Running in the Dark

Running in the Dark Author Regan Summers
ISBN-10 9781426894541
Release 2012-10-29
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Santiago, Chile After surviving a vampire turf war in Alaska, vampire courier Sydney Kildare is back behind the wheel and working under an assumed name in Chile. She doesn't speak the language, doesn't know the city and—worst of all—has to drive a crappy car. What she does have is Malcolm Kelly, her sort-of boyfriend and manager of the city's vampire population. But with Malcolm preoccupied by bloodsucker business—and a gorgeous vampiress from his past—Sydney feels more alone than ever. But Sydney has more than her love life to worry about. She's got vamps on her tail, mysterious deliveries that leave death in their wake, and old enemies targeting her to get to Malcolm. Turns out he's got a history more deadly than she ever imagined, and she'll have to use every skill in her arsenal to stay alive... 60,000 words

Running Dark

Running Dark Author Joseph Heywood
ISBN-10 9781599217116
Release 2008-09-24
Pages 328
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We go back in time twenty-five years to meet Service as a young conservation officer. Still fresh from Vietnam, but on home turf, Service has been tapped for an unusual assignment that threatens to be his last. Full of outrageous characters and the verisimilitude the series is known for, Running Dark is a wild and riveting ride. For more on Joseph Heywood and the Woods Cop Mysteries, visit

Running Dark

Running Dark Author Jamie Freveletti
ISBN-10 9780062002914
Release 2010-06-29
Pages 352
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International intrigue and adventure combine in Running Dark, by Jamie Freveletti, the pulse-pounding sequel to Running from the Devil. Bestselling author Lee Child hailed Freveletti’s debut novel as, “Just terrific—full of thrills and tradecraft, pace and peril.” Now she brings back marathon runner and scientist Emma Caldwell in a gripping tale that combines terrorism, Somali pirates, and a possible chemical catastrophe as it races at breakneck speed into the most dangerous places in the world.

Running in the Dark

Running in the Dark Author Becky Hartung
ISBN-10 9781630475086
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 134
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Running in the Dark is a quirky, sentimental, and laughable ode to the ups and downs of life. Readers peer into the world of author Becky Hartung, a young woman who at the story’s start is attempting to finish her college years in one piece as she teaches improv classes and watches DVDs of Saturday Night Live and The Wonder Years (all seasons). A tale surrounded by quick wit and colorful characters, Hartung embarks on a journey to rediscover the beauty of being ordinary. From her adoption, her dependent nature for spending time with the playground teacher, and singing Bruce Springsteen songs at karaoke bars, she finds rest in the chaos. Running in the Dark battles the demons that haunt us all and tries to find a few good friends in the midst of suffering.

Running in the Dark

Running in the Dark Author Bernard Taylor
ISBN-10 9780595312603
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 292
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An architect going through divorce crashes his car on a remote country road in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. He staggers to an isolated house and witnesses a murder. He runs back to the crashed car with the killer chasing after him and sees his own body being stretchered into an ambulance. He later realizes that he has witnessed the murder through someone else's eyes and that the murder has not yet taken place. Then the issue becomes personal and he realizes that the only way to avert a tragedy in his own life is to stalk the man through whose eyes he saw the killing, without letting him know.

Dark Wolf Running

Dark Wolf Running Author Rhyannon Byrd
ISBN-10 9781460323038
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 304
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In Rhyannon Byrd's latest Bloodrunners romance, passion and secrets collide and only their love will save two werewolves and their pack. With his sharp gaze locked on the most magnificent female he'd ever seen, Wyatt Pallaton did his best to hold himself back. Of course, Elise Drake was hardly just any female. Fiery and cool, strong, yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she'd turned his entire world on its head. No matter how bloody difficult it proved to be, he was done letting her pretend he didn't even exist. Done with letting her fight her own battles. Done driving himself slowly into this maddening state of frustrated desire. One way or another, things were about to change. Come hell or high water, she was done running…. A Wolf Shifter Romance.

Dark Tide Running

Dark Tide Running Author A H Floraz
Release 2015-01-08
Pages 277
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A burnout FBI special agent got a second chance to undo his misfortune. Destiny gave him unexpected supernatural abilities allowing him to face different enemies from the past and present and to fight for his own existence. A powerful alliance across time and space led to a new beginning.

Running in the Dark

Running in the Dark Author Inger Iversen
ISBN-10 9781523489817
Release 2016-02-06
Pages 260
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Running in the Dark – NEW ADULT Paranormal Romance – BOOK 1 17 and up due to language and adult situations. Known as Trace to his enemies and friends, this lethal Dhampir leaves no trace of his victims behind. The life of deadly Russian slayer, Trace, has always revolved around death and preventing humankind from learning about the legendary creatures of the night. But now his position as a Watcher has become a prison, and dealing death for the Nation isn’t as prestigious as he once believed it to be. College dropout Bessina Darrow has witnessed things she isn’t permitted to see, a simple case of wrong place at the wrong time puts her life in danger. When Bessina becomes his new mark, Trace is prepared to eliminate her—until he discovers a way out for them both. Protecting Bessina means defying the leaders of the Nation, an act that has them both running for their lives. The more Trace fights to disappear from danger, the more he unravels the secrets surrounding his world of lore—secrets he must unveil to finally save a life, instead of destroy it. IN THE DARK books in correct reading order: Running in the Dark: Bessina and Trace Sinners in the Dark: Via and Echo Confessions in the Dark: Irish and Ophelia Absolution in the Dark: Jax and Avery Want more paranormal romance? Few Are Angels the complete series: Bestselling romance author Inger Iversen brings you a paranormal romance told from the heroine’s perspective that builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more. Immortal Heart (0.5 Book Prequel) Few Are Angels (Book 1) Awakened (Book 2) Eternal Light (Book 3) After the Fall (Book 3.5)

Running Over Bridges

Running Over Bridges Author Melene Kemmerling
ISBN-10 9781634170345
Release 2014-12-04
Pages 294
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Melene Kemmerling unravels the mystery that wraps her life in the poems that she shares with her best friend, who regards her pieces with admiration and praise. This anthology contains Melene’s deepest thoughts on failures, on success, on Mother Nature, on intimacy, on lost loves, on childhood, on weathers, on love, on running on trails, on the Lord, and many more. It will take you to a journey that Melene had never even shared with anyone before but her best friend. It is such a wonderful surprise how hanging sentences, trailing thoughts, exclamation points, a period or the lack of, and carefully chosen words could sum a woman’s life and her views of the people, places, things, and events around her. This anthology will make you think about your own life as well and the possible words and punctuations that you will use to turn them into poetry.

In the Dark on the Sunny Side

In the Dark on the Sunny Side Author Lawrence W. Baggett
ISBN-10 9780883855812
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 206
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"Misfortune struck one June day in 1944, when a five-year-old boy was forever blinded following an accident he suffered with a paring knife. Few people become internationally recognized research mathematicians and famously successful university professors of that erudite subject, and not surprisingly a minuscule number of those few are visually impaired. In the Dark on the Sunny Side tells the story of one such individual. Larry Baggett was main-streamed in school long before main-streaming was at all common. On almost every occasion he was the first blind person involved in whatever was going on ? the first blind student enrolled in the Orlando Public School System, the first blind student admitted to Davidson College, and the first blind doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Washington.Besides describing the various successes and failures Baggett experienced living in the dark on the sunny side, he displays in this volume his love of math and music by interspersing short musings on both topics, such as discussing how to figure out how many dominoes are in a set, the intricacies of jazz chord progressions, and the mysterious Comma of Pythagoras."

Dark Wolf Rising Dark Wolf Running Dark Wolf Returning

Dark Wolf Rising Dark Wolf Running Dark Wolf Returning Author Rhyannon Byrd
ISBN-10 9781760375676
Release 2016-01-01
Pages 652
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From nationally bestselling author Rhyannon Byrd come the stories of three Bloodrunners caught between two worlds. These half-breed protectors will stop at nothing in their pursuit ofjustice...and love. Dark Wolf Rising Eric Drake, a powerful dark wolf, has never trusted himself around human females, preferring to mate only within his pack. That is, until he encounters Chelsea Smart snooping around Silvercrest pack land in search of her missing sister. Secretly Chelsea thinks Eric is the sexiest man she's ever seen,though she is wary of his potent alpha energy. Now Chelsea will risk everything—her body and soul—to surrender to the passion that will mark her as Eric's woman for all eternity...if they survive. Dark Wolf Running With his sharp gaze locked on the most magnificent female he'd ever seen, Wyatt Pallaton did his best to hold himself back. Of course, Elise Drake was hardly just any female. Fiery and cool, strong yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she'd turned his entire world on its head. No matter how bloody difficult it proved to be, he was done letting her pretend he didn't even exist. One way or another, things were about to change. Come hell or high water, she was done running... Dark Wolf Returning When werewolf Eli Drake is banished from his pack, he leaves a devastated and heartbroken Carla Reyes behind. Three torturous years later, she tracks him down in a hole-in-the-wall Texas bar—the pack is in trouble and war is on the horizon. Carla needs Eli's help but wants nothing more to do with him—even though he's as ruthless, domineering and sexy as ever... Now, as he joins forces with Carla to save his pack, dare Eli hope that he can change her mind and claim a future he never dreamed possible? Get these three great Bloodrunners reads, now available in one volume!

Reading Comprehension Upper Tales for a dark night

Reading Comprehension  Upper  Tales for a dark night Author Diane Henderson
ISBN-10 9781863114677
Release 1999
Pages 50
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A photocopiable resource to support the English language curriculum. It provides comprehension questions that require pupils to answer with inference and deduction. It offers questions that provide opportunities for written, discussion or drawing activities.

Playing Until Dark

Playing Until Dark Author John R. Alberts
ISBN-10 9781491811566
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 100
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Inside, find poems of bubbling enthusiasm, deight in each day's exciting promises and delightful surprises a you join him "playing until dark. Mr. Alberts performs professionally throughout Michigan, in venues such as Milliken Auditorium in Traverse City, and the famous Scarab Club in Detroit. His published poems are read in the Dunes Review, Controlled Burn, Voices of Michigan and the Detroit Free Press Sunday magazine. He and his wife Raechel dwell along the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan

The Wanderers Dark Age

The Wanderers Dark Age Author Aharic Alexander
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 594
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Join the legends of the galaxy in their adventures that take them from one strange world to the next. They are the Wanderers and their institution has thrived for thousands of years. They, their agents, and the students they train, have kept the tradition of protection and peace alive throughout the countless planets they visit. But not everyone is enamored with these adventurous Wanderers, and now the entire Order is in peril. What is more of a threat; those on the outside, or those on the inside? The Wanderers must make their final desperate stand as they resist extinction.

Free Agent Paul Dark 1

Free Agent  Paul Dark 1 Author Jeremy Duns
ISBN-10 9781847377364
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 352
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In July 1945 MI6 agent Paul Dark took part in a top secret mission to hunt down and execute Nazi war criminals. He will discover that everything he understood about that mission, about its consequences, and about the woman he once loved, has been built on false foundations. Now it's 1969 and a KGB colonel called Slavin has walked into the High Commission inLagos, Nigeria,and announced that he wants to defect. His credentials as a defector are good - he has highly suggestive information which indicates that there is yet another double agent within MI6, which would be a devastating blow for a Service still coming to terms with its betrayal by Kim Philby and the rest of the Cambridge Five. Paul Dark has been largely above suspicion during MI6's years of self-recrimination. But this time he can see his number coming up. For some it would be fight or flight time. But when you discover that everything you've taken for granted and trusted for twenty four years turns out to be untrue, and when your arrest may only be moments away, then perhaps the only option is both fight and flight. Free Agent is a twisting, intense thriller set between London and Nigeria during the height of the Cold War. It's a novel of innumerable cliffhangers, all set within a constantly evolving moral universe, and the surprises keep coming until the very last page. Jeremy Duns is also the author of the acclaimed Spy Out the Land, Song of Treason and The Moscow Option.

Running from Secrets

Running from Secrets Author Stephanie Void
Release 2011-05-06
Pages 170
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Bethany has never felt as alone as she feels in Linwood'¬ ;until she dreams up Chime, a woman on the run because of a magic crime she didn'¬"t commit. The dreams get more and more urgent, so Bethany tries to banish them by writing them down, only to discover she'¬"s stumbled into the role of unwitting controller of Chime'¬"s world.Chime is real here, and so is the possessed queen, minion army, mysterious professor, Vault Five, wind chimes with a secret code, child'¬"s rhyme that can kill, the naked painting, and other things Chime'¬"s story leads her to.She has to fix the story without erasing Chime and her world, because if she erases Chime, she will die as well.

Outer Dark

Outer Dark Author Cormac McCarthy
ISBN-10 9780330474801
Release 2010-12-10
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By Cormac McCarthy, the author of the critically acclaimed Border Trilogy, Outer Dark is a novel at once mythic and starkly evocative, set in an unspecified place in Appalachia sometime around the turn of the century. A woman bears her brother's child, a boy; the brother leaves the baby in the woods and tells her he died of natural causes. Discovering her brother's lie, she sets forth alone to find her son. Both brother and sister wander separately through a countryside being scourged by three terrifying and elusive strangers, headlong toward an eerie, apocalyptic resolution.