Writing Teresa

Writing Teresa Author Denise DuPont
ISBN-10 9781611484076
Release 2011-12-16
Pages 341
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Writing Teresa: The Saint from Ávila at the fin-de-siglo examines the Teresa de Jesús “boom” of roughly 1880–1930, and offers an in-depth study of five major Spanish participants in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century explosion of literary treatments of St. Teresa. This historical period’s interest in the Saint from Ávila relates to popularization and nationalization of aspects of Catholicism, technological advances, a modernist fascination with saintly heroes, the search for new Spanish identities, and the evolving role of women writers and intellectuals. Teresa was mysticism in its historical context, energy in a time of doubt, the possibility of reconciling science and spirituality, a new vision for writing, and a maternal figure linked to the religion of the past for those who had lost the faith of their childhood.

Creativity and Writing

Creativity and Writing Author Teresa Grainger
ISBN-10 0415328853
Release 2005
Pages 228
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This accessible yet authoritative book considers and encourages flexible, playful and innovative practices in the teaching of writing, and shows how certain practices can develop children's creative and linguistic potential and their overall skill as writers.

Writer Identity and the Teaching and Learning of Writing

Writer Identity and the Teaching and Learning of Writing Author Teresa Cremin
ISBN-10 9781317363927
Release 2016-12
Pages 262
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Writer Identity and the Teaching and Learning of Writing is a groundbreaking book which addresses what it really means to identify as a writer in educational contexts and the implications for writing pedagogy. It conceptualises writers’ identities, and draws upon empirical studies to explore their construction, enactment and performance. Focusing largely on teachers’ identities and practices as writers and the writer identities of primary and secondary students, it also encompasses the perspectives of professional writers and highlights promising new directions for research. With four interlinked sections, this book offers: Nuanced understandings of how writer identities are shaped and formed; Insights into how classroom practice changes when teachers position themselves as writers alongside their students; New understandings of what this positioning means for students’ identities as writers and writing pedagogy; and Illuminating case studies mapping young people's writing trajectories. With an international team of contributors, the book offers a global perspective on this vital topic, and makes a new and strongly theorised contribution to the field. Viewing writer identity as fluid and multifaceted, this book is important reading for practising teachers, student teachers, educational researchers and practitioners currently undertaking postgraduate studies. Contributors include: Teresa Cremin, Terry Locke, Sally Baker, Josephine Brady, Diane Collier, Nikolaj Elf, Ian Eyres, Theresa Lillis, Marilyn McKinney, Denise Morgan, Debra Myhill, Mary Ryan, Kristin Stang, Chris Street, Anne Whitney and Rebecca Woodard.

Independent writing

Independent writing Author Teresa D. O'Donnell
ISBN-10 0673392872
Release 1986
Pages 200
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The revised 2/E of Independent Writing continues the focus of the 1/E: to help students in college-preparatory English programs at the advanced levels attain the necessary proficiency to perform academic writing at the college level. With an ordered, cumulative approach to the many facers of writing, the book helps students develop the skills they need to become competent, independent writers. It gives both students and the teacher a context in which to practice the writing process.

Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila Author Peter Tyler
ISBN-10 9781441119957
Release 2014-02-13
Pages 240
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In this strikingly original book, published to mark the fifth centenary of Teresa of Avila's birth, Dr Peter Tyler takes the writings of the sixteenth-century Spanish reformer and brings them into dialogue with some of the foremost thinkers who have shaped our contemporary notion of self. Starting with Freud and Kant, Tyler shows how the post-modern deconstruction of the self has allowed new possibilities for the spiritual to emerge once again as a vital force in our self-understanding. Key psychological and philosophical notions such as the unconscious, ego and desire are presented in ways that open up the door to the soul. Inspired by Teresa of Avila, Tyler offers possibilities of spiritual freedom to the troubled, contemporary self.

Teresa of Avila s Autobiography

Teresa of Avila s Autobiography Author Elena Carrera
ISBN-10 9781900755962
Release 2005
Pages 211
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The Spanish mystic Teresa of Avila (1515-82), author of one of the most acclaimed early modern autobiographies ( Vida , 1565), has generated a wealth of literary, historical and theological studies, yet none to date has examined the impact of textual models on Teresa's self-construction. In looking at the issue of the self, Carrera draws on revisions of the hermeneutic process (Ricoeur) and on analyses of the connections between discourse, power and the subject (Foucault), and applies a valuable historical perspective. Through a close reading of contemporary Spanish devotional books and confessors' manuals, she establishes important connections between Teresa's autobiography and the practices of meditative reading and sacramental confession in sixteenth-century Spain.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Author Teresa Cannon Hackett
ISBN-10 9781593630256
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 42
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Educational title for gifted and advanced learners.

Saint Teresa of Avila The Book of Her Foundations A Study Guide

Saint Teresa of Avila The Book of Her Foundations  A Study Guide Author Marc Foley, OCD
ISBN-10 9780935216899
Release 2012-05-07
Pages 547
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The Book of Her Foundations is the least read, the least quoted, the least known of St. Teresa's works. Why this is so is probably because people do not think it is a spiritual book. But as you read on, you find that St. Teresa grew in holiness, not in spite of obstacles such as being entangled in lawsuits, mired down in disputes over dowries, tied up in interminable bureaucratic red-tape, and having to deal with unscrupulous businessmen, but because of these difficulties. None of these challenges impeded her spiritual growth. This study guide will help us to see how Teresa grew in holiness in the marketplace as much as in the cloister, perhaps even more so. None of us has been called to found convents, but like Teresa all of us are called to practice virtue and grow in holiness within the fray of daily life.

Writing in a Milieu of Utility

Writing in a Milieu of Utility Author Teresa C. Kynell
ISBN-10 1567504914
Release 2000
Pages 134
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Traces the pedagogical evolution of technical communication in America.

Autobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women

Autobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women Author Elizabeth Teresa Howe
ISBN-10 9781317176923
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 320
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Women’s life writing in general has too often been ignored, dismissed, or relegated to a separate category in those few studies of the genre that include it. The present work addresses these issues and offers a countervailing argument that focuses on the contributions of women writers to the study of autobiography in Spanish during the early modern period. There are, indeed, examples of autobiographical writing by women in Spain and its New World empire, evident as early as the fourteenth-century Memorias penned by Doña Leonor López de Cordóba and continuing through the seventeenth-century Cartas of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. What sets these accounts apart, the author shows, are the variety of forms adopted by each woman to tell her life and the circumstances in which she adapts her narrative to satisfy the presence of male critics-whether ecclesiastic or political, actual or imagined-who would dismiss or even alter her life story. Analyzing how each of these women viewed her life and, conversely, how their contemporaries-both male and female-received and sometimes edited her account, Howe reveals the tension in the texts between telling a ’life’ and telling a ’lie’.

Successful Writing

Successful Writing Author Teresa McCuaig
ISBN-10 0952911922
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 117
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Successful Writing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Successful Writing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Successful Writing book for free.

The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila vol 3

The Collected Works of St  Teresa of Avila  vol 3 Author Saint Teresa of Avila
ISBN-10 9780935216066
Release 1985-05-01
Pages 482
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This book contains Book of Her Foundations and Minor Works. Includes general and biblical index. In 1573, while staying in Salamanca to assist her nuns in the task of establishing one of her seventeen monasteries, Teresa began composing the story of their foundation. The Book of Her Foundations comprises the major portion of Volume Three. This book not only tells the story of the establishment of her monasteries but, characteristic of Teresa, digresses into counsels on prayer, love, melancholy, virtuous living and dying, plus other teachings of the Mother Foundress. This book also has an excellent introduction, chronology, and map of Teresa's foundations and journeys. Five of her brief works, including her poetry, complete ICS Publications' third volume of her Collected Works. Includes general and biblical index.

St Teresa of Avila 100 Themes on Her Life and Work

St  Teresa of Avila   100 Themes on Her Life and Work Author Tomás Alvarez, OCD
ISBN-10 9780935216837
Release 2011
Pages 452
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"The Original Spanish Edition was published in 2007 under the title 100 Fichas Sobre Teresa de Jesus, Para Aprender y Ensenar, by Monte Carmelo."

Christian Writing Decoded The Way of Perfection

Christian Writing Decoded  The Way of Perfection Author St. Teresa of Avila
Release 2014-01
Pages 450
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Christian Writing Decoded provides the reader with a detailed history and analysis of the most important Christian writings. The Way of Perfection (Spanish: Camino de Perfección) is a method for making progress in the contemplative life written by St. Teresa of Ávila, the noted Discalced Carmelite nun for the members of the reformed monastery of the Order she had founded. This book provides an original analysis and summary of The Way of Perfection coupled with an appendix that includes the original text by Saint Teresa of Ávila.

Saint Teresa of Avila The Interior Castle A Study Edition

Saint Teresa of Avila   The Interior Castle A Study Edition Author Teresa of Avila
ISBN-10 9780935216851
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 484
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The Interior Castle is more than a book. It is a powerful image of the mystery of the human person. It is the soul of St. Teresa of Avila, who journeys through the castle from one dwelling place to another mapping out a feminine, yet warlike, program for the Christian spiritual life. It is also the last book Teresa wrote: in 1577, five years before she died, she recorded, to the best of her knowledge, the experiences for which she praised God. Reading Teresa herself is indispensable. The authors of this study edition designed it as a springboard to reading and understanding Teresa’s text. They present a chapter of Teresa’s book, followed by a review of the progress of her thought and the principal ideas in each chapter. Next they give interpretive notes: doctrinal, historical, and sociological. Then because Teresa wanted her writings to be in harmony with sacred Scripture, they point out scriptural texts that support her ideas. Finally, the authors show how teachings of the present-day church demonstrate both how Teresa's basic notions were correct and how we can apply her principles to our times.

Writing Voices

Writing Voices Author Teresa Cremin
ISBN-10 9781136633041
Release 2013-07-03
Pages 224
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The perspectives of children, teachers and professional writers are often absent in the pedagogy of writing. Highly Commended for the UKLA Academic Book Award 2013, Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers responds to such silent voices and offers a text which not only stretches across primary and secondary practice, but also gives expression to these voices, making a new and significant contribution to understanding what it means to be a writer. Drawing upon recent research projects undertaken by the authors and others in the international research community, this fascinating text considers the nature of composing and the experience of being a writer. In the process it: explores the role of talk, creativity, autonomy, metacognition, writing as design and the shaping influence of literature and other texts; examines young people’s composing processes and attitudes to writing; considers teachers’ identities as writers and what can be learnt when teachers engage reflectively in writing; shares a range of professional writers’ practices, processes and perspectives; gives prominence to examples of writing from children, teachers, student teachers and professional writers alongside their reflective commentaries. This thought-provoking text offers theoretical insights and practical directions for developing the teaching and learning of writing. It is an invaluable read for all teachers and trainees, as well as teacher educators, researchers and anyone with an interest in the pedagogy of writing.

The Life of St Teresa of Avila by Herself

The Life of St Teresa of Avila by Herself Author Teresa of Avila
ISBN-10 9780141916545
Release 2004-07-29
Pages 320
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Born in the Castilian town of Ávila in 1515, Teresa entered the Carmelite convent of the Incarnation when she was twenty-one. Tormented by illness, doubts and self-recrimination, she gradually came to recognize the power of prayer and contemplation - her spiritual enlightenment was intensified by many visions and mystical experiences, including the piercing of her heart by a spear of divine love. She went on to found seventeen Carmelite monasteries throughout Spain. Teresa always denied her own saintliness, however, saying in a letter: 'There is no suggestion of that nonsense about my supposed sanctity.' This frank account is one of the great stories of a religious life and a literary masterpiece - after Don Quixote, it is Spain's most widely read prose classic.