The Fool s Run

The Fool s Run Author John Sandford
ISBN-10 1101162007
Release 1996-12-01
Pages 352
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John Sandford, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Prey novels gives suspense an ingenious twist as he takes readers into the mind games of two irresistible con artists plotting the perfect sting… Kidd is a computer whiz, artist, and professional criminal. LuEllen is his lover, and his favorite partner in crime. Their playing field in on the cutting edge of high-tech corporate warfare. This time they’ve been hired by a defense industry corporation to destroy its business rival through computer sabotage. If Kidd and LuEllen can pull it off, they’ll reap millions. It’s the sting of a lifetime. One false move and it’s a lifetime sentence. As the takedown unfolds, everything goes according to plan. But their string of successes turns into a noose when the ultimate con artists find themselves on the wrong end of the ultimate con…

The Fool s Run

The Fool s Run Author John Camp
ISBN-10 0451167120
Release 1990-08-01
Pages 299
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Fool s Run

Fool s Run Author Patricia A. McKillip
ISBN-10 9781473205628
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 320
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Somewhere in a far galaxy a being inconceivably alien is surging tumultuously from an unimaginable womb. In a solitary prison cell on the Underworld, the vast prison-satellite in perpetual Earth-orbit, Terra Viridian is tormented by a vision, an imperative which has already driven her to an insane bloodletting. On an Earth embalmed in peace by a ubiquitous bureaucracy, the Magician weaves his musical spells and tried to close his mind to the thoughts of others. - just three links in a chain stretching across space and time towards a testing as awesome as it is unpredictable.

Clowns Fools and Picaros

Clowns  Fools and Picaros Author David Robb
ISBN-10 9789042023406
Release 2007-01
Pages 233
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By its very nature the clown, as represented in art, is an interdisciplinary phenomenon. In whichever artform it appears – fiction, drama, film, photography or fine art – it carries the symbolic association of its usage in popular culture, be it ritual festivities, street theatre or circus. The clown, like its extended family of fools, jesters, picaros and tricksters, has a variety of functions all focussed around its status and image of being “other.” Frequently a marginalized figure, it provides the foil for the shortcomings of dominant discourse or the absurdities of human behaviour.Clowns, Fools and Picaros represents the latest research on the clown, bringing together for the first time studies from four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia. It attempts to ascertain commonalities, overlaps and differences between artistic expressions of the “clownesque” from these various continents and genres, and above all, to examine the role of the clown in our cultures today.This volume is of interest for scholars of political and comic drama, film and visual art as well as scholars of comparative literature and anthropology.

The Fools Crusade

The Fools  Crusade Author Pip Vaughan-Hughes
ISBN-10 9781409107194
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 352
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'Pip Vaughan-Hughes has given us a monk, a corpse, a sinister Templar and a terrific adventure that romps across mediaeval Christendom' Bernard Cornwell 1248 AD. King Louis of France is about to invade Egypt on his vainglorious Seventh Crusade. Pope and Emperor are fighting for mastery over Christendom. And where greed and ambition cross, blood soon follows. When his oldest friend is killed in broad daylight, Petroc of Auneford - former relic-hunter turned respectable Venetian banker and married man - knows someone's trying to send him a deadly message. Called upon from all sides to do their bidding, and surviving in a viper's nest of greed and treachery, Petroc must guard his secrets closely if he wants to stay alive. He becomes a reluctant Crusader as he tries to save the woman he loves, find a way to real freedom, and all the while, cling on to a precious dream of home ...

The Fools in Town Are on Our Side

The Fools in Town Are on Our Side Author Ross Thomas
ISBN-10 9781429981675
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 384
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"Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?" -- Mark Twain Ross Thomas chose the quotation from Huckleberry Finn as the text of his post World War II story as well as for the title. When Lucifer Dye is released from three months in a Hong Kong prison, debriefed, handed a false passport, a new wardrobe and a $20,000 check, his haughty control makes it clear that Dye's career with his country has been permanently terminated. But a good agent is always in demand, and just a few hours later Dye is being interviewed for a highly ingenious position. Victor Orcutt, although a not very good imitation of a British pre-war gent, has creative talents of his own. He has his sights a small southern city, with the ordinary run-of-the-mill corruption one would expect in such a place. The canny Orcott knows there's no profit in that . His creed is "To get better, it must be much worse." He and his two associates have looked up Dye's history, and he now offers the ex-spy's a mission. For two and a half times the government's bounty, Dye is to thoroughly corrupt the town. And the sly Dye takes the offer.

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools Author Robin Stevenson
ISBN-10 9781554694990
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 256
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Fiona's life changed forever when her mother died in a South Pacific sailing accident. One year later, everyone tells her it is time to move on. To Fiona, moving on means leaving her mother behind-something she has vowed never to do. But Fiona's father has started dating again. His new girlfriend, Kathy, is a professional psychic who claims she can predict the future and communicate with the dead. Fiona is sure she is a fraud, although she secretly longs for her abilities to be genuine. With the reluctant support of her best friend Abby, Fiona sets out to put an end to her father's new relationship by trying to prove, with decidedly mixed results, that Kathy is a liar.

The King of Fools

The King of Fools Author Keith Thomas
ISBN-10 9780557454204
Release 2010-05-13
Pages 254
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Let me tell you a story, I swear that it's true! It's about a man in this world who's not much different than you...Preston Cooper was a simple man happy in hisaverage life. That was until a magical deck of tarot cards landed in his possession. When these cards turn his world upside down, he is taken for a wild ride of magic, mayhem and self discovery, ultimately bringing him face to face with the forces of evil.He always felt that he was destined for something great, he just never expected anything like this! As time goes on he discovers himself to be in the company of a smoking hot female counterpart, and four outrageous litte men who are all charged with the task of keeping him on the straight and narrow.Can even their help keep Preston from losing thecards to an ancient evil that has pursued them since their creation?Armed with magic and a wit sharper than 1000Ginzu knives, Preston is in for the ride of his life, and he'll go laughing all the way

21 Templates that Run Your World

21 Templates that Run Your World Author Sue Wilhite
ISBN-10 9780979441035
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 112
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21 Templates that Run Your World teaches you how to know yourself and others in detail. Chapters include “Celebrity Templates”, “Templates at Work”, “Templates in Love, Friendship, and Relationship” and “Financial Templates”. The book describes each template, and then how the templates determine your relationships in the workplace, your love life and your money.

Fools Gold

Fools  Gold Author Richard Wiley
ISBN-10 9781480440524
Release 2013-06-11
Pages 291
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Wiley brings together a variegated cast of characters in one of the last outposts of the American frontier, Alaska, during the gold rush of the 1890s.

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In Author Kristan Higgins
ISBN-10 9780373779871
Release 2014-08-26
Pages 395
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When her fortune-hunting sister dumps Sam Nickerson, local doctor Millie Barnes, who has a plan for her life that Sam is definitely not part of, discovers that she has no control over destiny when they become more than friends.

The Company Of Fools

The Company Of Fools Author Annemarie Hartnett
ISBN-10 9781607375067
Release 2010-01-12
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Kate Doucette’s trying to get her life together. She’s working full time at Mike MacNab’s bar, going to school, and she just kicked out her Do-Nothing boyfriend. Things are looking up but with the construction going on in the bar, her money trouble's looming over her, and her personal life in the toilet, Kate’s on a ledge and Mike is there to talk her down. One night she wants more than a pep talk; Kate asks her charming and handsome boss to spend a weekend in bed with her. What could be a bigger stress-reliever than two days of bedroom Olympics with a guy who’s as hot for her as she is for him? The only problem is that he wants more than a weekend and it seems like he wants to fix her life for her. She adores Mike, but the last thing she needs is another headache in the form of Mr. Fixit.


Fools Author Pat Cadigan
ISBN-10 9780575120266
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 299
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Warning: Personalities for Sale. All the World's a role. In a world of brainsuckers and bodysnatchers, you can't take anything for granted. Not even your own identity. When Marva, a struggling Method actress, wakes up in a hologram pool in an exclusive priv club with fancy new clothes and plenty of money, she knows something is strange. When a memory of a murder starts tugging at her, she knows something is very strange, and that she'd better find out whose life she's living. Fast. Pursued by assassins from a mysterious Escort Service and renegade mind-pirates of every description, Marva must venture into the seamy Downs to find out who wrote the script of the most difficult role of her career. Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best novel, 1995

The Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools Author Sebastian Brant
ISBN-10 9780486143125
Release 2012-07-12
Pages 416
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Definitive English language edition of influential (1494) allegorical classic. Sweeping satire of weaknesses, vices, grotesqueries of the day. Includes 114 royalty-free illustrations.

Two Old Fools Ol

Two Old Fools   Ol   Author Victoria Twead
ISBN-10 9781466137554
Release 2011-11-24
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(Colour edition, sequel to 'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools'.) Never believe that life in a tiny Spanish mountain village is predictable. Vicky and Joe have finished fixing up their house and look forward to peaceful days enjoying their retirement. Then the fish van arrives, and instead of delivering fresh fish, disgorges the Ufarte family. The peace of El Hoyo is shattered.In this, the second of the ‘Two Old Fools’ series, Vicky and Joe are catapulted (and ‘cat’ is the operative word) into more bizarre situations and scrapes. Surrounded by the same cast of eccentric characters introduced in 'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools', the two old fools muddle through until they are forced into making a life-changing decision.Packed with badly behaved humans and animals, irreverent humour and sunshine, 'Two Old Fools - Olé!' will make you laugh out loud, while the mouth-watering Spanish recipes will have you reaching for your saucepan.Andalucía as it’s never been done before - a very quirky, funny and enjoyable tale - loved the subtle humour, Olé!Karen Wheeler, author of 'Tout Sweet: Hanging Up My Heels For A New Life In France.'"I absolutely loved it! Funny, honest and impossible to put down." Justin Aldridge, Eye on Spain

Leaders Fools and Impostors

Leaders  Fools and Impostors Author Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries
ISBN-10 9780595289622
Release 2003
Pages 140
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In this book of insightful essays, Kets de Vries explodes the myth that rationality is what governs the behavior of leaders and followers, and he provides a more realistic perspective on organizational functioning and the leader-follower relationship. The author shows that a great potential for distortion exists when leaders try to act out the fantasies of their followers, and explores the many psychological traps into which leaders frequently fall. Citing examples from business, history, literature, the arts, and from his own psychoanalytic and management-consulting practise, the author identifies distinct leader types. He describes, for instance, the narcissist whose drive for power and prestige can bring much-needed vitality to an organization, but whose inability to accept criticism ultimately creates a climate of subservience. He shows that entrepreneurs possess many of the qualities of the impostor, including a capacity for self-dramatization and a deep understanding of how to profit by others' wishes and desires, and he explains why entrepreneurs sometimes distort the truth about themselves and their organizations. Through numerous case studies of successful and failed leaders, Leaders, Fools, and Impostors furthers a better understanding of the leader-follower dynamic, and gives leaders the means to transform themselves.

Fools and Knaves

Fools and Knaves Author Howard Green
ISBN-10 9781491725146
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 618
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Republicans have proven adept at getting middle-class voters to vote against their own pocketbooks. George W. Bush and his advisors promised economic growth, jobs and an ownership society—but delivered a housing finance bubble, Wall Street profits fueled by fraud, a recession, budget deficits, low economic growth, massive job losses and upward transfers of middle-class wealth. In Fools and Knaves, author Howard Green explores both the short-term and long-term effects of Republican-controlled government on the nation. When the Republicans left town, they handed the tab for clean-up to taxpayers and then obstructed every effort to repair the economy that they broke. What’s more, they now favor cuts to government programs for the poor, government shutdowns, and threats of credit default. The financial crisis of 2007 was no accident; it flowed from GOP policies that were intended to benefit the 1 percent as well as themselves. Republicans succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and today the wealthiest among us pocket virtually all the gains associated with the rebuilding of our economy. Meanwhile, the middle-class suffers home foreclosures, job losses, and reductions in real income. Fools and Knaves makes it clear that while appealing largely to social conservatives and older, white, blue-collar voters, Republicans make promises to the middle class but actually deliver results only to the wealthy. Everyone else—especially those who are younger, better educated, female, and from minority households—is now getting the message: Republicans have nothing to offer them.