Zia Sun Leather Journal

Zia Sun Leather Journal Author Peter Pauper Press
ISBN-10 1593594577
Release 2007-02-01
Pages 192
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Draw inspiration from the Zia Indian sun symbol, which embodies the sacred number four. Representing the earth's four directions and four seasons, the Zia sun binds them together in an eternal circle of light and love. To the Zia, man's four sacred duties are to cultivate a strong body, a clear mind, and a pure spirit, and to uphold the welfare of his people. Cover constructed from a single piece of full grain leather. 192 pp, archival quality, acid-free paper. 6 1/4" x 8 1/4".

Asian American Dreams

Asian American Dreams Author Helen Zia
ISBN-10 1429980850
Release 2000-03-09
Pages 256
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The fascinating story of the rise of Asian Americans as a politically and socially influential racial group This groundbreaking book is about the transformation of Asian Americans from a few small, disconnected, and largely invisible ethnic groups into a self-identified racial group that is influencing every aspect of American society. It explores the junctures that shocked Asian Americans into motion and shaped a new consciousness, including the murder of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, by two white autoworkers who believed he was Japanese; the apartheid-like working conditions of Filipinos in the Alaska canneries; the boycott of Korean American greengrocers in Brooklyn; the Los Angeles riots; and the casting of non-Asians in the Broadway musical Miss Saigon. The book also examines the rampant stereotypes of Asian Americans. Helen Zia, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, was born in the 1950s when there were only 150,000 Chinese Americans in the entire country, and she writes as a personal witness to the dramatic changes involving Asian Americans. Written for both Asian Americans -- the fastest-growing population in the United States -- and non-Asians, Asian American Dreams argues that America can no longer afford to ignore these emergent, vital, and singular American people.

Bridge Zia and Me

Bridge  Zia and Me Author
ISBN-10 9781554940158
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Bridge Zia and Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bridge Zia and Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bridge Zia and Me book for free.

From Jinnah to Zia

From Jinnah to Zia Author Muhammad Munir
ISBN-10 UVA:X000915560
Release 1980
Pages 183
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From Jinnah to Zia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From Jinnah to Zia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From Jinnah to Zia book for free.


Zia Author Scott O'Dell
ISBN-10 0547349769
Release 2011-01-03
Pages 192
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A young Indian girl, caught between the traditional world of her mother and the present world of the mission, is helped by her Aunt Karana, whose story was told in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

La zia di America Amerika Bilder bei Leonardo Sciascia

La zia di America  Amerika Bilder bei Leonardo Sciascia Author Marcus Fiebig
ISBN-10 9783638760829
Release 2007
Pages 40
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2003 im Fachbereich Romanistik - Italienische u. Sardische Sprache, Literatur, Landeskunde, Note: 2,7, Universitat Leipzig, 9 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Sciascia ist in die Literaturgeschichte eingegangen als der Bruckenbauer zwischen den Sizilianer, die in die Vereinigten Staaten auswanderten, blieben und wieder heimkehrten. In dieser Arbeit soll es nur um die Kurzgeschichte "la zia di America" gehen. Was bewog Sciascia die Amerika-Bilder in seiner Geschichte "la zia di America" so zu zeichnen, wie er es tat? Wie lassen sich alle Spektren der Amerikawahrnehmung des gesamten Bandes "gli zii di Sicilia" beschreiben und welches Gesamtbild lassen sie entstehen (Kapitel 3)? Welche Personen haben welche Funktionen (Kapitel 2)? Welche ubergeordneten Sequenzen bestehen in der Geschichte? Wie "baut" die Struktur des Textes am Gesamt-Amerika-Bild mit (Kapitel 4)? Leider oder erfreulicherweise scheint es noch keine ausfuhrliche Rezeption des circa 48-Seiten starken racconto zu geben. Somit betreten wir mit dieser Arbeit durchaus Neuland. Sciascias Geschichte ist das literarische Spiegelbild des historisch vielleicht grossten Einschnitts in der Geschichte Siziliens und Sud-Italiens. Die Arbeit versucht deshalb ebenfalls nachzuweisen, inwieweit sich Querverweise in der Kurzgeschichte auf die Zeitgeschichte finden lassen. (Kapitel 5)"

Pakistan Zia and After

Pakistan  Zia and After  Author Anthony Hyman
ISBN-10 8170172535
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 140
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Around the World in 80 Hands

Around the World in 80 Hands Author Zia Mahmood
ISBN-10 1894154088
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 256
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Taking you from world championship tournaments to big-money rubber-bridge games, this book puts you at the table as thousands of dollars (or a world title) change hands on the turn of a card. In the smoke-filled clubs of London and New York, characters such as Harry the Horse, Moonbeam, Godzilla, and Hannibal the Cannibal play for high stakes. World championships hang in the balance in Chile, Italy, and Bali. In the jet-set resorts of Europe, the top pros play invitational money tournaments with millionaire sponsors. Share the favorite bridge memories of one of the world's best, as Zia Mahmood takes you Around the World in 80 Hands.

From Zia with Love

From Zia  with Love Author Wole Soyinka
ISBN-10 IND:30000039861533
Release 1992
Pages 101
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From Zia with Love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From Zia with Love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From Zia with Love book for free.

Casa Zia Lina

Casa Zia Lina Author Klaus Ungerer
ISBN-10 9783941592421
Release 2013-03-31
Pages 20
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Ich treffe den Schweizer an der Schriftstellergrotte. Er sitzt auf der Bank neben dem Eingang, vor sich seine Korrekturfahnen, mit zwei Steinen und einem Aschenbecher beschwert.

Working With Zia

Working With Zia Author Khalid Mahmud Arif
ISBN-10 UOM:39015038422104
Release 1995
Pages 435
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The book narrates the fall of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto;s government and the rise to power of General Ziaul Haq. It analyses the various facets of Zia's personality, and focuses on the main historical events of the era.

Speaking of the Turks

Speaking of the Turks Author Mufty-Zade K. Zia Bey
ISBN-10 9781465612885
Release 2016-12-25
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WE were arriving at Constantinople, my native city, from which I had been absent nearly ten years. I had been in America all this time. At first my business interests and later the general war had prevented my coming back to my own country even on a visit. I was of military age and Turkey was under blockade. When I had left Constantinople a few years after the Turkish revolution, the whole country was exhilarated, filled with joy, with ambition and with hope. Freedom and emancipation from an autocratic domination had been obtained. Nothing was to prevent the normal advance of Turkey and the Turks along the road to progress. We were at last to obtain full recognition as a civilized nation. We were at last to receive equal treatment from the other European nations.But, alas, during the following years the gods decided otherwise. Long, interminable wars either waged or fomented by neighbouring enemies had hampered the progress of Turkey. First in Tripolitania, then in Arabia and Albania, then again in the Balkans and finally during the general war the Turkish nation had been nearly bled to death and now I was returning to my country, and my native city was groaning under a domination a thousand times worse even than autocracy: the domination of victorious foreign countries Yet I was elated; homecoming is always exciting and the entrance to Constantinople by boat is always intoxicating. Besides, I was newly married. My young bride—an American girl from New Orleans—was with me and I was anxious to show her my country so maligned by the international press.Our boat stopped at the Point of the Seraglio and a tug brought the Inter-Allied control on board. The ship's manifesto and the passports of all passengers had to be examined by the representatives of the foreign armies of occupation. I was the only Turk on board and my wife and I travelled of course on a Turkish passport. We had been obliged to obtain a special permit from the Inter-Allied authorities before we could even start home. I took my turn with my wife, in the line of passengers. We showed our passport to the officer in charge: he glanced at it and seeing it was Turkish, asked us to wait. Our passport was in perfect order, but I believe that just for the pleasure of humiliating a Turk the officer decided to examine everybody else's passport before mine, and kept me waiting till the last. An Italian friend of mine who happened to travel with us, stood near us to vouch for me in case of need. I was coming back to my own country and I might need the assistance of a foreigner! Poor Turkey, what had happened to you! Poor Turks, what had become of our illusions of ten years ago which made us believe that being at last a free and democratic country we would be recognized as a civilized nation, and would receive equal treatment from the other European nations. Our hopes were being systematically trampled under the spurred heels of foreigners, whose one desire seemed to be to eradicate for ever even our self-respect, the better to destroy our freedom, the better to hamper our march toward progress, the better to annihilate our national independence!

In the Light of What We Know

In the Light of What We Know Author Zia Haider Rahman
ISBN-10 9780374710088
Release 2014-04-22
Pages 512
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A bold, epic debut novel set during the war and financial crisis that defined the beginning of our century One September morning in 2008, an investment banker approaching forty, his career in collapse and his marriage unraveling, receives a surprise visitor at his West London townhouse. In the disheveled figure of a South Asian male carrying a backpack, the banker recognizes a long-lost friend, a mathematics prodigy who disappeared years earlier under mysterious circumstances. The friend has resurfaced to make a confession of unsettling power. In the Light of What We Know takes us on a journey of exhilarating scope--from Kabul to London, New York, Islamabad, Oxford, and Princeton--and explores the great questions of love, belonging, science, and war. It is an age-old story: the friendship of two men and the betrayal of one by the other. The visitor, a man desperate to climb clear of his wrong beginnings, seeks atonement; and the narrator sets out to tell his friend's story but finds himself at the limits of what he can know about the world--and, ultimately, himself. Set against the breaking of nations and beneath the clouds of economic crisis, this surprisingly tender novel chronicles the lives of people carrying unshakable legacies of class and culture as they struggle to tame their futures. In an extraordinary feat of imagination, Zia Haider Rahman has telescoped the great upheavals of our young century into a novel of rare intimacy and power.

RHS How to Grow Practically Everything

RHS How to Grow Practically Everything Author Lia Leendertz
ISBN-10 9781405352864
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 448
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From wildlife corners to fruit and veg, hundreds of gardening projects practically anyone can do, from the experts at the RHS. In ebook format If you want to start gardening or simply improve your skills these sure-fire projects for beginners and more experienced gardeners will give you green fingers in no time. Follow the step-by-step photographs and expert advice from the RHS and tackle practical ideas for gardens large and small, from planting pots of vegetables on a patio, to making a border for year-round colour. You'll find all the detailed guidance and quick tips you'll need covering materials, plants, location and timing - and showing you how to get great results every time. Covering all the basics and providing essential tips and techniques on aftercare, this is the practical, inspirational guide for every gardener.

10 Judgements That Changed India

10 Judgements That Changed India Author Zia Mody
ISBN-10 9788184759532
Release 2013-08-15
Pages 256
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Who was Shah Bano and why was her alimony pertinent to India’s Secularism? Does the fundamental right to life include the right to livelihood and shelter? Where there is the right to live, is there also the right to die? How did Bhanwari Devi’s Rape help define sexual harassment at the workplace? Here are the Supreme Court's ten pivotal judgements that have transformed Indian democracy and redefined our daily, lives. Exploring vital themes such as custodial deaths, reservations and environmental jurisprudence, this book contextualizes the judgements, explains key concepts and maps their impacts. Written by one of India's most respected lawyers, Ten Judgements That Changed India is an authoritative yet accessible read for anyone keen to understand India's legal system and the foundations of our democracy.

Who is Winning the War in Afghanistan

Who is Winning the War in Afghanistan Author Sayed Zia Sais
ISBN-10 146536613X
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 228
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Who Is Winning The War In Afghanistan? A pro - Communist coup, the impact and aftermath of the Soviet (1978-79) invasion and 30 years of war have demolished the social life, cohesion, integrity, solidarity, trust, capacity, and economy of Afghanistan. Millions of people have migrated to foreign countries, houses and villages have been destroyed, the country’s economy and infrastructure has been utterly destroyed, millions of young civilians and children have been deprived of education and thousands of women have been widowed. The conflict in Afghanistan has also had a great impact on security, economy and the political prosperity of other parts of the world. The 9/11 incidents which shocked the world, once again drew international attention back to the forgotten Afghanistan. The Bonn conference (2001), the NATO led invasion, the collapse of the Taliban regime and the promises of the international community to build a democratic Afghan government with a solid institution and strong security force, created great hopes amongst the Afghan population for a better future. After the fall of the Taliban regime, the violence and insurgency began to increase. Despite all international efforts and an increase in troop numbers from 10,000 in 2002 to around 140,000 in 2010 and the spending of £50 billion in aid, the Afghan government is still weak and does not have control over the whole country; the armed forces are not strong enough; violence continues to rise and last year was the deadliest year in nearly nine year of war; additionally, the security situation across the country looks increasingly bad. The lasting war has had little success in Afghanistan, the pressure of insurgents, increasing casualties, unpopularity of war among the population of NATO-led countries and enormous war costs in a worsening economic climate have caused the announcement of the withdrawal of troops by US President B. Obama in 2011 and the UK Prime Minister D. Cameron by 2015. This book aims to determine the answer to the question of whether the Coalition Forces are winning the war in Afghanistan.

From Zia with love and A scourge of hyacinths

From Zia  with love   and  A scourge of hyacinths Author Wole Soyinka
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029263210
Release 1992-08-01
Pages 155
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Confusion and fear permeate society where the brutality and injustice of military rule is parodied by life inside prison. From Zia With Love is based on events in Nigeria in the early 1980s. A Scourge of Hyacinths, written for radio, presents variations on the same theme.