Odem on the run

Odem  on the run Author Jürgen Deppe
ISBN-10 3896028383
Release 2008
Pages 325
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Odem on the run has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Odem on the run also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Odem on the run book for free.

On the run

On the run Author Alice Goffman
ISBN-10 3956140451
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 367
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On the run has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On the run also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On the run book for free.

Dork on the Run

Dork on the Run Author Carol Gorman
ISBN-10 9781453220917
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 186
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Can geeky Jerry Flack win the election for class president, running against the most popular boy around? For the first time in his life, Jerry Flack is OK with being a dork. He has fun new friends, he’s on the school science team, and he even has a girlfriend. Everything is going great—until his friends convince him to run for class president against Gabe Marshall, the most popular guy in school. How can Jerry compete, especially when Gabe is doing all he can to embarrass him and show the whole school what a dork Jerry really is? He is determined to ignore Gabe’s pranks and focus on the upcoming election. But as Gabe’s tricks get more dangerous—and more humiliating—Jerry has a choice to make: He can get even with Gabe, or he can prove to the school that being a dork doesn’t mean he isn’t cool.

On the Run

On the Run Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9780553902228
Release 2005-12-06
Pages 352
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For eight years, single mother Grace Archer has been living a picture-perfect life raising her daughter on a horse farm in the small town of Tallanville, Alabama. Watching Frankie grow into a talented and confident young girl has made Grace as happy as any mother could hope to be. Happy enough, even, to forget the past. But the past never quite goes away. Which is why a certain charismatic man also moved to Tallanville eight years ago to watch over her. But when violence threatens to shatter Grace and Frankie's idyllic home, the waiting is over. The ghosts of the past have returned. And they're hungry for blood. Now Grace must resume an identity she thought she had cast off forever, and match wits with an opponent as deadly as he is cunning. The prize: an extraordinary secret that only she can unfold. The forfeit: losing the thing more precious to her than life itself.

Odem on the run

Odem  on the run Author Odem
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105022184647
Release 1999
Pages 317
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Odem on the run has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Odem on the run also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Odem on the run book for free.

Ant on the Run

Ant on the Run Author Jan Cookson
ISBN-10 1469739410
Release 2003-09-24
Pages 84
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Ant on the Run is an adventure story that teaches children about insects and other tiny creatures, in an interesting way that will hold the attention of the child. The creatures in the book face the sorts of dangers each day that would make humans heroes. The story tells of a bond between three unlikely friends, that other animals in their world find hard to understand. One of the friends, an arrogant sugar ant who is a prince, discovers that he has to leave the nest in a hurry. The ant in this story (Aaron), and his two friends (Lucy, a caterpillar who matches wits with Aaron, and Zack, a kind hearted skink) flee from the nest and its huge soldier ants. Their journey takes them through many adventures, and they meet some unusual creatures along the way before finding their new home. But finding this home results in Zack having to face his greatest fear.

On the Run

On the Run Author David DiBenedetto
ISBN-10 0061877352
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 256
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Each autumn, one of nature's most magnificent dramas plays out when striped bass undertake a journey, from the northeastern United States to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in search of food and warmer seas. Writer and angler David DiBenedetto followed this great migration -- the fall run -- for three months in the autumn of 2001. On the Run offers vivid portrayals of the zany and obsessive characters DiBenedetto met on his travels -- including the country's most daring fisherman, an underwater videographer who chucked his corporate job in favor of filming striped bass, and the reclusive angler who claims that catching the world-record striper in 1982 sent his life into a tailspin. Along his route, DiBenedetto also delves into the natural history and biology of this great game fish, and depicts the colorful cultures of the seaside communities where the striped bass reigns supreme.

On the run

On the run Author Lisa Eisenberg
ISBN-10 0822462656
Release 1978-06
Pages 74
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On the run has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On the run also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On the run book for free.

Band on the Run

Band on the Run Author Garry McGee
ISBN-10 9781461732518
Release 2003-03-11
Pages 288
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After the breakup of the Beatles in 1971, Paul McCartney formed Wings with his wife Linda on keyboards, ex-Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine, and American session drummer Denny Seiwell. For ten dramatic and turbulent years, the band weathered the critics, endured pot busts, survived a harrowing recording stint in Nigeria, changed drummers constantly, and produced a great deal of remarkable music. McGee's tale of one of the most successful bands of the seventies—the first book to focus exclusively on Paul's post-Beatles years-tells the stories behind the #1 hits "Listen To What the Man Said," "My Love," "Band on the Run," "Jet," "With a Little Luck," and "Coming Up." McGee reveals the band's inner dynamics and its relationship with the press and public, examining Paul's determination to pursue a new sound, the criticisms Linda initially got from fans and bandmates, and the character conflicts that kept the lineup changing. Appendices include interviews with former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough, a complete discography, a list of singles with Paul's comments on each, and rankings from the sales charts. Band on the Run also includes a trove of rare Wings promotional material—album covers, posters, ads, and candid photos of the band on tour.

On the Run

On the Run Author Sean Flynn
ISBN-10 9780446534710
Release 2007-10-15
Pages 256
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The children of notorious Mafia wiseguy and informant Henry Hill-the real-life subject of Goodfellas-tell their own story of danger, hurt, and family in this extraordinary account of growing up with an out-of-control father in the federal witness protection program. Henry Hill's business partner, Jimmy Burke, has whacked every person who could possibly implicate him in the infamous Lufthansa robbery at JFK airport. On his way to prison, lifelong gangster Henry is given two options: sleep with the fishes, or enter the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately for his children Gregg and Gina, they're dragged along for the ride. Like nomads, they're forced to wander from state to state, constantly inventing new names and finding new friends, only to abandon them at a moment's notice. They live under constant fear of being found and killed. But Henry, the rock Gregg and Gina so desperately need, is a heavy cocaine user and knows only the criminal life. He is soon up to his old tricks and consistently putting their identities in jeopardy. And so it continues until the kids, now almost grown, can no longer ignore that the Mob might be less of a threat to them than remaining under the roof of their increasingly unbalanced father.

My Life on the Run

My Life on the Run Author Bart Yasso
ISBN-10 1605294985
Release 2009-05-12
Pages 288
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With My Life on the Run, Bart Yasso--an icon of one of the most enduringly popular recreational sports in the United States--offers a touching and humorous memoir about the rewards and challenges of running. Recounting his adventures in locales like Antarctica, Africa, and Chitwan National Park in Nepal (where he was chased by an angry rhino), Yasso recommends the best marathons on foreign terrain and tells runners what they need to know to navigate the logistics of running in an unfamiliar country. He also offers practical guidance for beginning, intermediate, and advanced runners, such as 5-K, half marathon, and marathon training schedules, as well as advice on how to become a runner for life, ever-ready to draw joy from the sport and embrace the adventure that each race may offer.

On the Run

On the Run Author Tristan Bancks
ISBN-10 9780374301545
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 192
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Ben has always wanted to be a cop, so he's intrigued when police officers show up at the door, asking for his parents. Then his parents arrive after the police leave and rush him and his sister into the car, insisting they are going on a vacation. Ben's a little skeptical—his family doesn't go on vacations. After they lose the police in a high-speed car chase and end up in a remote cabin deep in the woods, Ben discovers his parents' secret: millions of dollars were deposited into their bank account by accident, and they took the money and ran off. Ben isn't sure what to think. Are his parents criminals? And because he ran off with them, is he a criminal, too?

On the Run

On the Run Author Gordon R Dickson
ISBN-10 9780575112650
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 151
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One day Kil Bruner was a solid Class A engineer in a society of World Police and citizen Files, jet-set migrants and status-ranking Stability keys. But the Police ordered Kil to forget about his missing wife Ellen - and that was a mistake. Because Kil would move Heaven and Earth to find the woman he loved. Even when the search leads to slums filled with blade-wielding thugs and criminal Ace Kings . . . to secret societies and vast, interlocked, warring conspiracies - each out to rule the Earth or destroy it. Even when the search costs Kil his freedom, his sanity, the core of his soul - and reality itself . . . Because to find Ellen, Kil will have to move Heaven and Earth. Literally.

Our Life on the Run

Our Life on the Run Author Marlin Keesler
ISBN-10 0977622312
Release 2005-10
Pages 245
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THIS DAD RAN TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR HIS KIDS Marlin Keesler entered his first marathon never imagining that it would become the first leg of a six and a half year race across America that he and his family would embark onone in which the benefits of travel would do far more for his two children afflicted with a rare learning disorder than any classroom could offer. Our Life on the Run: a Story of Running 50 Marathons in 50 States A Family Quest is a treasure chest of beautifully written and inspirational travel tales about the journeys of a family that evolved from merely waiting for Dad to cross the finish line, to a family that learned how to research and plan educational and cultural excursions in every state they visited. From juggling work schedules and living within budget to learning the art of patience by flying stand-by, readers will certainly be able to relate to the Keesler travel adventures, pick up a tip or two and perhaps even emulate them by setting a family goal. Theirs is a true story of bonding that will remain the most precious memories in each family members heart and soul.

Eating on the Run

Eating on the Run Author Evelyn Tribole
ISBN-10 0736046089
Release 2004
Pages 216
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A national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and the food and nutrition editor for "Shape" magazine helps readers eat nutritiously in spite of a busy lifestyle. Tribole promotes meals that take one minute or less to fix, plus worthwhile brand name snacks, nutritional food items.

Shot Down and on the Run

Shot Down and on the Run Author Graham Pitchfork
ISBN-10 1550024833
Release 2003
Pages 288
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This compelling book tells some of the epic stories of the thousands of shot-down airmen, including many Canadians, who got out from behind enemy lines across all theatres of the Second World War. Based on special first-hand interviews and new research into official debriefing documents held at Britain's National Archives, many of these accounts have never been published before. This book explores the pivotal role of military intelligence that masterminded the training, support, and organization of escape and evasion; it also features rare photographs of the evaders and their helpers.

Pleasure on the Run

Pleasure on the Run Author Rene Blanco
ISBN-10 1475902352
Release 2002-07-01
Pages 172
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Pleasure on the Run is six sensational stories where twists and turns and the innate irony of life take on new meaning. It soars the whole way, from the explosive twisting "Bloody Thighs" to the loving beauty of "Fine Love Garments," through the emotional tumult of "The Latest Deadlines" and "Fable Of A Universe," to the stinging reversals of "Ready Now" and the prophetic "Personal Slave."