Letters to My Baby

Letters to My Baby Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 145213295X
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 12
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An Oprah's Favorite Things Pick for 2015 This book of 12 fold-and-mail letters invites mothers to capture the fleeting memories of their babies' first years. Each letter bears a prompt for moms to reflect on their hopes and dreams for their little ones. The letters can be postdated, sealed up, and gifted for the years to come. In the future, their children get to break the seals to receive the greatest gift imaginable: a tangible expression of their mother's love. This heirloom-quality keepsake makes a priceless gift for the expectant or the more experienced mother.

Love Letters to My Baby

Love Letters to My Baby Author Vickey Banks
ISBN-10 157673580X
Release 2000
Pages 92
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Love Letters to My Baby is a one-of-a-kind guided journal to help you, or a new mother of your acquaintance, pen your thoughts, feelings, and hopes about your yet unborn child.

Baby Girl Journal Book

Baby Girl Journal Book Author Nancy Fister Gonzales
ISBN-10 1502709848
Release 2014-10-03
Pages 82
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From the Treasured for a Lifetime journal series by Nancy Gonzales, this Baby Girl Baby Book records your heart on soft pink, lavender lined pages. With Biblical verses throughout, this guided journal prompts "When We Found Out," "Welcome to Our Family," "Your First Day," "Your Nursery," and more, plus special letters to baby from mom and dad, photo pages and so much more in this 68 page Baby Book.

Letters to My Love

Letters to My Love Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 145214267X
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 12
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An Oprah's Favorite Things Pick for 2015 Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten love letter. Like a dozen grand gestures in one, this innovative format invites romantics to declare their affection to their beloved in 12 fold-and-mail letters to be opened in the future. Ideal for wedding anniversaries, long-distance relationships, or engaged couples, this paper keepsake captures a moment in time and serves as an enduring expression of love.

Letter To My Daughter

Letter To My Daughter Author Maya Angelou
ISBN-10 9780748122356
Release 2010-11-04
Pages 192
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Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to my Daughter reveals Maya Angelou's path to living well and living a life with meaning. Told in her own inimitable style, this book transcends genres and categories: it's part guidebook, part memoir, part poetry - and pure delight. Here in short essays are glimpses of the tumultuous life that led Angelou to an exalted place in American letters and taught her lessons about compassion and fortitude. Whether she is recalling lost friends, extolling honesty or simply singing the praises of a meal of red rice, Maya Angelou writes from the heart to millions of women. Like the rest of her remarkable work, Letter to My Daughter entertains and teaches. It is a book to cherish, savour, reread and share.

Letters to You

Letters to You Author Miriam Hathaway
ISBN-10 1938298578
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 80
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Letters to You has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters to You also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters to You book for free.

Letters to My Grandchild

Letters to My Grandchild Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 145214575X
Release 2015-08-25
Pages 64
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Twelve prompted letters offer an immediate way for grandparents to give the gift of a lifetime to their grandchild of any age. When favorite memories and words of wisdom are sealed with the included stickers and postdated for future opening, this paper time capsule becomes a priceless heirloom for generations to cherish.

Letters to My Glory Baby

Letters to My Glory Baby Author Jennifer Carson
ISBN-10 9781604771718
Release 2007-10
Pages 188
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This is a day-by-day personal account of the authors struggle through the pain of losing her son. Her story shows that there is hope for grieving through Jesus Christ. (Practical Life)

Letters to My Mom

Letters to My Mom Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 1452149216
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 12
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Mom will truly treasure this keepsake forever. The twelve fold-and-mail-style envelopes (ten prompted, two blank) invite sons and daughters to capture memories and express gratitude for Mom, seal up the envelopes with the included stickers, and postdate the letters. When Mom breaks the seals in the future, she'll receive an invaluable gift: a tangible reflection of her child's love.

The Mommy Journal

The Mommy Journal Author Tracy Broy
ISBN-10 0740727303
Release 2002-09-02
Pages 128
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Ask any mother and she will tell you there are just not enough hours in the day. By the time she has fed, clothed, and bathed the children, read Curious George for the 100th time, cut the crusts off the PB&J sandwiches, and removed the ground-in dirt from the play clothes, she does not have time to create a detailed scrapbook of each of her children's lives. It's no wonder that so many elaborate baby books remain incomplete, their pristine pages adding to the guilt and inadequacy that many moms already feel.That is why The Mommy Journal is so perfect for today's moms. It offers a quick and guilt-free way to record the special moments of childhood. Space for each entry is only about three inches long and undated, so there is no pressure to write lengthy narratives or to journal every day. In less than five minutes, mothers can quickly jot down the moments they want to remember forever. Plus, unlike traditional baby books, The Mommy Journal lets mothers record memories of all their children in one place.Charming illustrations of toys, hearts, and animals grace each page. Every few pages contain a bit of parenting wisdom such as, "The best thing you can give children next to good habits are good memories." Instructions for fun activities moms can do with their children, such as make edible finger paint from instant pudding, are included as well.The Mommy Journal will become a treasured keepsake, both for the mom who creates it and for the child who receives this precious record of childhood.

Letters to My Child

Letters to My Child Author Jennifer L. Place
ISBN-10 0984679936
Release 2011-11
Pages 154
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This book began as a journal I wrote to my son. The more I wrote, the more I believed it could be viewed not only as a letter to my own son, sharing my experiences and observations in life, but also to share them with mothers of the world. We are united in that same role: no matter where you live, your station in life, your status in the community. I think at our core, we all want the same thing for our children - we want a better life than what we had. We want our children to have less pain, less misfortune, more wisdom and to grow up in a better world in general than we did. What I began to write were things I wanted him to know as he grew older - lessons on life and love. But I also I wanted him to know that, aside from being his mother, I am also a real person. I'd like to be able to say, when he gets older, that my child had a glimpse into the person I was before he was born. I hope that within these pages, within these letters and lessons, all mothers can find their voice speaking with me as they help to shape the future of their own children. Jennifer L. Place

A Letter to My Dog

A Letter to My Dog Author Lisa Erspamer
ISBN-10 9781452133775
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 180
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Dogs know how to talk to us they do it all the time. A pair of raised ears or a wagging tail can speak volumes to those in the know. In this heartfelt ode to the furriest of family members, dog lovers get the chance to say something back, sharing personal letters penned to their beloved companions. With gorgeous accompanying photographs by Robin Layton, this collection of letters and portraits features a wide range of dogs and their owners, including everyday people with remarkable stories as well as celebrities like Hilary Duff, Tony Bennett, and Oprah Winfrey alongside their pooches. Throughout, these tales of perseverance, love, and loyalty celebrate the deep and devoted friendships that humans share with their pups.

Letters to My Dad

Letters to My Dad Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 1452149224
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 12
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This book of twelve letters (ten prompted, two blank) makes it easy for children of many ages—from tween to adult—to show Dad how much they care. Once filled out, sealed, and postdated, the letters become handwritten time capsules to give to Dad for Father's Day, holidays, or milestone birthdays. When he breaks open the seals in the future, he will find a priceless keepsake.

Letters to My Future Self

Letters to My Future Self Author Lea (CRT) Redmond
ISBN-10 1452125376
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 12
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At once a priceless memento and a journey forward in time, this innovative book of 12 fold-and-mail style letters offers a unique way to capture the moment. Each letter bears a prompt to inspire self-reflection. Once written, the letters can be sealed with the stickers included and postdated. The keepsake bundle of letters is like a dozen diary entries for the future. A thoughtful present for anyone embarking on a new stage in their life's journey,Letters to My Future Self offers both the gift of looking forward and the delight of remembering times past.

Letters to My Son

Letters to My Son Author Lea Redmond
ISBN-10 1452153817
Release 2017-07-25
Pages 12
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This book of twelve prompted letters invites parents to share memories, love, and words of wisdom with a son of any age. Once filled out, postdated, and sealed, these letters will become a truly special keepsake.

Letters to My Daughters

Letters to My Daughters Author Mary Matalin
ISBN-10 1416591362
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 272
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In Letters to My Daughters, famed political consultant and TV personality Mary Matalin shares the moral, ethical, and occasionally comic life lessons gleaned from her mother's experiences and her own. These intimate, personal letters range from the spiritual to the practical, from giving life to accepting death, from civic to personal responsibility, from looking and feeling good to dealing with those pesky boys, and more. Here's a sampling of the mother wisdom found in these pages: Crying is not a weakness; it's cathartic and cleansing. People who live life with the fullest commitment tend to cry a lot. It's a healthy expression of deep emotions. I don't like or trust people who don't or can't cry. When I tell you I understand what you're going through, it's not just because I remember what it felt like to be a teenage girl whose body is being hijacked by hormones against her will. It's because I'm a fifty-something whose body is being hijacked by hormones against her will at this very moment. And if you don't believe me, just ask your father. I believe in my heart of hearts that a life without faith is unanchored and unfulfilling. Without it, you're just wandering in the desert. You experience deeply that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts -- and the singing is damn good. Ma had a complex philosophy of sex, which I heard almost every day from age ten. "Boys would screw a snake if it would lay still long enough." Let's flash forward forty years and allow your mother to give you a twenty-first-century take on boys and S-E-X: "Boys would screw a snake if it would lay still long enough."...And the men in Washington think that's a compliment. A deep sense of loyalty can help you overcome almost any bump in the road. The disloyal may advantage themselves in some work situations, but their gains will be temporary, fleeting. They will fail their institutions, their colleagues, and worst of all, themselves. Filled with warmth, common sense, a belief in the values that keep families strong, and her trademark sense of humor, Mary Matalin's letters will inspire, guide, entertain, and inform. They're the perfect companion for any mother looking for a smart, sensible fellow traveler on the road to raising good daughters.

Letters to my Fanny

Letters to my Fanny Author Cherry Healey
ISBN-10 9781405919807
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 272
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How much more fun in life could I have had if I'd just stopped worrying so much and stopped beating myself up? In this book, Cherry reveals the things she wishes her mother had told her, through a series of hilarious anecdotes and excruciating confessions. Each chapter opens with a letter to a different body part: 'Letters to my Fanny' covers sex, orgasms and periods; 'Letters to my Brain' covers education, memory and media; 'Letters to my Tummy' covers crop-tops, pregnancy and sit-ups. This wonderfully warm, funny and candid book is a collection of hopeful dispatches from the frontline of girlhood - an impassioned plea to stop piling pressure on girls and young women and allow them to get on with their lives without having to mind the thigh gap . . .