Mutual discovery at the end of the tunnel

Mutual discovery  at the end of the tunnel Author Antoine Archange Raphael
ISBN-10 9781304521491
Release 2017-03
Pages 476
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Racial conflicts, more than ever, are in full swing and stir up human relationships. However, Bernard and Marie manage to change their nascent hatred to harmony, mutual discovery and love. To reach such positive outcome, they agree to talk about existential conditions ...

Marital Separation and Lethal Domestic Violence

Marital Separation and Lethal Domestic Violence Author Desmond Ellis
ISBN-10 9781317522126
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 236
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This book is the first to investigate the effects of participation in separation or divorce proceedings on femicide (murder of a female), femicide-suicide, homicide, and suicide. Because separation is one of the most significant predictors of domestic violence, this book is exclusively devoted to theorizing, researching, and preventing lethal domestic violence or other assaults triggered by marital separation. The authors provide evidence supporting the use of an estrangement-specific risk assessment and estrangement-focused public education to prevent murders and assaults. This information is needed not only by instructors in criminal justice and sociology programs, but by researchers theorizing about or investigating domestic violence. In the world of practitioners, family court judges, divorce mediators, family lawyers, prosecutors involved in bail hearings, shelter staff, and family counselors urgently need this resource. Ellis et al. include discussion questions and chapter objectives to support learners in the classroom or in community-based settings, and instructor support material includes PowerPoint lecture slides, additional teaching and research resources, and a test bank. This text advocates convincingly for prevention of domestic violence, and gives academics and practitioners the tools they need. This text advocates convincingly for prevention of domestic violence, and gives academics and practitioners the tools they need.


Others Author Joseph Hillis Miller
ISBN-10 0691012237
Release 2001
Pages 284
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This volume fulfills the author's career-long reflections on radical otherness in literature. J. Hillis Miller investigates otherness through ten nineteenth- and twentieth-century authors: Friedrich Schlegel, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, Joseph Conrad, W. B. Yeats, E. M. Forster, Marcel Proust, Paul de Man, and Jacques Derrida. From the exquisite close readings for which he is celebrated, Miller reaps a capacious understanding of otherness--one reachable not through theory but through literature itself. Otherness has wide valence in contemporary literary and cultural studies and is often understood as a misconception by hegemonic groups of subaltern ones. In a pleasing counter to this, Others conceives of otherness as something that inhabits sameness. Instances of the ''wholly other'' within the familiar include your sense of self or your beloved, your sense of your culture as such, or your experience of literary, theoretical, and philosophical works that belong to your own culture--works that are themselves haunted by otherness. Though Others begins and ends with chapters on theorists, the testimony they offer about otherness is not taken as more compelling than that of such literary works as Dicken's Our Mutual Friend, Conrad's ''The Secret Sharer,'' Yeats's ''Cold Heaven,'' or Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Otherness, as this book finds it in the writers read, is not an abstract concept. It is an elusive feature of specific verbal constructs, different in each case. It can be glimpsed only through close readings that respect this diversity, as the plural in the title--Others--indicates. We perceive otherness in the way that the unseen--and the characters' emotional responses to it--ripples the conservative ideological surface of Howard's End. We sense it as chaos in Schlegel's radical concept of irony. And we gaze at it in the multiple personifications of Heart of Darkness. Each testifies in its own way to the richness and tangible weight of an otherness close at hand.

Mutual Aid Groups Vulnerable and Resilient Populations and the Life Cycle

Mutual Aid Groups  Vulnerable and Resilient Populations  and the Life Cycle Author Alex Gitterman
ISBN-10 9780231128841
Release 2005
Pages 642
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The authors reveal the ways in which mutual aid processes help individuals overcome social and emotional trauma in contemporary society by reducing isolation, universalizing individual problems, and mitigating stigma. New chapters in this completely revised and updated third edition illustrate the power of mutual aid processes in dealing with children traumatized by the events of September 11, adult survivors of sexual abuse, parents with developmentally challenged children, people with AIDS in substance recovery, and mentally ill older adults.

The Concepts of Life

The Concepts of Life Author Anna Roberts
ISBN-10 9781609767730
Release 2011-03
Pages 64
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Filled with real-life experiences, The Concepts of Life reminds us all to take one day at a time as we travel down life's long and winding road. It teaches us that there are many tomorrows, and as we live each day, we should always make the best of things, just as author Anna Roberts has done. Rest your mind, relax, and enjoy this enlightening book that you won't be able to put down.Anna Roberts resides in California, where she is working on her next book. Publisher's website: http: //

Strangers in the House

Strangers in the House Author William R. Beer
ISBN-10 9781412835190
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 146
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If present trends in divorce and remarriage continue, before the end of the century the stepfamily will outnumber all other types of family in the United States. In 1980 one out of five children under the age of eight were living in stepfamilies, and there were at least two million households in which the children were relation only by marriage (stepsiblings) or who shared only one parent in common (half-siblings). How are these new kinds of family relationships working out? In particular, how are children faring in these kinds of families? There are a number of books on the successes and difficulties of second marriages that involve children, but most of these look at problems from the perspective of one or both spouses. Popular literature in particular had emphasized the problem of the new spouse who “inherits a family,” without really focusing on the relationships among stepsiblings. Strangers in the House focuses on the children of these marriages- both stepsiblings and half-siblings, and the relationships among them with the parents. It is a report on how they are faring, drawn from the results of original research by the author: case studies of stepfamilies, interviews with stepsiblings and half-siblings, a survey of members of the Stepfamily Association of America, and participation in three step family self-help groups. The result is a vivid portrait of nontraditional family constellations that provides an overview of changes in American families, the increased divorce and remarriage rates, and how stepfamilies differ from other families. Beer identifies major problem areas in stepsibling relations and shows how youngsters are adapting to these special situations. He examines classic rivalries over love, attention, space, and property shows how these are worked out within these special circumstances. The book concludes with an overview of the dynamics of sibling relations in these special families and analyzes how the stepsibling subsystem fits into the larger family structure. Beer shows that in many respects the problems of these families characterize changes in the social structure in postindustrial society.

The Path of Love

The Path of Love Author Ronald D. Cowen
ISBN-10 9781460249208
Release 2015-02-06
Pages 192
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The Buddha was a scientist. Instead of using a microscope or a particle accelerator, the Buddha used ESP. He had several psychic powers that allowed him to perceive in detail the psychology of karma, the evolution of consciousness, and subatomic particles. He discovered love and self-love to be organizing principles that evolved early in the history of intelligent consciousness, especially with regard to feelings and emotions. Every person has the deepest need to love and be loved. He solved the mind-body problem by perceiving the physical basis of intelligent consciousness. These psychic powers are acknowledged in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, but extremely few people have them. This book is essentially a meditation report written by someone who has them. While this sounds like an invitation to return this book to the shelf in a bookstore, it also documents in depth another report by a physicist, Stephen Phillips, who relates in comprehensive detail the relationship between modern superstring theory and extrasensory observation of the elements of the periodic table by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society. This strong connection between modern physics and psychic powers of the Buddha is a real challenge to both the modern scientist and the modern Buddhist.

Conglomeration of Feelings

Conglomeration of Feelings Author Jeff Fleischman
ISBN-10 9780759664500
Release 2002-06-06
Pages 122
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A book for any generation and all walks of life, Conglomeration of Feelings rings the bell of emotional trials and answers the call of the heart. From the deepest well of internal darkness to the ever-present and mysterious joys of love and its departure, the entire landscape of mind and soul is ventured upon. Having experienced much loss and love early in life, the author reaches out to lend insight into many difficult and heartwarming occurrences from birth to death and everything in between. Conglomeration of Feelings is a book of free-verse poetry, used as a showcase for displaying various forms of strength and meekness of the human spirit. Finding the words to describe our thoughts and feelings has never been an easy task, but this book will help you comprehend the hidden meaning behind your most intimate and personal emotions. Let this Conglomeration of Feelings help you to describe and understand you’re life experiences!

A Girl s Quest for Self Realization

A Girl   s Quest for Self Realization Author R. Jonnavittula
ISBN-10 9783960284246
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 537
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Parents should avoid trying to fulfil their ambitions through their children by deciding their children’s life-missions for them, ignoring children’s own ambitions. The intellect of a person who undergoes ‘Anguish’ gets so sharpened that the person would shine in whatever activity the person might later undertake. Vasanthi was brought up even without allowing her to know the difference between a male and a female. He wanted her to become a great singer but she was more interested to become an actress. When youth began to blossom she struggled to learn about the body’s sexuality and their purpose in life. Saradhy was a great actor and was her friend. A chance physical contact in a drama excited traces of physical love between them; he understood immediately and struggled to escape from it for the rest of his life. She could not understand the strange feeling she was experiencing. She spent years experimenting with ‘Touch’ and analyzing the results. He guided her wade through life successfully. Saradhy desired sanyasa. He performed “Kamadahanam” drama to destroy all his love towards women but failed to achieve it. By yoga, he transferred to Kireeti what attracted Vasanthi, got her married to Kireeti and moved away from them He was addicted to drama and continued to give performances even as he changed religions and moved from place to place. Saradhy was performing in their town, a drama in which Vasanthi played the heroine earlier. She requested him to permit her play that role again; he stoutly refused. She convinced the day’s heroine and replaced her after the drama commenced. In a situation in the drama, they embraced each other. They experienced a transcendental pleasure and satisfaction and their lives left their bodies. Pause for a moment. It has become very common to keep a pet, usually a dog, in almost every house. The pets are medically treated to suppress their sex urges. Have pets no right to sex? What right has a family to enjoy sex but prevent their poor pet the same pleasure? Would they not lament and struggle like Vasanthi, to understand what they are missing? Vainly do we boast to be animal lovers!

The Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships

The Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships Author John H. Harvey
ISBN-10 9781135624705
Release 2004-04-26
Pages 696
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Although sexuality is an integral part of close romantic relationships, research linking these two constructs has been less systematic than other areas pertaining to close relationships. To date, researchers in communication, sociology, family studies, psychology, and psychiatry, have made significant advances in both of these fields. The editors' goal is to integrate this research into one volume. They bring together major scholars from the diversity of fields working on close relationship topics to examine past contributions and new directions in sexuality. The emphasis is on theoretical integration and stimulation, methodological rigor, and critical analysis. This volume explores: *early sexual experiences and their impact on late life sexuality; *how life's stresses impact sexuality and satisfaction with closeness; *the affect of postpartum depression on sexuality; and *the relationship between control, power, anger, as well as revenge and sexual processes in couples. The Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships is intended for students and researchers in the disciplines of social, clinical, developmental, and health psychology; family studies; counseling; and interpersonal, family, and health communication. An excellent reference in advanced courses in close relationships taught in psychology, communications, sociology, anthropology, and family studies, the material in Part V will also appeal to clinical psychologists, health professionals, and policymakers.

Willing the Good

Willing the Good Author Gabriele De Anna
ISBN-10 9781443845892
Release 2013-01-16
Pages 280
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Science increasingly deals with human behavior: biology, neuroscience, genetics, psychology, evolutionary theory, and ethology all bring new insights into our actions and uncover new facts about our agency. However, what is the philosophical significance of their findings? The answer to this question varies according to one's background philosophical views. On the one hand, the dominant empiricist view contends that the sciences can in principle tell us everything there is to know about human ...

Love centered Marriage in a Self centered World

Love centered Marriage in a Self centered World Author Irving Sarnoff
ISBN-10 0891169393
Release 1989
Pages 335
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Explains how to create romance and intimacy in a marriage, looks at the ways marriages change over time, and offers advice on improving a relationship

The romance of peasant life in the west of England

The  romance  of peasant life in the west of England Author Francis George Heath
ISBN-10 BL:A0022104693
Release 1872
Pages 92
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The romance of peasant life in the west of England has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The romance of peasant life in the west of England also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The romance of peasant life in the west of England book for free.

Epistemology and Ontology

Epistemology and Ontology Author Zenon Bankowski
ISBN-10 3515087079
Release 2005
Pages 195
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Contents A. van Aaken: Synthesizing the Best of Two Worlds: A Combination of New Institutional Economics and Deliberative Theories D. Coskun: Law as symbolic form. Ernst Cassirer and the anthropocentric view of law L. De Sutter: How to Get Rid of Legal Theory? L. Garcia Ruiz: On the Concept of Law and Its Place in the Legal-Philosophical Research N. Intzessiloglou: Socio-semiotic and socio-cybernetic approaches to legal regulation in an interdisciplinary framework L. Kaehler: The indeterminacy of legal indeterminacy M. Mahlmann: Kant's Conception of Practical Reason and the Prospects of Mentalism M. Mahlmann / J. Mikhail: Cognitive Science, Ethics and Law t G. Noll: The Exclusionary Construction of Human Rights in International Law and Political Theory C. Peterson: The Concept of Legal Dogmatics: From Fiction to Fact F. Puppo: Law, authority and freedom in Sophocles' Antigone M. Sandstrom: The Concept of Legal Dogmatics Revisited B. Schafer: Ontological commitment and the concept of olegal systemo in comparative law and legal theory S. Schaumburg-Mueller: Truth, Law, and Human Rights P. Sommaggio: Boethius' definition of persona: a fundamental principle of modern legal thought X. Yu: Human Faculties and Human Societies - A Three Dimensional Cultural Epistemology W. Zaluski: The Concept of Kantian Rationality and Game Theory.

Classics in Environmental Criminology

Classics in Environmental Criminology Author Martin A. Andresen
ISBN-10 9781439817803
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 551
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A careful analysis of environmental factors is key to understanding the causes of crime, to solving crimes, and eventually helping to predict and prevent them. Classics in Environmental Criminology is a comprehensive collection of seminal pieces from legendary contributors who focus on the role that the immediate environment plays in the occurrence of a crime. Defines the field Divided into three parts, the book begins by highlighting the development of environmental criminology as a discipline through its origins in spatial criminology. It examines social disorganization theory, which explains criminal activity with reference to the characteristics of the community that delinquents live in. It then discusses the ecology of crime with reference to macroenvironments and microenvironments. The next section introduces concepts such as routine activity theory, the geometric theory of crime, the rational choice theory of offending, and crime pattern theory. Offers perspectives on prevention The last part focuses on the concept of crime prevention, examines the idea of altering the environment in order to prevent crime, and discusses situational crime factors and efforts to reduce the opportunities for crimes to be committed. It considers the impact of routine activities on crime prevention initiatives and advocates a flexible approach to crime prevention based on the dynamic nature of our environment. The book concludes with a chapter outlining how environmental criminology has evolved in recent years and provides a future outlook on where it may be headed. Invaluable as a textbook and as a professional reference, this volume is a comprehensive survey of a critical field in contemporary criminological theory. Offering insight assembled by top academic figures within the criminology community, this work is destined to provoke further inquiry and research.

A Meeting of Minds

A Meeting of Minds Author Lewis Aron
ISBN-10 9781135061050
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 304
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In this richly nuanced assessment of the various dimensions of mutuality in psychoanalysis, Aron shows that the relational approach to psychoanalysis is a powerful guide to issues of technique and therapeutic strategy. From his reappraisal of the concepts of interaction and enactment, to his examination of the issue of analyst self-disclosure, to his concluding remarks on the relational import of the analyst's ethics and values, Aron squarely accepts the clinical responsibilities attendant to a postmodern critique of psychoanalytic foundations.

A Mutual Aid Model for Social Work with Groups

A Mutual Aid Model for Social Work with Groups Author Dominique Moyse Steinberg
ISBN-10 9781134473083
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 280
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Group work is a popular and widely used social work method. Focusing particularly on the central role of mutual aid in effective group work, this text presents the theoretical base, outlines core principles, and introduces the skills for translating those theories and principles into practice. A Mutual-Aid Model for Social Work with Groups will help readers to catalyze the strengths of group members such that they become better problem solvers in all areas of life from the playroom to the boardroom. Increased coverage of evaluation and evidence-based practice speaks to the field’s growing concern with monitoring process and assessing progress. The book also includes: worker-based obstacles to mutual aid, their impact, and their antidotes pre-group planning including new discussion on curriculum groups group building by prioritizing certain goals and norms in the new group the significance of time and place on mutual aid and the role of the group worker maintaining mutual aid during so-called individual problem solving an expanded discussion of anti-oppression and anti-oppressive practice unlocking a group’s potential to make difference and conflict useful special considerations in working with time-limited, open-ended, and very large groups. Case examples are used throughout to help bridge the gap between theory and practice, and exercises for class or field, help learners to immediately apply conceptual material to their practice. All resources required to carry out the exercises are contained in over 20 appendices at the end of the book. Key points at the end of each chapter recap the major concepts presented, and a roster of recommended reading for each chapter points the reader to further resources on each topic. Designed to support ethical and successful practice, this textbook is an essential addition to the library of any social work student or human service practitioner working with groups.