RBT Credential Workbook (TrainABA Supervision Curriculum) (Volume 3)

RBT Credential Workbook (TrainABA Supervision Curriculum) (Volume 3) Author Benjamin Theisen
ISBN-10 9780985632977
Publisher Bx Dynamic Press
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The RBT Workbook walks the credential holder through the required assessment items on the BACB’s RBT Task List. The format is familiar to BCBA supervisors and developed for the RBT. It is designed be used with the TrainABA, Inc. Junction -- an online technician development platform connecting trainers and their technicians. Visit www.trainaba.com to access more materials. The workbook has two primary uses: As a Training Tool: A BCBA looking for additional structured curriculum when designing/delivering to 40-Hour Training Requirement or RBT Competency Assessment to RBT-exam candidates. As a Productivity Tool: BCBA and RBTs use workbook to structure supervision content and meetings throughout the year, meeting paperwork deadlines and continuing education in alignment with the RBT Task List and annual RBT Competency Assessment (as part of current BACB renewal requirements).