When the Elephant Walks

When the Elephant Walks Author Keiko Kasza
ISBN-10 9781524740337
Release 1990-04-12
Pages 32
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A charming circular story where the tiniest animal just might be the most powerful. When the Elephant walks, he scares the Bear. When the Bear runs away, he scares the Crocodile. When the Crocodile swims for his life, he scares the Wild Hog . . . and so on, down to the Mouse. And who could be scared of the little Mouse? The last spread answers this question in a way that will delight small children-and the endearing animals, rhythmic text, and hilarious illustrations will make this book a favorite.

Cuando El Elefante Camina When the Elephant Walks

Cuando El Elefante Camina   When the Elephant Walks Author Keiko Kaska
ISBN-10 0613994620
Release 1992-11-06
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Cuando El Elefante Camina When the Elephant Walks has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cuando El Elefante Camina When the Elephant Walks also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cuando El Elefante Camina When the Elephant Walks book for free.

The Elephant s Foot

The Elephant s Foot Author Blair Csuti
ISBN-10 9780470292129
Release 2008-04-14
Pages 163
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Maintaining the healthy foot condition of captive Asian and African elephants is one of the most important yet most difficult tasks for zookeepers, veterinarians, and researchers. Recognizing the need for a convenient and comprehensive health care manual, Blair Csuti, Eva Sargent and Ursula Bechert present The Elephant's Foot. Born out of a national conference on elephant care and physiology, this book is backed by 46 of the foremost authorities on the subject. After a general overview of the elephant foot's anatomy and physiology, The Elephant's Foot leads practitioners through recognition, prevention, and treatment of a variety of foot problems. From nail infections to foot abcesses, readers will find this text contains solutions for most foot troubles with remedies or additional recommendations. This book will support anyone simply studying elephants or those working with elephants on a daily basis.

Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom

Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom Author Beverly Ann Beckmann
ISBN-10 9781576904701
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 304
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Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom book for free.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers Author Maurice Miles Martinez
ISBN-10 9781450244374
Release 2010-09-30
Pages 176
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When two Brooklyn high school students, Havier and Marcus Wright go to the black circus they get more than a show. One of the acrobats is missing and it’s up to them to find her. Along the way, they encounter community elders who open their eyes to African history and the world of underground hip-hop. But time is running out. Can the brothers find the disappearing acrobat before the circus leaves town and the case goes unsolved forever?

How Long Things Live

How Long Things Live Author Anthony D. Fredericks
ISBN-10 9780811736220
Release 2010
Pages 167
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This fact-filled science book explains how and why some 99 animals and plants live as long, or a briefly, as they do.

Kari the Elephant Hari the Jungle Lad

Kari the Elephant   Hari the Jungle Lad Author Dhan Gopal Mukerji
ISBN-10 9789351950875
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 204
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Kari, the loyal elephant, Kopee, the monkey known for making bad decisions, and their nine-year-old master head right into the middle of the jungle on an adventurous journey. Vivid episodes of encounters with a venomous snake, a herd of untamed elephants and forest fires, make Kari the Elephant an unusual tale of three friends growing up together. The endearing elephant reappears in Hari the Jungle Lad, which traces a young boy’s life after a flood washes away his home, leaving him to survive in the jungle. His thrill-a-minute life in the forest, complete with face-offs with deadly carnivores and friendly monkeys, and finally his search for the marked elephant who proves to be a saviour, unfold in a gripping story. This special edition brings together two classic stories – Kari the Elephant and Hari the Jungle Lad – by Dhan Gopal Mukerji, the only Indian to have won the John Newbery Medal. Describing animal life with nail-biting realism, Dhan Gopal Mukerji’s stories take you to a place where the feral meets the tame, man meets nature, and all that matters is the law of the jungle!

A Box Full of Tales

A Box Full of Tales Author Kathy MacMillan
ISBN-10 9780838909607
Release 2008
Pages 222
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Encourages the creation of storytelling prop boxes, explaining a way to gather songs, books, flannel boards, toys, and finger plays together in a single location to be used by multiple librarians.

Voices Coursebook 7

Voices Coursebook     7 Author Vijaya Subramaniam
ISBN-10 9789325967434
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Voices, a multi-skill course in English, is an integrated and innovative approach to the teaching and learning of English language skills.


BIG 5 MALAYSIAN ANIMAL SERIES  The Malayan Elephant Author Mohd Momin Khan
ISBN-10 9789674303594
Pages 120
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BIG 5 MALAYSIAN ANIMAL SERIES The Malayan Elephant has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from BIG 5 MALAYSIAN ANIMAL SERIES The Malayan Elephant also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full BIG 5 MALAYSIAN ANIMAL SERIES The Malayan Elephant book for free.

Abschied von Opa Elefant

Abschied von Opa Elefant Author Isabel Abedi
ISBN-10 3770742923
Release 2006
Pages 25
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Wie geht sterben?, fragen die Elefantenkinder, als der Elefantengrossvater ihnen sagt, dass er sie verlässt, weil er bald sterben wird. Ab 5.

Mammoths Mastodonts and Elephants

Mammoths  Mastodonts  and Elephants Author Gary Haynes
ISBN-10 0521456916
Release 1993-05-28
Pages 413
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This study uses the ecology and behaviour of modern elephants to create models for reconstructing the life and death of extinct mammoths and mastodons.

Embracing the Elephant

Embracing the Elephant Author Lori Hart Beninger
ISBN-10 9780985689728
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 372
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“There will be hunger and there will be cold. You will encounter wild animals and wilder men. In this rugged terrain, the slightest misstep could mean injury or death to either of us.” Undeterred by the most dire warnings, in 1848 eleven-year-old Guinevere Walker embarks on a perilous journey to reunite with her widowed father. From her home in Boston she sails to Rio de Janeiro, around Cape Horn, to the rudimentary town of San Francisco -- ultimately arriving at the California mountain range called the Sierra Nevada, known for both its beauty and brutality. As Guine and her father struggle to forge a new relationship, they confront the most massive human migration the world has ever known: the California Gold Rush. Hundreds of thousands of fortune hunters from around the globe flood into the burgeoning territory to “See the Elephant” – to experience a great adventure, dig for a golden fortune, face the harshest realities, and search for their own personal truths. Embracing the Elephant is a powerful story about one child coming of age at precisely the moment a nation enters its own new age. It is a tale of fierce determination, resilience, discovery, and best of all: hope. *** Embracing the Elephant is a coming of age story for both a girl and a nation, a book about the breathtaking highs and devastating lows that accompany – and in turn fuel – massive change. It is a raw and compelling novel for anyone facing, or embracing, a journey of their own. In 1848, a treaty with Mexico makes California a U.S. possession and the United States finally spans the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate, and relative nobodies are amassing speculative fortunes. The ink on the Mexican treaty is not yet dry when gold is discovered in the remote mountain range known as the Sierra Nevada – the Gold Rush is on and The West is under siege by fortune hunters and settlers of all stripes. On the East coast, young Guinevere Walker begins her own westward trek to the wild territory of California -- not for gold, but for love of her estranged and distant father, still struggling with the death of Guine’s mother. Her journey is set against the backdrop of a country plagued by ineffective government officials, a growing disparity between the classes, anti-immigration sentiments, and harsh racial and religious divides. With civility in short supply and wilderness in the hearts of men, Guine learns who to trust, how to adapt and ultimately that survival comes from within.

The Social Wave

The Social Wave Author Starr Hall
ISBN-10 9781613081662
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 268
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Don’t Sink in the Sea of Social Media—Succeed Presenting a big-picture look beyond status updates, daily tweets, and weekly posts, social media strategist Starr Hall empowers you to break out of your social media comfort zone and start making waves. Includes: • Industry specific strategies including top 5 tips for 25 different industries • Social Site Comparison covers: what they are good for, when to use them, when you shouldn’t, plus which ones impact SEO • How to steer clear of social moves that could sink you • Wave tips: what to do when your social media isn’t working (or when you have a social media wipeout) If you want to learn active, proper social media strategies without the noise, this is the book that filters the best ways to successful metrics. Period. - Charlie Walk, former president of Sony/Epic Starr Hall provides the key insights for understanding the relevance and necessity of this new dynamic of basic existence- social media; like a handbook for the caveman to understand the power of fire. - Wes Stevens, CEO of VOX Inc., a lifestyle and social media agency and production company ‘The Social Wave’ is brilliant and insightful and gave me even more information on how to connect with the masses. Quite honestly, I love it! - Jill Zarin, The Real Housewives of New York, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Coached by Starr, learn how to stay on top of the rising swell of social media, ride today’s social media wave, and prepare to catch the next big one.

Die Spuren meiner Mutter

Die Spuren meiner Mutter Author Jodi Picoult
ISBN-10 9783641163488
Release 2016-08-29
Pages 512
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Mitreißend und berührend: Eine Tochter auf der Suche nach ihrer verschwundenen Mutter Die dreizehnjährige Jenna sucht ihre Mutter. Alice Metcalf verschwand zehn Jahre zuvor spurlos nach einem tragischen Vorfall im Elefantenreservat von New Hampshire, bei dem eine Tierpflegerin ums Leben kam. Nachdem Jenna schon alle Vermisstenportale im Internet durchsucht hat, wendet sie sich in ihrer Verzweiflung an die Wahrsagerin Serenity. Diese hat als Medium der Polizei beim Aufspüren von vermissten Personen geholfen, bis sie glaubte, ihre Gabe verloren zu haben. Zusammen machen sie den abgehalfterten Privatdetektiv Virgil ausfindig, der damals als Ermittler mit dem Fall der verschwundenen Elefantenforscherin Alice befasst war. Mit Hilfe von Alices Tagebuch, den damaligen Polizeiakten und Serenitys übersinnlichen Fähigkeiten begibt sich das kuriose Trio auf eine spannende und tief bewegende Spurensuche – mit verblüffender Auflösung.

Betty Friends

Betty   Friends Author Betty White
ISBN-10 9781101558928
Release 2011-11-21
Pages 320
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America's sweetheart, impassioned lifelong animal welfare advocate, and New York Times bestselling author Betty White shares intimate, funny, and enlightening stories about her very best friends in the world… All her life, Betty White has had a menagerie of pets, many of them rescued, and has donated countless hours and resources to animal welfare. Animals are her passion, and that passion extends to zoos and their importance for the conservation of species and for offering humans the ability to witness the grandeur and variety of these magnificent animals from around the world. Betty & Friends is a love letter to those zoos, to their dedicated workers, and especially to the animals in them—from Gita the elephant, whom Betty used to take for walks; to Bruno the orangutan, who flaunts his affections for Betty; to Jacob the boa, who loves a good hug. Gaining access to this majestic world through Betty’s eyes and her inimitable words is a beautiful thing indeed for animal lovers and Betty White lovers of all ages. INCLUDES GORGEOUS FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS

The Eye of the Elephant

The Eye of the Elephant Author Mark James Owens
ISBN-10 9780547524665
Release 1993-10-29
Pages 320
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The authors of Secrets of the Sahara battle the elephant poachers of Zambia in this “exciting…part adventure story, part wildlife tale” (The Boston Globe). Expelled from Botswana for writing Cry of the Kalahari, the Owenses set off across Africa. They settled in Zambia, where they soon found their peace shattered by the gunfire of elephant poachers. This is the story of the couple's battle to save the elephants and their own lives.