The Highest Treason

The Highest Treason Author Randall Garrett
Release 2016-01-21
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The Prisoner The two rooms were not luxurious, but MacMaine hadn't expected that they would be. The walls were a flat metallic gray, unadorned and windowless. The ceilings and floors were simply continuations of the walls, except for the glow-plates overhead. One room held a small cabinet for his personal possessions, a wide, reasonably soft bed, a small but adequate desk, and, in one corner, a cubicle that contained the necessary sanitary plumbing facilities. The other room held a couch, two big easy-chairs, a low table, some bookshelves, a squat refrigerator containing food and drink for his occasional snacks--his regular meals were brought in hot from the main kitchen--and a closet that contained his clothing--the insignialess uniforms of a Kerothi officer. No, thought Sebastian MacMaine, it was not luxurious, but neither did it look like the prison cell it was. There was comfort here, and even the illusion of privacy, although there were TV pickups in the walls, placed so that no movement in either room would go unnoticed. The switch which cut off the soft white light from the glow plates did not cut off the infrared radiation which enabled his hosts to watch him while he slept. Every sound was heard and recorded. But none of that bothered MacMaine. On the contrary, he was glad of it. He wanted the Kerothi to know that he had no intention of escaping or hatching any plot against them. He had long since decided that, if things continued as they had, Earth would lose the war with Keroth, and Sebastian MacMaine had no desire whatever to be on the losing side of the greatest war ever fought. The problem now was to convince the Kerothi that he fully intended to fight with them, to give them the full benefit of his ability as a military strategist, to do his best to win every battle for Keroth.

Asr n Getirdi i Teredd tler 1

Asr  n Getirdi  i Teredd  tler 1 Author M. Fethullah Gülen
ISBN-10 9781682369005
Release 2016-01-23
Pages 302
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“Asırlardır biriken tereddüt ve şüpheler, beyinlerde bir törpü, bir burgu gibi içten içe, fert fert veya gruplar hâlinde insanların inançlarını aşındırıp delik-deşik etti. Bilhassa asrımızda toptan bir inkâr hâlinde ortaya çıktı. Dünyanın bir kesimi bu şüpheler karşısında dayanamamıştı. Bizde de ilk anda sendelemeler oldu. Hatta, bu asrın başında inancını kaybeden bazı gençler, son olarak yazıp bıraktıkları mektuplarında, iman olmadan yaşamanın mânâsızlığına dikkati çekerek intihar ediyorlardı. Bin senedir tedârik ve teraküm edilen müfsit âletler ile kalb-i umumî ve efkâr-ı âmme dehşetli yaralanmış, insanımızın, bilhassa avam halkın istinatgâhları olan İslâmî esaslar, İslâmî cereyanlar, İslâmî şiârlar kırılmış; bunların neticesi vicdan-ı umumî bozulmaya yüz tutmuştu. Bu geniş yaralar Kur’ân’ın ve imanın ilaçları ile tedavi edilmeliydi...”

Mr Meeson s Will

Mr  Meeson s Will Author H. Rider Haggard
ISBN-10 9781587154980
Release 2001
Pages 188
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If Haggard -- one of the greatest adventure writers of all time -- is remembered now, it is for his novels featuring Allan Quatermain, a heroic adventurer whose exploits in Africa form the most important sequence of Haggard's books. Quatermain's adventures are chronicled in such novels as "King Solomon's Mines," "Allan Quaterman," "She," and 11 others. However, despite the importance of the Quaterman books, many of Haggard's other novels are interesting in their own right. "Nada the Lily" is the first of four books about the Zulus, all of which are excellent. "Eric Brighteyes" is rich, fantasy-laden Icelandic saga. "The World's Desire" (written with Andrew Lang) is a fantasy about the characters in "The Odyssey." And there are numerous other titles (many of them reprinted by Wildside Press as part of the Wildside Fantasy Classics series) which bring undeservingly lost Haggard books back into print. "Mr. Meeson's Will" is just such a book. Here we get a glimpse of what H. Rider Haggard must have gone through as a starting author, as he slyly takes the reader inside the British publishing industry, where greed and hack writers (he calls them "tame writers") are prominent. One can easily see how writers of the day could be ruined by publishers as ruthless and unscrupulous as Mr. Meeson. Luckily Haggard could call upon his years of legal training in search of the appropriate remedy for his heroine's tragic plight!

T rkiye de y ksek retim kurumlarindaki ngilizce e itimi

T  rkiye de y  ksek    retim kurumlarindaki   ngilizce e  itimi Author
ISBN-10 0863557872
Release 2015
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T rkiye de y ksek retim kurumlarindaki ngilizce e itimi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from T rkiye de y ksek retim kurumlarindaki ngilizce e itimi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full T rkiye de y ksek retim kurumlarindaki ngilizce e itimi book for free.