A Void

A Void Author Georges Perec
ISBN-10 9780099512165
Release 2008
Pages 284
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Anton Vowl is missing. Ransacking his Paris flat, a group of his faithful companions trawl through his diary for any hint as to his location and, insidiously, a ghost, from Vowl's past starts to cast its malignant shadow. This virtuoso story, chock-full of plots and subplots, shows the skill of both author and translator who impart all the action without a crucial grammatical prop: the letter 'e'.


Void Author Rhiannon Lassiter
ISBN-10 9781442429291
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 688
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Raven and her brother, Wraith, risk death to discover what happened to their sister Rachel, a fellow Hex--human mutant with a supercomputer mind--by hacking into the secret government agency CPS, which is trying to destroy all Hex.

The Void

The Void Author Frank Close
ISBN-10 9780191607714
Release 2007-10-25
Pages 176
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What is 'the void'? What remains when you take all the matter away? Can empty space - 'nothing' - exist? This little book explores the science and the history of the elusive void: from Aristotle who insisted that the vacuum was impossible, via the theories of Newton and Einstein, to our very latest discoveries and why they can tell us extraordinary things about the cosmos. Frank Close tells the story of how scientists have explored the elusive void, and the rich discoveries that they have made there. He takes the reader on a lively and accessible history through ancient ideas and cultural superstitions to the frontiers of current research. He describes how scientists discovered that the vacuum is filled with fields; how Newton, Mach, and Einstein grappled with the nature of space and time; and how the mysterious 'aether' that was long ago supposed to permeate the void may now be making a comeback with the latest research into the 'Higgs field'. We now know that the vacuum is far from being 'nothing' - it seethes with virtual particles and antiparticles that erupt spontaneously into being, and it also may contain hidden dimensions that we were previously unaware of. These new discoveries may provide answers to some of cosmology's most fundamental questions: what lies outside the universe, and, if there was once nothing, then how did the universe begin?

The Void

The Void Author Bryan Healey
ISBN-10 9781463507886
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 134
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A man is trapped in his own mind. Confined to a hospital bed for years, his family and friends believing him all but dead; somehow he can still hear. And he listens, he keeps breathing, keeps thinking, as those around him suddenly condemn him to death. With a life destined to end, he recounts his battlefield experience of death and violence, his own struggle with drug addiction and depression, and coming to terms with his own mortality, the importance of family and the meaning of life. And as he thinks, he lays, still as always, wondering when the final moment will arrive...

Written Into the Void

Written Into the Void Author Peter Eisenman
ISBN-10 0300111118
Release 2007
Pages 177
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This volume gathers a selection of architect Peter Eisenman's later writings. In these texts, he undertakes a variety of tasks, including theoretical analyses, close readings of his own works, and innovative assessments of the designs and writings of other architects and critics.


void Author void
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void has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from void also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full void book for free.

The Dreaming Void

The Dreaming Void Author Peter F. Hamilton
ISBN-10 9780330470438
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 600
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The Dreaming Void is the first novel in Peter F. Hamilton's epic Void Trilogy, set in the world of the Commonwealth Saga. The Void: a sealed universe, billions of years old. Alive, its expansion is barely contained. Now it wants to make contact. Inigo channels mysterious dreams of an unlikely hero, a simpler life and a hope for a brighter future - on a world that's not his own. His disaffected followers are determined to seek this utopia and cross the forbidden boundary of the Void to reach it. Unaware that such an act could trigger its growth beyond all control . . . destroying everything in its path.

Voices from the Void

Voices from the Void Author Sally Dalton-Brown
ISBN-10 1571819975
Release 2000
Pages 214
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Liumilla Petrushevskaia is one of the best known writers in Russia today, recognized for her versatility as a dramatist, scriptwriter, and author of harrowing contemporary stories and even fairy tales. Acclaimed for her shocking portraits of the pain and loss that distinguish the life of women in Russia and the old Soviet Union, Petrushevskaia has also created texts notable for their scandalous humor and vibrant plasticity of form. This study analyses her use of genres within the context of an overall description of her ouevre. Her texts deal with stories struggling to be told even in today's Russia. Her characters are all storytellers, but the truths they attempt to express are often too terrible to be voiced aloud, and their tales are ultimately told from within a vast silence that threatens to engulf the narrative.

In Limbo Till Void

In Limbo  Till Void Author Ed Riviera
ISBN-10 9781625161888
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 63
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Life, our presence on earth, it's purpose, is everybody's question and many have views, guessing what it's all about and some have had near death experiences, others talk of reincarnation and quite recently, a neurosurgeon (in the USA, reported by Huffington Post) who was comatose for a week springs back to life, tells of his visit to heaven and that there 'is' God and even witnessed the agony of those in hell and says that our visitation on earth has purpose and that it is a 'test' and that we should plan now for the afterlife and that the magic word is 'Love' and in fact I agree with him and my thoughts have so much similarity with his experience and so I've written whilst I myself am "in Limbo 'till void"


ISBN-10 1452540624
Release 2011-02-07
Pages 56
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‘Post Cards from the Void’ “Take ownership of YOUR dreams YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY - Ross Bonacci Ross Bonacci, founder/Author of The Way of the Soul, brings you these eleven ‘Post Cards from the Void’ to allow you to take a deeper look at the human condition and how we fit into the larger scheme of things.

Voices from the Void

Voices from the Void Author Robert Halsey
ISBN-10 9781466927803
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 150
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The twentieth century readers look out at their world from quite another window and get another world view that is largely shaped by the advances in science and wherever it has touched our lives.One reason why people are questioning religious beliefs is that the reasons to believe in old world views have changed and are regarded today as largely superstitions and unreasonable but upheld by conservative authorities who do so for the sake of preserving their power over people. Authority is being challenged by the rihts of people to make their own meaning and think for themselves. "Voices From The Void" seeks to communicate not through the formal and magisteral voice of dry and demanding authority but in the celebration of oetry that resonates in the way people want to listen to.

Void State Das letzte Geheimnis

Void State  Das letzte Geheimnis Author Ralph Ardnassak
ISBN-10 9783738010770
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 93
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Dann, während er auf die Fliesen des Fußbodens starte, wurde ihm plötzlich übel. So übel, dass er plötzlich das drängende Bedürfnis verspürte, sich zu übergeben und der Schweiß lief ihm dem Rücken hinunter und trat in großen fetten Tropfen auf seiner Stirn hervor und tropfte von dort auf die frische Zeitung, die er in den Händen hielt. Er wollte aufstehen und zur Toilette gehen, um sich dort zu übergeben und der nahende Aufruf zum Boarding verlor plötzlich vollkommen an Bedeutung, so als gehöre sein Flug in eine Welt, die bereits vollständig für ihn versunken war. Er wollte aufstehen, aber er spürte, wie ihm die Beine versagten, während er mit Unwillen bemerkte, dass alle Anwesenden ihn fixierten. Mit Mienen, in denen sich eine seltsame Mischung aus Entsetzen, Mitleid und Neugier spiegelte. Dann kam plötzlich der Schmerz in der Brust. Genau in der Mitte seiner Brust, von wo er, wie eine lodernde Flamme, bis in den Kopf hinauf und bis hinein in die Fingerspitzen beider Arme ausstrahlte. Es war ein Schmerz, der größer und allmächtiger war, als das Leben selbst, das in ihm weilte und von dem er bereits voller Angst wußte, dass er nie wieder vergehen, sondern ihn vernichten würde. Er hatte zunächst einige Sekunden lang versucht, es auf die Tatsache zu schieben, dass er vermutlich schlecht geschlafen hatte. Aber angstvoll begriff er, dass dieser Schmerz der Tod und die Vernichtung selbst war und dass er, hier in aller Öffentlichkeit und fernab von seinen Lieben, sterben würde. Der Schmerz war jetzt stechend und reißend und so stark, dass er ungläubig vor der Macht und schieren Gewalt dieses Schmerzes erschrak. Es war, als sei ein Vulkan in seiner Brust ausgebrochen. Ein gewaltiger Vulkan, der ihn ganz und gar erstickte und verbrannte. Wie gierige Vögel, die ihn zerreißen und zerteilen wollten, wirkten die übergroßen Nasen derjenigen Gesichter, die sich mit Fragen, die er nicht mehr verstand, jetzt über ihn beugten. Er rang röchelnd und ängstlich um Atem, als stünde ein gewaltiger Koloss unmittelbar auf seinem schwachen und zerbrechenden Brustbein.

Sometimes There Is a Void

Sometimes There Is a Void Author Zakes Mda
ISBN-10 9781429949934
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 576
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Zakes Mda is the most acclaimed South African writer of the independence era. His eight novels tell stories that venture far beyond the conventional narratives of a people's struggle against apartheid. In this memoir, he tells the story of a life that intersects with the political life of his country but that at its heart is the classic adventure story of an artist, lover, father, teacher, and bon vivant. Zanemvula Mda was born in 1948 into a family of lawyers and grew up in Soweto's ambitious educated black class. At age fifteen he crossed the Telle River from South Africa into Basutoland (Lesotho), exiled like his father, a "founding spirit" of the Pan Africanist Congress. Exile was hard, but it was just another chapter in Mda's coming-of-age. He served as an altar boy (and was preyed on by priests), flirted with shebeen girls, feared the racist Boers, read comic books alongside the literature of the PAC, fell for the music of Dvorák and Coltrane, wrote his first stories—and felt the void at the heart of things that makes him an outsider wherever he goes. The Soweto uprisings called him to politics; playwriting brought him back to South Africa, where he became writer in residence at the famed Market Theatre; three marriages led him hither and yon; acclaim brought him to America, where he began writing the novels that are so thick with the life of his country. In all this, Mda struggled to remain his own man, and with Sometimes There Is a Void he shows that independence opened the way for the stories of individual South Africans in all their variety.

Voice Void

Voice   Void Author Thomas Trummer
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106019567640
Release 2007
Pages 183
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Edited by Thomas Trummer. Foreword by Harry Philbrick.

From the Brink

From the Brink Author Paul W. Ashton
ISBN-10 1855754444
Release 2007
Pages 322
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A commonly encountered experience of both analyst and analysand is that of the void. It is spoken about at different stages of therapy and refers to experiences that have different origins. Sometimes the experience of the void is around a relatively limited aspect of the psyche but at other times the void seems much more global and threatens to engulf the entire personality; the whole individual psyche then seems threatened by the possibility of dissolution into nothingness. By drawing on the writings of both Jungian and psychoanalytic thinkers as well as on poetry, mythology and art, and by illustrating these ideas with dreams and other material from his analysands, Paul Ashton attempts to illuminate some of the compartments of this immense space. Because the experience of the void is so unsettling we attempt to defend ourselves against it. The author's thesis is that the void, frightening as it is, is not something that can or should be obliterated, as that would lead to stagnation. Rather, that hidden behind the "clouds of unknowing" that surround the void, lie endless possibilities for growth and transformation and an increasingly strong connection with the objective other; whether we see that "other" as God or the Self or as previously unexperienced parts of ourselves.

A Void the Size of the World

A Void the Size of the World Author Rachele Alpine
ISBN-10 9781481485739
Release 2017-07-04
Pages 368
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A haunting novel about a girl who must face the consequences after her actions indirectly lead to her sister’s disappearance. Rhylee didn’t mean to kiss her sister’s boyfriend. At least, not the first time. But it doesn’t matter, because her sister, Abby, caught them together, ran into the dark woods behind their house…and never came home. As evidence mounts that something terrible has happened to Abby, no one wants to face the truth. Rhylee can’t bring herself to admit what she’s done: that she is the reason her sister ran away. Now Tommy, Abby’s boyfriend, is the prime suspect in her disappearance, and Rhylee’s world has been turned upside down. Slowly, Rhylee’s family is breaking—their lives center on the hope that Abby will return. Rhylee knows they need to face the truth and begin healing—but how can they, when moving on feels like a betrayal? And how do you face the guilt of wishing a person gone…when they actually disappear?

Into the Void Star Wars Legends Dawn of the Jedi

Into the Void  Star Wars Legends  Dawn of the Jedi Author Tim Lebbon
ISBN-10 9780345541949
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 320
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER On the planet Tython, the ancient Je’daii order was founded. And at the feet of its wise Masters, Lanoree Brock learned the mysteries and methods of the Force—and found her calling as one of its most powerful disciples. But as strongly as the Force flowed within Lanoree and her parents, it remained absent in her brother, who grew to despise and shun the Je’daii, and whose training in its ancient ways ended in tragedy. Now, from her solitary life as a Ranger keeping order across the galaxy, Lanoree has been summoned by the Je’daii Council on a matter of utmost urgency. The leader of a fanatical cult, obsessed with traveling beyond the reaches of known space, is bent on opening a cosmic gateway using dreaded dark matter as the key—risking a cataclysmic reaction that will consume the entire star system. But more shocking to Lanoree than even the prospect of total galactic annihilation, is the decision of her Je’daii Masters to task her with the mission of preventing it. Until a staggering revelation makes clear why she was chosen: The brilliant, dangerous madman she must track down and stop at any cost is the brother whose death she has long grieved—and whose life she must now fear. NOTE: This version does not include the Dawn of the Jedi comic insert. Includes an original Dawn of the Jedi short story by John Ostrander! Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years! Praise for Into the Void “In a story filled with adventure, intrigue, and great quotes, there’s a lot to like in this book. Tim Lebbon dives into his very first Star Wars story with a great deal of success. He manages to spin a tale that feels like Star Wars, but also feels different from other stories that have been told before. While there is some threat of system wide destruction, the point is never pushed to being ridiculous. The characters feel believable and provoke interest. The attention to the characters never takes away from the plot. There’s also a remarkable balance between world building, plot and character development, and action. When it comes down to it, Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void is just great storytelling.”—Roqoo Depot “A nice, compact Star Wars tale that both acts as an introduction to the Dawn of the Jedi period and a standalone story.”—Club Jade “A solidly enjoyable read . . . a nice addition to the Expanded Universe.”—Tosche Station “A good solid Star Wars adventure story with heart.”—Knights’ Archive