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Without genuine interest in the subject matter, it is hard to write engaging material. Our group of authors hails from a broad array of fields and industries and offers a rich tapestry of perspectives and expertise. In a nutshell, we have someone on staff who is knowledgeable in writing for your specific field.

A team of over 200 authors is at your disposal (which is growing by the week). We’ve made it our mission to find authors who are both enthusiastic about and knowledgeable about a broad range of fields to contribute to our team. Because of our varied staff, we are able to produce information that is both timely and authored by experts in the field.

The people we let into our network are carefully selected. The vast majority of those that randomly apply to us are ultimately denied. We’re always on the lookout for the most talented writers, bloggers, and copyeditors we can find.

Although the majority of our authors are American and British, we also have some based in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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Everything about the Problogwriter’s service, including the link-building program, has been superb. Everything, from setting prices to managing the process to carrying it out to analyzing the outcomes. Jayden, our account manager, is also very good. Strongly recommended!”

Jack Bastide

Sick Of The Boss.Com

I manage a small firm, and we’ve had terrific success with a variety of projects. eager to get additional Problogwriters-related endeavors underway.

Darrell Steward

Bloom Global

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