Julie von den W lfen

Julie von den W  lfen Author Jean Craighead George
ISBN-10 3737361843
Release 2010
Pages 160
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Julie von den W lfen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Julie von den W lfen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Julie von den W lfen book for free.

Julie s Wolf Pack

Julie s Wolf Pack Author Jean Craighead George
ISBN-10 1442017058
Release 2009-07-10
Pages 192
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Julie finally finds the pack and is reunited with the family of wolves with which she had lived, but all is not safe and secure for them as the new pack leader, Kapu, is inexperienced in leading the family to food and safety

Teacher s Guide Julie s Wolf Pack

Teacher s Guide  Julie s Wolf Pack Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:47522911
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"Julie's Wolf Pack" is a children's book about a wolf pack in Alaska and its relationship with the Eskimos, told from the point of view of the wolves. American author and illustrator Jean Craighead George (1919- ) wrote "Julie's Wolf Pack," which is a sequel to "Julie and the Wolves." HarperCollins Children's Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, provides a teacher's guide for this book. The guide features interdisciplinary activities and discussion questions.

Teaching Banned Books

Teaching Banned Books Author Pat Scales
ISBN-10 0838908071
Release 2001-01
Pages 134
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Who hasn't read Blubber? And yet, published in 1974 and a New York Times Outstanding Book, it remains one of the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books and is kept out of many school libraries. As a standard-bearer for intellectual freedom, the school librarian is in an ideal position to collaborate with teachers to not only protect the freedom to read but also ensure that valued books with valuable lessons are not quarantined from the readers for whom they were written. In this classroom and library-ready book of discussion guides, award-winning champion of children's literature Pat Scales shows that there is a way to teach these books while respecting all views. The twelve books chosen for inclusion in Teaching Banned Books, all challenged at one time or another, are jumping off points for rich and engaging discussion among young readers, their librarians and teachers, and their parents. Each guide includes a summary of the novel, a pre-reading activity, tips for introducing the topic, critical-thinking discussion questions, and an annotated bibliography of related fiction and nonfiction. Describing a literature discussion program she set up as a middle school librarian, Scales

Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves Author Jean Craighead George
ISBN-10 0760727902
Release 2001-09-30
Pages 588
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Three books by Jean Craighead George, one of today's most celebrated writers for young people, form a captivating trilogy.

Erz hlende Kinder und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht

Erz  hlende Kinder  und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht Author Jan Standke
ISBN-10 9783825286538
Release 2016-09-12
Pages 411
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Erz hlende Kinder und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Erz hlende Kinder und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Erz hlende Kinder und Jugendliteratur im Deutschunterricht book for free.

Children s Literature and Culture

Children   s Literature and Culture Author Harry Edwin Eiss
ISBN-10 9781443808637
Release 2009-03-26
Pages 220
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This collection of scholarship on the world of the child offers an eclectic overview of several aspects of youth culture today. The first essay focuses on Donna Williams, Joanna Greenberg, Temple Grandin and other children whose unusual minds raise questions that take us deep into the mysteries of all of human existence. The second, “Colonel Mustard in the Library With The Sims: From Board Games to Video Games and Back,” gives a historical context and theoretical frame for considering contemporary video and board games in our current age of television The third, “Just a Fairy, His Wits, and Maybe a Touch of Magic; Magic, Technology, and Self-Reliance in Contemporary Fantasy Fiction,” takes on the technological world of childhood, in this case considering how it is represented in three fantasy series, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl and Faerie Wars, The fourth essay offers a detailed view of the history of children’s literature in China, including discussions of the important philosophical views that controlled what got taught and how, detailed charts of significant historic dates, genres of children’s literature, and award winning books of Chinese literature. The fifth considers contemporary Western world consumerism, in this case three popular book series, Clique, Gossip Girl, and The A-List, all published by Alloy for teenage girls. The sixth, “Surfing the Series: A Rhizomic Reading of Series Fiction,” once again deals with series fiction. The seventh explores the recent “Monet Mania” that has sparked interest in the great Impressionist Claude Monet among adults and educators. The final essay, “Jean Craighead George’s Alaskan Children’s Books: Love and Survival,” focuses on her book Julie of the Wolves and how it expresses aspects of Alaskan culture.

Picturing the Wolf in Children s Literature

Picturing the Wolf in Children s Literature Author Debra Mitts-Smith
ISBN-10 9781135765712
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 218
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From the villainous beast of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs,” to the nurturing wolves of Romulus and Remus and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, the wolf has long been a part of the landscape of children’s literature. Meanwhile, since the 1960s and the popularization of scientific research on these animals, children’s books have begun to feature more nuanced views. In Picturing the Wolf in Children’s Literature, Mitts-Smith analyzes visual images of the wolf in children’s books published in Western Europe and North America from 1500 to the present. In particular, she considers how wolves are depicted in and across particular works, the values and attitudes that inform these depictions, and how the concept of the wolf has changed over time. What she discovers is that illustrations and photos in works for children impart social, cultural, and scientific information not only about wolves, but also about humans and human behavior. First encountered in childhood, picture books act as a training ground where the young learn both how to decode the “symbolic” wolf across various contexts and how to make sense of “real” wolves. Mitts-Smith studies sources including myths, legends, fables, folk and fairy tales, fractured tales, fictional stories, and nonfiction, highlighting those instances in which images play a major role, including illustrated anthologies, chapbooks, picture books, and informational books. This book will be of interest to children’s literature scholars, as well as those interested in the figure of the wolf and how it has been informed over time.

A Guide for Using My Side of the Mountain in the Classroom

A Guide for Using My Side of the Mountain in the Classroom Author Debra Housel
ISBN-10 9780743930611
Release 2001
Pages 48
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Scholastic Book Guides...Time Saving Tools for Reading Success! Teaching with trade books is effective and manageable with Scholastic Book Guides-each guide has everything teachers need to build important skills for successful instruction in reading. Guides include: Book summary and author information to build background and prior knowledge Vocabulary-builders to help your students learn important word meanings for better comprehension Discussion questions to deepen understanding, and build and check comprehension Reproducible graphic organizers and writing activities to extend the meaning of the text Effective management ideas for whole class, small group, and independent instruction. For use with Grades 6-9.

Children s Literature Review

Children s Literature Review Author Gale Group
ISBN-10 0787651222
Release 2002-08-01
Pages 272
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Presents literary criticism on writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, monographs, reviews, and scholarly papers.

The Ice Pack Box Set Julie s Story

The Ice Pack Box Set  Julie s Story Author Chrissy Peebles
Release 2016-07-01
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This is The Ice Pack in one easy, convenient bundle. Book 1 - Frozen Paws Book 2 - Winter's Wolf Book 3 - The Ice Pack Julie (Taylor’s best friend from The Crush Saga) leaves Big Bear Lake when she is chased by evil that wants to consume her powers. She dyes her hair, packs her stuff, and goes on the run… She hooks up with a werewolf pack that is branched off from The Ice Pack. They vow to help her. But can she really hide from her enemies? Julie is eighteen years old, discreetly going about her life as the daughter of a witch. Her biggest concern is trying to convince her mother to let her marry her boyfriend, a werewolf. Everything changes when, after a fight with her mother, Julie goes for a drive and ends up in a car accident. The other driver gets out of his car and attacks Julie with inhuman strength. She is forced to use magic to defend herself, and accidentally kills her attacker in the process. A few short hours later, the same man walks out of the hospital without a scratch on him. Julie goes on the run, hunted by a coven of vampires long thought to be extinct. Even in a town full of Immortals, Julie is not safe. The only way for her to stop running is to defeat the vampires that hunt her. With help from two new friends and fellow vampires, Julie goes on a journey to find three rare ingredients to use in a potion that will destroy the entire coven that hunts her. She constantly battles not only against vampires, shape-shifters and ghosts—but also with herself. Can she learn what it means to be part of a pack? The answer will determine her success or failure.


Julie Author Jean Craighead George
ISBN-10 9781448121014
Release 2012-03-31
Pages 224
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Julie has been reunited with her long-lost father, who, although retaining some of the old traditions, has also embraced many of the new 'western' approaches to life. Once again Julie - or Miyax, her Eskimo name - feels torn in two. She loves her father but the new way of farming he's adopted means killing wolves. Even Julie's beloved wolf 'family', if necessary. With the help of her soul-mate, Peter, Julie decides to take action and put her life on the line. She heads out onto the tundra in an attempt to protect her wolves once and for always. . .

Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves Author Glencoe
ISBN-10 0028179986
Release 2000-03-03
Pages 130
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While running away from home and an unwanted marriage, a thirteen-year-old Eskimo girl becomes lost on the North Slope of Alaska and is befriended by a wolf pack.

Die Seelen der Nacht

Die Seelen der Nacht Author Deborah Harkness
ISBN-10 9783641093389
Release 2012-07-18
Pages 832
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Eine Liebe, stärker als das Leben selbst ... Diana Bishop ist Historikerin mit Leib und Seele. Dass in ihr zudem das Blut eines uralten Hexengeschlechts fließt, versucht sie im Alltag mit aller Kraft zu ignorieren. Doch als Diana in der altehrwürdigen Bodleian-Bibliothek in Oxford ein magisches Manuskript in die Hände fällt, kann sie ihre Herkunft nicht länger verleugnen: Hexen, Dämonen und Vampire heften sich an ihre Fersen, um ihr das geheime Wissen zu entlocken – wenn nötig mit Gewalt. Hilfe erfährt Diana ausgerechnet von Matthew Clairmont, Naturwissenschaftler, 1500 Jahre alter Vampir – und der Mann, der Diana bald schon mehr bedeuten wird als ihr eigenes Leben ... Ein mitreißender, wundervoll erzählter Roman über Magie, Abenteuer und Romantik.

Biss Jubil umsausgabe Biss zum Morgengrauen Biss in alle Ewigkeit

Biss Jubil  umsausgabe   Biss zum Morgengrauen   Biss in alle Ewigkeit Author Stephenie Meyer
ISBN-10 9783646928860
Release 2015-10-17
Pages 848
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Feiert mit uns das zehnjährige Jubiläum von „Biss zum Morgengrauen“! In dieser Sonderdoppelausgabe ist sowohl der erste Band von Stephenie Meyers „Biss“-Saga als auch eine überraschende Neuerzählung des Romans enthalten – „Biss in alle Ewigkeit“. Dieses Buch enthält über 400 Seiten neuen Lesestoff und ist mit einem außergewöhnlichem Doppelcover ausgestattet. Lasst euch aufs Neue von dieser romantischen Liebe verzaubern. In „Biss in alle Ewigkeit“ erzählt Stephenie Meyer die Geschichte über Bella und Edward mit umgekehrten Vorzeichen und lässt die Leser den Kultroman auf ganz neue Weise erleben: ein Teenager und eine Vampirin verstricken sich in eine Liebe gegen jede Vernunft – und bieten „Biss“-Fans neuen Lesestoff mit Suchtpotenzial. „Biss zum Morgengrauen“ hat seit seiner Veröffentlichung 2005 (in Deutschland 2006) Millionen von Lesern in seinen Bann gezogen. Mit 155 Millionen verkauften Exemplaren weltweit ist die „Biss“-Saga bis heute einer der größten internationalen Bucherfolge überhaupt und hat darüber hinaus genreprägend gewirkt. Die Geschichte von Bella und Edward ist längst ein moderner Klassiker, der wesentlich zur Popularität der romantischen All Age-Literatur beigetragen hat. „Biss zum Morgengrauen“ stand u. a. auf Platz 1 der New York Times Bestsellerliste, wurde als Time Magazine Young Adult Book of all Times und als New York Times Editor`s Choice ausgezeichnet. Zur „Biss“-Saga gehören außer „Biss zum Morgengrauen“ die Bände „Biss zur Mittagsstunde”, „Biss zum Abendrot“, „Biss zum Ende der Nacht“, „Biss zum ersten Sonnenstrahl: Das kurze zweite Leben der Bree Tanner“ und „Die Welt von Bella und Edward – Das Biss-Handbuch“.

100 Most Popular Children s Authors

100 Most Popular Children s Authors Author Sharron L. McElmeel
ISBN-10 1563086468
Release 1999
Pages 495
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A guide based on a 1997 survey of popular children's book authors provides biographical sketches and selected bibliographies for such writers as Beverly Cleary, Lois Lawry, Lewis Carroll, Mary Downing Hahn, and C.S. Lewis.

Something about the Author

Something about the Author Author Lisa Kumar
ISBN-10 0787687944
Release 2006-09-08
Pages 224
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Something about the Author has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Something about the Author also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Something about the Author book for free.