Somehow Some Way A Billionaire Builders Novella

Somehow  Some Way  A Billionaire Builders Novella Author Jennifer Probst
ISBN-10 9781945920349
Release 2017-08-28
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Somehow Some Way A Billionaire Builders Novella has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Somehow Some Way A Billionaire Builders Novella also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Somehow Some Way A Billionaire Builders Novella book for free.

Somehow Some Way

Somehow  Some Way Author Jennifer Probst
ISBN-10 1945920351
Release 2017-05-30
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Somehow Some Way has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Somehow Some Way also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Somehow Some Way book for free.

Someway Somehow

Someway Somehow Author Elise Haro
ISBN-10 0996133615
Release 2016-02-01
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Someway Somehow has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Someway Somehow also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Someway Somehow book for free.

Long Voyage Back

Long Voyage Back Author Luke Rhinehart
ISBN-10 9781618680778
Release 2012-03-31
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WHEN THE BOMBS CAME, ONLY THE LUCKY ESCAPED. IN THEHORROR THAT FOLLOWED, ONLY THE STRONG WOULD SURVIVE. The voyage of the trimaran Vagabond began as a pleasure cruise on the Chesapeake Bay. Then came the War Alert … the unholy glow on the horizon … the terrifying reports of nuclear destruction. In the days that followed, it became clear just how much chaos was still to come. For Captain Neil Loken and his passengers, their shipmates were now the only family they had, the open seas their only sanctuary, their skill and courage all that might get them out alive. “LONG VOYAGE BACK is a breathtaking adventure, a vivid story of human endurance and the will to live, and thought-provoking entertainment with a horrifyingly timely theme.”--The Washington Post “A most devastatingly powerful book… an absolute gem of a suspense yarn… rivets you to the chair until you finish it… a minor masterpiece.”-- Pittsburg Gazette “A tremendous work of fiction—utterly gripping”--Time Out (London)

Beyond Terror

Beyond Terror Author Raoul D. Revord Esq
ISBN-10 9781450032995
Release 2010-02-15
Pages 240
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She would be severely beaten and likely killed if she stayed, but certainly killed if she tried to leave. Was it self-defense, or was it murder? To defend his client, one lawyer from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula must find the truth in forensic evidence and through a sensational trial, portray to the jury a drama of the life of Jean and John Davis. Revord’s Beyond Terror tells readers this gripping story of a battered wife who suddenly is left no choice but to end years of domestic violence by killing her abusive husband. Attorney David Chartier was spending quality time with his family in their cabin near the Upper Twin Lake when a phone call from a highly distressed woman broke the peace and serenity of that evening. It was Jean Davis, David’s longtime client, calling from the Michigan State Police Post where she is being held for her husband’s murder. After years of physical and emotional abuse, Jean abruptly realized that her only chance of staying alive was to kill her husband. So begins David’s investigation, examination, gathering and analysis of forensic evidence that will provide a defense for his client. Beyond Terror follows the proceedings of the trial, beginning with David’s investigation at the scene until the final verdict from the jury and appellate decision of the Court of Appeals. A shocking and unexpected end to the novel awaits readers. A trial lawyer for forty-eight years himself, Revord delivers this fictional story—inspired largely on real events—with much precision, capturing the technicalities and the drama involved in criminal proceedings. For more information on Beyond Terror, log on to : Visit my website

The Ministry of Prosperity

The Ministry of Prosperity Author Prophet Eze
ISBN-10 9781468934311
Release 2013-07-25
Pages 1
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This book will bless your life, Connect you to the Great King of the Universe ( Yah Elohim)and get you to your next level financially.You will love it much more if you will read it prayerfully and with fasting if you can.

Two Time Winners

Two Time Winners  Author John R. Carden
ISBN-10 9781631358081
Release 2015-03-31
Pages 352
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In “The First Time Winner, the Winds of Destiny,” Captain Gallant and a few Seers help one man to realize his karma and change the course of the Intergalactic Time Stream. In “The Second Time Winner,” another man uses all the faculties he possesses to travel through time so he won’t die childless and lonely. From that point in his life, he is suddenly thrown several decades back in time and is in command again. Skillfully using his mental and physical skills, Admiral Jonathan Baines Blow incredibly skips back and forth through the portals of time to ultimately become a Time Winner! The exciting sci-fi adventure Two Time Winners!! (And a Seer!) will especially appeal to young adult readers.

Go Naked In The World

Go Naked In The World Author Tom T. Chamales
ISBN-10 9781786255808
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 432
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A House Divided Old Pete Stratton, a theater tycoon with some shadily earned millions, is a shrewd, tough patriarch who dominates and dictates the lives of his family. In quiet rebellion, his beautiful wife, Mary, becomes a secret drinker; his daughter, Yvonne, learns about life behind her father’s back. Only his son, Nick, a battle-scarred veteran of twenty-three, dares openly to defy his father. This is the backdrop for Tom T. Chamales’ extraordinary new novel. With power and humor, the bestselling author of Never So Few charts the rebellion of a son against the tyranny of his father and the shallow confines of a wealthy world. The conflict reaches a shattering climax when Nick falls in love with the beautiful and tragic Nora, and Old Pete determines to regain control of Nick’s future by revealing that the woman his son loves is the town’s highest priced call girl.... “A work marked by this writer’s passion and vividness....The novel carries us along with its compelling intensity.”—Los Angeles Times “A vivid, believable story...peopled with wonderful characters.”—Newark News “This is a big novel, almost any way you look at it—powerfully and luridly written—and a remarkable story of a passionate, hard-living Greek-American family in Chicago.”—Boston Sun Herald

Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way Author Tommy Tenney
ISBN-10 9780446511049
Release 2008-01-11
Pages 240
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In The Ultimate Comeback Tommy Tenney showed us how we can find restoration and healing after even the most egregious errors and from the most hopeless situations. In Tenny's new book, the pilgrimage of Ruth and Naomi to Bethlehem is the springboard for Tenney's message which teaches that many of the things that go wrong in our lives can be resolved or even avoided by adopting some very basic principles. We desperately need to downsize, reprioritize, and sometimes even sacrifice less important things in order to simplify our lives. In doing so, we become unfettered enough to see more clearly where our priorities should lie. We have the tendency to seek temporary satisfaction through a more convenient or more accommodating value system. We settle on whatever gives us permission to do what we want and to acquire what we desire. Ruth possessed the virtues of wisdom, faith, and trust; and employing these while enduring personal crisis, she realized that the very things she needed for inner strength and support were her family traditions. What we find on this journey is that these foundational tenets lead us down a path to a place of peace and contentment, to the Things that Really Matter.

Roxy and the Rich Man

Roxy and the Rich Man Author Elizabeth Bevarly
ISBN-10 9781459271418
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 192
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HE WAS CAVIAR AND CHAMPAGNE… Adoptee Spencer Melbourne may have been raised with every conceivable luxury, but he'd been denied at least one part of his birthright—his twin. He needed someone to find him, quietly—and who better than Roxy Matheny, P.I.? The sexy gumshoe might be short on cash, but she had other virtues aplenty. Too bad she didn't trust rich guys…. SHE WAS BEER AND PRETZELS Roxy needed all the work she could get, but one look at Spencer and she knew she was in over her head. Oh, she could give him what he needed, professionally speaking—but why was she so tempted to offer him more personalized services? THE FAMILY McCORMICK: Three separated siblings find each other—and love along the way!

E volution Is A Fraud It s Nothing More Than A Religion

E volution Is A Fraud  It s Nothing More Than A Religion Author Elder JimmyJay Biggs Junior
ISBN-10 9781426985348
Release 2009-06-11
Pages 132
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This book is about evolution as opposed to what it really says and what it really means. There is no proof, facts, or evidence to support evolution and for the most part the scientists that support this ideology have no real foundation from on which to stand. This book instructs and gives proof, facts, and evidence that shows evolution is nothing more than someone's belief. In the face of reality one chooses the perception of reality, this is fine within their vernacular. However, in the real world one needs tangible PFE in order to excavate one's ideas other wise they are only engaging in religious enthusiasm, even though, that's fine one can believe in what one wants to however, reality is unlike the perception of reality this book chooses not the latter.

Did Not See That Coming

Did Not See That Coming Author Laurie Ann Hardie
ISBN-10 9781483514963
Release 2013-12-09
Pages 282
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Laurie's message to you... Even if you think your life is over, it isn't! "Where you are" means where you are NOW and it can change. It doesn't have to be the end; it can be the starting point for something new. Look, it really is okay to struggle sometimes. It's also okay to allow other people to help. If you're having a hard time, that doesn't mean you have nothing to contribute! Even if you don't believe it yet, you do have something valuable and precious to offer. We can give out of our nothingness - out of our despair - out of our loneliness, even if it seems the whole world is against you...even if it seems God has forgotten you, there's hope for you, too. That dream you have? It can still come to you, although it may change form. You don't have to be able to see the whole way right now. There are baby steps you can take every day to bring that dream closer to reality. Bottom line - this is a message of hope and healing for single parents. If you're struggling and alone right now, there is hope for you. If your church or community doesn't understand, know that there is still a place for you somewhere. If you know someone who's scrambling to hold it all together, there are some real-world things you can do to help. Live what you love, Laurie Hardie

The Helper s Apprentice

The Helper s Apprentice Author Carl E. Pickhardt
ISBN-10 9780595389933
Release 2006-07
Pages 524
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Too bad Professor Skye wasn't around to help. Professor Skye. Did he mean what he had said? That I would be his apprentice? Probably not. But I wished he had. I never even got to thank him for helping find my money. Of course, I told my mom and sister about Professor Skye, but they thought this was more of my pretending. More of my stories. Just because I liked to make things up, Mom sometimes found it hard believing me. Oh, I'd tell the truth all right, but then I'd add some make-believe to make the truth even better. If I took extra long before getting something done, it was because the clocks got tired and slowed down to take a rest. "Tell me another story that's a little closer to the truth," my Mom would say. "One that I won't have such a hard time believing." So I'd take out some of the make-believe, even though the story was never near as good. But not this time. Professor Skye had been real!

Dragon s Keeper

Dragon s Keeper Author Rik Andreas Berryere
ISBN-10 9780595349043
Release 2005-03
Pages 668
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When a train crash destroys a shipment of mysterious dinosaur bones that might be the source of dragon myths, something forgotten whispers from the past... Judith Mills is a scientist who discovered the bones in the remote North, and determined to save whatever might be left. Creek Morgan is a Native Indian railroad mechanic troubled by nightmares he doesn't understand, while Eva Reed is a grieving young woman whose husband lies comatose in a hospital bed. George Pakuchek is a big-city lawyer working on a case he didn't want, and Neil Dayton is a young man running in terror. In the last moments of a winter night, their lives are changed forever when the freight train carrying the dinosaur bones crashes in an isolated forest. But Creek's elderly great-grandmother remembers disturbing fragments of a Native Indian legend going back to the ancient days of the tribe, and cryptic clues written on an abandoned city apartment wall echo warnings few understand. For a tiny group of ordinary people, courage and compassion will be their only weapons against revenge, corruption and greed. For the Dragon's Keeper is coming, and the line between myth and reality is about to be wiped away forever...


Ebony Author
Release 1999-05
Pages 176
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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Now and Then 2nd Edition

Now and Then 2nd Edition Author Bob Maddison
ISBN-10 9781300163152
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Now and Then 2nd Edition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Now and Then 2nd Edition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Now and Then 2nd Edition book for free.

Working with Resistance

Working with Resistance Author Martha Stark
ISBN-10 9781461632672
Release 1995-04-01
Pages 336
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Dr. Stark conveys to the reader not only how a psycho-dynamic therapy is practiced, but how it works as well. Her writing style conveys the same clarity and steadiness so apparent in her clinical work. She successfully integrates the complexity of the most useful contemporary classical, object-relations, and self-psychological perspectives with her rich clinical material.