Love War

Love   War Author James Carville
ISBN-10 9780698140462
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 368
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New York Times bestseller Twenty years after the publication of the bestselling All’s Fair, James Carville and Mary Matalin look at how they—and America—have changed in the last two decades. James Carville and Mary Matalin have long held the mantle of the nation’s most ideologically mismatched and intensely opinionated political couple. In this follow-up to All’s Fair, Carville and Matalin pick up the story they began in that groundbreaking bestseller and talk family, faith, love, and politics in their two winning voices. If nothing else, this new collaboration proves that after twenty years of marriage they can still manage to agree on a few things. A fascinating look at the last two decades in American politics and an intimate, quick-witted primer on grown-up relationships and values, Love & War provides unprecedented insight into one of our nation’s most intriguing and powerful couples. With their natural charm and sharp intelligence, Carville and Matalin have written undoubtedly the most spirited memoir of the year.

In Love and War

In Love and War Author Jim Stockdale
ISBN-10 1557507848
Release 1990
Pages 536
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A unique American chronicle of a Navy family's life during the Vietnam War years, this widely acclaimed memoir has been updated to include an outspoken account of the Stockdale's experiences in the seventeen years since Jim's release from a Hanoi prison.

Love War

Love   War Author John Eldredge
ISBN-10 9781444721942
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 224
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'You live in a love story set in the midst of a very real war...' What Wild at Heart did for men, and Captivating did for women, LOVE & WAR will do for married couples everywhere. John and Stasi Eldredge have contributed quintessential works on Christian spirituality for men and women separately but now they turn their focus to the incredible union between those two forces - marriage. With refreshing openness, the Eldredges discuss their own marriage and the insights they've gained from the challenges they've faced. Both speak independently to the reader about what they've learnt, giving their guidance personal immediacy and balanced male and female perspectives. John and Stasi begin LOVE & WAR with an obvious but necessary acknowledgement: marriage is fabulously hard. For every minute of happy delirium, there are equal amounts of disappointment and frustration and a sense that we've been deluded, that this isn't the marriage we dreamed of. Once we admit this, we are free to accept the great adventure of marriage; working together through strength gained from our own individual relationships with God, rather than looking to each other for happiness.

Love War and the Grail

Love  War  and the Grail Author Helen Nicholson
ISBN-10 9004120149
Release 2001
Pages 273
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Includes genealogical charts of kings and noblemen associated with the search for the grail.

Love and War

Love and War Author Tom Digby
ISBN-10 9780231168403
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 240
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Ideas of masculinity and femininity become sharply defined in war-reliant societies, resulting in a presumed enmity between men and women. This so-called battle of the sexes intensifies in tandem with dispositions to fight actual wars. These are among the fascinating discoveries Tom Digby shares in Love and War, which describes the making and manipulation of gender in both militaristic and nonmilitaristic societies and the consequences for men and women in their personal, romantic, sexual, and professional lives. Drawing on cross-cultural comparisons and examples from popular media, including sports culture, the rise of ÒgonzoÓ and ÒbangbusÓ pornography, and ÒInternet trolls,Ó Digby shows how misogyny and toughness are deployed to construct masculinity in ways that undermine relations between women and men. Through diverse philosophical methodologies, he identifies the cultural elements that contribute to heterosexual antagonism, such as an enduring faith in male force to solve problems, the glorification of violent men who suppress caring emotions, the devaluation of menÕs physical and emotional lives, an imaginary gender binary, male privilege premised on the subordination of women, and the use of misogyny to encourage masculine behavior. Digby tracks the Òcollateral damageÓ of this disabling misogyny in the lives of both men and women, but ends on a hopeful note. He ultimately finds the link between war and gender to be dissolving in many societies: war is becoming degendered, and gender is becoming demilitarized.

Love and War

Love and War Author Augustus Valerius Ball
ISBN-10 1933337427
Release 2010
Pages 523
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Ball's circumstances and experiences allowed him to glimpse the war through two sets of eyes, that of a loving husband, and of an increasingly disillusioned physician. The inclusion of Ball's medicinal recipe book is the first of its kind to appear in print completely annotated. Readers will find themselves educated about the medical and herbal lore of that era.

Love War and the 96th Engineers Colored

Love  War  and the 96th Engineers  Colored Author Gwendolyn M. Hall
ISBN-10 0252069625
Release 2000-11-01
Pages 344
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Presents the experiences of Captain Hyman Samuelson, a young Jewish officer in command of African-American troops in New Guinea, during World War II. These diaries and letters unfold the tragic love story of Samuelson's wartime marriage, and his wife Dora's fight against cancer. They tell a story of sacrifice that included an enemy attack.

Love War Letters

Love  War   Letters Author Alan E. Hooper
ISBN-10 1862730822
Release 1994
Pages 324
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Love War Letters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Love War Letters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Love War Letters book for free.

In Mad Love and War

In Mad Love and War Author Joy Harjo
ISBN-10 081951182X
Release 1990-05-21
Pages 65
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Poems deal with mortality, the past, violence, love, obsession, nature, travel, memory, desire, and myths

David in Love and War

David in Love and War Author Randall C. Bailey
ISBN-10 9780567271501
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 224
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David in Love and War is a reworking of the dissertation that Bailey worked on while at Emory College in Atlanta, Georgia. His interests in literary critical concerns directed him in regards to the information he wanted to cover in his book. Bailey covers 2 Samuel 10 ?12 as well as the connection between David and Bathsheba.

Love and War

Love and War Author James Hewitt
ISBN-10 UVA:X004354187
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 296
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An account of the love affair between James Hewitt and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Love War and Other White Lies

Love  War  and Other White Lies Author Tony Bethel
ISBN-10 9781410766830
Release 2003-09-25
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Love War and Other White Lies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Love War and Other White Lies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Love War and Other White Lies book for free.

The Human Psyche

The Human Psyche Author Peter Snow
ISBN-10 9781921555428
Release 2010
Pages 497
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The Human Psyche is a far reaching expose of human identity that seeks to unify the startling new insights gained from modern neuroscientific studies of higher consciousness, with insights gained from introspection and philosophy. In simple, straightforward prose and diagrammatic form it presents several new models of the generation of, and interactions between, the neural centers that are responsible for thought, emotion and mood. It will be of particular interest to neuroscientists, neurologists, biologists, mental health professionals, students of religion and philosophers and indeed all those fascinated by human behavior, its origins in the animal world and its implications for our future. The Human Psyche reminds us that we live in a time when science finally has significant answers about the true nature and origins of human behavior a perspective that heralds a new era that will inevitably see the dissolution of many hallowed, though plainly stagnant institutions and the establishment of a new world.

Love War Fire Wind

Love  War  Fire  Wind Author Eliot Katz
ISBN-10 9780578006505
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 184
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Mixing humor and imagination, visions of a healthy future and the windstorm realities of today, this collection of poems by Eliot Katz and artwork by William T. Ayton deals with themes of love, war, politics, ecology, and daily life. "I love these poems, which are full of passion and thought. Eliot Katz is among a handful of contemporary American poets whose work speaks to me."--Howard Zinn "Eliot is right up there carrying the torch for Whitman and Ginsberg, keeping their vision alive and well....A must-read for anyone who believes poetry can still celebrate life."--Alicia Ostriker "William Ayton has mastered the art of drawing with ink and brush. Like the words of Eliot Katz, his brush marks the page with deliberate force. A broken eggshell, weapons and dreams, a stroke that cannot be taken back." --Tim Slowinski

Love War and Ice Cream

Love  War and Ice Cream Author M. Z. Fairtlough
ISBN-10 1462093094
Release 2012-05-22
Pages 366
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Set in England, Italy and Spain during and after WWII, Love, War and Ice Cream paints a vivid portrait of Harry and Marina and their families, revealing their triumphs and tragedies, and the twists that ultimately bring them together. Right from the start, we realize that this is not the usual account of family life. For one thing, it’s in short story form, and then there are the adorable photographs and hand-sketched illustrations. There are even instructions for many well-loved family games and recipes: a humble Northern Italian milk soup shares space with the quintessentially English ginger cake, and also with the exuberant tortilla mixta from Southern Spain, all of which serve to celebrate the people we meet in this refreshing and innovative memoir. Harry's family members—the Fairtloughs—were overwhelmed by the enormous social changes that occurred after the Great War, and dismayed by the sudden disappearance of their way of life. Marina's people—the Campos—were resourceful, willing and able to work hard to better their lot. As war simmered, they emigrated from Italy to Spain, where they sold delicious ice cream. Then Harry met Marina. Blue Ink described the book as a “superbly written memoir of two families who represent vastly different cultures… Readers will fall in love with the whole bunch of Fairtloughs and Campos…” For more information, please go to:

Vienna 1814

Vienna  1814 Author David King
ISBN-10 9780307407368
Release 2008-03-11
Pages 448
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“Reads like a novel. A fast-paced page-turner, it has everything: sex, wit, humor, and adventures. But it is an impressively researched and important story.” —David Fromkin, author of Europe’s Last Summer Vienna, 1814 is an evocative and brilliantly researched account of the most audacious and extravagant peace conference in modern European history. With the feared Napoleon Bonaparte presumably defeated and exiled to the small island of Elba, heads of some 216 states gathered in Vienna to begin piecing together the ruins of his toppled empire. Major questions loomed: What would be done with France? How were the newly liberated territories to be divided? What type of restitution would be offered to families of the deceased? But this unprecedented gathering of kings, dignitaries, and diplomatic leaders unfurled a seemingly endless stream of personal vendettas, long-simmering feuds, and romantic entanglements that threatened to undermine the crucial work at hand, even as their hard-fought policy decisions shaped the destiny of Europe and led to the longest sustained peace the continent would ever see. Beyond the diplomatic wrangling, however, the Congress of Vienna served as a backdrop for the most spectacular Vanity Fair of its time. Highlighted by such celebrated figures as the elegant but incredibly vain Prince Metternich of Austria, the unflappable and devious Prince Talleyrand of France, and the volatile Tsar Alexander of Russia, as well as appearances by Ludwig van Beethoven and Emilia Bigottini, the sheer star power of the Vienna congress outshone nearly everything else in the public eye. An early incarnation of the cult of celebrity, the congress devolved into a series of debauched parties that continually delayed the progress of peace, until word arrived that Napoleon had escaped, abruptly halting the revelry and shrouding the continent in panic once again. Vienna, 1814 beautifully illuminates the intricate social and political intrigue of this history-defining congress–a glorified party that seemingly valued frivolity over substance but nonetheless managed to drastically reconfigure Europe’s balance of power and usher in the modern age. From the Hardcover edition.

Love and War

Love and War Author John Eldredge
ISBN-10 9780310329213
Release 2010-03
Pages 126
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With refreshing openness that will grab you from the first page of the Love & War ParticipantÆs GuideÙdesigned to help you and your small group fully engage in the topics discussed in the Love & War eight-session DVD group video studyÙbestselling authors John and Stasi Eldredge candidly discuss their own marriage and the insights theyÆve gained from the challenges theyÆve faced. Each talks independently to the reader about what theyÆve learned, giving their guidance a personal immediacy and balance between the male and female perspectives that has been absent from all previous books on this topic.The Eldredges acknowledge that Marriage is fabulously hard, but they advise you that the sooner you get the shame and confusion of the fabled fairytale marriage off your back, the sooner youÆll find your way to the real love and happiness you deserve.The Love & War DVD and ParticipantÆs Guide show couples how to fight for their love and happiness, calling men and women to step into the great adventure God has waiting for them À together.Walking alongside John and Stasi Eldredge, every couple can discover how their individual journeys are growing into a story of meaning much greater than anything they could do or be on their own.