Shadow Author Adrian Daray
ISBN-10 9783962174569
Release 2017-07-15
Pages 700
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In der fremden Welt Gesfalin existiert ein Artefakt, das die Schöpfer als den Ursprung des Schattens bezeichnen. Jeder der es besitzt, erhält die Macht der Unsterblichkeit und wird für zehntausend Jahre in den Stand der Götter erhoben. Als jedoch der Fürst der Finsternis davon erfährt, entsendet er seine dunklen Vasallen, um jene Quelle für sich zu beanspruchen. Doch sein Plan scheint zu scheitern, denn Gesandte des Schicksals sind bereits auf dem Weg dieser Bedrohung EInhalt zu gebieten, deren ungewollte Verbundenheit zum Schatten schon bald an allem zweifeln lassen.

Das Lied des Blutes

Das Lied des Blutes Author Anthony Ryan
ISBN-10 9783608107524
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 800
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Vaelin Al Sorna, der berühmteste Gefangene des Reichs und sein größter Kämpfer, erzählt die atemberaubende Geschichte seines Lebens. Er ist an Bord eines Schiffes, das ihn zu dem Ort bringen soll, an dem es für ihn um Leben und Tod geht. Einst war er von seinem Vater als Zögling in das Kloster des Sechsten Ordens gebracht worden, wo er zum Krieger ausgebildet wurde. Nun sind die Namen, die er sich im Kampf verdient hat, über alle Grenzen hin bekannt: Schwert des Königs, Dunkelklinge, Rabenschatten und am gefürchtetsten: Hoffnungstöter.


Shadow Author Amanda Sun
ISBN-10 9781459235823
Release 2013-06-01
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Meet two teens whose worlds are about to change forever in this paranormal Young Adult novella, a prequel to Ink by debut author Amanda Sun… Katie Greene's worst nightmare comes true when her mother dies, and she's devastated to learn that she will have to leave the only home she's ever known. Desperate to find where she belongs, she must decide if she has what it takes to start a new life across the ocean. For Yuu Tomohiro, every day is a nightmare. He struggles to control his strange ability, and keeps everyone at a distance so they won't get hurt—even his girlfriend, Myu. At night, a shadow haunts his dreams, and a mysterious woman torments him with omens of death and destruction. But these haunting premonitions are only the beginning… Don't miss the moment when Katie's and Tomohiro's worlds collide in Ink, book one of The Paper Gods series from Harlequin TEEN.

Soccer in Sun and Shadow

Soccer in Sun and Shadow Author Eduardo H. Galeano
ISBN-10 1859844235
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 244
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This new edition of Eduardo Galeano's riveting commentary on the history and politics of soccer includes newly written material on the 2002 World Cup, which one quarter of humanity watched.

Short History of the Shadow

Short History of the Shadow Author Victor I. Stoichita
ISBN-10 1861890001
Release 1997-08-01
Pages 264
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In this investigative tour de force, Victor I. Stoichita untangles the history of one of the most enduring technical and symbolic challenges to beset Western artists – the depiction and meanings of shadows. The representation of shadow, and especially of cast shadow, is as old as art itself, for according to classical writers art was born when the outline of a human shadow thrown onto a wall was first traced out in order to capture it in the form of a silhouette. But the history of the shadow is properly the history of light versus dark, for in addition to indicating relief and volume or the times of day, shadows can intimate subtler interior realities – from states of mind to the state of the soul. According to J. C. Lavater in the 18th century, for example, it was the shadow of the face, not the face itself, that was the soul’s reflection. More recently Andy Warhol, in his Shadows canvases, and Joseph Beuys have in turn explored the idea of the shadow as the hyper-realized revelation of utter human emptiness and as the self’s awesomely powerful Doppelgänger. Stoichita’s compelling account of the shadow and Western art, which draws on texts by Renaissance artist-authors like Vasari and Cennini, folk tales, fairy tales and classical myths, works by van Eyck, Poussin, Malevich, De Chirico, Picasso and other masters, German Expressionist cinema, photography and child psychology, is a wholly original incursion into a subject that for centuries has challenged the very meaning of art as representation.

In the Shadow of Violence

In the Shadow of Violence Author Klaus Schlichte
ISBN-10 3593388170
Release 2009-04-14
Pages 255
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Spätestens seit den Anschlägen vom 11. September sind nicht-staatliche Kriegsakteure in den Mittelpunkt des wissenschaftlichen und außenpolitischen Interesses gerückt. Doch wie lassen sich ihr Handeln, ihre Strategien und ihre Organisation begreifen? Klaus Schlichte betont den politischen Charakter bewaffneter Gruppen, für den der Zusammenhang von Gewalt und Legitimität zentral ist. Damit setzt er sich von jenen Arbeiten ab, die ökonomische Interessen oder »religiösen Fundamentalismus « zur Erklärung heranziehen. Sein Vergleich von 15 Ländern zeigt, dass nicht-staatliche Gruppen immer in engen Beziehungen zu Staaten stehen und das Ziel haben, ihre Macht der Gewalt in politische Herrschaft zu transformieren.

In the Shadow of the Banyan

In the Shadow of the Banyan Author Vaddey Ratner
ISBN-10 9781451657722
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 336
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A beautiful celebration of the power of hope, this New York Times bestselling novel tells the story of a girl who comes of age during the Cambodian genocide. You are about to read an extraordinary story, a PEN Hemingway Award finalist “rich with history, mythology, folklore, language and emotion.” It will take you to the very depths of despair and show you unspeakable horrors. It will reveal a gorgeously rich culture struggling to survive through a furtive bow, a hidden ankle bracelet, fragments of remembered poetry. It will ensure that the world never forgets the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge regime in the Cambodian killing fields between 1975 and 1979, when an estimated two million people lost their lives. It will give you hope, and it will confirm the power of storytelling to lift us up and help us not only survive but transcend suffering, cruelty, and loss. For seven-year-old Raami, the shattering end of childhood begins with the footsteps of her father returning home in the early dawn hours, bringing details of the civil war that has overwhelmed the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Soon the family’s world of carefully guarded royal privilege is swept up in the chaos of revolution and forced exodus. Over the next four years, as the Khmer Rouge attempts to strip the population of every shred of individual identity, Raami clings to the only remaining vestige of her childhood—the mythical legends and poems told to her by her father. In a climate of systematic violence where memory is sickness and justification for execution, Raami fights for her improbable survival. Displaying the author’s extraordinary gift for language, In the Shadow of the Banyan is a brilliantly wrought tale of human resilience.

In the Shadow of Man

In the Shadow of Man Author Jane Goodall
ISBN-10 0618056769
Release 2000
Pages 297
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A personal account of the author's life among wild chimpanzees in Africa offers insight into animal behavior and draws parallels between chimpanzee and human relationships.

In the Shadow of Slavery

In the Shadow of Slavery Author Leslie M. Harris
ISBN-10 0226317749
Release 2003-02-02
Pages 380
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"The black experience in the antebellum South has been thoroughly documented. But histories set in the North are few. In the Shadow of Slavery, then, is a big and ambitious book, one in which insights about race and class in New York City abound. Leslie Harris has masterfully brought more than two centuries of African American history back to life in this illuminating new work."—David Roediger, author of The Wages of Whiteness In 1991 in lower Manhattan, a team of construction workers made an astonishing discovery. Just two blocks from City Hall, under twenty feet of asphalt, concrete, and rubble, lay the remains of an eighteenth-century "Negro Burial Ground." Closed in 1790 and covered over by roads and buildings throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the site turned out to be the largest such find in North America, containing the remains of as many as 20,000 African Americans. The graves revealed to New Yorkers and the nation an aspect of American history long hidden: the vast number of enslaved blacks who labored to create our nation's largest city. In the Shadow of Slavery lays bare this history of African Americans in New York City, starting with the arrival of the first slaves in 1626, moving through the turbulent years before emancipation in 1827, and culminating in one of the most terrifying displays of racism in U.S. history, the New York City Draft Riots of 1863. Drawing on extensive travel accounts, autobiographies, newspapers, literature, and organizational records, Leslie M. Harris extends beyond prior studies of racial discrimination by tracing the undeniable impact of African Americans on class, politics, and community formation and by offering vivid portraits of the lives and aspirations of countless black New Yorkers. Written with clarity and grace, In the Shadow of Slavery is an ambitious new work that will prove indispensable to historians of the African American experience, as well as anyone interested in the history of New York City.

The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque

The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque Author Sidney H. Griffith
ISBN-10 9781400834020
Release 2012-01-09
Pages 240
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Amid so much twenty-first-century talk of a "Christian-Muslim divide"--and the attendant controversy in some Western countries over policies toward minority Muslim communities--a historical fact has gone unnoticed: for more than four hundred years beginning in the mid-seventh century, some 50 percent of the world's Christians lived and worshipped under Muslim rule. Just who were the Christians in the Arabic-speaking milieu of Mohammed and the Qur'an? The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque is the first book-length discussion in English of the cultural and intellectual life of such Christians indigenous to the Islamic world. Sidney Griffith offers an engaging overview of their initial reactions to the religious challenges they faced, the development of a new mode of presenting Christian doctrine as liturgical texts in their own languages gave way to Arabic, the Christian role in the philosophical life of early Baghdad, and the maturing of distinctive Oriental Christian denominations in this context. Offering a fuller understanding of the rise of Islam in its early years from the perspective of contemporary non-Muslims, this book reminds us that there is much to learn from the works of people who seriously engaged Muslims in their own world so long ago. Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.

In the Shadow of War

In the Shadow of War Author Michael S. Sherry
ISBN-10 0300072635
Release 1995
Pages 595
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Prize-winning historian Michael S. Sherry shows how war has defined modern America and argues that militarization has reshaped every facet of American life--its politics, economics, culture, social relations, and place in the world. 17 illustrations.

In the Shadow of Olympus

In the Shadow of Olympus Author Eugene N. Borza
ISBN-10 0691008809
Release 1992
Pages 347
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In tracing the emergence of the Macedonian kingdom from its origins as a Balkan backwater to a major European and Asian power, Eugene Borza offers to specialists and lay readers alike a revealing account of a relatively unexplored segment of ancient history. He draws from recent archaeological discoveries and an enhanced understanding of historical geography to form a narrative that provides a material-culture setting for political events. Examining the dynamics of Macedonian relations with the Greek city-states, he suggests that the Macedonians, although they gradually incorporated aspects of Greek culture into their own society, maintained a distinct ethnicity as a Balkan people. "Borza has taken the trouble to know Macedonia: the land, its prehistory, its position in the Balkans, and its turbulent modern history. All our understanding of the emergence of Macedon.... Borza has employed two of the historian's most valuable tools, autopsy and common sense, to produce a well-balanced introduction to the state that altered the course of Greek and Near Eastern history."--Waldemar Heckel, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

In the Shadow of Revolution

In the Shadow of Revolution Author Sheila Fitzpatrick
ISBN-10 0691019487
Release 2000
Pages 443
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Asked shortly after the revolution about how she viewed the new government, Tatiana Varsher replied, "With the wide-open eyes of a historian." Her countrywoman, Zinaida Zhemchuzhnaia, expressed a similar need to take note: "I want to write about the way those events were perceived and reflected in the humble and distant corner of Russia that was the Cossack town of Korenovskaia." What these women witnessed and experienced, and what they were moved to describe, is part of the extraordinary portrait of life in revolutionary Russia presented in this book. A collection of life stories of Russian women in the first half of the twentieth century, In the Shadow of Revolution brings together the testimony of Soviet citizens and émigrés, intellectuals of aristocratic birth and Soviet milkmaids, housewives and engineers, Bolshevik activists and dedicated opponents of the Soviet regime. In literary memoirs, oral interviews, personal dossiers, public speeches, and letters to the editor, these women document their diverse experience of the upheavals that reshaped Russia in the first half of this century. As is characteristic of twentieth-century Russian women's autobiographies, these life stories take their structure not so much from private events like childbirth or marriage as from great public events. Accordingly the collection is structured around the events these women see as touchstones: the Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War of 1918-20; the switch to the New Economic Policy in the 1920s and collectivization; and the Stalinist society of the 1930s, including the Great Terror. Edited by two preeminent historians of Russia and the Soviet Union, the volume includes introductions that investigate the social historical context of these women's lives as well as the structure of their autobiographical narratives.

Sir Vidia s Shadow

Sir Vidia s Shadow Author Paul Theroux
ISBN-10 0618001999
Release 1998
Pages 364
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In an intriguing memoir of friendship, the best-selling novelist, travel writer, and author of The Great Railway Bazaar recounts his experiences and memories as he journeyed around the world with renowned writer V. S. Naipaul. Reprint.

Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher Author Timothy Egan
ISBN-10 9780618969029
Release 2012
Pages 370
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A narrative account of the pioneering photographer's life-risking effort to document a disappearing North American Indian nation offers insight into the danger and resolve behind his venture, his elevation to an impassioned advocate and the posthumous discovery of his considerable achievements. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Big Burn. 75,000 first printing.

In Senghor s Shadow

In Senghor s Shadow Author Elizabeth Harney
ISBN-10 0822386054
Release 2004-11-02
Pages 360
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In Senghor’s Shadow is a unique study of modern art in postindependence Senegal. Elizabeth Harney examines the art that flourished during the administration of Léopold Sédar Senghor, Senegal’s first president, and in the decades since he stepped down in 1980. As a major philosopher and poet of Negritude, Senghor envisioned an active and revolutionary role for modern artists, and he created a well-funded system for nurturing their work. In questioning the canon of art produced under his aegis—known as the Ecole de Dakar—Harney reconsiders Senghor’s Negritude philosophy, his desire to express Senegal’s postcolonial national identity through art, and the system of art schools and exhibits he developed. She expands scholarship on global modernisms by highlighting the distinctive cultural history that shaped Senegalese modernism and the complex and often contradictory choices made by its early artists. Heavily illustrated with nearly one hundred images, including some in color, In Senghor’s Shadow surveys the work of a range of Senegalese artists, including painters, muralists, sculptors, and performance-based groups—from those who worked at the height of Senghor’s patronage system to those who graduated from art school in the early 1990s. Harney reveals how, in the 1970s, avant-gardists contested Negritude beliefs by breaking out of established artistic forms. During the 1980s and 1990s, artists such as Moustapha Dimé, Germaine Anta Gaye, and Kan-Si engaged with avant-garde methods and local artistic forms to challenge both Senghor’s legacy and the broader art world’s understandings of cultural syncretism. Ultimately, Harney’s work illuminates the production and reception of modern Senegalese art within the global arena.


Shadow Author Lynn Hebbing
ISBN-10 1520795122
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 318
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Am 20. November stirbt Jack bei einem Unfall. Aber nicht ganz. Er bekommt die M�glichkeit, als Schatten in die Welt der Menschen zur�ckzukehren, um dort ihre Gef�hle zu sammeln. Allerdings darf er niemals einem Menschen von den Schatten erz�hlen.Zun�chst ist das auch kein Problem, dann jedoch lernt er Emily kennen und verliebt sich in sie.Bald schon sp�rt sie, dass etwas mit Jack nicht stimmt. Schlie�lich steht Jack vor der Wahl: entweder er verliert Emily, oder er erz�hlt ihr von den Schatten.Doch was wird passieren, wenn er ihr die Wahrheit erz�hlt?