Painless Writing

Painless Writing Author Jeffrey Strausser
ISBN-10 9781438081649
Release 2009-12-03
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Painless Writing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Painless Writing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Painless Writing book for free.

Painless Writing

Painless Writing Author Jeffrey Strausser
ISBN-10 1439530858
Release 2008-08-11
Pages 246
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Offers techniques for improving writing style, shows how to create a template that can be used for writing research papers on all subjects, and includes practical exercises.

Painless Junior Writing

Painless Junior  Writing Author Donna C. Oliverio M.S.
ISBN-10 0764181246
Release 2006-11-01
Pages 164
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(back cover) Don't be chicken. . . Learning different ways to write is fun! Travel with Sammy Octopus on a reading and writing adventure. You will learn different methods of writing so you can discover for yourself the way that works best for you. You will also learn how to revise and edit what you have written, how to make good word choices, and even to write poems.

Toward Painless Writing

Toward Painless Writing Author Tova Navarra
ISBN-10 1556422938
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 107
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Toward Painless Writing is the health professional's solution to writing term papers, reports, theses, & research & journal articles. Readers learn to apply basic guidelines for successful writing. Correct grammar, punctuation, style, & tone are defined & described to make the writing process efficient & effective. Each section & subsection of this book offers "self-contained" pieces of information-you can flip to any page & discover a useful tip. Chapters cover getting started, form, & grammar as well as editing & proofreading.

Painless Grammar

Painless Grammar Author Rebecca Elliott
ISBN-10 0764181173
Release 2006-08-01
Pages 278
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Introduces the dos and don'ts of English grammar--ranging from punctuation to spelling and sentence construction--using humorous, down-to earth examples.

Painless Police Report Writing

Painless Police Report Writing Author Barbara Frazee
ISBN-10 0132447517
Release 2008-02
Pages 168
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With an emphasis on relevance, this book tailors English instruction to the needs of police training and law enforcement. Taking a building block approach, the first five chapters present English grammar and the last two chapters are devoted to the police report writing process. Each chapter includes practice and review exercises that are taken from the field and assignment material that is geared to law enforcement interests. This edition features sample reports, sample forms and “war stories” that help students see how grammar and writing skills are used in their profession.

Writing in Pictures

Writing in Pictures Author Joseph McBride
ISBN-10 9780571274383
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 384
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Unlike most how-to books on screenwriting, Writing in Pictures is highly practical, offering a realistic guide to the screenwriting profession, as well as concrete practical guidance in the steps professional writers take to write a screenplay that comes from the heart instead of the pocketbook. The readeris taken through the nitty-gritty process of conceiving, outlining, constructing, and writing a screenplay in the professional format, with clear and concise examples offered for every step in writing a short dramatic film. Writing in Pictures offers straight talk, no mumbo-jumbo or gimmicks, just a methodical, step-by-step process that walks the reader through the different stages of writing a screenplay -- from idea to outline to character biography to treatment to step outline to finished screenplay. Using well-known films and screenplays, both contemporary and classic, to illustrate its lessons, Writing in Pictures also offers comments from famous screenwriters past and present and insightful stories (often colorful and funny) that illuminate aspects of the craft.

Make Your Words Count

Make Your Words Count Author Helen Wilkie
ISBN-10 1468094726
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 132
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Why a special book on business writing for accountants, and why a Short Painless Guide? Well, accountants do need to write well in order to practice their professional effectively, and yet many don't. In the course of her professional development work with accounting firms, author Helen Wilkie conducted informal surveys to find out what would encourage her clients to actually read a book on business writing for accountants, and the answer came back loud and clear: make it short and easy to read! So that's exactly what she did, and this handy little guide is the result. But don't be fooled by its diminutive size and weight — this book is packed with actionable writing advice accountants can put to use right away to the benefit of their clients, their firms and themselves. Examples from the accounting world help put the writing principles in context, and the author's tongue-in-cheek conversational style keeps a potentially dry subject from ever becoming boring.

Painless English for Speakers of Other Languages

Painless English for Speakers of Other Languages Author Jeffrey Strausser
ISBN-10 0764135627
Release 2007-01
Pages 273
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Presents information on the parts of speech; provides advice on ways to improve vocabulary, spelling, and American English pronunciation; and offers step-by-step instructions on written English, including punctuation and sentence structure to write essays and short stories.

Quick Painless Business Writing

Quick   Painless Business Writing Author Susan F. Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781427095633
Release 2008-08-21
Pages 300
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Quick Painless Business Writing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Quick Painless Business Writing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Quick Painless Business Writing book for free.

Quick Painless Business Writing

Quick   Painless Business Writing Author Susan Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781564149008
Release 2007
Pages 222
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Yes, you can improve your writing without memorising endless rules, perusing checklists of do's and don'ts or revisiting the lessons of secondary school. Quick & Painless Business Writing reveals secrets that will eliminate business-writing phobias and faux pas and help you create outstanding documents that get optimal results. First, you'll learn that grammar is not a collection of stagnant rules you'd better follow (or else), but an ever-changing set of principles with plenty of choices. Then you'll discover secrets about writing your English teachers never told you: the secret power of nouns, the destructive force of innocent-seeming verbs and the way sentence structure can elicit certain responses. You'll happily replace what you learned about structure with an altogether new understanding of how to open, develop and close your messages. Even better, you'll learn how to build a cohesive message quickly, with little need for rewriting.

Painless Vocabulary

Painless Vocabulary Author Michael Greenberg
ISBN-10 0764181211
Release 2006-04-01
Pages 280
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This addition to Barron's "Painless" series is focused to meet the needs of middle school and high school students. The author's friendly, informal narrative style takes the drudgery out of students' vocabulary building, which is a prerequisite for their academic achievement and future success in college and beyond. Each of 24 chapters introduces 15 new words, first placing the words in a brief essay that allows students to comprehend them in a given context. "Brain Tickler" questions that follow challenge students and help them determine whether they have gained some mastery of word usage. Sidebars appear on many pages with titles such as "Major Mistake Territory," alerting students to possible pitfalls and problems involving correct understanding of word meanings and normal usage. Each chapter concludes with an "On Your Own" section, which invites students to use the target vocabulary list within the context of their own everyday speech. Morbid. . . furtively . . . predecessor . . . infer . . . are typical examples of words students will learn to use with ease. The book's vocabulary is neither too easy nor too arcane--focusing instead on words that students should have at their command in high-school and by the time they enter college.

Painless Study Techniques

Painless Study Techniques Author Michael Greenberg
ISBN-10 0764140590
Release 2009
Pages 234
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Suggests ways to stop procrastinating and advice on how to approach such difficult subjects as foreign language textbooks and essay exams.


ISBN-10 0764140906
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 650
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Provides a review of test content, offers test-taking strategies, and includes two practice SSATs and two practice ISEEs

The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing

The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing Author Natalie Canavor
ISBN-10 0137015429
Release 2009-12-16
Pages 224
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Give yourself a powerful competitive advantage by becoming a better business writer. Better writers get better jobs and more promotions; they persuade people through emails, Web sites, presentations, proposals, resumes, grant proposals, you name it. Businesses know this: that's why they spend $3 billion a year helping their employees become more effective writers. The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing shows you how to master the art of effective business communication replacing the old standards of jargon, pomposity, and grammar drills with a simple, quick and conversational writing style. Authors Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitz demonstrate how to plan and organize your content; make your point faster; tell your readers what's in it for them; construct winning documents of every kind, print and electronic, even blog entries and text messages! The Truth about the New Rules of Business Writing brings together the field's best knowledge, and shows exactly how to put it to work. With an "aha" on every page, it presents information in a clear, accessible style that's easy to understand and use. Written in short chapters, it covers the entire field, cuts to the heart of every topic, pulls back the curtain on expert secrets, and pops the bubble of commonly-held assumptions. Simply put, this book delivers easy, painless writing techniques that work.

Barron s New York State Grade 5 Elementary Level Math Test

Barron s New York State Grade 5 Elementary Level Math Test Author Rafael A. Mercado
ISBN-10 0764139452
Release 2008
Pages 211
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Reviews fifth grade mathematics, covering such topics as measurement, number operations, patterns, functions, and problem solving, and provides two sample tests with answers and explanations.

Painless Poetry

Painless Poetry Author Mary Elizabeth Podhaizer
ISBN-10 0764116142
Release 2001
Pages 326
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Examines the language and literary elements of poetry, analyzing lyric, narrative, and dramatic poems in such a way as to make them enjoyable for students.