I Am Strong

I Am Strong Author John S. Dickerson
ISBN-10 9780310341925
Release 2015-12-29
Pages 224
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I Am Strong by John Dickerson is the link between your weakness and God’s strength. Can we believe that? You call out to God. Your problems get worse. You suffer and wait for him. And you continue to just wait. It’s what Paul called the thorn in the flesh that bothers us day and night. But Paul learned a special secret about life, which you too can learn. He learned to let weakness be the inlet for God’s strength to rush into his life. “When I am weak”—when I feel my thorn—“then I am strong.” And the truth transformed his life. It can transform yours, too. In its chapters I Am Strong equips you to: -Unlock God’s strength for your difficulties. -Understand how a loving God will resolve the pain in your world. -Know God’s plan for your own inadequacy and hurt. -Overcome your circumstances as Christ and Paul did. -Discover the life-changing power of God’s strength where you are weakest. No matter how dark your night or how deep your pit—your Heavenly Father wants to give you a front row seat as He works good in the midst of your difficulty.

I Am Strong In My Spirit

I Am Strong In My Spirit Author Dr. Rimaletta Ray
ISBN-10 9781483621029
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 131
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“I am Strong in My Spirit” By Dr. Rimaletta Ray The book “ I am Strong in my Spirit” is a collection of psychologically-charged boosters and mind-sets , presented in a poetic form which appears to be more perceptive , instructional, and inspirational than just numerous self- help books of that value on the market. The verses program the readers’ minds on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels, or dimensions. They are a soul-to soul and mind-to mind interaction of a reader with the author who views the spiritual development as the major path that we have to pursue, without specifying what particular religious affiliation we might be having. The book calls upon us to get united in our evolutionary aspirations and start respecting our mental, emotional, and physical identities in terms of the Universal Mind’s supervision of our evolution as a human race in space and in time.

When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong

When I Am Weak  Then I Am Strong Author Pam Gray
ISBN-10 1449722024
Release 2011-07-27
Pages 148
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Have you lived through a chronic illness or a tragic event in your life? Did you question how God could use such a horrific incident for his glory? When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong is an account of the many varied experiences that Pam Gray endured and how God used each of these occasions to strengthen her faith. Later, God used these heartbreaking episodes to benefit others who were going through the same thing. Pam found that when she was at her weakest points in life, that is when God made her strong. Discover: • How to cope during a traumatic event or devastating diagnosis • How to keep your faith during adversities • How to minister to others • How to make your life count • How miracles still happen today God can use your tragedy so that others can see Jesus Christ and his wondrous grace, love, and mercy.

When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong

When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong Author C. J. Camp
ISBN-10 9780595228638
Release 2002-05
Pages 120
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Are you an alcoholic/addict? Do you love one? Need help? From: Part One: My Story I remember when I was in the third grade. I came home one day to find that my older brother, John, had a two-inch gash in his head. It was about one-quarter-inch deep. My mother, who had wielded a croquet mallet Lizzy Borden fashion, had put it there. She had then poured iodine in the wound. I remember my brother saying that he could feel the iodine burning as it slowly cascaded down between his scalp and his skull. I wasn't surprised, except in the viciousness of this particular incident This is not your typical recovery feel-good book. My point of view comes from one who has been on the "front lines" all of his life. As an innocent child caught in an abusive family environment, as an alcoholic in early, middle, and late stages, and as a drug and sex addict. I know the progression and self-destruction that inevitably accompanies addiction. I know what it feels like to become willing to do things that I never thought I would ever do to get that next "high" in order to escape from the reality that I had created for myself. There is nothing else that quite compares. I also know the hope and power of recovery. I know the joy of climbing up and out of darkness and into the light of day after years of terrifying descent. I have successfully recovered and I have helped many others to do so, not as an occupation, but as part of my own recovery. I feel that I am in a unique position to help those who are still lost (and their loved ones), provided that they are willing, and to guide them out of the "living hell" that is addiction. I pray that this book will help spread the message of hope to alcoholics/addicts and their families everywhere. C. J. Camp

I Am Strong I Am Smart

I Am Strong  I Am Smart Author Fay A. Klingler
ISBN-10 0989787109
Release 2014-02-20
Pages 40
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Luisa May, known to her family and friends as Lu, loves to play games with her Grandma. When she's bullied at school, Grandma has a special puzzle for Lu to help her see how valuable she is – no matter what others say, or how much doubt she feels within herself. Soon after, Grandma has to go to the hospital, and Lu finds out Grandma needs help recovering. Then it's Lu's turn to help Grandma see how valuable she is – no matter how much doubt she feels within herself. It's a beautiful parallel for young and old alike, as each age learns from the other.

Social Anxiety I ll make you STRONG

Social Anxiety  I  ll make you STRONG Author Christa Graves
ISBN-10 9783864798832
Release 2012-06-28
Pages 54
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Are you shy? Do you find yourself being held back by worrying thoughts of what others might think or say to you? This book will give you the tools and techniques required to confront your fears and uproot their original causes. You will feel in control of your life again and become calmer then ever before.Just follow the instructions contained within and notice your fears melt away. EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques is a variation of Energy Psychology and it lends itself particularly well to a "Do It Yourself" approach to self development. By simply tapping a few key acupuncture points, while simultaneously repeating certain phrases the body starts releasing the blockages that have stopped you from living your full potential.

Bleach Vol 66

Bleach  Vol  66 Author Tite Kubo
ISBN-10 9781421589718
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 187
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With Hitsugaya as her own personal zombie, Gigi continues her attack against the other soul reapers. Does Mayuri have a plan to turn the fight around? Meanwhile, Yhwach and his strongest warriors head toward the royal palace to face off against Squad Zero! -- VIZ Media

I Am Strong and Stripy Fast and Fierce I Live in the Jungle Who Am I

I Am Strong and Stripy  Fast and Fierce  I Live in the Jungle  Who Am I Author Moira Butterfield
ISBN-10 1841381225
Release 1996
Pages 32
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This book opens with a simple riddle, followed by illustrations showing different parts of an animal's body, first the ear, then the eye, the coat and so on, until the whole tiger is revealed. Accompanying text provides further clues to the animal's identity and gives an insight into how it lives. The book concludes with a picture of the animals's babies, an illustration of its habitat, a map of its home and a fun quiz.

I Am a Girl and I Am Smart and I Am Strong and I Can Do Anything

I Am a Girl  and I Am Smart  and I Am Strong  and I Can Do Anything Author The Big Journal Company
ISBN-10 1544269730
Release 2017-03-08
Pages 100
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This inspiring and empowering blank paperback book for girls is 7" x 10" and can be used as a notebook or writing journal. Containing 100 pages of lined white paper, it is the perfect place for girls to write, note and jot down their to-do lists, notes and ideas (and of course, outline their plans to change the world!).

A Sword in the Wilderness

A Sword in the Wilderness Author Ki Sung Kim
ISBN-10 9781493111558
Release 2013-10-10
Pages 189
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“Ki Sung’s whole life is a testimony of radical discipleship, ‘radical’ meaning ‘living as a disciple should live.’” David E Ross, founder of YWAM Korea and director of YWAM-AIIM Pneuma Springs “If you want adventure, faith, love, radical commitment, and Jesus, then this is the book for you! “‘A Sword in the Wilderness’ is a real life, modern day look at the Book of Acts in the Bible.” Rev. Arthur Blessitt

Who Am I

Who Am I Author Moira Butterfield
ISBN-10 9835018561
Release 1998
Pages 27
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Who Am I has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Who Am I also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Who Am I book for free.

The Everyday Visionary

The Everyday Visionary Author Jesse Duplantis
ISBN-10 141658045X
Release 2008-07-08
Pages 256
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One of the world's most humorous and dynamic ministers inspires readers to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams using the power of "determined" thoughts. Life is about dreaming, doing, and enjoying yourself in the process. Sometimes it might seem as if your dreams are just too wildly improbable, or there are too many obstacles standing in your way, or you've missed your window of opportunity. But if those dreams are divinely inspired, hope is far from lost. You just need to know how to visualize the path to your dream to make it a reality. Born a poor Cajun boy in south Louisiana, Jesse Duplantis was a rock musician in his early years and, after a life-changing experience with God, became one of the most candid, and popular, ministers of the Gospel today. For thirty years Jesse Duplantis has demonstrated what life can be when you focus on finding your personal path and nurturing a closer relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Jesse believes God can help anyone to succeed--no matter who you are or where you come from. Weaving visionary-style thinking with powerful life principles and stories from his own life, Jesse shares what destiny really is, how to find yours, and how to avoid letting others kill your joy. You'll also learn about the "Greatest Weaknesses" and "Destiny Killers" that have prevented people from achieving their goals. Other key topics Jesse explores include: • The amazing power of human imagination: God gave it to you for a reason! • The strategic power of "determined" thoughts: Learn to use them and see results. • What to do if you feel it's too late for your dream: God-given dreams have no expiration dates. • Why you can't have what you speak against: Use the magnetic power of words to draw in what you know is yours. • How to overcome discouragement: It's okay to shut the door on negativity. • The big picture: You are important to God, and your dreams and visionary-style thinking may affect future generations. As Jesse says, "Somebody is going to succeed...why not you?" You can experience real joy, ful-fillment, and success by following God's path to your dreams!


Emotions Author Kimberly Lane
ISBN-10 9781469167008
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 66
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Laufen lernt man nur durch Hinfallen

Laufen lernt man nur durch Hinfallen Author Brené Brown
ISBN-10 9783641197124
Release 2016-07-25
Pages 352
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Wahre innere Stärke erwächst nicht aus Siegen, sondern aus Niederlagen: Gerade zu straucheln und hinzufallen, birgt die Chance für inneres Wachstum und weist uns den Weg zu Weisheit, Hoffnung und einem tieferen Lebenssinn. Die US-amerikanische Starpsychologin Brené Brown erforscht seit vielen Jahren die Gesetzmäßigkeiten innerer Stärke. Anschaulich und anhand vieler Beispiele beschreibt sie den Entwicklungsprozess, der uns in Krisenzeiten positiv formt: Wir lernen, mit Scham umzugehen. Uns trotz widriger Umstände als wertvoll zu empfinden. Gehen das Wagnis ein, uns in unserer Verletzlichkeit zu zeigen. Entwickeln den Mut, uns über die eigenen Grenzen hinauszuwagen und unser Leben aktiv zu gestalten – und sind schließlich stärker als je zuvor.


Strong Author Laura Jane
ISBN-10 9781450032315
Release 2010-01-28
Pages 96
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Strong is a story about a young girl called Lexii with big dreams for her future and her dancing career. She has been dreaming about gaining a place in Oakhill Dance Academy, the best dance school in Australia for girls over the age of twelve, since she was just a little girl. It is just a few months until the auditions and Lexii just about has it all. Great friends, private dance coach, a loving family. She is top of the class in many subjects and is extremely talented at dance. She had a gift when it came to movement. But then it all happened. Her life went downhill from there. It started off with her older brother Sam, being sent off to a boarding school, all the way to the country, because of his unruly behaviour and passionate beliefs, leaving Lexii as an only child. Lexii doesn’t know how to cope; she idolized her brother. She wasn’t one of those kind of girls who always fought with their siblings. On top of that a string of disasters came her way including her best friend Rianna being diagnosed with Leukemia, her dance school closing down, and her being rushed to hospital with concussion. Lexii is literally just about to give up on the concept of getting into Oakhill. At that moment she had an empty hole in her stomach, one that couldn’t be mended no matter how hard she tried to be optimistic. Dance just wasn’t an option at the moment. Plus there was no possible way that she could even make the auditions. She had no one to coach her, no-where to practice, and more importantly no one to support her. Then her number one, arch-enemy, Dana comes along and confronts Lexii with a shocking fact and Lexii immediately is stabbed with guilt and as well as that, disappointment in herself. The two girls decide to pair up and create a dance together, hoping to still have a chance to win the auditions. Dana and Lexii surprisingly have a great time together; each rehearsal brings them closer together. They even almost die together, when they are stranded in a building that is about to be bulldozed right to the ground. But then someone saves them. Can you guess who it is? The audition day comes and the two friends are just about ready. They make their way up to the audition hall and later their names are called. As they are dancing their dance Lexii trips,causing them to be disqualified. But it doesn’t stop there. The characters in the book are completely just created from my imagination. I created Rianna, Lexii’s best friend, to be someone who everyone wants to be friends with, and the Diva’s, the most popular group in Lexii’s school, to be fierce and cruel; the kind of people who everyone is afraid of but secretly admires. I am hoping that this book appeals to a wide range of people. The age group that I tried to target is from girls and boys as young as eight years old all through to people who are fourteen years old. Anyone who loves dance could relate to Lexii and anyone who feels that their life is just way to dull for words could probably learn a few lessons or two. Mainly this book is for those who love to read genres of all kinds. Fear, death, depression, sicknesses, talent, family, excitement and happiness. It is all in this book. The main message that I tried to get across is that no matter how hard your life is, how unfortunate things may seem in you life, don’t stop believing in yourself. Always have faith that you can achieve your dreams because if you really work for it, nothing is impossible. I also tried to put across the idea that it is better to never judge someone when you hardly even know them. In the book Lexii completely judges Dana without even really knowing her. It turned out that the perfect life that Lexii thought Dana had wasn’t really perfect at all. In fact far from it. I wrote this book because I always wanted to be an author. I dreamed about the thought of being one since I was about seven. That’s when I really started to get into writing. To be honest I wasn

Healing Walks for Hard Times

Healing Walks for Hard Times Author Carolyn Scott Kortge
ISBN-10 0834822377
Release 2010-08-10
Pages 208
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Sometimes life’s hurdles literally stop us in our tracks, sapping vitality and preventing us from participating fully in our own lives and the lives of those we love. Carolyn Scott Kortge recognizes that a key to joyous re-engagement with the world can be—just as literally—to get moving again. With a focus on walking for wellness, Kortge outlines a compassionate, practical program for navigating your way through life’s physical, emotional, and spiritual hard times. Within the supportive framework of this eight-week walking program you set your own pace, taking steps that restore a sense of balance and order, even if you’re weighed down by the lethargy and loss of control that often accompany illness, depression, or trauma. Discover how to link mental focus with physical movement to create healing periods of stress release. Learn to match your steps with meditation in a way that clears a path through confusion. Move forward, literally, both in good times and in tough ones, with mental and physical steps that lead you away from fear or stress and guide you toward wellness and peace. Engage in a path to recovery that attends to not just the physical, but also acknowledges healing as an emotional, spiritual, and mental journey—a journey of survivorship. To learn more about the author, visit her website at walksthatheal.com.

Hearts Beat Strong

Hearts Beat Strong Author B. M. Fischer
ISBN-10 9781456623463
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 190
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We live in a world where vital truths have been forgotten. It is a world unlike what we have been told. It is a world with extraterrestrials, secret societies, and hidden agendas. It is a world where deep currents struggle just below the surface. Until now. This is a story of one soul, manifest in three people. This is a story of conflicts between masculine and feminine energies, the future and the past, and the rulers and the ruled. This is the story of all of humanity and the one thing that can save it: True Love. Can you learn the truth and not lose yourself along the way? Can the elites learn to embrace their working class brothers once again? Can the victims of mind control, persecution and genocide learn to forgive their oppressors? Can we face the reality that we are not, and never have been, alone? Will humanity be faced with a dark and disastrous New World Order timeline? Or can we save ourselves and build a future in which we travel the stars as a loving and peaceful people? Hearts Beat Strong is the story of us, and how we can and will move into the future.