The Complete Book of Garden Seating

The Complete Book of Garden Seating Author Janice Eaton Kilby
ISBN-10 157990209X
Release 2001
Pages 176
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Garden seating to make and enjoy.

The Complete Book of Garden Projects

The Complete Book of Garden Projects Author Betterway Books
ISBN-10 1558706275
Release 2002
Pages 224
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Projects cont.: Garden structures, Arbours and gazebos, Archways and pergolas, Summerhouses and treehouses, Sheds and storage, Greenhouses, Frames and cloches, Compost bin, Making a sundial, Making a bird box, Making a bird table, Water features, Preformed ponds, Flexible liner ponds, Rigid stream units, Fountains, Reservoir features, Canals, Stepping stones, Lighting, Children's areas, Play apparatus.

The Big Book of Backyard Projects

The Big Book of Backyard Projects Author Paige Gilchrist
ISBN-10 1579906818
Release 2005
Pages 431
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Featuring ideas for a wide variety of backyard projects, this guide to beautifying the family homestead includes step-by-step instructions for building fences, gardens, patios, walkways, and other outdoor accessories that can complement the landscape. Original.


ISBN-10 9781493161836
Release 2014-04-16
Pages 442
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“Public Gardens Management: A Global Perspective” provides essential information about public gardens and what is involved in designing, managing, and maintaining one. Although suitable as a textbook, its audience will include anyone with direct or peripheral responsibility for administration or supervision of a complex organization that requires scientific knowledge as well as public relations and business acumen. It may also prove useful for homeowners, for there is no fundamental difference between growing plants in a public garden or a home garden, a fact reflected in the extensive reference citations. The topic is multidisciplinary and as old as the beginning of human civilization when the concept of mental and physical restoration was realized by early man while he/she was in a natural but well-ordered garden environment. Thus began the art of garden making. Many volumes have been written on every applicable subject discussed in this and similar publications. Indeed the voluminous literature on history, design, horticulture, and numerous related subjects is nothing short of overwhelming. Accordingly, anyone involved in management of public gardens, whether as a director or area supervisor, and irrespective of the type and size of such facility, would have to have familiarity with various aspects of garden organization and administration. However, despite the enormous number and diversity of such publications there are very few books that deal with the multiplicity of the topics in such a manner as to be practical in approach and cover most relevant and unified issues in a single book. These volumes provide the essential background information on plants, animals, management, maintenance, fundraising and finances, as well as history, art, design, education, and conservation. They also cover a host of interrelated subjects and responsible organization of such activities as creating a children’s garden, horticultural therapy, conservatories, zoological gardens, and parks, hence, administration of multidimensional public gardens. Nearly 500 full color plates representing illustrations from gardens in more than 30 countries are provided to assist and guide students and other interested individuals with history and the fundamental issues of public garden management. The 15 chapters begin with the need for public gardens, types of public gardens, historical backgrounds, as well as design diversity. Numerous quotations are included from many garden lovers, landscape architects, philosophers, and others. The author’s primary aim in writing this book was based on the confidence that a relevant reference, between the encyclopedic nature of some and the specific subject matter of others, could be used to provide fundamental information for management of public as well as private gardens. The boundary between botanical and zoological gardens and parks is no longer as distinct as it once was. In part it is because a garden is not a garden without plants and in part it has become apparent that for all practical intents and purposes all animals need plants for their survival. Visitors of zoological gardens expect to see more than just animals; zoos are landscaped grounds. Moreover, most communities find it financially difficult to simultaneously operate a botanical garden or an arboretum as well as a zoological garden and city parks. A number of public gardens are currently referred to as “botanical and zoological garden.” Population density and the public’s desires and expectations, as well as financial requirements, are among the reasons for some major city parks, such as Golden Gate in San Francisco, Central Park in New York City, and Lincoln Park in Chicago which integrate botanical or zoological divisions as well as museums and recreational facilities. While this book attempts to provide basic principles involved in public garden management, it does not claim to be a substitute for broader familiarity

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Small Space Gardening

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Small Space Gardening Author Chris McLaughlin
ISBN-10 9781101556160
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 352
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Creative strategies for gardens on balconies, ledges, fireescapes, planting beautiful borders and walkways, kids gardens, and much more!

Black Decker The Complete Guide to Greenhouses Garden Projects

Black   Decker The Complete Guide to Greenhouses   Garden Projects Author Black & Decker Corporation (Towson, Md.)
ISBN-10 9781589235991
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 240
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"Includes plans and step-by-step instructions for building several greenhouses and other garden projects. Projects suitable to homes and landscapes in urban, suburban and rural settings"--Provided by publisher.

The Complete Guide to Garden Center Management

The Complete Guide to Garden Center Management Author John Stanley
ISBN-10 9781883052317
Release 2002
Pages 335
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This blooming guide discusses the beginning stages of opening a gardening business, from finding financing, choosing a location, and shaping a business plan.

Black Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry

Black   Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry Author Editors of Creative Publishing
ISBN-10 9781616733834
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 240
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Outdoor carpentry projects using cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are perfect for DIYers of all skill levels, since the materials are easy to work with, and the results are rewarding. This book features more than 50 projects that easily can be built in a weekend with ordinary power hand tools and materials available at any local home center or hardware store. Each project has complete construction plans and directions for foolproof results.

Black Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Wood Projects

Black   Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Wood Projects Author Creative Publishing Editors
ISBN-10 1610603230
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 256
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Wood accessories add function and beauty to your landscape. Wood furnishings and accessories for the landscape are enormously popular, and most are very easy to build using ordinary hand power tools. The Complete Guide to Outdoor Wood Projects provides an exciting mixture of these projects, ranging from the basic, practical storage projects to decorative, ornamental accessories. Some projects can be built in an hour or two, others might require a weekend, but each project includes foolproof directions, clear illustrations, and color photography to guide you every step of the way.

The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette

The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette Author Nancy Tuckerman
ISBN-10 9780307814500
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 800
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The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette is the most authoritative book of its kind. Filled with practical advice for every occasion, business and pleasure, this book ensures that all of your social interactions will be handled with grace and confidence. This classic guide, first published in 1952, has been fully updated to reflect the concerns of the modern reader. The advice that has made Amy Vanderbilt the first name in etiquette remains pertinent today. Here is the final word on buying and using stationery, responding to dinner invitations, hosting a party, and attending religious ceremonies. The chapter of the most enduring popularity is, of course, the one on weddings. From addressing invitations to sending thank you notes, everything a bride needs to plan the perfect wedding is easily accessible. In addition to the time-honored guidance that has made this book a treasured reference, this updated edition contains information that addresses modern concerns of every kind. Here is advice on answering cellular phone calls in public, behaving courteously at the gym, and speaking at business meetings. Whether you need to compose an invitation, write a letter of condolence, address your senator, set a dinner table, or buy a gift for a foreign business associate, you will find The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette practical, down-to-earth, and always reliable. Updated and revised by former White House Staff Coordinator Nancy Tuckerman and respected businesswoman Nancy Dunnan, this trusted book remains the most complete and authoritative guide to living well. From the Hardcover edition.

Black Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry Updated 2nd Edition

Black   Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry  Updated 2nd Edition Author Editors of Cool Springs Press
ISBN-10 9781591866183
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 240
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"Step-by-step instructions and full-color photography for more than 30 projects, including swings, benches, planters, tables, chairs, arbors and bridges"--

The Complete Book of Basketry

The Complete Book of Basketry Author Dorothy Wright
ISBN-10 9780486142548
Release 2013-02-04
Pages 208
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Profusely illustrated authoritative classic gives history and geography of baskets, detailed advice on basket design, materials, techniques, care, and step-by-step instructions. 294 illustrations, including 12 in color on the covers.

The Complete Guide to Companion Planting

The Complete Guide to Companion Planting Author Dale Mayer
ISBN-10 9781601383457
Release 2010-11-12
Pages 288
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The idea of companion planting has gained popularity in the gardening community as a viable take on how gardeners should grow and cultivate their plants. Pairing certain plants together and making sure others are separated can create beneficial relationships for all your plants. Whether you are planting tomatoes and onions or carrots and corn, properly pairing plants can have a major impact on your harvest and the quality of your vegetables. The Complete Guide to Companion Planting: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Garden Successful shows you everything you need to know to effectively pair your crops to ensure you get the most out of every seed. You will learn the basics of crop rotation and how the Iroquois first used companion planting to improve their harvests. You will learn how to work with natural conditions in your garden and which pairings will give you the best produce and the most vibrant flowers. You will learn about how to prepare your garden and how to create an easy-to-follow gardening schedule. This book teaches you the best — and worst — companions for annuals, perennials, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and vines. We’ve interviewed several gardeners who use companion planting and have seen the difference it makes compared to standard gardening practices. This book offers you top tips and methods for this style of gardening, as well as information about which plants bring beneficial insects and which ones keep pests away. The Complete Guide to Companion Planting will give you everything you need to know to plot out and plant your perfect garden.

The Complete Book of Water Gardens

The Complete Book of Water Gardens Author Sue Fisher
ISBN-10 0563369914
Release 1994
Pages 128
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A project-based guide to installing and planting water gardens includes instructions for ponds, bogs, fountains, waterfalls, and streams

The Little Book of Outdoor Play

The Little Book of Outdoor Play Author Sally Featherstone
ISBN-10 9781902233741
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 56
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A huge range of ideas for outdoor games and activities.

The Black Decker Complete Photo Guide to Sheds Barns Outbuildings

The Black   Decker Complete Photo Guide to Sheds  Barns   Outbuildings Author Creative Publishing Editors
ISBN-10 9781610603287
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 448
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A single blueprint for a garage, gazebo or shed can cost a consumer far more than the cost of this book. With more than 50 detailed plans with complete instructions, this book offers an amazing value for homeowners. More than 1,000 color photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions leave nothing to chance, allowing homeowners to easily save thousands of dollars, even if they only build one or two projects. This definitive book will be a treasured resource for years.

Alzheimer s Society guide to the dementia care environment

Alzheimer   s Society guide to the dementia care environment Author Jackie Pool
ISBN-10 9781906647315
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 102
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This book by leading occupational therapist and trainer, Jackie Pool, describes clearly and comprehensively how physical and social environments can support a person-centred approach to dementia care. It includes illustrated examples of internal and external environments and advice on how to put solutions into care practice. People with dementia may be cared for at home, in a day care centre, or in a care home. Whatever the setting, design principles can be applied to the environment to help the person to live well. It covers: • the different dimensions of physical and social environments • the effect of the environment on a person's emotional wellbeing • different ways in which the environment can be used to help a person with dementia • some practical design solutions and features for each specific area. In addition, each section explores how care workers can use such features to help people with dementia engage with the physical and social world. The chapters cover all areas of residential environments including rooms such as living rooms and kitchens but also hallways and corridors, as well as features such as signage, colour and lighting. Each section includes: general principles; key points to remember in relation to design aspects and how they relate to people with behaviour; and summaries on how to apply and make the most of all recommendations in practical care. The book also includes a case study of a day care support service refurbished to improve the environment for younger people with dementia and an appendix listing all the recommendations for each element of the environment in a series of checklists. This title is published by Alzheimer’s Society in their series of titles providing practical and comprehensive guidance for health and social care professionals. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for those working in care homes or carers considering extra help from professional care workers.