Scattered Author Gabor Mate
ISBN-10 1101153857
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 368
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In this breakthrough guide to understanding, treating, and healing Attention Deficit Disorder, Dr. Gabor Maté, an adult with ADD and the father of three ADD children, shared the latest information on: · The external factors that trigger ADD · How to create an environment that promotes health and healing · Ritalin and other drugs · ADD adults …and much more Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has quickly become a controversial topic in recent years. Whereas other books on the subject describe the condition as inherited, Dr. Maté believes that our social and emotional environments play a key role in both the cause of and cure for this condition. In Scattered, he describes the painful realities of ADD and its effect on children as well as on career and social paths in adults. While acknowledging that genetics may indeed play a part in predisposing a person toward ADD, Dr. Maté moves beyond that to focus on the things we can control: changes in environment, family dynamics, and parenting choices. He draws heavily on his own experience with the disorder, as both an ADD sufferer and the parent of three diagnosed children. Providing a thorough overview of ADD and its treatments, Scattered is essential and life-changing reading for the millions of ADD sufferers in North America today. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Smart but Scattered

Smart but Scattered Author Peg Dawson
ISBN-10 1606238809
Release 2011-11-30
Pages 314
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There's nothing more frustrating than watching your bright, talented son or daughter struggle with everyday tasks like finishing homework, putting away toys, or following instructions at school. Your "smart but scattered" 4- to 13-year-old might also have trouble coping with disappointment or managing anger. Drs. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare have great news: there's a lot you can do to help. The latest research in child development shows that many kids who have the brain and heart to succeed lack or lag behind in crucial "executive skills"--the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions. Learn easy-to-follow steps to identify your child's strengths and weaknesses, use activities and techniques proven to boost specific skills, and problem-solve daily routines. Helpful worksheets and forms can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. Small changes can add up to big improvements--this empowering book shows how. See also the authors' Smart but Scattered Teens and their self-help guide for adults. Plus, an academic planner for middle and high school students and related titles for professionals.


AND Author Hugh Halter
ISBN-10 9780310325857
Release 2010
Pages 205
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AND, by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, brings you---whether you re a mega-church, traditional, contemporary, or organic church leader---fresh encouragement to your ministry. By teaching you how to move beyond the attractional-missional divide and utilize insights from both perspectives, you ll learn how to bring together the very best of the attractional and missional models for church ministry. AND is part of the Exponential Series."

Scattered Leaves

Scattered Leaves Author Virginia Andrews
ISBN-10 9781847376312
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 416
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After tragedy tears her family apart, Jordan March is shipped off by her domineering Grandmother Emma to live with Emma's long-forgotten sister. Shuttered in a rundown farmhouse, Aunt Frances is the strangest person Jordan has ever met. Why has Grandmother hidden away this fragile, harmless woman? Did Frances grow up much too fast, like Jordan did? In the shadows of the farmhouse, Jordan is about to unearth the shattering truth - with terrible and far-reaching repercussions for the March family.

Scattered at Sea

Scattered at Sea Author Amy Gerstler
ISBN-10 014312689X
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 96
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A dazzling new collection from an award-winning poet Amy Gerstler has won acclaim for sly, sophisticated, and subversive poems that find meaning in unexpected places. The title of her new collection, Scattered at Sea, evokes notions of dispersion, diaspora, sowing one’s wild oats, having one’s mind expanded or blown, losing one’s wits, and mortality. Making use of dramatic monologue, elegy, humor, and collage, these poems explore hedonism, gender, ancestry, reincarnation, bereavement, and the nature of prayer. Groping for an inclusive, imaginative, postmodern spirituality, they draw from an array of sources, including the philosophy of the ancient Stoics, diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s disease, 1950s recipes, the Babylonian Talmud, and Walter Benjamin’s writing on his drug experiences.

Scattered Thoughts from a Scattered Mind

Scattered Thoughts from a Scattered Mind Author David Mills
ISBN-10 9781479729173
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 112
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N/A *no book description

Principles of Polymer Chemistry

Principles of Polymer Chemistry Author Paul J. Flory
ISBN-10 0801401348
Release 1953
Pages 672
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Principles of Polymer Chemistry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Principles of Polymer Chemistry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Principles of Polymer Chemistry book for free.

Scattered and Gathered

Scattered and Gathered Author Sadiri Joy Tira
ISBN-10 9781498296670
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 596
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The 21st Century is marked by mass migration. Massive population movements of the last century have radically challenged our study and practice of "mission fields." Where the church once rallied to go out into "the regions beyond," Christian missions is currently required to respond and adapt to "missions around." This volume analyses the development of missions to the migrants and develops an understanding of the contemporary church's opportunities and responsibility vis-a- vis Diaspora Missiology: "a missiological framework for understanding and participating in God's redemptive mission among peoples living outside their places of origin."

Scattered and Filtered Solar UV Measurements

Scattered and Filtered Solar UV Measurements Author Alfio V. Parisi
ISBN-10 9789401512466
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 197
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This textbook provides a comprehensive understanding of the scattered and filtered solar UV environment, the techniques to measure this radiation and the resulting UV exposures to humans. As is well known, the incidence of skin cancer and sun-related eye disorders can be reduced by minimization exposure to UV radiation. The book aims to quantify, understand and provide information on the effects of filtered and scattered UV light.

Scattered Minds

Scattered Minds Author Lenard Adler
ISBN-10 0399533400
Release 2007
Pages 193
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Citing a high number of adult ADHD sufferers as well as the condition's challenging symptoms, a detailed reference refutes common misconceptions while providing advice on how to obtain an accurate diagnosis and seek the most appropriate treatments, in a volume that shares numerous case stories and a wealth of coping strategies. Reprint.

Richard Gabriele

Richard Gabriele Author
ISBN-10 0996190708
Release 2015-03-11
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This catalog was published to accompany the exhibition by Richard Gabriele at Fred Torres Gallery, Chelsea New York. The catalog includes an essay by eminent art historian Peter Selz.

Scattered Data Approximation

Scattered Data Approximation Author Holger Wendland
ISBN-10 1139456652
Release 2004-12-13
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Many practical applications require the reconstruction of a multivariate function from discrete, unstructured data. This book gives a self-contained, complete introduction into this subject. It concentrates on truly meshless methods such as radial basis functions, moving least squares, and partitions of unity. The book starts with an overview on typical applications of scattered data approximation, coming from surface reconstruction, fluid-structure interaction, and the numerical solution of partial differential equations. It then leads the reader from basic properties to the current state of research, addressing all important issues, such as existence, uniqueness, approximation properties, numerical stability, and efficient implementation. Each chapter ends with a section giving information on the historical background and hints for further reading. Complete proofs are included, making this perfectly suited for graduate courses on multivariate approximation and it can be used to support courses in computer-aided geometric design, and meshless methods for partial differential equations.

Scattered The inside story of Ice in Australia

Scattered  The inside story of Ice in Australia Author Malcolm Knox
ISBN-10 9781741763393
Release 2008
Pages 302
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An investigation into the escalating Ice crisis in Australia.

The Scattered Family

The Scattered Family Author Cati Coe
ISBN-10 9780226072418
Release 2013-11-15
Pages 256
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Today’s unprecedented migration of people around the globe in search of work has had a widespread and troubling result: the separation of families. In The Scattered Family, Cati Coe offers a sophisticated examination of this phenomenon among Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad. Challenging oversimplified concepts of globalization as a wholly unchecked force, she details the diverse and creative ways Ghanaian families have adapted long-standing familial practices to a contemporary, global setting. Drawing on ethnographic and archival research, Coe uncovers a rich and dynamic set of familial concepts, habits, relationships, and expectations—what she calls repertoires—that have developed over time, through previous encounters with global capitalism. Separated immigrant families, she demonstrates, use these repertoires to help themselves navigate immigration law, the lack of child care, and a host of other problems, as well as to help raise children and maintain relationships the best way they know how. Examining this complex interplay between the local and global, Coe ultimately argues for a rethinking of what family itself means.

Closed Object Boundaries from Scattered Points

Closed Object Boundaries from Scattered Points Author Remco Veltkamp
ISBN-10 3540588086
Release 1994-11-30
Pages 152
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This monograph is devoted to computational morphology, particularly to the construction of a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional closed object boundary through a set of points in arbitrary position. By applying techniques from computational geometry and CAGD, new results are developed in four stages of the construction process: (a) the gamma-neighborhood graph for describing the structure of a set of points; (b) an algorithm for constructing a polygonal or polyhedral boundary (based on (a)); (c) the flintstone scheme as a hierarchy for polygonal and polyhedral approximation and localization; (d) and a Bezier-triangle based scheme for the construction of a smooth piecewise cubic boundary.


Scattered Author Gary K. Waters
ISBN-10 1453581049
Release 2010-09-30
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Scattered has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Scattered also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Scattered book for free.

Scattered Poems

Scattered Poems Author Jack Kerouac
ISBN-10 9781504034005
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 76
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Just as he upended the conventions of the novel with On the Road, Jack Kerouac revolutionized American poetry in this ingenious collection Bringing together selections from literary journals and his private notebooks, Jack Kerouac’s Scattered Poems exemplifies the Beat Generation icon’s innovative approach to language. Kerouac’s poems, populated by hitchhikers, Chinese grocers, Buddhist saints, and cultural figures from Rimbaud to Harpo Marx, evoke the primal and the sublime, the everyday and the metaphysical. Scattered Poems, which includes the playfully instructive “How to Meditate,” the sensory “San Francisco Blues,” and an ode to Kerouac’s fellow Beat Allen Ginsberg, is rich in striking images and strident urgency. Kerouac’s widespread influences feel new and fresh in these poems, which echo the rhythm of improvisational jazz music, and the centuries-old structure of Japanese haiku. In rebelling against the dry rules and literary pretentiousness he perceived in early twentieth-century poetry, Kerouac pioneered a poetic style informed by oral tradition, driven by concrete language with neither embellishment nor abstraction, and expressed through spontaneous, uncensored writing.