The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Wisdom of the Enneagram Author Don Richard Riso
ISBN-10 IND:30000116729405
Release 1999
Pages 389
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A groundbreaking guide centering around the Enneagramthe most popular system for personality typingpresents a vast array of insight for determining personality types, from recognizing each type's WakeUp Call and Red Flag to letting go of selfdefeating habits and reactions. Original.

Die Weisheit des Enneagramms

Die Weisheit des Enneagramms Author Don Richard Riso
ISBN-10 9783641149536
Release 2014-10-29
Pages 432
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Das jahrhundertealte System des Enneagramms bietet uns einen neuen Weg des Selbstverständnisses und der Selbstfindung. Die Weisheit verschiedener Religionen und geistiger Lehren vereinend arbeitet es mit neun Persönlichkeitstypen, stellt ihre komplexen wechselseitigen Beziehungen dar und entwirft die verborgenen Möglichkeiten jedes einzelnen. Die namhaften Enneagramm-Autoren zeigen, wie dieses System dazu dienen kann, die eigene Persönlichkeit weiterzuentwickeln, innere Barrieren aufzubrechen und die eigenen Schwächen, Stärken und Ziele zu erkennen.

Ill Book The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Ill Book The Wisdom of the Enneagram Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:872586638
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Ill Book The Wisdom of the Enneagram has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ill Book The Wisdom of the Enneagram also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ill Book The Wisdom of the Enneagram book for free.

Understanding the Enneagram

Understanding the Enneagram Author Don Richard Riso
ISBN-10 0618004157
Release 2000-01
Pages 400
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Offers profiles of nine personality types, tells how to avoid misidentifications, and offers advice on becoming aware of one's own personality type.

Das Enneagramm

Das Enneagramm Author Richard Rohr
ISBN-10 3532623900
Release 2009
Pages 324
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Das Enneagramm has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Enneagramm also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Enneagramm book for free.

The Road Back to You

The Road Back to You Author Ian Morgan Cron
ISBN-10 9780830893270
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 240
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Ignorance is bliss—except in self-awareness. What you don't know about yourself can hurt you and your relationships—and even keep you in the shallows with God. Do you want help figuring out who you are and why you're stuck in the same ruts? The Enneagram is an ancient personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. In The Road Back to You Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile forge a unique approach—a practical, comprehensive way of accessing Enneagram wisdom and exploring its connections with Christian spirituality for a deeper knowledge of ourselves, compassion for others, and love for God. Witty and filled with stories, this book allows you to peek inside each of the nine Enneagram types, keeping you turning the pages long after you have read the chapter about your own number. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will also start to see the world through other people's eyes, understanding how and why people think, feel, and act the way they do. Beginning with changes you can start making today, the wisdom of the Enneagram can help take you further along into who you really are—leading you into places of spiritual discovery you would never have found on your own, and paving the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become.

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach Use the Enneagram System for Exceptional Results

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach  Use the Enneagram System for Exceptional Results Author Ginger Lapid-Bogda
ISBN-10 9780071664479
Release 2009-11-20
Pages 288
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“Clearly written, well organized, and practical, we predict this will quickly become the ‘standard’ Enneagram coaching book for years to come.” Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, bestselling authors of Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram Create powerful growth programs tailor-made for each employee! Whether you’re a coach, manager, or mentor, the Enneagram System is a highly effective tool for creating self-aware employees that are easy to manage. Enneagram expert Ginger Lapid-Bogda explains how to use the system’s nine number types to pinpoint each person’s style, tap into his or her strengths, and design customized growth programs for each one. Cross-cultural and proven to be highly accurate, the Enneagram is the ideal tool for creating employees that: Communicate clearly Work more productively Collaborate effectively Make decisions with confidence Take personal responsibility Become better leaders Lapid-Bogda reveals which specific coaching techniques are the most effective based on individual style and provides a clear process for the three types of coaching: short-term, crisis, and long-term. Enneagram development time is shorter than in other programs, and results are clearer and longer-lasting. With Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach, you have everything you need ensure that every employee exceeds his or her goals on a regular basis and contributes valuable talent to the entire business organization.

What Type of Leader Are You

What Type of Leader Are You Author Ginger Lapid-Bogda
ISBN-10 0071509437
Release 2007-03-30
Pages 288
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Every leader has a number! Millions of people around the world use the nine-point Enneagram system to analyze their personality strengths. Now for the first time, renowned Enneagram expert Ginger Lapid-Bogda shows how to use this personality typing system to reach your full potential as a leader and to pinpoint your core leadership style. “A unique combination of business savvy, organization development, and in-depth self-development perspectives.”-Colleen Gentry, senior vice president for Executive Development, Wachovia Corporation “Chock-full of excellent suggestions and astute examples that . . . provide readers with a multitude of teachable moments.”-Beverly Kaye, Ph.D., founder/CEO of Career Systems International and coauthor of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay “Dr. Lapid-Bogda adroitly describes how different types of people fulfill the core competencies of leadership in their own ways.”-Helen Palmer, author of The Enneagram and The Enneagram in Love and Work “We recommend this book for anyone in leadership wishing to use the superbly insightful tool of the Enneagram to access their innate gifts, identify their biases, and become truly great leaders.”-Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, The Enneagram Institute, authors of Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Money from Fear to Love

Money  from Fear to Love Author Margaret Smith
ISBN-10 1453786244
Release 2011-02-02
Pages 316
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"Dr. Margaret Smith has written the first book not simply about money and the Enneagram, but about money as an expression of consciousness. This is a powerful topic, deserving of wide attention and further development." - Don Richard Riso, co-author of bestselling book, The Wisdom of the Enneagram.This book is a pioneering guide to using the Enneagram to understand and heal our relationship to money. Money reflects who and where we are in our lives. Most of us begin our connection to money with feelings of fear and scarcity. But we are capable of much more fulfilling relationships to money than we might even realize. If we are willing to take an honest look at what drives our sense of scarcity and blocks us from wealth and prosperity, we can begin to take the journey from scarcity to abundance, fear to love, and surviving to thriving. Most money guides offer a one-size-fits-all solution to money. This book takes a more personal approach, drawing on your Enneagram personality traits to identify which money solution best suits you. You'll discover why you don't do what's best for you, pinpoint the money challenges that hold you back and block you from living to your highest potential.

Discovering Your Personality Type

Discovering Your Personality Type Author Don Richard Riso
ISBN-10 0547527608
Release 2003-05-20
Pages 224
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The leading experts in the field, Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson have set the standard for determining personality type using the enneagram. Their studies of this ancient symbol and their progress in determining type with increasing accuracy are known, taught, and emulated worldwide. Discovering Your Personality Type is the essential introduction to this system, a psychological framework that can be used practically, in many aspects of daily life. This revised and updated edition features the all-new, scientifically validated Riso-Hudson Type Indicator, and has also been refined and simplified to appeal especially to beginners and anyone interested in unlocking the secrets of personality. The most reliable, most accurate, and most accessible way to identify type, the improved enneagram questionnaire helps identify fundamental character traits, revealing invaluable directions for change and growth. The profile that emerges is useful for a wide variety of purposes: professional development, education, relationships, vocational counseling, and more. Discovering Your Personality Type is the book readers need in order to begin to see the possibilties made available by understanding personality types.

The Modern Enneagram

The Modern Enneagram Author Kacie Berghoef
ISBN-10 1939754070
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 178
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The Modern Enneagram brings a fresh perspective to applying the timeless wisdom of the enneagram, a popular personality typing system, to everyday life in the 21st century. This guide replaces theory and rhetoric of using the enneagram to live your best life with practical applications for career growth in a world where frequent job change is the norm, romantic success when we re more likely to meet someone online than at a bar, and maintaining healthy relationships given multiple modes of communication and geographical fragmentation."

The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues

The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues Author Sandra Maitri
ISBN-10 1440649812
Release 2005-05-05
Pages 256
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How the mysterious nine-pointed symbol of the enneagram illuminates the worst pitfalls and highest virtues of our psyches. The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues elucidates human experience beyond the personality structure. In the tradition of the enneagram, the Virtues are said to be the affective atmosphere that replaces the compulsive and reactive emotional patterns-called the Passions-as one becomes freer of the ego. Sandra Maitri shows how the shift in our consciousness, or soul, from being informed by the Passions to being informed by the Virtues, is one of the hallmarks of inner development. In this book, Maitri explores how our awareness of the Passions, in turn, leads to the manifestation of the Virtues. This shift supports rowth on the level of personality as well as on the level of what is beyond-Being, or True Nature. Maitri is widely known as one of the most literate and indepth writers and teachers on the uses of the enneagram as a tool of inner development. In this book she provides what can be for some an entry into inner work, and for others, who have been engaged in the journey for a longer time, a uniquely incisive explication of concepts they may have missed.

Higher Reality Therapy

Higher Reality Therapy Author Anthony Falikowski
ISBN-10 9781846942570
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 345
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Higher Reality Therapy combines ancient and more recent philosophical traditions - both Eastern and Western - with modern psychology and newly emerging forms of spiritual practice. This book offers a fruitful alternative to people who have not been helped by conventional psychotherapy.

The Enneagram in Love Work

The Enneagram in Love   Work Author Helen Palmer
ISBN-10 OCLC:939608531
Release 2010
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The author explores the wisdom of the enneagram system of personality typing. She applies it to the most important area of our lives; relationships with family, friends, clients, bosses and coworkers.

The Enneagram and Kabbalah

The Enneagram and Kabbalah Author Howard A. Addison
ISBN-10 9781580232296
Release 2006-01
Pages 170
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Live more harmoniously with yourself and others and discover your own spiritual gateway to God. Together Kabbalah and the personality types of the Enneagram enhance understanding of our deepest motivations, opening us to personal and spiritual growth.

The Sacred Enneagram

The Sacred Enneagram Author Christopher L. Heuertz
ISBN-10 9780310348153
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 272
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For all the ways we live unawakened lives, the enneagram is here to help. The Sacred Enneagram is a trustworthy, richly insightful guide to finding yourself in the enneagram’s 9-type profiles, and applying this practical wisdom for a life transformed. Far more than a personality test, author Chris Heuertz writes, the enneagram is a sacred map to the soul. Lies about who we think we are keep us trapped in loops of self-defeat. But the enneagram offers a bright path to cutting through the internal clutter and finding our way back to God and to our true identity as God created us. Chris Heuertz’ life was forever changed after he learned about the enneagram 15 years ago. Today, he leads enneagram workshops all over the world. Join Chris as he shows you how this ancient tool can help you awaken to the gifts God has given you, find freedom from your personal patterns of sin and fear, and grow in acceptance of your identity as you grow with God. In conversational style with compelling stories, The Sacred Enneagram will show you How to understand the 'why' behind your type, beyond caricatures and stereotypes How to align your type with prayer postures How to identify and find freedom from self-destructive patterns How to grow in spiritual discernment How to face your past wounds and step toward healing How to awaken your unique gifts to serve today’s broken world Chris’s own journey with the enneagram is an accessible introduction and exploration of how the enneagram can change your life, because to the extent that we are transformed, the world will be transformed.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram Author Sandra Maitri
ISBN-10 9781101562680
Release 2000-03-06
Pages 336
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A groundbreaking exploration of the spiritual dimension of working with the enneagram by one of its earliest students and teachers in America. Here is one of the first books to explore in an authentic and comprehensive way the original spiritual dimension of the enneagram. Among the most knowledgeable teachers of the enneagram in America, Sandra Maitri shows how the enneagram not only reveals our personalities, but illuminates a basic essence within each of us. She shows how traversing the inner territory particular to our ennea-type can bring us profound fulfillment and meaning, as well as authentic spiritual development.