L L Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

L L  Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing Author Richard W. Talleur
ISBN-10 1585746320
Release 2002
Pages 344
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Extensively illustrated in full color, this comprehensive guide to the world of fly fishing offers in depth coverage of the equipment and techniques of the sport, safety precautions, fly tying, fly casting, the biology of fish, and more, along with tips and advice on how to improve skills, find the best places to fish, and purchase the right equipment and tackle.

L L Bean Fly Fishing Handbook

L L  Bean Fly Fishing Handbook Author Dave Whitlock
ISBN-10 9781461749707
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 196
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The newest edition of a fly fishing classic by one of the sports most noted authors and illustrators.

L L Bean Fly Fishing for Bass Handbook

L L  Bean Fly Fishing for Bass Handbook Author Dave Whitlock
ISBN-10 1585740799
Release 2000
Pages 178
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Fly rodding for largemouth and smallmouth bass and other warmwater gamefish has really taken off in the past decade. Leading the way into this new fishing frontier is Dave Whitlock, one of America's most famous and innovative fishermen. His flies, videos, and seminars have pioneered new possibilities for bass fishermen everywhere.In this all-encompassing handbook, Whitlock introduces and examines angling techniques that will enable even beginners to catch bass on a fly rod. There are chapters on the different basses and their habitats, the best balanced tackle to use, casting and fishing techniques and tactics, innovative flies, how to fish on both lakes and streams, and much more. (7 X 10, 192 pages, color photos, illustrations, diagrams, charts)

L L Bean Fly Casting Handbook Revised and Updated

L L  Bean Fly Casting Handbook  Revised and Updated Author Macauley Lord
ISBN-10 9781461748717
Release 2007-03-01
Pages 156
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This updated, all-color edition of the famous L.L. Bean Fly-Casting Handbook is based on the methods time-tested in the Bean Fly Fishing Schools.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Author Tom Rosenbauer
ISBN-10 0941130924
Release 1988-06-01
Pages 256
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A complete, down-to-earth, and practical introduction to the sport of fly fishing. All the important elements and types of fly fishing are presented.

Keystone Fly Fishing

Keystone Fly Fishing Author Henry Ramsay
ISBN-10 1934753459
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 432
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The definitive, up-to-date guide to Pennsylvania's best fly fishing by regional experts and guides. Includes over 200 rivers and streams across the state as well as information on where to fish for trout, smallmouth bass, and other game fish species. First ever guidebook to the state written by a group of regional experts (professional guides, fly fishing instructors, lecturers, fly tiers) to provide insider knowledge to the best fishing opportunities. Stunning color photographs, accurate maps (created with GIS), and over 200 local fly patterns are featured.

Fly Fishing Made Easy

Fly Fishing Made Easy Author Dave Card
ISBN-10 9781461748458
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 240
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Clearly written and generously illustrated, this book presents a practical, informative approach, geared specifically toward novice and intermediate anglers. You'll learn how to select the right equipment, master basic as well as intermediate casting techniques, read the water in order to find the fish, study various types of water bugs to determine what the fish are feeding on and pick the right fly for the job.

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die Author Chris Santella
ISBN-10 9781613120729
Release 2012-11-16
Pages 224
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Amateur or expert, every angler dreams of landing the big one, but that's only part of the appeal of fly fishing. Because even when hours pass without a bite, nothing beats the rugged beauty of the surroundings. For both armchair travelers and avid outdoorsmen who may have already started a checklist of their own, Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die maps out the meccas of the fly-fishing world. Through in-depth interviews with the sport's acknowledged gurus, author Chris Santella goes beyond standard guides to convey the very essence of the recommended locations. Readers can vicariously cast mouse pattners to fifty-pound taimen in the wilds of Mongolia, wrangle with wily permit off the Florida Keys, and match the hatch on Montana's Armstrong's Spring Creek. Jardines de la Reina, Cuba (tarpon), the Zhupanova River, Kamchatka (rainbow trout), and the Rio Negro, Brazil (peacock bass) are also included. The essays include a cultural and natural history of each site, along with colorful anecdotes based on the author's and authorities' experiences. With breath-takingly-beautiful photos of the spots, many by celebrated fly-fishing photographer R. Valentine Atkinson, the book also provides adventurous anglers with enough travel-and-tackle information so that they, too, can start planning excursions to go fish around the globe.

Montana s Best Fly Fishing

Montana s Best Fly Fishing Author Ben Romans
ISBN-10 9780811707268
Release 2010
Pages 283
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"If you’re thinking of traveling to Montana in the near future, this book is a must-have." --American Angler The best places and times to fish Detailed maps and hatch charts plus top producing fly patterns with recipes Local guides and outfitters on techniques and tackle Whether you want to target trout sipping Tricos on the Missouri, pack in to the South Fork of the Flathead for a wilderness adventure, or simply find a good spot to fish while on a vacation to Glacier or Yellowstone National Park, this guide is the best place to start for a successful fishing trip. With stunning photos, detailed maps and hatch charts for each river, photos and recipes of the most effective fly patterns, and insider information from local guides and outfitters, Montana's Best Fly Fishing is an essential reference for the best fishing in Big Sky Country.

Life on the Fly

Life on the Fly Author John Schreiber
ISBN-10 9781599268101
Release 2005-11
Pages 279
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Broadcast on the evening news . . . Hillcrest English teacher and former football star was shot in the back while fly-fishing. David Browning leaves behind a wife and two young children. Authorities have ruled it a hunting accident. Matthew Blake has only one purpose left in life: to find who murdered his best friend. At the time of his death, David Browning had a loving family and successful career. What does Matthew Blake have? Nothing. Matt Blake is an ex-athlete, ex-husband, and ex-angler . . . a guilt-driven alcoholic and professional failure. To uncover the murderer, Blake must journey back to his hometown, Hillcrest, where he will be forced to face his past, make new enemies, and learn the meaning of love . . . if he can live long enough. Life on the Fly is another suspenseful, poignant, and compelling novel set in Schreiber´s richly imagined Ironwood County. The first novel in the Ironwood County series is the young adult novel, Hillcrest Journal. The second is the adult novel Passing Through Paradise. * * * What others are saying about the Ironwood County novels: "Skillfully told . . . very realistic." West Concord Enterprise "Tough to put down. The themes are masterfully interwoven." Byron Review * * * Helpful Link: Schreiber has posted some of his published articles, essays, and poems along with book group discussion questions for Life on the Fly at John Schreiber´s Books

Casting with Lefty Kreh

Casting with Lefty Kreh Author Lefty Kreh
ISBN-10 9781461750758
Release 2008-07-01
Pages 468
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Like taking a private lesson with the best teacher in the business Over 40 casts covered in step-by-step detail with thousands of full-color photographs Casting should be nearly effortless. If you understand fly-casting mechanics and how to adapt them to various fishing conditions, your casting will greatly improve. That has been Lefty's philosophy since he began teaching fly casting over fifty years ago. Lefty shows how to get rid of a tailing loop, throw a slack-line cast, and roll cast better, as well as casts for tight quarters, in wind, casting with weighted flies and lines, and distance casts. A section on the physical movements explains how to prevent injuries to the rotator cuff and elbow. Whether you fish salt water or streams, heavy rods or light, you'll learn everything from small changes in movements that greatly improve your casting to totally new takes on traditional casts from this book. Lefty is the master, and this book captures his lifetime of wisdom on the subject of casting.

Trout and Their Food

Trout and Their Food Author Dave Whitlock
ISBN-10 9781626367784
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 208
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Anew book by Dave Whitlock, author of some of the best books on fly fishing ever written, is a reason for fly fishermen to celebrate—and the aim of this book is simple. Whitlock wants to take the guesswork out of fly fishing and pass on the wisdom he’s ac

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast Author Matt Patterson
ISBN-10 9781584658191
Release 2010
Pages 128
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A vividly illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York

The Total Fly Fishing Manual

The Total Fly Fishing Manual Author Joe Cermele
ISBN-10 1616288736
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 240
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From the same team that brought you the Total Fishing Manual , comes the book fly fishing fanatics have been waiting for: The Total Fly Fishing Manual: 307 Tips and Tricks from Expert Anglers. The Total Fly Fishing Manual is the most comprehensive collection of expert fly fishing advice and up-to-date gear reviews. This book gathers the best tips, old school-techniques that still deliver and adds a wealth of new material. Filled with over 300 hints from the best anglers in both salt and fresh water, the editors of Field and Stream give you everything you need to make the perfect pitch, find a secret spot and score a fish. TOOLS From the best flies of all time to the best reel for the job and when to change your hooks learn about the tools you needed for the job. As well as practical skills like tying a Palomar knot, how to unravel flylines, the five-minute fly, tying a clouser minnow, and how to lose the tailing loop. TECHNIQUES From old to new, everything you need to know to strike in the night, put a different spin on it, spot and stalk, shoot the breeze and find where they feed. TACTICS Put yourself in the best position for the catch: get up the creek for a late-season trout, find a secret spot, sneak up on more fish, fish headwaters for autumn trout, fish with your eyes, hook more rising fish, take the long shot, and dominate the shoreline. Whether you’re fishing for, salmon, bass or carp this guide will help you improve your technique, upgrade your equipment and hook your prize fish.

Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams

Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams Author Stephen M. Born
ISBN-10 0299155544
Release 1997
Pages 287
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Aimed at both novice and veteran anglers, this text gives information about the fishing opportunities in Wisconsin - 100 miles of spring creeks, the nocturnal Hex hatch, and big salmonids in the Great Lakes tributaries. Emphasis is given to the importance of environmental preservation.

L L Bean Upland Bird Hunting Handbook

L  L  Bean Upland Bird Hunting Handbook Author Thomas Huggler
ISBN-10 158574252X
Release 2001
Pages 176
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Deftly written for both experts and novices, this is the authoritative guide to gunning for peasant, grouse, quail, woodcock, and more. Illustrations throughout.

Survival Guide for Beginning Fly Anglers

Survival Guide for Beginning Fly Anglers Author Skip Morris
ISBN-10 1571885226
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 80
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Fly-fishing is a complicated sport, however the rewards are well worth the effort. And that effort has just gotten a lot easier. Now you can learn directly from master fly-fisherman and fly tier Skip Morris, it's like having a private lesson. Skip has taught hundreds of thousands of people to fly-fish, fly cast, and tie flies in person and through his books, DVDs, and TV work. This book is the culmination of decades of teaching beginners everything they need to know to be successful on the water. The 2 DVDs are a major BONUS-with Skip bringing his lessons to life on the water and at the vise.