Letters at 3am

Letters at 3am Author Michael Ventura
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032739479
Release 1993-11-01
Pages 247
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These hard-hitting, heart-rending pieces, collected from L.A. Weekly, cover the continent's shadow from Brooklyn to Texas to Hollywood - & across to the shores of the Gulf War. More than comments on the 90's scene, they chronicle a civilization in agony. As media conglomerates & 'correct' academic experts dominate American discourse, Ventura's clear, no b.s. language, his ancient Sicilian passion & his courage to speak out have become crucial to the health of the body politic. "Michael Ventura's essays brilliantly diagnose our fin-de-siecle. These concise, elegant & somehow 'final' testimonies are the work of an uncompromising spirit. I was happy to share the wonder of his discoveries & felt the burden & strangeness of our generations peculiar 'job' as the millennium roars to a close."--Andrei Codrescu.

Shadow Dancing in the U S A

Shadow Dancing in the U S A Author Michael Ventura
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010395328
Release 1985
Pages 232
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Essays discuss marriage, sexuality and religion, dance, the sixties, conversation, the American Revolution, television, rock music, motion pictures, cities, and modern myths

The Adolescent Psyche

The Adolescent Psyche Author Richard Frankel
ISBN-10 041516799X
Release 1998
Pages 243
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Drawing on Jung's concept of individuation, Richard Frankel provides an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of adolescent psychology. His advice and guidelines will be welcomed by anyone working with adolescents.

More Miles Than Money

More Miles Than Money Author Garth Cartwright
ISBN-10 9781847652980
Release 2010-08-06
Pages 380
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Armed only with a Greyhound ticket and enough money for his next beer, Garth Cartwright set out to see whether the American roots music he loved - blues and country, folk and soul - was still alive in the twenty-first century. His journey took him from the LA bus station to the Mexican cantinas of San Antonio, the Indian reservations of New Mexico to the last surviving juke joints of Highway 61. Along the way he meets an exotic mix of surviving legends - from soul diva Mabel John to the queen of Mexican American song Lydia Mendoza, funk pioneer Charles Wright to country troubadour Billy Joe Shaver - plus a supporting cast of cowboy poets, down and out bluesmen and a feller called Lee who becomes Cartwright's co-pilot for an epic drive across the deserts of the South-West. A remarkable piece of travel writing and an introduction to the real stars of Americana.

The Death of Frank Sinatra

The Death of Frank Sinatra Author Michael Ventura
ISBN-10 0312964749
Release 1997-08-29
Pages 305
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Las Vegas private detective Mike Rose investigates a secret that may link his own family to the Vegas mafia and the Kennedy assassination, becoming a target on the mob's hit list as he uncovers the skeletons in his own family's closet. Reprint. PW.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Author Michael Ventura
ISBN-10 0713727381
Release 1998-05
Pages 144
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Her platinum blonde hair and distinctive birthmark have become cultural icons. Her rise from small-town girl to glamorous film superstar, her torrid romances, and her untimely and mysterious death have captured the imagination of people around the world for decades. Now take a fresh look at the life and times of Marilyn Monroe through newly discovered photographs and fascinating text filled with quotes from Marilyn Monroe herself as well as from the people who knew and loved her. Taken from the body of work of Earl Leaf a famous paparazzo photographer of the fifties and sixties, the exquisite images in this volume offer the fascinating illustrated life story of an incredible woman. Although thousands of reels of film were devoted to Marilyn during her lifetime few professionals photographed her over the span of time that Earl Leaf did. He was with her in 1950 before stardom came and was still on the some in 1962 when her life hit the rocks. Because of this, his work offers an unforgettable glimpse into the life and career of an unforgettable woman.

Letters to the Lost

Letters to the Lost Author Brigid Kemmerer
ISBN-10 9781681190099
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 304
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Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother, a world-traveling photojournalist. Even after her mother's death, she leaves letters at her grave. It's the only way Juliet can cope. Declan Murphy isn't the sort of guy you want to cross. In the midst of his court-ordered community service at the local cemetery, he's trying to escape the demons of his past. When Declan reads a haunting letter left beside a grave, he can't resist writing back. Soon, he's opening up to a perfect stranger, and their connection is immediate. But neither Declan nor Juliet knows that they're not actually strangers. When life at school interferes with their secret life of letters, sparks will fly as Juliet and Declan discover truths that might tear them apart.

Fronto Selected Letters

Fronto  Selected Letters Author Caillan Davenport
ISBN-10 9781472504067
Release 2013-11-28
Pages 208
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M. Cornelius Fronto was a Roman senator from North Africa, and the foremost Latin orator and legal advocate of the mid-second century A.D. Fronto's talent and fame led to his appointment as tutor to Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, the adoptive sons of the emperor Antoninus Pius, in the late 130s A.D. Fronto's extant correspondence, discovered in the early nineteenth century, consists of around two hundred letters extending over a period of more than twenty-five years, from the late 130s to the mid-160s A.D. In this period, Fronto educated Marcus and Verus in the art of Latin rhetoric, and watched with pride as his illustrious pupils matured and ascended the throne. The correspondence includes letters Fronto exchanged with Marcus and Verus, their father Antoninus Pius, leading senators, and other influential figures at court. This collection features new English translations and commentaries on fifty-four letters from Fronto's correspondence. The letters have been selected for the insights they provide into the political and social history of the Roman empire in the second century A.D., with particular emphasis on court politics and intrigue, the Parthian War, and family relationships among members of the Roman elite. The letters have been arranged in approximate chronological order, enabling the reader to take a journey through Fronto's life over a quarter of a century. The introduction discusses Fronto's life and career, Roman letter writing, the history and character of Fronto's correspondence, and the relationship between Fronto and Marcus Aurelius. It also includes brief biographies of key individuals and family trees. The translation of fifty-four letters with contextual editorial introductions and notes is divided into the following sections: Educating Caesar; Fronto and Herodes; Fronto the Consul; Family Affairs; Politics and Patronage; The Reign of Marcus and Verus; Fronto, Verus and the Parthian War; and Fronto's Grief.

Fronto Selected Letters

Fronto  Selected Letters Author Marcus Cornelius Fronto
ISBN-10 9781780934426
Release 2014-01-02
Pages 225
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Selected letters written by the Roman senator and orator M. Cornelius Fronto in translation and accompanied by in-depth commentary notes, offering a unique insight into the late second century A.D Roman world.

Private Mail Letters to Emily

Private Mail  Letters to Emily Author Paul Lefebvre
ISBN-10 9781411638389
Release 2005-10
Pages 423
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In Private Mail: Letters to Emily, the author tries to escape city life and failed relationships through a self-imposed exile in his hometown, surviving there by maintaining a link to his life in the city with letters to his friend Emily. Therein, he recounts the curious and illicit and often humorously-bizarre events unfolding around him using an almost addictive conversational style, making for an engrossing and entertaining read. Emily soon learns, as does the reader, that life in a small town is not as parochial and idyllically-simple as it's often made out to be.

If I was a Highway

If I was a Highway Author Michael Ventura
ISBN-10 0896727068
Release 2011
Pages 236
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"Forty-five essays--many of which first appeared in the Austin Chronicle--that convey the author's impressions of America, particularly Texas and the Southwest. Also includes photographs by Butch Hancock"--Provided by publisher.

Russian Peasant Letters

Russian Peasant Letters Author Olga T. Yokoyama
ISBN-10 3447056533
Release 2008
Pages 487
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Around 1880, two teenagers left their village on the Kama river, 1000 km east of Moscow. Their father wanted them to earn cash in Siberia and send it home. The result: scores of letters over a period of 16 years (1881-1896). The parents, two brothers and a sister reported on harvests and family finances, on marriages, births, and deaths, asked for money, offered religious instruction and moral advice, described their daily lives, and shared their worries about their alcoholic father and their desire to see the world and succeed in it. Meanwhile, the familys activity steadily expanded, as their side business grew from a single leaky rowboat to a fleet of steamships. These unique letters, preserved in a Siberian archive, appear here in English translation for the first time. The accompanying detailed commentaries, based on meticulous archival research, recreate these peasants social, cultural, and economic milieu. The familys letters thus document the complex changes that led to upward mobility in an era that saw the rapid growth of capitalism and urbanization during late imperial Russia. Facsimiles and photographs are included.

3 AM Epiphany

3 AM Epiphany Author Brian Kiteley
ISBN-10 9781582976907
Release 2005-07-21
Pages 272
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Discover Just How Good Your Writing Can Be If you write, you know what it's like. Insight and creativity - the desire to push the boundaries of your writing - strike when you least expect it. And you're often in no position to act: in the shower, driving the kids to school...in the middle of the night. The 3 A.M. Epiphany offers more than 200 intriguing writing exercises designed to help you think, write, and revise like never before - without having to wait for creative inspiration. Brian Kiteley, noted author and director of the University of Denver's creative writing program, has crafted and refined these exercises through 15 years of teaching experience. You'll learn how to: Transform staid and stale writing patterns into exciting experiments in fiction Shed the anxieties that keep you from reaching your full potential as a writer Craft unique ideas by combining personal experience with unrestricted imagination Examine and overcome all of your fiction writing concerns, from getting started to writer's block Open the book, select an exercise, and give it a try. It's just what you need to craft refreshing new fiction, discover bold new insights, and explore what it means to be a writer. It's never too early to start--not even 3 A.M.

Letters from Home

Letters from Home Author Cary Dufour
ISBN-10 9781412046640
Release 2005-02-01
Pages 192
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Parents of adult children around the world will laugh and cry as they share in this Marine Corp Mom's journey through USMC Boot Camp.

Letters to Louise

Letters to Louise Author Russell J Jewett
ISBN-10 9781453513026
Release 2010-06-07
Pages 408
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A must read for anyone who was in Vietnam or has a loved one deployed to a combat area. An engaging story of a young life, a challenging tale of life in the military service during the Vietnam war, and a heartwarming love affair is all set to captivate anyone’s heart. Letters to Louise is an autobiography about a naive young man coming from a very stable and protected environment enlisting in the navy. As a hospital corpsman, he became a combat medic with the US Marines. This memoir recounts his life in the military service where he experienced living, eating, fighting and sleeping in the mud and jungles of South Vietnam. But more than that, it also chronicles the memories of events and includes the actual text of letters written over a period of four years to his girlfriend who was still back home in high school while he was stationed in the United States, Japan, and Vietnam. Through Letters to Louise, readers will find an interesting journey of life and love through the story of the author. They will find this book entertaining and inspiring while they engross themselves into the pages filled with thrills, excitement, passion, dreams, and love.

Letters to Women

Letters to Women Author Theodore Dreiser
ISBN-10 9780252091025
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 432
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Theodore Dreiser led a long and controversial life, almost always pursuing some serious question, and not rarely pursuing women. This collection, the second volume of Dreiser correspondence to be published by the University of Illinois Press, gathers previously unpublished letters Dreiser wrote to women between 1893 and 1945, many of them showing personal feelings Dreiser revealed nowhere else. Here he both preens and mocks himself, natters and scolds, relates his jaunts with Mencken and his skirmishes with editors and publishers. He admits his worries, bemoans his longings, and self-consciously embarks on love letters that are unafraid to smolder and flame. To one reader he sends “Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, for your sweety mouth” and urges his needy requests: “Write me a love-letter Honey girl.” Alongside such amorous play, he often expressed his deepest feelings on philosophical, religious, and social issues that characterize his public writing. Chronologically arranged and meticulously edited by Thomas P. Riggio, these letters reveal how wide and deep Dreiser’s needs were. Dreiser often discussed his writing in his letters to women friends, telling them what he wanted to do, where he thought he succeeded and failed, and seeking approval or criticism. By turns seductive, candid, coy, and informative, these letters provide an intimate view of a master writer who knew exactly what he was after.

Letters from Alcatraz

Letters from Alcatraz Author Tina Westbrook
ISBN-10 9781426926143
Release 2010-02
Pages 152
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Through a series of e-mail messages, Letters from Alcatraz invites the reader inside a man's heart and mind. As C.J. comes of age in San Francisco, he meets and falls in love with Diana. Diana is a beautiful young woman who from the tender age of one lived on Alcatraz Island. He spends the following forty years living two separate lives, the life that he shares with Diana; the other life that he fears Diana will find out about someday. C.J. struggles as he indulges in a lifestyle that is rife with sex, drugs, and rock & roll; a lifestyle that leads to trouble at each and every turn. His other lifestyle, the one he shares with Diana, is what he desperately wants to protect. Over the course of a year, C.J. finally opens up to a complete stranger, sharing his most intimate thoughts and memories as well as his deepest and darkest secrets. The story that unfolds is brutally honest, compassionate, and heartfelt. As you find yourself rooting for the bad boy, you will also find yourself questioning everything that you thought you knew about emotions and deceit.