History imagination

History   imagination Author Hugh Lloyd-Jones
ISBN-10 UOM:39015002547084
Release 1982-03
Pages 386
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History imagination has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from History imagination also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full History imagination book for free.

History and Imagination

History and Imagination Author Ronald Vaughan Morris
ISBN-10 9781610482998
Release 2012-03-11
Pages 166
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In History and Imagination, elementary school social studies teachers will learn how to help their students break down the walls of their schools, more personally engage with history, and define democratic citizenship. By collaborating together in meaningful investigations into the past and reenacting history, students will become experts who interpret their findings, teach their peers, and relate their experiences to those of older students, neighbors, parents, and grandparents. The byproduct of this collaborative, intergenerational learning is that schools become community learning centers, just like museums and libraries, where families can go together in order to find out more about the topics that interest them. There is an incredible value in the shared and lived experiences of reenacting the past, of meeting people from different places and times: an authority and reality that textbooks cannot rival. By engaging elementary social studies students in living history, whether in the classroom, after school, or in partnership with local historical institutions, teachers are guaranteed to impress upon the students a special, desired understanding of place and time.

History and Imagination

History and Imagination Author R. Cheran
ISBN-10 1894770366
Release 2007
Pages 202
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Tamils, originating in South India and Sri Lanka, constitute a large part of the diasporic South Asians in Canada, as well as the United States, Australia, and Europe. Many of them have fled the civil war in Sri Lanka. This rupture in the physical and imaginative landscape of the Tamils is undoubtedly reflected in the their cultural production and has led to a renewal of their traditional aesthetics, which, in the words of the editors, "no longer adequately [capture] the richness or complexity of Tamil social and creative experience." This collection covers a broad range of topics relating to Tamil culture in the world, all of them examining the ancient traditional aethetics and how they relate to a layered modern reality. This book is therefore of special relevance to the concerns of multiculturalism and globalization. Including essays by: Layne Little, Archana Venkatesan, Susan Schomburg, Anand Pandian, E Annamalai, V Geetha, Ravi Vaitheespara, Chelva Kanaganayakam, Joseph A Chandrakanthan, and R Cheran

History and Imagination

History and Imagination Author Hugh R. Trevor-Roper
ISBN-10 UOM:39015012892470
Release 1980
Pages 22
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History and Imagination has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from History and Imagination also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full History and Imagination book for free.

History of the Imagination

History of the Imagination Author Norman Lock
ISBN-10 1573661155
Release 2004
Pages 223
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A History of the Imagination is a postmodern tale of adventure that reshapes the parameters of time and space, thought and action. In a metaphorical Africa, replete with nostalgia (but no dimensions), anything can happen and usually does. The narrator defends his magical departures, saying his is a history of possibilities, where fiction is "no less real for [it's] being so." But when Darwin's corpse begins to lust after Colette and the African porters go on strike because the author hasn't acknowledged the important role they play, we are left to wonder: just how far is reality from dreams? Norman Lock juxtaposes remote times and places, historical facts and literary fictions, to create an absurdist collage reminiscent of Guy Davenport and Donald Barthelme. In this world it is not impossible to sail from Mombasa to Cinncinati, or to set out from the City of Radiant Objects, where "things are free of the obligation to signify," or to go hunting icebergs in a quest to avenge the Titanic at last. Borne aloft by Wilbur Wright, Jules Verne, Ziegfield, and Houdini, we find ourselves lost again in a "seam in the world...between History and Imagination."

The Philosophers Secret Fire

The Philosophers  Secret Fire Author Patrick Harpur
ISBN-10 0980286522
Release 2007
Pages 384
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Is there any place for the ancient myths of our ancestors in modern times? Could their shadowy presence in our common imagination be more influential than we realise? Across the globe many societies still believe in an Otherworld of spirits, gods and daimons, which the West has banished to the unconscious mind and now only visits in dreams. Yet this visionary tradition continues to subvert the rational universe, erupting out of the shadows in times of intense religious and philosophical transition. In his dazzling history of the imagination, Patrick Harpur links together fields as far apart as Greek philosophy and depth psychology, Renaissance magic and tribal ritual, Romantic poetry and the ecstasy of the shaman, to trace how myths have been used to make sense of the world. He uncovers that tradition which alchemists imagined as a Golden Chain of initiates, who passed their mysterious 'secret fire' down through the ages. As this inspiring book shows, the secret of this perennial wisdom is of an imaginative insight: a simple way of seeing that re-enchants our existence and restores us to our own true selves.

The Everlasting Flame

The Everlasting Flame Author Sarah Stewart
ISBN-10 9781780768090
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 272
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With such ancient beginnings, Zoroastrianism is as remarkably enduring as it is venerable. It has also been influential beyond its own followers, interacting with other, younger faiths: especially their views on evil, messianic notions and ideas about the last days. The power of its sacred scriptures, the Gathas, and the resonance of the message of its founder, Zarathustra (or Zoroaster) transformed it from small beginnings into the principal religion of Iran until the advent of Islam. This richly illustrated book explores the chief themes of Zoroastrianism: its rise during the second millennium BCE; its doctrines, rituals and teachings; its growth into the foremost faith of the Achaemenid and Parthian empires; its consolidation under the Sasanians; its expansion east to China; and the impact it had on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. From Iran to the west coast of India, the story continues with the maritime exodus of the Zoroastrians and their settlement as an immigrant community (now called 'Parsis') under British colonial rule. With chapters by world-leading authorities, this is a vital record of the arts, literatures and cultures of one of the world's most fascinating religious traditions.

The Alphabetic Labyrinth

The Alphabetic Labyrinth Author Johanna Drucker
ISBN-10 0500280681
Release 1995
Pages 320
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Traces the history and evolution of writing from ancient times to the present, and discusses how the letters of the alphabet have been invested with political, mystical, and religious significance over the centuries

History Imagination and the Performance of Music

History  Imagination  and the Performance of Music Author Peter Walls
ISBN-10 1843830051
Release 2003
Pages 184
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Both a defence of research aiming to recover how music sounded in the past and an argument for the application of such historical research to performance.

Music and the Historical Imagination

Music and the Historical Imagination Author Leo Treitler
ISBN-10 0674591291
Release 1989
Pages 336
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Leo Theitler is a central figure in American musicology, both for his writings on medieval and Renaissance music and for his influential work on historical analysis. In this elegant book he develops a powerful statement of what music analysis and criticism in relation to historical understanding can be. His aim is an understanding of the music of the past not only in its own historical context but also as we apprehend it now, and as we assimilate it to our current interests and concerns. He elucidates his views through unique new interpretations of major works from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries.


Metahistory Author Hayden White
ISBN-10 9781421415611
Release 2014-12-04
Pages 480
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Since its initial publication in 1973, Hayden White’s Metahistory has remained an essential book for understanding the nature of historical writing. In this classic work, White argues that a deep structural content lies beyond the surface level of historical texts. This latent poetic and linguistic content—which White dubs the "metahistorical element"—essentially serves as a paradigm for what an "appropriate" historical explanation should be. To support his thesis, White analyzes the complex writing styles of historians like Michelet, Ranke, Tocqueville, and Burckhardt, and philosophers of history such as Marx, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Croce. The first work in the history of historiography to concentrate on historical writing as writing, Metahistory sets out to deprive history of its status as a bedrock of factual truth, to redeem narrative as the substance of historicality, and to identify the extent to which any distinction between history and ideology on the basis of the presumed scientificity of the former is spurious. This fortieth-anniversary edition includes a new preface in which White explains his motivation for writing Metahistory and discusses how reactions to the book informed his later writing. In a new foreword, Michael S. Roth, a former student of White’s and the current president of Wesleyan University, reflects on the significance of the book across a broad range of fields, including history, literary theory, and philosophy. This book will be of interest to anyone—in any discipline—who takes the past as a serious object of study.

Media and Utopia

Media and Utopia Author Arvind #N/A
ISBN-10 9781351558709
Release 2017-07-05
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Collective political projects have become ephemeral and are subject to radical forms of erasure through cooptation, division, redefinition or intimidation in present times. Media and Utopia responds to the resulting crisis of the social by investigating the links between mediation and political imagination. This volume addresses those utopian spaces historically constituted through media, and analyses the conditions that made them possible. Individual essays deal with non-Western histories of technopolitics through distinctive perspectives on how to conceive the relationship between social form, everyday life, and utopian possibility, and by examining a range of media formats and genres ? from print, sound, and film to new media. With contributions from major scholars in the field, this book will be of interest to researchers and scholars of media studies, culture studies, sociology, modern South Asian history, and politics.

Ethnography and the historical imagination

Ethnography and the historical imagination Author John L. Comaroff
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018407152
Release 1992-07-19
Pages 337
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In their writings on Africa and colonialism, John and Jean Comaroff have explored some of the fundamental questions of social science, delving into the nature of history and human agency, culture and consciousness, ritual and representation. How are human differences constructed and institutionalized, transformed and (sometimes) resisted? How do local cultures articulate with global forms? How is the power of some people over others built, sustained, eroded, and negated?These essays work toward an “imaginative sociology,” demonstrating the techniques by which social science may capture the contexts that human beings construct and inhabit. In the introduction the authors offer their most complete statement to date on historical anthropology. Standing apart from the traditional disciplines of social history and modernist social science, their work is dedicated to discovering how human worlds are made and signified, forgotten and remade.

Constructing Jesus

Constructing Jesus Author Dale C. Allison
ISBN-10 9780801035852
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 588
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An internationally renowned Jesus scholar rethinks our knowledge of the historical Jesus in light of recent progress in the scientific study of memory.

Past Looking

Past Looking Author Michael Ann Holly
ISBN-10 0801483026
Release 1996
Pages 214
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Michael Ann Holly asserts that historical interpretation of the pictorial arts is always the intellectual product of a dynamic exchange between past and present. Recent theory emphasizes the subjectivity of the historian and the ways in which any interpretation betrays the presence of an interpreter. She challenges that view, arguing that historical objects of representational art are actively engaged in prefiguring the kinds of histories that can be written about them. Holly directs her attention to early modern works of visual art and their rhetorical roles in legislating the kinds of tales told about them by a few classic cultural commentaries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Burckhardt's synchronic vision of the Italian Renaissance, Wolfflin's exemplification of the Baroque, Schapiro's and Freud's dispute over the meaning of Leonardo's art, and Panofsky's exegesis of disguised symbolism in Northern Renaissance painting. Convinced that reciprocity between works of visual art and the historian depends on the relationship between objecthood and subjectivity, Holly explores a range of contemporary theoretical perspectives, asking how works become intelligible to those who write about them. If dynamic interpretation demands that art historians come to terms with what they do to the work, it is equally useful to see what the work of art does to them.

Frontiers of Historical Imagination

Frontiers of Historical Imagination Author Kerwin Lee Klein
ISBN-10 0520924185
Release 1997-07-29
Pages 388
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The American frontier, a potent symbol since Europeans first stepped ashore on North America, serves as the touchstone for Kerwin Klein's analysis of the narrating of history. Klein explores the traditions through which historians, philosophers, anthropologists, and literary critics have understood the story of America's origin and the way those understandings have shaped and been shaped by changing conceptions of history. The American West was once the frontier space where migrating Europe collided with Native America, where the historical civilizations of the Old World met the nonhistorical wilds of the New. It was not only the cultural combat zone where American democracy was forged but also the ragged edge of History itself, where historical and nonhistorical defied and defined each other. Klein maintains that the idea of a collision between people with and without history still dominates public memory. But the collision, he believes, resounds even more powerfully in the historical imagination, which creates conflicts between narration and knowledge and carries them into the language used to describe the American frontier. In Klein's words, "We remain obscurely entangled in philosophies of history we no longer profess, and the very idea of 'America' balances on history's shifting frontiers."

The Historical Imagination in Early Modern Britain

The Historical Imagination in Early Modern Britain Author Donald R. Kelley
ISBN-10 0521590698
Release 1997-09-13
Pages 374
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Distinguished historians and literary scholars explore the overlap, interplay, and interaction between history and fiction.