The Pale King

The Pale King Author David Foster Wallace
ISBN-10 9780141942896
Release 2011-04-06
Pages 592
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The Pale King is David Foster Wallace's final novel - a testament to his enduring brilliance The Internal Revenue Service Regional Examination Centre in Peoria, Illinois, 1985. Here the minutaie of a million daily lives are totted up, audited and accounted for. Here the workers fight a never-ending war against the urgency of their own boredom. Here then, squeezed between the trivial and the quotidian, lies all human life. And this is David Foster Wallace's towering, brilliant, hilarious and deeply moving final novel. 'Breathtakingly brilliant, funny, maddening and elegiac' New York Times 'A bravura performance worthy of Woolf or Joyce. Wallace's finest work as a novelist' Time 'Light-years beyond Infinite Jest. Wallace's reputation will only grow, and like one of the broken columns beloved of Romantic painters, The Pale King will stand, complete in its incompleteness, as his most substantial fictional achievement' Hari Kunzru, Financial Times 'A paradise of language and intelligence' The Times 'Archly brilliant' Metro 'Teems with erudition and ideas, with passages of stylistic audacity, with great cheerful thrown-out gags, goofy puns and moments of truly arresting clarity. Innovative, penetrating, forcefully intelligent fiction like Wallace's arrives once in a generation, if that' Daily Telegraph 'In a different dimension to the tepid vapidities that pass as novels these days. Sentence for sentence, almost word for word, Wallace could out-write any of his peers' Scotland on Sunday David Foster Wallace wrote the novels Infinite Jest and The Broom of the System, and the short-story collections Oblivion, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and Girl with Curious Hair. His non-fiction includes Consider the Lobster, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, Everything and More, This is Water and Both Flesh and Not. He died in 2008.

Modern Myth and Ideology in David Foster Wallace s The Pale King

Modern Myth and Ideology in David Foster Wallace s The Pale King Author Matthew Ryan Stewart
ISBN-10 OCLC:961270905
Release 2016
Pages 148
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The purpose of this study is to analyze David Foster Wallace’s novel The Pale King through the critical lenses of Lubomir Doležel’s Heterocosmica and Louis Althusser’s “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” to arrive at a theory of the heroic in the novel. The Pale King features multiple characters experiencing various crises in the face of an invisible, adversarial force that can be understood through Doležel’s modern myth formulation, in which an invisible domain oppresses characters. This study analyzes three themes of the novel in which this interaction is most observable: the religious, the supernatural, and the civic themes. Althusser’s work is applied to argue that the invisible domain functions through an ideological mechanism. The thesis’s last chapter arrives at a twofold theory of the heroic that helps illuminate The Pale King’s central characters and augments Doležel’s theory. The heroic characters of the novel follow one of two models: the mystical model – embodied by Shane Drinion – comprises being able to find meaning in meaningless work, rather like Sisyphus; the civic model – embodied by DeWitt Glendenning – entails adhering to the outmoded but noble convictions of civic responsibility despite inevitable downfall in the face of the invisible domain.

Shooting the Rift the Glass Towers the Pale King

Shooting the Rift  the Glass Towers  the Pale King Author David L. Empey
ISBN-10 9781587213120
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 676
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Shooting the Rift the Glass Towers the Pale King has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Shooting the Rift the Glass Towers the Pale King also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Shooting the Rift the Glass Towers the Pale King book for free.

Dis embodiments

 Dis embodiments Author Katherine R. Hanzalik
ISBN-10 OCLC:854564565
Release 2013
Pages 150
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"When the contemporary American writer David Foster Wallace committed suicide on September 12, 2008, he left behind The Pale King, a copious and fragmented work in progress that explores the human condition as it is held captive by various bureaucratic structures. Fans and critics mourned Wallace's death and the text became known as an "unfinished novel." My thesis examines this problematic response and offers a new perception via the philosophical lens of Gilles Deleuze: Wallace's death affirms the Pale King's infinite success. Defining success as liberation, I deploy Deleuze's schizoanalytic reading method in Chapter 1 to show how three characters in The Pale King free themselves despite bureaucratic constraints. In Chapter 2, I also conduct a schizoanalytic reading, but rather than focusing on content, I am concerned with The Pale King's form as it transitions from a "War Machine" to a "Classical Book" to ultimately a liberated "abstract machine." Finally, in Chapter 3, I present an analogue of the authors--their reconciliations of death, suicide, and disembodiment; their common desire to annihilate oppressive gender roles wrought by the Law of the Father; their acts of suicide. My aim is to illustrate that Wallace and Deleuze liberated themselves from the societal constraints, and my procedure confirms the hypothesis that Wallace's death affirms The Pale King's infinite sucess."

Stars of Black

Stars of Black Author Julian Miles
ISBN-10 1511958421
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 270
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There is a tainted play written by a genius who killed himself when it was completed. Any who read it will experience epiphanies beyond endurance. Countless centuries of its malign influence are spanned by the stories in this book. From seventeenth-century buccaneers to twenty-first century soldiers, from Victorian slums to modern suburban streets, the play and the monarch it tells of have wrought ruination and salvation. Inspired by the weird horror of nineteenth century authors Robert W. Chambers and Ambrose Bierce; get to know the original King in Yellow.

Blood of Mystery

Blood of Mystery Author Mark Anthony
ISBN-10 9780307417916
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 608
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From an acclaimed new master of fantasy fiction comes Book Four in the continuing saga of magic, adventure, courage, and fate on parallel worlds–mystical Eldh and modern Earth. Blood of Mystery A twist of time has left Runebreaker Travis Wilder and three of his otherworldly friends stranded on 1880s Earth in a lawless Colorado mining town. As they search for a way back to their own time, Grace Beckett–in present-day Eldh–journeys to a frozen kingdom where she learns her own terrifying destiny: to oppose the Pale King and his monstrous army in the coming cataclysmic battle that will decide Eldh’s future forever. If the Pale King emerges victorious, his master Mohg, the dread Lord of Nightfall, will return from exile, break the First Rune, and remake Eldh in his own dark image. And Earth itself, Eldh’s sister world, will be the next to fall under shadow. Even if Travis returns to Eldh in time to align his calling as Runebreaker with Grace’s destiny as Blademender, how can two mere humans hope to defeat an evil more ancient than any world, more powerful than all existence? From the Paperback edition.

David Foster Wallace and The Long Thing

David Foster Wallace and  The Long Thing Author Marshall Boswell
ISBN-10 9781628928006
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 256
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Of the twelve books David Foster Wallace published both during his lifetime and posthumously, only three were novels. Nevertheless, Wallace always thought of himself primarily as a novelist. From his college years at Amherst, when he wrote his first novel as part of a creative honors thesis, to his final days, Wallace was buried in a novel project, which he often referred to as "the Long Thing." Meanwhile, the short stories and journalistic assignments he worked on during those years he characterized as "playing hooky from a certain Larger Thing." Wallace was also a specific kind of novelist, devoted to producing a specific kind of novel, namely the omnivorous, culture-consuming "encyclopedic" novel, as described in 1976 by Edward Mendelson in a ground-breaking essay on Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. David Foster Wallace and "The Long Thing" is a state-of-the art guide through Wallace's three major works, including the generation-defining Infinite Jest. These essays provide fresh new readings of each of Wallace's novels as well as thematic essays that trace out patterns and connections across the three works. Most importantly, the collection includes six chapters on Wallace's unfinished novel, The Pale King, which will prove to be foundational for future scholars of this important text.

More Dynamite

More Dynamite Author Craig Raine
ISBN-10 9781782392057
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 300
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More Dynamite anthologizes a wealth of essays by a writer with one of the keenest critical eyes of his generation. Craig Raine - poet, critic, novelist, Oxford don and editor - turns his fearsome and unflinching gaze on subjects ranging from Kafka to Koons, Beckett to Babel. He waxes lyrical about Ron Mueck's hyperreal sculptures and reassesses the metafiction of David Foster Wallace. For Raine, no element of cultural output is insignificant, be it cinema, fiction, poetry or installation art. Finding solace in both literature and art alike, and finding moments of truth and beauty where others had stopped looking, More Dynamite will reinvigorate readers, challenge our perceptions of the classics and wonderfully affirm our love of good writing, new and old. This extensive collection of essays is a crash course in twentieth century artistic endeavour - nothing short of a master class in high culture from one of the most discerning minds in contemporary British letters.

Rereading the Machine in the Garden

Rereading the Machine in the Garden Author Eric Erbacher
ISBN-10 9783593501918
Release 2014-11-06
Pages 246
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The volume reexamines the trope of the intrusive machine and the regenerative pastoral garden, laid out fifty years ago by Leo Marx inThe Machine in the Garden, one of the founding texts of American Studies. Contributions explore the lasting influence of the trope in American culture and the arts, rereading it as a dialectics where nature is as much technologized as technology is naturalized. They trace this dialectic trope in filmic and literary representations of industrial, bureaucratic, and digital gardens; they explore its function in the aftermath of the civil war, the rural electrification during the New Deal, in landscape art, and in ethnic literatures; and they discuss the historical premises and lasting influence of Leo Marx's seminal study.

The Awakening of My Interest in Advanced Tax

The Awakening of My Interest in Advanced Tax Author David Wallace
ISBN-10 0984914420
Release 2013-05-01
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The Awakening of My Interest in Advanced Tax has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Awakening of My Interest in Advanced Tax also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Awakening of My Interest in Advanced Tax book for free.

Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale Author Mark Anthony
ISBN-10 9780307795403
Release 2011-06-22
Pages 640
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A strange rift in ordinary reality draws saloon owner Travis Wilder and ER doctor Grace Beckett into the otherworld of Eldh--a land of gods, monsters, and magic that is sorely in need of heroes. From the Paperback edition.

Reckoning with the Past

Reckoning with the Past Author Margaret Eastman Smith
ISBN-10 0739107984
Release 2005
Pages 259
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This book explores how history teaching can support conflict reduction in deeply divided societies. Using Northern Ireland as its case study, the work contributes to how people think about the identity-based conflict that surrounds them and involves them. It also acts as a manual for those who wish to undertake projects to change attitudes about history in post-conflict societies.

Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story

Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story Author D. T. Max
ISBN-10 9781101601112
Release 2012-08-30
Pages 368
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The acclaimed New York Times–bestselling biography and “emotionally detailed portrait of the artist as a young man” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times) Since his untimely death by suicide at the age of forty-six in 2008, David Foster Wallace has become more than the representative writer of his literary generation—he has become a symbol of sincerity and honesty in an inauthentic age, a figure whose reputation and reach grow by the day. In this compulsively readable biography, D. T. Max charts Wallace’s tormented, anguished, and often triumphant battle to succeed as a novelist as he fights off depression and addiction to emerge with his masterpiece, Infinite Jest. Written with the cooperation of Wallace family members and friends and with access to hundreds of Wallace’s unpublished letters, manuscripts, and journals, this revelatory biography illuminates the unique connections between Wallace’s life and his fiction in a gripping and deeply moving narrative that will transfix readers.

This Bright River

This Bright River Author Patrick Somerville
ISBN-10 9780316203067
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 464
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From a writer and producer of HBO's acclaimed apocalyptic drama series The Leftovers, comes a compelling story of young love and old secrets. Ben Hanson's aimless life has bottomed out after a series of bad decisions, but an unexpected offer from his father draws him home to Wisconsin. There, he finds his family fractured, still reeling from his cousin's mysterious death a decade earlier. Lauren Sheehan abandoned her career in medicine after a series of violent events abroad. Now she's back in the safest place she knows -- the same small Wisconsin town where she and Ben grew up -- hiding from a world that has only brought her heartache. As Lauren cautiously expands her horizons and Ben tries to unravel his family's dark secrets, their paths intersect. Could each be exactly what the other needs? A compelling family drama and a surprising love story, This Bright River is the work of a natural storyteller, one whose dark humor and piercing intelligence provide constant, lasting delights.

Gesturing Toward Reality David Foster Wallace and Philosophy

Gesturing Toward Reality  David Foster Wallace and Philosophy Author Robert K. Bolger
ISBN-10 9781441164087
Release 2014-06-19
Pages 272
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Asked in 2006 about the philosophical nature of his fiction, the late American writer David Foster Wallace replied, "If some people read my fiction and see it as fundamentally about philosophical ideas, what it probably means is that these are pieces where the characters are not as alive and interesting as I meant them to be." Gesturing Toward Reality looks into this quality of Wallace's work-when the writer dons the philosopher's cap-and sees something else. With essays offering a careful perusal of Wallace's extensive and heavily annotated self-help library, re-considerations of Wittgenstein's influence on his fiction, and serious explorations into the moral and spiritual landscape where Wallace lived and wrote, this collection offers a perspective on Wallace that even he was not always ready to see. Since so much has been said in specifically literary circles about Wallace's philosophical acumen, it seems natural to have those with an interest in both philosophy and Wallace's writing address how these two areas come together.

David Foster Wallace Fiction and Form

David Foster Wallace  Fiction and Form Author David Hering
ISBN-10 9781628920574
Release 2016-09-08
Pages 192
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In David Foster Wallace: Fiction and Form, David Hering analyses the structures of David Foster Wallace's fiction, from his debut The Broom of the System to his final unfinished novel The Pale King. Incorporating extensive analysis of Wallace's drafts, notes and letters, and taking account of the rapidly expanding field of Wallace scholarship, this book argues that the form of Wallace's fiction is always inextricably bound up within an ongoing conflict between the monologic and the dialogic, one strongly connected with Wallace's sense of his own authorial presence and identity in the work. Hering suggests that this conflict occurs at the level of both subject and composition, analysing the importance of a number of provocative structural and critical contexts Â? ghostliness, institutionality, reflection Â? to the fiction while describing how this argument is also visible within the development of Wallace's manuscripts, comparing early drafts with published material to offer a career-long framework of the construction of Wallace's fiction. The final chapter offers an unprecedentedly detailed analysis of the troubled, decade-long construction of the work that became The Pale King.

The Works of Alfred Tennyson Idylls of the king

The Works of Alfred Tennyson  Idylls of the king Author
ISBN-10 OXFORD:600085134
Release 1875
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The Works of Alfred Tennyson Idylls of the king has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Works of Alfred Tennyson Idylls of the king also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Works of Alfred Tennyson Idylls of the king book for free.