is influenced by advertising, this scientific study examines the effects these emotional appeals in political advertising have on voter decision-making.

Partisan Hearts and Minds

Partisan Hearts and Minds Author Donald P. Green
ISBN-10 0300101562
Release 2004
Pages 266
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A treatment of party identification, in which three political scientists argue that identification with political parties powerfully determines how citizens look at politics and cast their ballots. They build a case for the continuing theoretical and political significance of partisan identities.

Losing Hearts and Minds

Losing Hearts and Minds Author Carnes Lord
ISBN-10 0275990826
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 139
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Analyzes the origin and nature of current problems responsible for the troubled state of American public diplomacy, and proposes a comprehensive set of remedies, focusing on necessary organizational changes within U.S. government.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Thomas David Kehoe
ISBN-10 9780965718141
Release 2003
Pages 220
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Mammals raising their young evolved brains hardwired for emotional relationships. Around this mammalian core, humans evolved a new, larger brain for abstract thinking. Too often our abstract thinking gets in the way of emotionally connecting with other people. Hearts and Minds shows you how to improve your relationships by integrating these different brain systems. Plus, you'll find: The best places to meet single men and women (page 93). How young men and women fall in love with mirrors of themselves (page 74), when mature men and women love their real partners, including accepting their faults (page 83). How switching gender roles moves dating into a committed relationship (page 139). How to use conflicts to strengthen a relationship (page 146).

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Bruce Stewart
ISBN-10 UOM:39015069351305
Release 2002
Pages 348
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The Princess Grace Irish Library's 2000 symposium brought together Irish critics and historians to assess the state of culture and society in the 'long nineteenth century' -- 1800-1922 -- during which the Act of Union defined the form of government and representation in Ireland as well as, to a great extent, the forms of opposition. Besides investigating the nature of the Union -- its strengths and weaknesses, its character and progress -- this bicentenary collection considers questions of private conscience and popular consciousness, language and iconography, science and evangelism, Diaspora and disempowerment, terro and consent, memory and amnesia, separation and adherence in the connected spheres of society, politics and culture. It is the thirteenth publication in the Princess Grace Irish Library Literary series.

War of Hearts and Minds

War of Hearts and Minds Author James Jouppi
ISBN-10 9781462042364
Release 2011-10-26
Pages 652
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Under the best of conditions, the Peace Corps experience is somewhat like being parachuted into a human drama unfolding in a different culture. The volunteer may struggle mightily to be understood, but his attempts can be for naught if he misunderstands the framework of his role. Unfortunately, in spite of Peace Corps training, the only way a Peace Corps volunteer can understand the framework of his or her Peace Corps role is to live inside it, or even, as in the case of author James Jouppi, return to the site where he was stationed without the trappings of Peace Corps. In August of 1971, Jouppi arrived in Thailand as part of Peace Corps Thailand Group 38, a civil engineering group slated to work in the most communist-sensitive and most poverty-stricken areas of Thailand for Thailand’s Community Development Department. In War of Hearts and Minds, he documents the challenges of working inside the Peace Corps system, both prior to his work areas being designated red and after that time as well, before moving on to his attempts to work outside the Peace Corps system. Augmented with maps, photographs, and letters, War of Hearts and Minds offers a compelling look into both the politics of Nixon-era America and that of staunchly anti-communist Thailand as Thailand fought a shadow war adjoining the one that was raging in Vietnam and Laos. In his final chapters, Jouppi follows threads from Thailand as they unfold in American culture before providing insights for possible strategies in the future which could bring the goal of worldwide peace and justice closer to frution.

We Meant Well

We Meant Well Author Peter Van Buren
ISBN-10 9781429995238
Release 2011-09-27
Pages 288
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A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction of 2011 title From a State Department insider, the first account of our blundering efforts to rebuild Iraq—a shocking and rollicking true-life tale of Americans abroad Charged with rebuilding Iraq, would you spend taxpayer money on a sports mural in Baghdad's most dangerous neighborhood to promote reconciliation through art? How about an isolated milk factory that cannot get its milk to market? Or a pastry class training women to open cafés on bombed-out streets without water or electricity? According to Peter Van Buren, we bought all these projects and more in the most expensive hearts-and-minds campaign since the Marshall Plan. We Meant Well is his eyewitness account of the civilian side of the surge—that surreal and bollixed attempt to defeat terrorism and win over Iraqis by reconstructing the world we had just destroyed. Leading a State Department Provincial Reconstruction Team on its quixotic mission, Van Buren details, with laser-like irony, his yearlong encounter with pointless projects, bureaucratic fumbling, overwhelmed soldiers, and oblivious administrators secluded in the world's largest embassy, who fail to realize that you can't rebuild a country without first picking up the trash. Darkly funny while deadly serious, We Meant Well is a tragicomic voyage of ineptitude and corruption that leaves its writer—and readers—appalled and disillusioned but wiser.

Battling for Hearts and Minds

Battling for Hearts and Minds Author Steve J. Stern
ISBN-10 9780822388548
Release 2006-09-04
Pages 571
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Battling for Hearts and Minds is the story of the dramatic struggle to define collective memory in Chile during the violent, repressive dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, from the 1973 military coup in which he seized power through his defeat in a 1988 plebiscite. Steve J. Stern provides a riveting narration of Chile’s political history during this period. At the same time, he analyzes Chileans’ conflicting interpretations of events as they unfolded. Drawing on testimonios, archives, Truth Commission documents, radio addresses, memoirs, and written and oral histories, Stern identifies four distinct perspectives on life and events under the dictatorship. He describes how some Chileans viewed the regime as salvation from ruin by Leftists (the narrative favored by Pinochet’s junta), some as a wound repeatedly reopened by the state, others as an experience of persecution and awakening, and still others as a closed book, a past to be buried and forgotten. In the 1970s, Chilean dissidents were lonely “voices in the wilderness” insisting that state terror and its victims be recognized and remembered. By the 1980s, the dissent had spread, catalyzing a mass movement of individuals who revived public dialogue by taking to the streets, creating alternative media, and demanding democracy and human rights. Despite long odds and discouraging defeats, people of conscience—victims of the dictatorship, priests, youth, women, workers, and others—overcame fear and succeeded in creating truthful public memories of state atrocities. Recounting both their efforts and those of the regime’s supporters to win the battle for Chileans’ hearts and minds, Stern shows how profoundly the struggle to create memories, to tell history, matters. Battling for Hearts and Minds is the second volume in the trilogy The Memory Box of Pinochet’s Chile. The third book will examine Chileans’ efforts to achieve democracy while reckoning with Pinochet’s legacy.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Michael Bibby
ISBN-10 0813522986
Release 1996
Pages 250
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The early 1960s to the mid-1970s was one of the most turbulent periods in American history. The U.S. military was engaged in its longest, costliest overseas conflict, while the home front was torn apart by riots, protests, and social activism. In the midst of these upheavals, an underground and countercultural press emerged, giving activists an extraordinary forum for a range of imaginative expressions. Poetry held a prominent place in this alternative media. The poem was widely viewed by activists as an inherently anti-establishment form of free expression, and poets were often in the vanguards of political activism. " ""Hearts and Minds" is the first book-length study of the poems of the Black Liberation, Women's Liberation, and GI Resistance movements during the Vietnam era. Drawing on recent cultural and literary theories, Bibby investigates the significance of images, tropes, and symbols of human bodies in activist poetry. Many key political slogans of the period--"black is beautiful," "off our backs"--foreground the body. Bibby demonstrates that figurations of bodies marked important sites of social and political struggle. Although poetry played such an important role in Vietnam-era activism, literary criticism has largely ignored most of this literature. Bibby recuperates the cultural-historical importance of Vietnam-era activist poetry, highlighting both its relevant contexts and revealing how it engaged political and social struggles that continue to motivate contemporary history. Arguing for the need to read cultural history through these "underground" texts, "Hearts and Minds" offers new grounds for understanding the recent history of American poetry and the role poetry has played as a medium of imaginative political expression.

Brittle Bones Stout Hearts and Minds

Brittle Bones  Stout Hearts and Minds Author Joan Ablon
ISBN-10 9781449618131
Release 2010-10-22
Pages 256
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Brittle Bones, Stout Hearts and Minds is written for patients with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), their families and those who treat them including physicians, nurses, social workers, genetics counselors, and other persons with interests in differing kinds of physical disabilities. The book chronicles life experiences, coping patterns, and strategies for daily living of adults with OI, through personal accounts of medical experiences, education, economics, physical intimacy, dating, marriage, and general lifestyle issues. There are no other comparable books that deal with psychosocial issues of adults with OI.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Author Rosy Thornton
ISBN-10 9780755377022
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 448
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St Radegund's College, Cambridge, which admits only women students, breaks with one hundred and sixty years of tradition by appointing a man, former BBC executive James Rycarte, as its new Head of House. As Rycarte fights to win over the Fellowship in the face of opposition from a group of feminist dons, the Senior Tutor, Dr Martha Pearce, faces her own battles: an academic career in stagnation, a depressed teenage daughter and a marriage which may be foundering. Meanwhile, the college library is susbiding into the fen mud and the students are holding a competition to see who can 'get a snog off the Dean'. The question on everyone’s lips is how long will Rycarte survive at St Radegunds without someone’s help?

Our Latest Longest War

Our Latest Longest War Author Aaron B. O'Connell
ISBN-10 9780226265797
Release 2017-04-03
Pages 400
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The first rule of warfare is to know one’s enemy. The second is to know thyself. More than fifteen years and three quarters of a trillion dollars after the US invasion of Afghanistan, it’s clear that the United States followed neither rule well. America’s goals in Afghanistan were lofty to begin with: dismantle al Qaeda, remove the Taliban from power, remake the country into a democracy. But not only did the mission come completely unmoored from reality, the United States wasted billions of dollars, and thousands of lives were lost. Our Latest Longest War is a chronicle of how, why, and in what ways the war in Afghanistan failed. Edited by historian and Marine lieutenant colonel Aaron B. O’Connell, the essays collected here represent nine different perspectives on the war—all from veterans of the conflict, both American and Afghan. Together, they paint a picture of a war in which problems of culture and an unbridgeable rural-urban divide derailed nearly every field of endeavor. The authors also draw troubling parallels to the Vietnam War, arguing that deep-running ideological currents in American life explain why the US government has repeatedly used armed nation-building to try to transform failing states into modern, liberal democracies. In Afghanistan, as in Vietnam, this created a dramatic mismatch of means and ends that neither money, technology, nor the force of arms could overcome. The war in Afghanistan has been the longest in US history, and in many ways, the most confounding. Few who fought in it think it has been worthwhile. These are difficult topics for any American or Afghan to consider, especially those who lost friends or family in it. This sobering history—written by the very people who have been fighting the war—is impossible to ignore.