When the Elephant Walks

When the Elephant Walks Author Keiko Kasza
ISBN-10 9781524740337
Release 1990-04-12
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A charming circular story where the tiniest animal just might be the most powerful. When the Elephant walks, he scares the Bear. When the Bear runs away, he scares the Crocodile. When the Crocodile swims for his life, he scares the Wild Hog . . . and so on, down to the Mouse. And who could be scared of the little Mouse? The last spread answers this question in a way that will delight small children-and the endearing animals, rhythmic text, and hilarious illustrations will make this book a favorite.

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk Author Robert Standish
ISBN-10 4871876217
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 300
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In the movie "Elephant Walk" (1954) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor is the ravishingly beautiful young bride of a fabulously wealthy tea plantation owner in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). She is overwhelmed by the beauty and the majesty of the place, but soon learns a disturbing fact. The main house where she and her husband live was built directly on a path which the elephants have used for hundreds of years to get to the water. The elephants want their walk back! She learns another disturbing fact. Her new husband, played by Peter Finch, is completely dominated by the memory of his late father, who built the house and the tea plantation. Everything must be done because that is the way his father did it. Soon, a love triangle develops when her husband's overseer, played by Dana Andrews, makes a play for her. At first Taylor resists, but not very hard. She soon asks him to take her to Paris. They try to escape from the plantation, but are stopped because the plantation has been placed under quarantine. A cholera epidemic has broken out on the plantation. Nobody is allowed to leave, for fear of spreading the disease. One by one, her husband's faithful servants start dying. Others escape over the wall or through the jungle. Soon, almost no one is left on the plantation except for Taylor, the husband, the overseer and the late father's faithful servant, Appuhamy (which means "cooking man" in Sri Lankan). By this time, there is an affair going on between the overseer and Taylor. The husband knows about it. "The quarantine is almost over. Then, you both can leave," he wryly remarks. The elephants see their chance. Because of the cholera epidemic, all the servants and plantation workers who used to defend the house from the elephants are now gone. The elephants are wild with thrust because of a drought. Over a hundred elephants attack the house, knock down the walls, start a fire and bulldoze the house, all this with Elizabeth Taylor inside.

Ollie the Purple Elephant

Ollie the Purple Elephant Author Jarrett J. Krosoczka
ISBN-10 9780375984709
Release 2011-10-11
Pages 40
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Ollie is a purple elephant who is lost and has no place to call home. Until Shelby and Peter find him in the park—and invite him to live with them. Soon Ollie is a regular part of the family. He doesn't have a room to call his own, but he doesn't mind. He is happy. He loves hopscotch and kickball—but most of all he loves the dance parties the McLaughlins have after dinner. But Mr. Puddlebottom, the downstairs neighbor, most certainly does not love Ollie. And neither does the McLaughlins' cat, Ginger. Ollie has taken her spot on the couch at night. When the conspirators hatch a plan to get rid of Ollie, the purple elephant walks right into their trap—and onto a circus cart. Will he ever be reunited with his family?

Throwing the Elephant

Throwing the Elephant Author Stanley Bing
ISBN-10 0061791318
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 240
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Sit down. Breathe deep. This is the last business book you will ever need. For in these pages, Stanley Bing solves the ultimate problem of your working life: How to manage the boss. The technique is simple . . . as simple as throwing an elephant. All it takes is the proper state of mind, a step-by-step plan, and a great leap of faith. This humble guide provides all these and more. It is Zen that enables one to take an object of enormous weight and size and mold it in one's grasp like a ball of Silly Putty. For senior management, in truth, is the silliest putty of them all. This comprehensive course walks budding business bodhisattvas through basic skills needed to provide the simple elephant handling that makes everyday life possible, including but not limited to the primary task of following along after the elephant with a little broom and dustpan. Serious students will then move to intermediate steps, from Polishing the Elephant's Tusks to Hiding from the Elephant When It Has Been Drinking and Feels Quite Nasty. Beyond this level lies the land of the practiced Zen masters, culminating in the ability to leverage and then throw the now-weightless elephant--and even play catch with it at corporate retreats. If What Would Machiavelli Would Do? was the meanest business book since the Renaissance, Throwing the Elephant provides the yang to that yin. Because sometimes you've got to be selfless, compassionate, and completely empty to get the job done. Stanley Bing is a columnist for Fortune magazine and the author of What Would Machiavelli Do? and Lloyd: What Happened, a novel. By day, he works for a gigantic multinational conglomerate whose identity is one of the worst-kept secrets in business.

Baby Elephant Walk

Baby Elephant Walk Author Hal David
ISBN-10 1742834183
Release 2013
Pages 24
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Make believe you're in a jungle movie. Watch the baby elephants go by. The beat is groovy. It's a brand new dance you ought to try, Come to the jungle and see the animal attraction, baby elephants in action walk. Follow the baby elephants and their quirky lemur companion as they journey through the green leafy jungle, rushing waterfalls, past the amazing jungle musicians and drums, boat safaris and dancing flamingos, through to a night time 'action walk' climax in this lovely adventure.

An Elephant in the Garden

An Elephant in the Garden Author Michael Morpurgo
ISBN-10 9780007352128
Release 2010-05-27
Pages 240
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A thrilling and moving novel about an extraordinary animal caught up in a very human war, for anyone who loved The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips or The Butterfly Lion...

The Elephant s Child

The Elephant s Child Author Rudyard Kipling
ISBN-10 0152253866
Release 1988-03-01
Pages 48
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Because of his "satiable curtiosity" about what the crocodile has for dinner, the elephant's child and all elephants thereafter have long trunks.

Twenty one Elephants and Still Standing

Twenty one Elephants and Still Standing Author April Jones Prince
ISBN-10 9780618448876
Release 2005
Pages 32
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Upon completion of the Brooklyn Bridge, P.T. Barnum and his twenty-one elephants parade across to prove to everyone that the bridge is safe.

Elephant Talk

Elephant Talk Author Ann Downer
ISBN-10 9780761372851
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 112
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On a hot day in the African savannah, a group of elephants searches for food. While foraging they often lose sight of one another. Yet at the end of the day, in one coordinated movement, the elephants suddenly regroup. This coordinated movement and others like it has puzzled scientists and caused them to question how elephants communicate with each other. Since the 1990s, scientists have gathered significant data on elephant talk. Biologists have determined that elephants use a complex system of communication of at least ten distinct sounds, combined in many variations. Researchers are now asking: what do these sounds mean? As scientists study the elephant sounds that humans can hear, they are also identifying ways elephants communicate through nonverbal behaviors and making sounds too low for human ears. Scientists have realized that elephants even receive messages by using their sensitive feet to feel vibrations in the ground. All of these discoveries are helping elephant researchers better understand elephant behavior. But the elephant s time as a wild animal is running out. Threatened by habitat loss and illegally hunted for their ivory tusks, elephants are on the brink of extinction. Will understanding elephant talk be the key to saving the species?

The Secret Elephants

The Secret Elephants Author Gareth Patterson
ISBN-10 9780143027201
Release 2012-09-28
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The elephants of the Knysna forest have long been the subject of mystery and conjecture. Over the years they have taken on an almost mythical quality, with many doubting whether they existed at all. In 1994 the local forestry department maintained that there was only one surviving Knysna elephant, the seldom seen female known as The Matriarch. The Knysna elephant was thus described as 'functionally extinct'. This was the official stance until September 2000 when forest guard Wilfred Oraai encountered and photographed a young bull from a distance of some thirty metres. The question arose: who was its mother? And, indeed, who was its father? In 2001 Gareth Patterson began an independent study of the Knysna elephant. For the next seven years he covered thousands of kilometres on foot, following ancient elephant paths through the dense Afromontane forest and the surrounding mountain fynbos. He found abundant signs to suggest that, far from dying out, the Knysna elephants are, quietly and secretly, holding their own. Patterson's fieldwork, and his dna research in collaboration with conservation geneticist Lori Eggert, established that at least five young females exist, lending support to Patterson's growing evidence that the Knysna forest and its surroundings are home to a small herd of young elephants. The Secret Elephants is the story of these remarkable animals that fought their way back from the brink of extinction without any help from humankind.

The Executive and the Elephant

The Executive and the Elephant Author Richard L. Daft
ISBN-10 9780470372265
Release 2010-08-02
Pages 336
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Lessons for leaders on resolving the ongoing struggle between instinct and the creative mind Kings, heads of government, and corporate executives lead thousands of people and manage endless resources, but may not have mastery over themselves. Often leaders know that right action is important, but have little (if any) understanding of what prevents them from acting in accordance with their intentions. In this important book, leadership expert Richard Daft portrays this dilemma as a struggle between instinct (elephant) and intention (the executive) using the most current research on the intentional vs. the habitual mind to explain how this phenomenon occurs. Based on current research and real-life examples Offers leaders a method for directing themselves more productively Written by an expert in leadership, organizational performance, and change management Through real-life examples and recent studies in psychology, management and Eastern spirituality Daft provides guidance to all of us who struggle finding our own balance and cultivating the behavior of others.

When the Elephants Dance

When the Elephants Dance Author Tess Uriza Holthe
ISBN-10 9780676806731
Release 2002-03-26
Pages 384
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“Papa explains the war like this: ‘When the elephants dance, the chickens must be careful.’ The great beasts, as they circle one another, shaking the trees and trumpeting loudly, are the Amerikanos and the Japanese as they fight. And our Philippine Islands? We are the small chickens.” Once in a great while comes a storyteller who can illuminate worlds large and small, in ways both magical and true to life. When the Elephants Dance is set in the waning days of World War II, as the Japanese and the Americans engage in a fierce battle for possession of the Philippine Islands. Through the eyes of three narrators, thirteen-year-old Alejandro Karangalan, his spirited older sister Isabelle, and Domingo, a passionate guerilla commander, we see how ordinary people find hope for survival where none seems to exist. While the Karangalan family and their neighbors huddle together for survival in the cellar of a house, they tell magical stories to one another based on Filipino myth that transport the listeners from the chaos of the war around them and give them new resolve to continue fighting. Outside the safety of their refuge the war rages on—fiery bombs torch the countryside, Japanese soldiers round up and interrogate innocent people, and from the hills guerilla fighters wage a desperate campaign against the enemy. Inside the cellar, these men, women, and children put their hopes and dreams on hold as they wait out the war. This stunning debut novel celebrates with richness and depth the spirit of the Filipino people and their fascinating story and marks the introduction of an author who will join the ranks of writers such as Arundhati Roy, Manil Suri, and Amy Tan. From the Hardcover edition.

The Child s Elephant

The Child s Elephant Author Rachel Campbell-Johnston
ISBN-10 9781448157617
Release 2013-05-02
Pages 400
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'I cannot trumpet this book loudly enough. Scary, funny, romantic, heartwarming; an elephant book you won’t forget' - Michael Morpurgo When a baby elephant is abandoned on the African savannah, a young boy named Bat takes her back to his village and cares for her. But Bat's grandmother explains that Meya cannot stay with them for ever - the call of the wild will always be sounding in her soul. Then frightening rumours arrive at the village; rumours of kidnapping, suffering and war. Bat and his friend Muka are snatched, and catapulted into a new life of unimaginable terror. Will the bond between Bat and Meya strong enough to save them? A thrilling, heartbreaking and beautiful novel from an exciting new voice in children's books, Rachel Campbell-Johnston.

Stalking the elephant kings

Stalking the elephant kings Author Christopher Kremmer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040857180
Release 1997
Pages 215
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Stalking the elephant kings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stalking the elephant kings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stalking the elephant kings book for free.

Once Upon an Elephant

Once Upon an Elephant Author Linda Stanek
ISBN-10 9781628557312
Release 2016-02-10
Pages 32
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From stopping wildfires to planting seeds, one animal is the true superhero that keeps the African savanna in balance. Elephants dig to find salt for animals to lick, their deep footprints collect water for everyone to drink, and they eat young trees to keep the forest from overtaking the grasslands. In every season, the elephants are there to protect the savanna and its residents – but what would happen if the elephants were only “once upon a time”? Read along to discover the important role this keystone species plays in the savanna and explore what would happen if the elephants vanished.

But No Elephants

But No Elephants Author Jerry Smath
ISBN-10 1563832747
Release 2007
Pages 40
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Grandma Tildy finally agrees to take an unwanted elephant into her home, but soon regrets her decision.

The Green Umbrella

The Green Umbrella Author Jackie Azúa Kramer
ISBN-10 9780735842182
Release 2017-01-31
Pages 32
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Imagination is the first step toward adventure in this debut picture book.