Private Citizens

Private Citizens Author Tony Tulathimutte
ISBN-10 9781786070524
Release 2016-09-08
Pages 384
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‘A brilliant novel – whip smart, hilarious and entirely engrossing’ Emma Cline, author of The Girls 'Tulathimutte is a big talent’ Jonathan Franzen, author of Purity 'An eloquent social novel bristling with logic’ Nell Zink, Financial Times, Best Summer Books of 2016 *AN AMAZON BEST BOOK OF THE MONTH | A BUZZFEED MOST EXCITING BOOK OF 2016 | A FLAVORWIRE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2016* From a brilliant new literary talent comes a sweeping comic portrait of privilege, ambition and friendship - dubbed ‘the first great millennial novel’ by New York Magazine. Capturing the anxious, self-aware mood of young college grads in the noughties, Private Citizens embraces the contradictions of our new century. Call it a gleefully rude comedy of manners, a Middlemarch for Millennials. The novel's four whip-smart narrators – idealistic Cory, Internet-lurking Will, awkward Henrik, and vicious Linda – are torn between fixing the world and cannibalizing it. In boisterous prose that ricochets between humour and pain, the four estranged friends stagger through the Bay Area’s maze of tech start-ups, protestors, gentrifiers, karaoke bars, house parties and cultish self-help seminars, washing up in each other’s lives once again. A wise and searching depiction of a generation grappling with privilege and finding grace in failure,

Poets Princes and Private Citizens

Poets  Princes  and Private Citizens Author Joseph M. Knippenberg
ISBN-10 0847682005
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 310
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This collection of original and insightful essays was written by teachers seeking to restore literature as a powerful teaching tool in the undergraduate classroom. This book rejects postmodern theorizing, opting instead to assert that great poets, playwrights, and novelists self-consciously intended to impart compelling moral and political lessons. The essays focus on fundamental questions such as: What is justice? What does it mean to be a good human being? What are the strengths and weaknesses of a particular form of government? and, How are we to understand and resolve the tensions between private affections and public responsibilities? This is important reading for anyone concerned about the impact of postmodern literary analysis.

Kitap Hirsizi

Kitap Hirsizi Author Markus Zusak
ISBN-10 6053483257
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 574
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The Feminine Political Novel in Victorian England

The Feminine Political Novel in Victorian England Author Barbara Leah Harman
ISBN-10 0813917727
Release 1998
Pages 224
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In this groundbreaking book, Barbara Leah Harman convincingly establishes a new category in Victorian fiction: the feminine political novel. By studying Victorian female protagonists who participate in the public universe conventionally occupied by men, she is able to reassess the public realm as the site of noble and meaningful action for women in Victorian England.

The Genius of Democracy

The Genius of Democracy Author Victoria Olwell
ISBN-10 9780812204971
Release 2011-05-05
Pages 304
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In the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century United States, ideas of genius did more than define artistic and intellectual originality. They also provided a means for conceptualizing women's participation in a democracy that marginalized them. Widely distributed across print media but reaching their fullest development in literary fiction, tropes of female genius figured types of subjectivity and forms of collective experience that were capable of overcoming the existing constraints on political life. The connections between genius, gender, and citizenship were important not only to contests over such practical goals as women's suffrage but also to those over national membership, cultural identity, and means of political transformation more generally. In The Genius of Democracy Victoria Olwell uncovers the political uses of genius, challenging our dominant narratives of gendered citizenship. She shows how American fiction catalyzed political models of female genius, especially in the work of Louisa May Alcott, Henry James, Mary Hunter Austin, Jessie Fauset, and Gertrude Stein. From an American Romanticism that saw genius as the ability to mediate individual desire and collective purpose to later scientific paradigms that understood it as a pathological individual deviation that nevertheless produced cultural progress, ideas of genius provided a rich language for contests over women's citizenship. Feminist narratives of female genius projected desires for a modern public life open to new participants and new kinds of collaboration, even as philosophical and scientific ideas of intelligence and creativity could often disclose troubling and more regressive dimensions. Elucidating how ideas of genius facilitated debates about political agency, gendered identity, the nature of consciousness, intellectual property, race, and national culture, Olwell reveals oppositional ways of imagining women's citizenship, ways that were critical of the conceptual limits of American democracy as usual.

Literary Executions

Literary Executions Author John Cyril Barton
ISBN-10 9781421413327
Release 2014-06-25
Pages 344
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"In Literary Executions, John Barton analyzes nineteenth-century representations of, responses to, and arguments for and against the death penalty in the United States. The author creates a generative dialogue between artistic relics and legal history. Novels, short stories, poems, and creative nonfiction engage with legislative reports, trial transcripts, legal documents, newspaper and journal articles, treatises, and popular books (like The Record of Crimes and The Gallows, the Prison, and the Poor House), all of which participated in the debate over capital punishment. Barton focuses on several canonical figures--James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lydia Maria Child, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, and Theodore Dreiser--and offers new readings of their work in light of the death penalty controversy. Barton also gives close attention to a host of then-popular-but-now-forgotten writers--particularly John Neal, Slidell MacKenzie, William Gilmore Simms, Sylvester Judd, and George Lippard--whose work helped shape or was in turn shaped by the influential anti-gallows movement. As illustrated in the book's epigraph by Samuel Johnson -- "Depend upon it Sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully" -- Barton argues that the high stakes of capital punishment dramatize the confrontation between the citizen-subject and sovereign authority. In bringing together the social and the aesthetic, Barton traces the emergence of the modern State's administration of lawful death. The book is intended primarily for literary scholars, but cultural and legal historians will also find value in it, as will anyone interested in the intersections among law, culture, and the humanities"--

The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth Century Novel

The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth Century Novel Author J. A. Downie
ISBN-10 9780191651069
Release 2016-07-21
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Although the emergence of the English novel is generally regarded as an eighteenth-century phenomenon, this is the first book to be published professing to cover the 'eighteenth-century English novel' in its entirety. This Handbook surveys the development of the English novel during the 'long' eighteenth century-in other words, from the later seventeenth century right through to the first three decades of the nineteenth century when, with the publication of the novels of Jane Austen and Walter Scott, 'the novel' finally gained critical acceptance and assumed the position of cultural hegemony it enjoyed for over a century. By situating the novels of the period which are still read today against the background of the hundreds published between 1660 and 1830, this Handbook not only covers those 'masters and mistresses' of early prose fiction-such as Defoe, Richardson, Fielding, Sterne, Burney, Scott and Austen-who are still acknowledged to be seminal figures in the emergence and development of the English novel, but also the significant number of recently-rediscovered novelists who were popular in their own day. At the same time, its comprehensive coverage of cultural contexts not considered by any existing study, but which are central to the emergence of the novel, such as the book trade and the mechanics of book production, copyright and censorship, the growth of the reading public, the economics of culture both in London and in the provinces, and the re-printing of popular fiction after 1774, offers unique insight into the making of the English novel.

An Entirely New Feature of a Thrilling Novel

An Entirely New Feature of a Thrilling Novel Author Simon Mohler Landis
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101068972460
Release 1872
Pages 416
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  topya Author Thomas More
ISBN-10 6050816603
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 144
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Poetics of Love in the Arabic Novel Nation State Modernity and Tradition

Poetics of Love in the Arabic Novel  Nation State  Modernity and Tradition Author Wen-chin Ouyang
ISBN-10 9780748655076
Release 2012-06-20
Pages 304
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Considers the Arabic novel within the triangle of the nation-state, modernity and traditionWen-Chin Ouyang explores the development of the Arabic novel, especially the ways in it engages with aesthetics, ethics and politics in a cross-cultural context and from a transnational perspective.Taking love and desire as the central tropes , the story of the Arabic novel is presented as a series of failed, illegitimate love affairs, all tainted by its suspicion of the legitimacy of the nation, modernity and tradition and, above all, by its misgiving about its own propriety.

Wilkie Collins Vera Caspary and the Evolution of the Casebook Novel

Wilkie Collins  Vera Caspary and the Evolution of the Casebook Novel Author A.B. Emrys
ISBN-10 9780786485031
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 220
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"Wilkie Collins was one of the most popular novelists during England's Victorian era. This critical study explores his formal ingenuity, particularly the novel of testimony constructed from epistolary fiction, trial reports, and prose monologue. This text explores how the formal dialogue between Collins and Vera Caspary has linked sensation fiction with noir thrillers and film noir"--Provided by publisher.

Post The First Byron Tibor Novel

Post  The First Byron Tibor Novel Author Sean Black
Release 2015-10-12
Pages 380
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Nominated for the 2015 International Thriller Writers' Award. POST - THE WAR IS COMING HOME Exhausted by years of combat, and haunted by the ghosts of his past, nothing is going to stop special forces veteran Byron Tibor returning home to the woman he loves. But is Byron who he appears to be, and why is the American government determined to stop him? From the blood-soaked mountains of the Hindu Kush to the glittering lights of Manhattan, via the dark underbelly of the Las Vegas Strip, POST is the story of one man's struggle to retain his humanity - before it's too late. '...a smash hit with action thriller fans on both sides of the Atlantic.' - Daily Post 'Keeps the reader guessing right to the gripping final twist.' Sunday Sun 'Black's star just keeps on rising.' - Evening Telegraph

Guarding Against Crime

Guarding Against Crime Author Danielle M. Reynald
ISBN-10 9781317124337
Release 2016-04-22
Pages 176
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This ground-breaking book examines the critical role that citizens play in guarding against crime. By focusing on the ways in which residents are able to capably guard their residential environments from crime, Reynald shows how local residents function (or fail to function) as effective crime controllers. The studies contained herein are aimed at developing our theoretical, empirical and practical understanding of the function of the capable guardian as a critical, yet elusive actor in the crime event model. In lieu of utilizing secondary data sources for proxy measures, this book argues in favour of new, more direct measures of guardianship, employing direct methods of primary data collection in order to capture the action dimensions of capable guardianship, as well as various other environmental and contextual factors that affect it. It features observations of guardianship in action and interviews with guardians to elucidate the factors that empower guardians to make them capable of crime control.

Free Will and Determinism in Joseph Conrad s Major Novels

Free Will and Determinism in Joseph Conrad s Major Novels Author Ludwig Schnauder
ISBN-10 9789042026162
Release 2009
Pages 268
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Although it has often been pointed out that the protagonists of Joseph Conrad's novels frequently fail in what they attempt to achieve, the forces that oppose them have rarely been examined systematically. Furthermore, no sustained attempts have been made to rigorously address the central philosophical issue the characters' predicament raises: that of the freedom-of-the-will. This interdisciplinary study seeks to remedy this neglect by taking recourse not only to the philosophical debate about free will and determinism but also to the relevant historical, economic, scientific, and literary discourses in the Victorian and Early-Modernist periods. Against this background a paradigmatic analysis of three of Conrad's most significant novels –Heart of Darkness, Nostromo, and The Secret Agent – investigates the writer's position in the free will and determinism debate by identifying certain recurring themes in which the freedom-of-the-will problem manifests itself. Light is thereby also thrown on a central Conradian paradox: how Conrad can insist on morality and moral responsibility, which presupposes the existence of free will, in a materialist-deterministic world, which denies it.

A Tale of Two Citizens

A Tale of Two Citizens Author Elyce Wakerman
ISBN-10 9781631580352
Release 2015-02-17
Pages 376
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A timely novel of a Polish-Jewish immigrant’s struggle against all odds for an American identity—beginning with a necessary lie at Ellis Island. Abroad, in pre-World War II Poland, the goose step of Nazism is intensifying, and panic is taking hold. Widespread fear of “the other” has reached a fever pitch. One man who has taken flight is Harry Himelbaum. All he wants is to live somewhere happy, and then to safely send for the wife and child he has left behind in order to pursue the American Dream. In the United States, the country is still feeling the shock waves of the Great Depression. Dust storms are decimating the prairie states, leaving behind a choking and arid wasteland. And in Iowa, Will Brown, a zealously patriotic lawyer, has dedicated himself to staunchly upholding the nation’s laws—unyielding in his effort to keep his country purely and unambiguously American. Soon, the paths of two families and two desperate ideals will cross, in ways both inevitable and unexpected, that will change all their lives forever. Based on the true story of the author’s father, this heart-wrenching clash of love and loyalties, and burgeoning patriotism, is a picture of an America torn between being a symbol of hope for immigrants and a proud nation fighting to re-create itself—“one of those big sprawling novels that you just can't put down. It brings together all the passion, heartbreak and resolute spirit of the immigrant experience” (Richard DiLallo, co-author of Alex Cross's Trial).

In the Shadow of the Law

In the Shadow of the Law Author Kermit Roosevelt
ISBN-10 9781429931496
Release 2006-06-13
Pages 384
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Morgan Siler is one of Washington, D.C.'s most powerful K Street law firms, its roster of clients stocked with multi-billion-dollar corporations. Through the obsessive efforts of its founder's son, Peter Morgan, his father's old-fashioned business has been transformed into a veritable goliath, embracing bankruptcy and merger divisions that Archibald Morgan had deemed ungentlemanly. As Peter reaches the pinnacle of his career, his firm is embroiled in two difficult cases: a pro bono death-penalty case in Virginia, and a class-action lawsuit brought against Hubble Chemical of Texas after an on-site explosion killed dozens of workers. Assigned to these cases is a group of young associates and seasoned partners struggling to make their way in the firm. Mark Clayton, fresh out of law school, is beginning to loathe his dull workload, and to be frightened by the downgrading of his personal life, when he is assigned to the pro bono case. Assisting him is the mercurial Walker Eliot, a brilliant third-year associate whose passion for the law is as great as his skill at unraveling its intricacies. The aggressive, profane, and wildly successful litigator Harold Fineman is leading the Hubble defense, assisted by first-year Katja Phillips, whose twin devotion to productivity and idealism intrigue him, and Ryan Grady, another first-year, whose quest to pick up girls is starting to interfere with his work. In this complex, ambitious, and gripping first novel, Kermit Roosevelt vividly illustrates the subtle and stark effects of the law on the lives not only of a group of lawyers, but also on communities and private citizens. In the Shadow of the Law is a meditation about the life of the law, the organism that is a law firm, and its impact on those who come within its powerful orbit.

The Encyclopedia of the Novel

The Encyclopedia of the Novel Author
ISBN-10 9781118779071
Release 2014-02-11
Pages 1024
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